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do you ever get like… a pre-crush. like “I don’t have a crush on you, but I feel like there’s definitely potential for one if I got to know you better”

Headcanon that Groot’s habit to bring everything but what he was asked to bring one day lets him return something everyone has already forgotten about.

One day, Peter absentmindedly asks Groot to bring him a tool while he’s working on the Quadrant’s repairs, and Groot vanishes for a while, returning with stumbling little steps and his found proudly presented. “I am Groot!”

“Thanks, buddy,” Peter mumbles, reaching over – and hesitates as his fingers close not around a smooth handle, but a flat little thing, cool to the touch, one end round, the other spiky.

Heart suddenly in his throat, Peter uncurls his fingers and draws a shuddery breath when he sees the familiar flame-badge on his palm, fairly out of place when it’s not attached to an equally familiar red coat.

Groot looks up at him with big eyes.

“Groot?” Peter is horrified to hear his voice crack, but it’s better than the howl that is building somewhere in his chest which he is fighting down with all his might. “Where… where did you get that?”

It’s a dumb question, he knows the moment he utters it, because Groot is a baby, he won’t be able to answer him, probably didn’t even understand the question, and besides, there is only one person who was in possession of this badge, who would have been able to give this to the toddler, but still, Peter’s mind reels, because – when, where, why, why did Yondu give it away, he would never have given it away unless….

A gentle touch to his cheek draws him from his jumbled thoughts, and Peter blinks down at Groot. The baby has sprouted a vein long enough to touch Peter’s face, carefully catching the tears streaming down. “I am Groot?”

Peter laughs, the sound a garbled mix of a sob-chuckle. “No, Groot, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Groot frowns, seemingly not convinced, but pulls the vein back. Instead he reaches out with both arms, upwards, a silent demand. Peter obeys, letting the toddler crawl onto his free palm and lifts him up until they are on eye-level, Groot able to cuddle to the Terran’s cheek.

After a moment, Groot croons, stretching his hands out for the badge, and Peter only hesitates for a second before handing it over. The badge secured in the baby’s arms, Groot turns, blinking up at Peter with an expression that is too serious for a child. “We are Groot.”


It’s too much, another blow to something already fragile, and Peter breaks into tears then, even though he can’t help but laugh about the irony of all of it at the same time – it’s a fucking badge, a bit of metal, and he finds himself crying over it like a baby, stupid, stupid, full of sentiment….- but he can’t stop, all the tears that he has swallowed down the whole time breaking free.

If Groot minds getting wet, he doesn’t complain, just wraps his tiny arms around the badge and whatever he can reach of Peter’s face while he croons and mumbles and tries to comfort as best as he can.


Groot doesn’t understand as much as an adult. But he understands what “family” means.

Yo I still cannot understand who in this fandom is sending anon hate, but it’s gotta stop. Quit acting like children. Quit being blatantly and unnecessarily mean. We’re all here to love and celebrate Taylor Swift and there’s no room here for nastiness and hate. It’s pretty ridiculous that we can’t just blog about Taylor without having to worry about people sending intentionally hurtful things.

Use your words to lift people up, not to knock them down.

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I just reread the Prototype, to calm down after a nightmare. And it's really just so beautiful. And I somehow fall in love with it more after every time I reread it. ...but now I really wish I had someone like Robin myself. Someone who's there when I wake up from having dark dreams.. It's stunning reading about how you describe forming this whole little world. You're really, really incredible. And I am grateful to you, for creating this beautiful world that can calm me down. I wish you the best!

in a way this is paradox because it’s a nightmare i had? to be fair, the drawn version is very tame, but like this it’s able to calm someone who just had a nightmare ; ; that’s so great and i’m so glad it has this effect on you. if i could, i’d send Robin over to hug you!! i hope this will do for now,

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Tomorrow at noon, our apartment will be having a meeting mediated by their Dean of Off Campus Student Services to negotiate the move out process for my Awful Roommate and her friend. They will most likely be gone by November 1st.

For those of you who have been following this saga over the past ten months, I can’t even begin to express how much your encouragement and support has meant to me. Everyone who’s been here the whole time, who popped in halfway through, who saw one post and then read the whole tag… I read all the comments and replies on these posts about my roommate and I appreciate everyone who has come forward to be supportive of me. I would have lost my mind without your shared indignance and anger at the situation.

I am grateful so many people have been furious about this along with me, and I’m happy to say that this major stressor in my life is about to disappear forever. I’m going to be able to move on and allow this to be something I can laugh about in the future.

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and I’m sure I’ve missed a few people but you guys I’ve noticed repeatedly coming out to either like a post or say something to me and like…wow.. there’s just so many of you and I am so unbelievably thankful to all of you for helping me get through this. Between listening to me complain and offering encouragement and advice, you’ve really helped make this bearable and given me the courage to stand up for myself and my friends. I am a braver and stronger person because of all of you.

Thank you.

P.S. We are going to throw down when she’s finally gone. Anyone in the Boston area is welcome to come celebrate with us, but is advised to BYOB due to the sheer volume of people we are expecting.

im seeing lots of discussion of “nickelodeon characters that were totally lesbians” and i feel obliged to include penelope “obsessed with meeting amanda bynes, dedicates her life to her and sleeps with pillows that have her face on them” taynt to the list for the sake of completionism

The Male Teams spotted in the Behind the scenes video


Hashirama: *singing* I’m bringing sexy back…

Madara: *leaves the room*

Tobirama: You are the reason sexy left, brother.

Mito, Touka and Izuna: *in stitches*

Izuna: Wait, was he implying my brother is sexy?! Eww. Just eww.

Courtney : *about Willam* So she told me, “how fucking dare you? You’re such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Courtney. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You’re disgusting.”

Courtney : All I did was wake her up.

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 36)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Small spoilers for some stuff revealed around Day 7ish on Seven’s route :)

Ahhh exciting stuff, guys. I’m really happy to be writing this ^^ Thanks so much for your feedback! Gives me strength to keep writing, hehe~ Thanks as always to Masdevallia on AO3 for beta-ing!

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@mormoc DID IT AGAIN! Look at this!!! Look at these two dorks! Another commission from Mormoc. This art is just… breathtaking. The emotions! The lighting! It’s utterly gorgeous. It took quite some back and forth to get it just right, but Mormoc was super patient with me and luckily I was able to help with some references but I’m so happy with how this turned out! 

This was based off a scene from my story “learning” HERE It brought it to life more vividly than even my imagination could!

Everyone please go and check out Mormoc’s blog! Their art is utterly amazing and they are an absolutely amazing person!