not so good at being family friendly when she was vocal

Comicpalooza 2017 Recap

Just got back from Comicpalooza 2017 in Houston, TX and it was a con with a lot of ups and downs.

I am going to link to a lengthy run down of the bad.  Those higher ups with the con security were absolutely abyssmal to people dealing with mental disabilities - not believing them when they said they needed help and being outright threatening.  A high-up manager at the convention was absolutely unaccomodating, refused to believe that the incident occurred, and refused to apologize that it happened.  

HERE IS A LINK TO THIS FULL STORY  because it really does need to be heard, but I want to keep it separate from the good things that did happen.

So- Hiiiighlights!

Anyway, most of Friday was spent in the hotel room after getting in and getting the two things done that were a bit time sensitive.  

We holed up until that evening beacause one of the things I was /really/ excited to try my hand at after nearly chickening out a few times, and then not sure if I was in the mood to - was a Crossplay Drag Show - not just the costume contest but everyone doing a full on lip synch presentation.  But even after the incident, my wife really encouraged me and bolstered me - wanting to push through and watch me.  We’d been talking since I heard about the event since I read about it on Thursday before the con, and she suggested THE BEST SONG to perform to: a male vocal of “You Don’t Own Me” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  

I’ve never done anything like this before - I’m usually Awkward Penguin whenever I do anything in front of crowds and have been trying to build my confidence in that regards.  I usually feel very uncoordinated and awkward when it comes to choreographed movements, but this sounded - SO FUN - and fortunately, the person organizing the event, Bex - was suuuuper nice and encouraging.  

My wife got a faboo recording of my performance and I posted it here:
My Winter Soldier DRAG SHOW

And holy cow you guys… I won!  I won the “Mr. Comicpalooza” title, complete with sash for the Drag King competition.  
As it turns out, I wasn’t the only drag show newbie - a fantastic DragQueen cosplaying Black Cat and I talked for a while, bolstered each other up.  She’s also just

been dipping her toe into drag - through Halloween and parties and this was her first public foray.  And as it turned out she also ROCKED it and won Mrs. Comicpalooza .

Awesome photo is from her instagram, Bobbie. Dollie 

Saturday things were turning up.

We got to meet up with our good friend @defilerwyrm who recently moved away and spent some time with him and met some of his awesome family, meander the dealer’s room together and went to an AWESOME shadowcasting of Rocky Horror done by the After Midnight crew who was most excellent.  It has been probably 10 or 15 years since I saw a shadowcast of the show, and man it brought back good memories.  All of the company were super nice, really enthused to be performing, and man, I forgot how cathartic a bawdry, vulgur production of Rocky can be. 

“Janet” was shadowcast by this awesome woman whose costumes were Gaga inspired (and damn she looked like her too), and they had a genderbend Rocky who was a short blonde who was a delght to see pick up their Frankenfurter.  And really, everyone was high-energy and into the production :) 

And wyrm’s sister who we sat next to knew soooo many of the callbacks that I have mostly forgotten so it was great being able to hear them all so well and really get into the interactivity!  

Saturday we also got to do photos with the amazing Mike Colter and Anthony Mackie!

You could tell that Anthony Mackie is in Marvel shape right now for Infinit Wars - not only is he bringing the guns with those arms of his like usual, but man, you could count his abs through his knit henley.  But he was soooo engaging and friendly even for the SUPER FAST photo shoot.  All con photo shoots are very in and out quick - and that’s really all I was expecting, but he said hi, Welcomed us, and instead of just assuming a standard pose asked what we wanted to do.  And he grinned when he saw our cosplay and called me “Buckette” (which is awesome, still grinning about that).  I had an idea in mind and was thrilled when he was up for it:  

I had to play up the fantastic sibling-rivalry chemistry with Bucky & Falcon since my wife and I were cosplaying, so we went for this “Cap Family Photo”  - I asked to kind of do a play fight pose with me with me in a choke hold - and when he was up for it but asking for kind of his expression/motivation my wife, @shipperhipster said “Can you move your seat up?” And it was on X3  

Mike Colter… man, I have also kind of been nursing a crush on this amazing human being.  He was fantastic in Luke Cage - such a genuine character ,earnest and /good/ person - and still… unf… He has such a beautiful face with kind eyes, and, well, he is soooo toll and thicccccc..  SO I have been saying for a while I really would like to meet him and bet he gives the most amazing hugs (Spoiler: he does!)  So I was still in costume when we met him and not only did he call me gorgeous and gave a great hug, but elaborated a bit more again when we got his autograph a little later - said that the stubble make up was really good - and I made a beautiful man and wondered what I looked like underneath - my wife helpfully showed him a photo and he smiled and said in a very complimentary that I looked a bit like Tina Fey.  We chatted for a bit - he said that filming Defenders was a lot of fun, and that he’s excited for the faster plot-paced 8-ep season and that his story arc and chemistry with Danny in the series is good .  

So I was just a bit aflutter.  And so mabe I also had to go back Saturday for a second meeting out of costume.  He recognized me, said of couse he remmebered me from the day before, and got a swoon-worthy photo with him dancing/dipping me *___*  

We also briefly met Jessica Henwick - who is the actress who plays Colleen Wing in Iron Fist (and soon to be Defenders).  She was awesome!  Seemed really enthused to be there, and we talked about really loving seeing strong female characters in the MCU and Colleen is a great character - seeing her running her own dojo and kicking ass.  She personalized the autograph “Power to badass women!” So yes -  even though I wasn’t a big fan of the casting choice of Danny Rand ( though Finn Jones granted seemed very nice) Colleen was kickass!  

We also got to meet Pom Klementieff, who played Mantis in GotG2 - and seems just as sweet in real life.  This was apparently her first con and we had been in line early to see her.  She wasn’t up for special poses for photos (I had hoped to get a pose of her touching my wife’s arm and pointing at me when we were in Steve & Bucky costumes a la the Starlord/Gamora scene, but she was nice about it).  

We also went by Jon Bernthal’s table (Have I mentioned there were a ton of marvel actors at this con?  Definitely the reason we went! ) - and glad we did.  We’d seen him before at other cons but were getting something signed for a friend this time, and he was very friendly and open.  We congratulated him on getting his own headliner Punisher series and said we were excited to see it/that Punisher stole the show in Daredevil season 2 - and he said he hoped we liked it and that he was so nervous!  I was just… oh my goodness it is so endearing and refreshing when someone who plays a role like that to still get butterflies about doing a good job on a show lead and portrayal of a character.  He also runs a pit bull rescue, and that is amazing and wonderful and we expressed that to him.  

Team Jon vs Team Daenerys; Why YouTube Comments Are Scary

It seems to be the in thing now for Game of Thrones fans to hate Daenerys. Considering she is one of the main protagonists of the series and arguably one of the most popular characters, the Silver Queen seems to get her fair share of hate from fandom hipsters just lately. Why? Well, some of it is understandable. I’ll admit I’m bias; Dany is my favourite character in the series and one of my favourite characters of all time. However even I’ll admit that the writing for her in the show hasn’t been great for the past two seasons. David and Dan give her all the big speeches and epic dragon moments, sure, but not nearly enough moral dilemmas and character development that humanizes her character. In the books, Daenerys faces many difficult choices whilst maintaining rule of Meereen, and all of these choices come with consequences. Does this make her a bad ruler? Is she truly just a self-entited Mary Sue who isn’t fit to sit on the Iron Throne or breathe in the direction of golden boy Jon Snow?


George RR Martin has said himself that what he finds interesting to write is the moral choices and dilemmas of kings and queens, critiquing Lord of the Rings for it’s abrupt ending with Aragorn “ruling wisely” for a hundred years. 

“Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with. Lord of the Rings had a very medieval philosophy: that if the king was a good man, the land would prosper. We look at real history and it’s not that simple. Tolkien can say that Aragorn became king and reigned for a hundred years, and he was wise and good. But Tolkien doesn’t ask the question: What was Aragorn’s tax policy? Did he maintain a standing army? What did he do in times of flood and famine? And what about all these orcs? By the end of the war, Sauron is gone but all of the orcs aren’t gone – they’re in the mountains. Did Aragorn pursue a policy of systematic genocide and kill them? Even the little baby orcs, in their little orc cradles?”

It’s unfair to say Daenerys is a bad ruler. It’s unfair to say Jon is a good ruler. It’s unfair to put any of these complex and wonderfully written characters in a bland black and white box of good and bad when that is not the case, not in the real world or the fantasy world crafted by George RR Martin.  

Remember Stannis Baratheon? Alive in the books and dead in the show, the stoic and stern character managed to develop quite a fanbase from Game of Thrones viewers during his time on-air. Stannis was a hard-faced man who was quoted as not having the love of the people that his brother Renly had, however fan favourite Ned Stark himself acknowledged him as the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. I even found myself warming up to Stannis eventually, after watching multiple touching scenes between him and his daughter Shireen, who he genuinely seemed to love despite having a few problems expressing his feelings. Stannis had epic moments such as turning his army North and helping out Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch at the last minute and quickly developed the nickname ‘Stannis the Mannis’ among fans.

And somehow, Daenerys suddenly became hated, villainous and a bunch of other stuff that people really should think twice about before writing in a YouTube comment. 

I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to dislike her, because everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can like and dislike whatever fictional character you want. 

But wow, I know the comments section isn’t exactly the nicest place, but the verbal abuse towards a character who’d spent the last three seasons establishing her own power and autonomy and freeing slaves was downright disgusting. And yeah, it’s very hard not to bring gender into the discussion when there’s a shit ton of sexist remarks towards a female character being tossed around. A lot of vocal fans expressed their desire for Stannis the Mannis to rule instead of Dany, because apparently a strong woman is nothing more than a “smug, self-entitled bitch.” Remember that we’ve seen Stannis physically assault Melisandre before in the series (although granted she isn’t exactly the most sympathetic character).

And then wow, these people had nothing to say when Stannis burnt his own daughter alive at the stake so as he had more of a chance to defeat the Boltons and make his way towards the Iron Throne of Westeros. 

Now this is turning to the other side of the gender argument, and here I’m going to address another of GoT’s most popular characters, Jon Snow. Jon is one of my favourite characters in the series, as he’s incredibly realistic and goes against the macho-man mould of Stannis the Mannis. Why? Well in the first few Jon chapters in A Game of Thrones, we see him cry. That might not seem like a big deal and some may think he was just being a whiny cry-baby, but this straight away dispels the notion that men don’t cry or express emotional weakness. Jon is very conflicted and shows hurt at being scorned by Lady Catelyn (who openly tells him she wishes he had died when he tries to comfort her) and shows emotional turmoil openly when being confronted by Tyrion Lannister before they depart for the Wall. Jon Snow is not the pinnacle of male expectations; he shows emotion, he makes mistakes, he falls in love with a wilding girl and betrays his brothers, he leads his army into a trap during the battle of the bastards whilst trying to save his brother Rickon. 

He is every bit as well-written and compelling as Daenerys and does not deserve to be pitted against her and glorified when they both have far too much in common. 

I’ve acknowledged Dany’s negatives. She’s young, she’s inexperienced, she’s not been written that well in the show as of late. But why do I think she is such a great character? She’s been running since the moment she was born and spent her entire childhood fleeing from Robert Baratheon’s hired knives, the only home she ever knew (the house with the red door in Braavos) a constant source of longing for her throughout the series. She was abused by her brother, the only family she had left and the only connection to Westeros she had. Everything she knows about the Starks and the Baratheons and the Targaryen dynasty itself comes from Viserys, someone who made her afraid and timid, physically and mentally abused her, was shown sexually abusing her in the show (twisting her nipples) and, it was revealed by Illyrio to Tyrion, intended to rape the night before her wedding to Khal Drogo. And let’s not forget that her Dothraki wedding was not consensual; Viserys sold her to Drogo for an army and told her he would let the entire khalasar and their horses rape her for the Iron Throne. Daenerys was every bit the abused victim that Sansa was in King’s Landing, perhaps more so, and like Sansa both characters grew throughout the series and found their strength. 

Daenerys grew strong during her time with Drogo, embracing the Dothraki way and her power as khaleesi. She finally broke free from the fear of her brother, although still maintaining love for him enough to name a dragon after him to do what he could not. She started over again in Qarth with only a few bloodriders and her infant dragons at her side and grew to be a powerful conqueror liberating the slaves of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen. 

Dany’s story is well-known. It’s a rag to riches story of a princess in exile, concluding in season six with the epic shot of her finally going home with her dragons and her army. 

(Remember when Viserys told her they were going home with an army? LOL, she was but he wasn’t.)

Game of Thrones is full of morally complex characters that span across the entire spectrum of good and evil. Cersei is manipulative and cruel, but loves her children fiercely. Jaime pushed a little boy out of a window to try and kill him, but betrayed his own king and carried the moniker ‘Kingslayer’ for years in order to protect the people of King’s Landing. Catelyn loved her children but could never show love to Jon Snow. Ned Stark kept a promise to his late sister but lied to his wife. Arya is a hurt and traumatized child who has become a murderer. 

Daenerys makes mistakes, has multiple flaws, but that’s what makes her character realistic and interesting. If she’s a good person can she be a good ruler? Can she really “plant trees” as she so wants to whilst embracing the dragon?

And let’s face it, is there even going to be an Iron Throne when all is said and done? The white walkers are marching on the Wall and Daenerys and Jon may need to help each other in the War for the Dawn more than they’ll need to squabble over an uncomfortable chair. Both could be two heads of the dragon, Azor Ahai and The Prince That Was Promised in their own right. 

I’m not saying fans shouldn’t dislike Daenerys because I have no right to dictate who people should and shouldn’t root for. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to root for the character that means the most to them. But come on, let’s all be respectable and keep the comments section as friendly as possible; it’s fiction and it’s not worth sending death threats and derogatory remarks over fiction. 

(And at least we can all agree that we all hate this little shit right here). 

Fic: Beyond Expectation

Someone previously called klaineniffhuntbastianmalec prompted: mafia/soulmate klaine. Kurt works at the lima bean, which was just bought by the Anderson family. Kurt hates the family since they’re the local mafia. Blaine’s name is on Kurt, doesn’t matter where, and has no idea his new boss is also his soulmate.

Kurtana friendship, ~1700 words, PG-13, probably much fluffier than anything “mafia” usually is.

“I’m going to quit, I’m going to quit, I swear to God I’m going to quit.”

“What’s got your panties in a bunch this time, Hummel? Customer pay for their six dollar latte entirely in change?” Santana asked as she walked into the storage room, tying her apron around her waist.

“Oh, ha ha,” Kurt said snidely, unamused as ever by Santana’s remarks about his ‘prissiness’ - her word, not his. “No, Santana, for once it’s actually something you might consider a real grievance.”

“That bitch came back and demanded we give her a free drink for ‘loyalty’ again? I’ll-”

“The Andersons bought the Lima Bean,” Kurt interrupted before she could build up a head of steam.

“What?” Santana said, genuinely surprised for once.

“The Andersons. Bought. The Lima Bean,” Kurt repeated, enunciating each part of the sentence sharply. “We’re now officially employed by the local mafia.”

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Things Baekhyun Said

- I joined the debuting team even though my training period was short. I felt that I was lacking and even if it was a short period I had to work hard to enter that team. I was happy because my efforts paid” 

- I wanted to become a singer since 4th grade and I would even tell my friends that I was going to become a celebrity. And when I started taking auditions, I failed for other companies and after getting into high school, I was preparing to advance into a university with a music impact but oddly enough, the opportunity came to me. The day I went to take my exams, I was pretending to be a musician in that I was holding the music notes in front of the school and relaxing my vocals when someone suddenly tapped my back. I’m not sure if I can call this a luck of thousand years, but that’s how I was fatefully casted into SM.

- I want to become an all-rounded artiste, my family is very concerned and takes good care of my health~!

- When I feel like I am lacking something, I monitor people who are good at it and learn. That is why I wasn’t shaking while thinking ‘this is scary what should I do,’ but because instead I let out a war cry, 'I will fight with this!’ while looking at the camera, I feel like I was able to overcome it faster. 

- I declared it to my parents when I was 11 years old. I told them that I didn’t think I would be able to work sitting in an office, because I’m very lively by nature and I cannot stay still in one spot. I would sing along to the songs that came out on TV and my friends would tell me that I was good, so because of that I wanted very much to try it out. Then, in the sixth year of elementary school, I saw singer Rain sunbaenim and I officially developed my dream of being a singer. I thought he was very handsome when I saw the broad stage being filled up just by his powerful presence.

-  I originally have the kind of character that is not afraid of strangers. Even if someone gives of the vibe that they do not like me, I would still be friendly towards them. And I will like anyone who has basic manners. You seem to receive love in particular when you greet your sunbaenims well.

-  I do not like tensed atmospheres. If the atmosphere seems languid, I will chatter noisily. I actually did not know what it means to be depressed when I was younger. I thought, “Is it that unpleasant feeling I get when it rains?” If someone seems down, I would talk with no purpose and make them laugh. Because if you do not extinguish the depressing thoughts quickly, your heart will keep getting heavier and then it will be difficult to overcome them in the future.

-  More than any other things, I want to be better at singing. Because I wanted to be a singer from the beginning. I want to sing so well that people who listen will go “Wow!” and be in admiration. Without too much flourish or techniques, but someone who is able to sing effortlessly and relatably [to people]. Though I do not have the opportunity of singing alone yet, I hope that I will be able to let many people listen to my songs in the future.

-  My lucky charm is this bracelet that was given to me buy a noona I really like. She’s my trainer and she gave me this bracelet during a slump I had before this (wolf) comeback. I was worried and had a lot of thoughts about singing. She gave me this bracelet to become the fearless Baekhyun I once was.

- For instance, if someone got a move wrong, I make everyone laugh by expressing that more ridiculously. It’s not like I say something funny and make the atmosphere better. (laughter)

- To be honest, i was having a really hard time when we were preparing for Exoluxion concert. But after meeting fans like this and seeing your facial expressions, all my exhaustion vanished. I felt like my efforts were paid off and that makes me happy.

- Lay hyung is often doing activities in China, the time he spend with his members is not much and he feels very sorry towards us. But there is actually nothing to feel sorry for, there is no need to apologise. 

- I don’t suffer any setbacks because of the time difference. I wake up and go about when the sun rises, and I know when the sun sets so I sleep well. The state of getting enough sleep is great. Getting sleep during our promotional activities is the most difficult. We didn’t sleep for about 2~3 days consecutively when we were shooting the music video for ‘Growl’. These days, if I have a shooting/filming early in the morning, I can’t sleep well either. My face actually swells a lot. If I don’t get good sleep, my face becomes very swollen.

- (How do you relieve stress?) I exercise until I can’t worry any more. Otherwise, I would go into the car and shout. And I would also focus on a game that doesn’t require any thinking. If I’m in the dorm, I mainly enjoy playing computer games. I’m similar to the guys my age.

-  When I first became a trainee, the hyungs said that I was pretty funny when they saw me. A trainee who had just entered the company would normally not do anything and stay quiet, but I really didn’t rest to stop talking. So then the hyungs and friends around me were curious of me. And so I think that was how we became close quickly. Truthfully, I’m not the kind to be discouraged anywhere I go.

-  There was a year of nothingness after ‘MAMA’ activities’, until the comeback of ‘Wolf’. It was during that time that I reached a slump. It was fortunate that it wasn’t the peak of our promotional activities. Because I debuted right after a relatively short trainee period, I crashed too fast. So, for a year, I strove hard to do songs and dances as though I was trainee. Even now, when I have free time, I would practice. Because we don’t have time to go to the practice room, I would sing songs in the car as we get to places. I sing to the extent of people around me telling me I am noisy. Since we are too busy preparing for our award ceremony performance right now,  I’m thinking of practicing dancing even harder, starting next year. Shim Jaewon hyung, who directs the performances, says that since I’m great at my expressiveness, he recommends to guide me step by step on how to learn the very basics of dancing.

- I drove a tractor before. Because my grandmother lives in Gangwondo Yanggu, so when I was little I went to the countryside a lot with my father. I remembered that I stepped on the pedal before when I was on the tractor, I had my safety belt buckled.

-  For me music is something that stays by my side always,
when I am having a hard time, when I am tired,
when I am lonely, when I am sad,
when I am joyous, when I am happy.

-  It’s so simple, but also so difficult. I want all people of the world to be happy, unconditionally.

- (What kind of singer do you wish to be?) A singer that communicates a message. Vocalisation is important, making pretty sound is important, but most of all, when you sing there must be a story you want to tell. Even if the notes sometime go shaky, I want to put meaning into my singing. Rather than thinking “I’ll bend this note here and use this technique here”, I try to sing with the goal of moving people’s hearts, even just one.

- I relieve stress by always smiling!^^ I try to smile even when I’m angry, when things are hard. And I smile so others can see & get energy from me, because I’m LIGHT!

I Didn’t Want to Come

Hamilton didn’t hate going out. Sure, he’d prefer to work, or maybe catch an hour of sleep, or even make eye contact with his family, but he wasn’t opposed to going for a drink once in a while. The problem was who he was going out with. George Washington? Great! Edmund Randolph and Henry Knox? Fine. Thomas Jefferson? Hard pass. Haaard pass.

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Prince! Joshua

Hey everyone! So I’m just so in love with Joshua. Idk. I love all the Vocal Unit…Lowkey 3/5 are my bias breakers. I’m thinking about posting my bias list later tonight…it changes everyday lol. This felt weird writing because it’s so natural for me to call Joshua Jisoo. Anyway, I don’t know if I really have any inspirations for this, maybe the people at my Catholic school who are all CHARITY HELPING PEOPLE BEING NICE DONATING FOOD RAISING MONEY YES!!!! But idk. Either way, enjoy!

-Admin Leia

Prince! Jeonghan: Here

Prince! Seungkwan: Here

  • Prince! Joshua would be the type of prince who didn’t like looking different from a regular teenage/young adult boy. He wouldn’t want to wear tuxes or be treated as a master or have a private education. (Of course, he would go to a hella nice school because he’s a prince duh)
  • Joshua’s biggest priority wouldn’t be the country, it would be the people in the country.
  • “Father, what is a country without it’s people? Its just land. People are the heart and soul of this country and we should cherish their opinions.”
  • Joshua would know everyone in the castles names and just talk with them until his guards pull him away because he has work to do and can’t be friendly all day long.
  • Charity, charity, and more charity. All kinds of charity. Kids, animals,  orphanages, elders, homeless shelters, cancer patients, emergency help services, awareness programs, E V E R Y T H I N G!
  • He would clean up well for events (Slicked back hair with some gel and tux), but he would be more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy (expensive clothing is a hassle for charity work)
  • Joshua would always help out anyone around the castle who needed it and everyone would be like “Your highness, we can do it, it’s fine” but he would refuse to not be allowed to help.
  • Joshua would play instruments (lol mainly guitar) and sing to the older people and kids and raise money through concerts and donate to charity and he would always get so flustered when he was done and be thanking everyone and talking to everyone about his performance.
  • Flustered Joshua when anyone compliments him sincerely (but it’s Joshua so it’s always sincere and constantly happening).
  • Prince Joshua who would hold the kids and read to them and sing them to sleep and look so beautiful doing it.
  • Prince Joshua visiting an old folks home and singing to them and noticing the really cute nurse wheeling an old man in and almost messing up but he plays it off and catches himself.
  • Nurse you trying not to freak out because the prince is even more handsome in person.
  • After his performance, Joshua getting especially red when you compliment him followed by a stuttering thank you and a giggle that makes Joshua like you anymore.
  • Joshua sitting with all the old women who love him and the sweet old ladies noticing Joshua’s glances at you and then start to talk sweetly about you.
  • “Such a sweet and pretty young one. She’s (He’s/They’re) always helping out down at the local orphanage on her days off. Bakes for them. And us, but I think she makes sweeter cookies for the kids.”
  • “I wasn’t…”
  • “Oh shush, young man. She’s a pretty girl (boy). Anyone would notice her.”
  • Joshua listening to all the compliments the old women give you and only liking you more.
  • You of course seeing Joshua interact with all the elders and liking him even more.
  • Joshua catching your eye when you’re staring at him and smiling. This thus leads to you going bright red and hiding in the kitchen and random patients rooms throughout the day, much to Joshua’s disappointment.
  • On your day off, you being surprised to see the prince sitting with all the girls and boys at the orphanage all surrounding him and his guitar.
  • You two spending all day together with the children, him not even seeming to blink twice when your hands brush or when you bump into each other but you going red every time (it’s okay he finds it REALLY cute)
  • When you start to hand out your bazillion cookies you baked that morning and the former night, you insisting Joshua have a chocolate chip one because it’s your grandmother’s recipe that “makes even Scrooge smile with delight”
  • He loves it and wants you to send the royal cooks the recipe because he swears its the best cookie he has ever had in his life (and of course they only taste the best when you make them).
  • All the kids hugging Joshua and trying to keep him from leaving because they love him so much.
  • Him somehow mustering to ask you on a date before leaving to the castle that night. You getting flushed and stuttering a yes which leaves a bright smile on his face.
  • Making cookies and food with Joshua and teaching him how to cook. (his princely hands have never been too good for making food)
  • Him sprinkling powder on you and it turns into a food fight.
  • Food fight ending with Joshua pinning you against the counter while laughing and you two make eye contact and he kisses you.
  • Sweet and simple peck, just like Joshua himself.
  • You two dating and having lots of cute dates whether you’re working at a charity, or at an event together, or cuddling on the couch together.
  • The royal family loves you to pieces. And who doesn’t love the sweet girl who compliments the sweet prince perfectly?

Everyone’s favourite webseries about chromatically themed teenagers fighting monsters and gangsters and Weiss is about to return for its second outing of twelve episodes, and as such we the community are all high on the hippest drug the kids are taking these days that goes by the name of “hype”.

We’ve all also probably rewatched Volume One a half-hundred times, and certainly have our favourite moments, characters, weapons, ships et cetera. While simultaneously offering a bit of a retrospective on it all, I thought I’d put together a list of high points in the form of awards! With as much credibility and worth as an Emmy these days (I mean c'mon Emmy guys, did Tatiana Maslany kick your puppies or what?! I do appreciate the Fargo love, tho), but still, why not.

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Reasons why Sweeran is real.

We all know Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Love them or hate them, you know who they are and that they are close friends. How close is the thing in question.

Ed and Taylor became friends before Taylor released her Red album (so they became friends circa summer 2012). They have seem to hit it off from this point and are near inseparable. From making their duet for Taylor’s album to what had become known as “The Sweeran Selfie”, Some Swifties and Sheerios wonder—Are they more than great friends?

Here is a masterpost that I have created to take into account when you make your assumption.

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Passing the Torch ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

A/N: Hello everyone! This is rather random, I know; motivation seems to strike at the strangest times. But I was just chilling around, tumbling away, when a rather interesting prompt popped up in my inbox.

And deciding I needed to stretch my writing wings again, and that it was also fitting for the holiday, I gave it a shot!

…Literally gave it a shot; a drabble quickly got out of control and spiraled into a one-shot lol! I have a bad habit of doing that it seems…

But low and behold, here’s a little fic for Mother’s Day! I apologize for any errors, as I’m just launching this one into the blue with no regrets, but I do hope you all enjoy it <3

Passing the Torch

Though my arm doesn’t feel as empty as my heart does, it’s an oddity to be strolling down the red carpet without Josh by my side. I’m so used to having my rock to laugh with, so used to having my handsome hick to ease my nerves, so used to having my anchor as support.

And these days, it’s not just mental support anymore; waddling down the red carpet with an eight and a half month pregnant belly isn’t exactly the easiest feat to pull off alone.

I sigh, resting my hands gingerly on my stomach as my heart reaches out hundreds of miles.

Josh is currently halfway across the country putting the finishing touches on a movie. He’s plenty aware that my baby clock is ticking down, my body growing closer and closer to delivering, but there’s nothing he can do about it.

He’s postponed shooting too many times just to be with me and our unborn child. He’s argued with the director too many times just to ensure he can spend a couple extra days with me. He’s missed too many days of filming just to offer me support and comfort.

He’s turned “three strikes you’re out” into about five or six, so this time around, there was no room for excuses. Despite impeding birth looming over my head, I nudged Josh back to his job. I didn’t want to see the director rip him a new one simply because of me. I didn’t want Josh to get punished simply because he was trying to offer aid to his growing family.

So I sent him off, and assured him that I would make it a few days.

It’s been hard to keep to that promise.

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140120 10asia - The reason why we became singers (Interview)

JYP Entertainment unveiled their new rookie group GOT7. On the 15th, they held their garage showcase and showcased their debut stage on various music programs, already at the center of the attention. In fusing together martial arts and bboying, they carry out an impressive performance with martial arts tricks and have come out with strong, addicting music that has JYP’s special sound. Not only that, but they also have stage manners that can’t be seen from rookies that they show off. They’re all ready to be on their toes as KPOP’s representing candidate with talent found in Namyang-ju, Mokpo, Jinhae, Ilsan, and other places within Korea as well as foreign countries like United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. By building the nest in JYP Entertainment, we decided to hear their reason as to how they became GOT7 and why they wanted to be singers.

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Fic: Destiny

Caroline thehouseofthebrave sent me the WORLD’S LONGEST PROMPT:  So the Gorgons are often traditionally thought of as hideous, but Ovid and many later people (plus a couple even BC) described them as beautiful and terrifying. Some stories go that when Perseus beheaded Medusa, a giant sprang from her body. We all know how legends get twisted over the years, so in actuality, it wasn’t a giant, but Medusa did have a child, as fair as she and her sisters.  In recompense for Perseus killing Medusa, her child vowed revenge on him and his family, as well as any demi-god. There were often whispers of a beautiful monster seducing and slaughtering men (and women, sometimes), but no one ever suspected until the offspring of Medusa and Poseidon whispered it to them before slaughtering them. Skip thousands of years in the future, we come to the youngest descendant of that ancient King and Hero, Blaine, and the (grandson? son? great x a billion grandson?)  of Medusa, Kurt, who has been instructed to enact their family’s revenge upon Blaine. You can see where I’m going here. Kurt seduces and woos Blaine, Blaine falls in love, so does Kurt, Kurt tells him the truth, yadda yadda yadda. I’d say it’s up to you if Kurt’s family attacks Blaine or Kurt tries to go through with it but can’t or whatever, but it’s you so I know it’s gonna end fluffy ;)

Some dialogue shamelessly taken from canon, ~2475 words, PG-13ish?

The beautiful woman stood over what had recently been her mother, caught between grief like drowning and a rage that rivaled the eruption at Pompeii. She couldn’t decide whether to fall to her knees and weep or find a spear, a sword, something, and go after the monster who’d destroyed her mother, flaying her skin until the once-flawless expanse became unrecognizable, transforming beauty to so much meat for the beasts.

Eventually, the rage won.

“I will have my revenge, Perseus,” she said, voice husky. “As you have ruined my family, so shall I attack yours - and my children after me, and their children after them. At least one of your line will fall every generation, and it will always be the loveliest, as an echo of the lost loveliness of my own mother. This vow I swear by Zeus himself. This message I entreat Hermes to deliver, that Perseus may know he has brought this pain upon himself.”

A thunderclap resounded as she finished speaking, informing her that the gods had acknowledged her will.

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Maynard James Keenan on New Book, Tool LP: 'Do I Seem Like a Lazy Person?'

Maynard James Keenan is an industry unto himself. Once known primarily as Tool’s enigmatic, vocally astonishing frontman, Keenan has evolved into an ever-prolific creative force. As fans continue to wait patiently, or not so, for news of Tool’s long-rumored fifth LP, Keenan continues to busy himself with all sorts of other endeavors — art-pop collective Puscifer; his winemaking outlet, Caduceus Cellars — that have been going on way too long to be considered mere side projects. Add one more to the list: Word emerged today that Keenan is collaborating with seasoned writer-editor Sarah Jensen on an authorized biography.

Maynard James Keenan’s Authorized Biography Coming Fall 2016

We reached Keenan by phone to discuss the writing process, the day’s happenings at Caduceus and, yes, what’s up with that long-awaited Tool album.

Can you give me the backstory on this book? How did it come about?
One of my best friends in high school, we’re still close, his sister’s a writer, she’s 10 years older than we are; she’s kind of been around for a while, of course, seeing everything that went on pre–high school, high school, etc. So I approached her, because she’s a writer, so I wanted to see if she was interested in helping me work on a semi-autobiography. Because I didn’t really want to write it as an autobiography, first-person — I’d rather have it be more in story form, like you’re kind of along for the journey, with sidebars by me throughout, in my voice, kind of expanding on particular instances or anecdotes. But for the most part, it’s just she and I on the phone a couple times a week, just going over timelines, going over stories, etc.

Why did you feel that now was the time to tell your story in this format? I imagine people have approached you before with the idea of doing a book.
I wasn’t really sure how long it would take to actually pull off writing a book, but I was kind of shooting for my 50th birthday, but we didn’t really get the conversations going quickly enough to get it done in my 50th year. So it’ll end up being a little later.

So I assume the fact that you were already friendly with the writer made this process more appealing than working with a stranger.
Right, because she already knows where I come from. She’s from there, so there’s a lot of holes that can be filled in just basically because she grew up where I grew up.

You’ve obviously talked about your life a million times in interviews and in the documentary that you did, Blood Into Wine. Were there particular things that you wanted to share with people that you felt hadn’t been dealt with in previous accounts of your life?
I guess so. I mean there’s always that perception that whatever you’ve done that’s the largest media-friendly thing in your life, where the world came to know of you, there’s a perception that there was no life before, and that you were nothing before. There’s a lot of stuff that went on in my life that nobody really knows about. So I feel like this is the chance to show the patterns, tell a story.

“Most people want to hear the kiss-and-tell crap, the garbage on the bus. That’s boring to me.”

Can you think of a particular aspect of your life that was one of those hidden things that we might look forward to reading about in this book?

[Laughs] Nice one. Do you want me to go ahead and talk about it now so you don’t have to buy the book, or …?

[Laughs] Well, I’m just looking for a little bit to whet our appetite.
No, there’s just a lot of things that have happened in my life prior to music that have been talked about but not many details. So this book goes into more details and kind of gives you a timeline, shows you even more family history, going back to pre–Revolutionary War. So just a lot of things mapped out.

Did you learn anything about yourself or your family in the course of this process?
Absolutely, because you start seeing patterns. And I think that’s part of the exercise, as well. When you get to a certain age, you think you’ve learned everything, and when you start really putting these patterns together, you start seeing your own patterns of behavior, and it’s an opportunity to fix them, you know?

Sounds a little bit like therapy … 
Yeah, artist therapy.

Presumably you’ve read your share of artist memoirs or biographies. What do you think makes a good or bad one?
It all depends on the reader, I suppose. Most people want to hear the kiss-and-tell crap, the garbage on the bus. That’s boring to me. “We threw a piano out a window!” That’s been done a million times before even Buddy Rich was around. Just a lot of things that you read in biographies, I feel like they’re just kiss-and-tell war stories. The ones I prefer are when they get more into the psychology and the decision-making process, not really who you know and “… then I met the president.” Those are boring. I’m more concerned about or more interested in crossroads, where the person in their story comes to a crossroads, and they make a decision, and you see the effects, the cause-and-effect process of those decisions.

Can you think of a particular biography you’ve read that had what you’re aiming for with your own?
Bowie, he had some solid memoirs. That’s the only one that comes to mind at the moment. But again, we’re trying to write this a little bit more, almost like you’re following a character through a story. If you’ve ever read John Crowley’s Little, Big, it’s quite a brain-teaser, a fantastic fantasy novel with multiple dimensional layers of story. So if I had to kind of put the book in perspective, it would be something like that. 

“There’s always that perception that whatever you’ve done that’s the largest media-friendly thing in your life … that there was no life before.”

Since you said this isn’t written in the first-person, did you give Sarah carte blanche to talk to everyone else in your life?
Oh, yeah, we had lists and lists of people that I’ve come in contact with throughout my life, some of which are no longer living, so we couldn’t quite get their story, but yeah, a lot of it is shared paths, so when we’re talking to old friends of mine, we’re not really necessarily talking about me; we’re talking about the experiences we had with some other teacher, coach, elder … space, time, those kind of things.

In terms of all that data that she’s collecting, is everything coming back through you, or are you giving her license to just incorporate it as she sees fit?
She’ll write section-by-section; we’ll go back and edit and fix and tweak, section-by-section, chapter-by-chapter. We have conversations twice a week to just go over … She’ll send me the chapters, and I’ll read them through, and then she’ll have questions or clarifications, contradictions. You talk to somebody else; they didn’t remember it the same way, so you had to rack your brain and go, “OK, was I drunk? Did I sleep through that?” A lot of just editing, fact-checking. But we’re pretty much … For the most part, it’s not complete, but it’s 90 percent complete, so we’re hoping to have it out by fall, next fall.

You mentioned this third-person format with sidebars. How did you come up with the idea of writing sidebars in your voice?
Well, because she was writing the whole book as if you’re observing this path, and I’m not actually speaking, sometimes it felt better, if we get off the path, it was better to have it in my voice to kind of tell those sidebar stories.

When you were working on that part of it, were there any writers you wanted to emulate?
No, it’s all just in my voice. And like I said, [Sarah] is a writer in her own right, so letting her let her voice speak, as far as how she’s telling the story. We’re co-writing this, so it’s important for her voice to be as loud as mine.

Even for an avid fan, it’s tough to keep your career straight: your different bands and the winemaking and everything else you do. Was there a certain element of wanting to have everything on the same plane, to reconcile everything you do in one place? Was that part of the impetus to want to do this?
I would imagine that’s kind of a collateral benefit. If you just see an artist as an artist, then anything goes. If you see them as having a job and a role, if you need to compartmentalize, just because you’re lazy, I suppose, it makes it easy if Steven Tyler just remains “Steven Tyler in Aerosmith,” I guess that’s easier for you. There’s a lot of shit going on in the world. You don’t have the patience to have all that kind of space on your mental hard drive to keep all that shit straight; it’s just easier if people maintain that line, but I’m just not that person. So I guess maybe a collateral benefit of this project will be that you can kind of see a through-line of a creative process.

“You talk to somebody else; they didn’t remember it the same way, so you had to rack your brain and go, ‘OK, was I drunk? Did I sleep through that?’”

You mentioned this idea of people wanting to assign you to one role, or of one thing you’ve done taking up more space in the media, is that something that you worry about, that people know you as the guy from Tool and aren’t paying as much attention to the other things you’re doing? Or are your more just, like, “I’m going to do this stuff, and however people take it is fine.”
That’s always been the my M.O. As an artist, you just have to follow your path, and you have to follow those movements. Whatever little inclination or inspiration comes your way, it’s kind of your job as an artist to follow them. I don’t know … I kind of agree with Joni Mitchell that the whole idea of picking a trade and sticking to it is kind of limiting; the idea of a jack-of-all-trades is far more appealing.

Does the desire to want to write this book have anything to do with being a father and wanting to have some kind of a record for your kids?
Well, but I’ve been a father for 20 years, so that might have been part of it, but not necessarily.

Do you see the book primarily as a selfish thing, then, and it’s sort of a secondary benefit for other people to want to check it out?
Yeah, I think so. That would probably be more accurate. I think most people, when it comes to celebrities, they think of the word selfish as being negative, but when it comes to art, you have to be selfish, you have to be in your own space and kind of make that space — it’s a very selfish space — to create from. Otherwise, you’re part of a corporation, and you’re moving at the whims of your boss-slash-public. As a true artist, you have to be a little selfish to exist in that space, find that connection, that human connection with the intangible connections, whether it’s digital or cosmic, whatever. You have to find your connection.

You obviously have to be aware that you have a huge fan base that wants to know all the details of your life. Is there a certain element of “Here’s all the information — now we don’t need to go over my personal life anymore.”
No … I’d have to think about that. I don’t think. I think, again, I’m just approaching this like any other creative process, or creative project. I’m just writing a story — it just happens to be about my life.

You must be pretty busy with this book and the upcoming Puscifer album and tour. What’s going on with your winemaking?
I just dumped out, a ton and a half at a time, I just dumped out three bins of various fermentations that were finishing up; I’m pressing all day. Four and a half tons of fruit I just dug out. So we’re still in the process of pressing; everything’s in, in the cellar. I’m kind of just … whenever there’s a gap, I work on other stuff. But as far as the book’s concerned, most of that was two conversations a week for a couple hours at a time with Sarah, and then she does the heavy lifting by putting it all together and coming back. I just kind of make sure she’s on the right track.

So there was a conversation you had a couple weeks back with one of our writers, and he asked about the progress of the new Tool album, and you mentioned that there was no music to work with. And last year, another Rolling Stone writer talked to Danny and Adam, and they said that there was some new material. Can you help us get to the bottom of where you’re at with the new record?
Do I seem like a lazy person to you?

Of course not.
OK — that’s all I can really say.

So …
They’re working hard in their own way; I’m working hard in my own way, and I’ve got nothin’ for ya.


anonymous asked:

why do you think mabel'll get lost?

Mabel’s not the only one I’m worried about. I mention in this post reasons why along with Grunkle Stan and Author Stan, but to put it simply I think something, not really sure what, but something is going to happen to Mabel because of how loved she is by others. From a storytelling perspective, it just makes sense.

  • Mabel’s been forming friendships with people all summer, and as a result they are driven to do things for her. Take Land Before Swine for example; Dipper, Stan, and Soos all go after the giant pterodactyl to save Waddles, only because Waddles matters to Mabel (“For Mabel, guys!”). If the journal were taken instead of Waddles, I don’t think people would be as quick to jump to Dipper’s aide. Like maybe his family would? After some mocking from Stan? But anyone else probably wouldn’t because he’s not as friendly as she is. I think Mabel is also seen as the Pines family sweetheart; people have a hard time telling her no, especially Stan and Dipper.
  • Because Mabel’s been forming friendships all summer, she’s been able to help and better some people. She saw the potential good in Robbie, and helped him find happiness through love with Tambry. Before Dipper, she saw the potential good in Pacifica, saved her from the golf course, and shared a taco with her, pretty much kick-starting Paz’s character development from antagonist to misunderstood protagonist. She helped Mermando find his way home. She freed Several Timez from their awful manager. Think about all the characters that would be brave and come to Mabel’s aide if she were in danger. A lot man; way more than any of the other characters.
  • I also believe Mabel is going to play a part in repairing the broken trust between Grunkle Stan and Dipper. Mabel is their common ground. Like I said before, they love her so much they have a hard time telling her no, and they’re driven to risk their lives for her, sometimes doing some seriously brave stuff (Stan punched a pterodactyl in the face, Dipper leaped off a cliff with nothing, not even the grappling hook, to save her, etc.). If anything were to bring them back together (along with Dipper realizing he’d lied to Stan similar to how Stan lied to him) its Mabel. And in a case like this, I think its going to take more than Mabel just being the vocal mediator; seeing Stan’s genuine concern for Mabel if she were in trouble would give Dipper another glimpse of Stan’s more loving side and help him forgive Stan for lying. Because if there’s one thing Stan’s honest about, its loving his family.
  • Mabel’s also really important to Dipper. Honestly I’ve lost track of the number of times he’s declared he’s doing something because of her. The thing about Dipper is, he certainly does things for himself, but when those things like mystery solving have bad consequences for himself, it doesn’t faze him the way it does when those things have bad consequences for other people he cares about. When he thought Wendy had died because of him he literally cried. He didn’t even cry after he was possessed. Dipper keeps getting warned that he’s in too deep solving mysteries and he’s gonna regret it, but he acts like he doesn’t even care because he thinks he’s the one that’s gonna get hurt, and that’s why I don’t think he is. Because he wouldn’t regret getting hurt the way he’d regret someone else close to him getting hurt. We’ve already seen him react to something happening to Wendy. I feel like that was a warning, and the next step up might be Mabel. Right from the start of s2, after Dipper messes up with the zombies, his going to be last words are “Mabel, I’m sorry!” Like he’s upset that he messed up and is gonna die, but he’s more upset that his sister has to suffer for it.
  • Gideon is still out there, is still obsessed with Mabel, and still wants revenge on the Pines family. He could get revenge by taking her, or he could be persuaded into setting his anger temporarily aside to help save her if she were in trouble.
  • I think Mabel might be Bill’s biggest threat because of how unpredictable she is, and how she strives to keep her family together, which seems like the opposite of what Bill wants. I think her pose outside the portal parallels Bill’s pose in the center of his symbol wheel, making her like the counter-force to him, if that makes sense.
  • The episode isn’t out yet, but there’s clearly parallels between Stanley/Mabel Stanford/Dipper and Stanley/Dipper Stanford/Mabel. The latter has parallels that are less obvious and (imo) are more interesting. If those parallels are leading up to something happening to one of the Pines twins the way something happened to one of the Stan twins, Mabel is the least expected and would therefore create the most shock factor. The more I think about it, the more I don’t think it’d be out of the realm for something bad to happen to one of the kids, as long as it wasn’t played off in a totally gruesome, horrifying manner. And if they died, they’d have to come back, but I’m not really talking about death necessarily.
  • To the anon the other day that said it would be too rough for kids if the Pines twins did some kind of multi-dimensional travel: this game and this picture from the unaired pilot exist, so no now that I’ve thought about it again I don’t actually think it would be too much as long as it wasn’t really scary.
  • Something majorly bad hasn’t happened to Mabel yet. Stan had his mind invaded by Bill, and Dipper was possessed by Bill, but Mabel’s been okay. In a lot of cases she’s the outlier, and that makes me pretty worried for her.
  • The rest of the season’s theme is about growing up. Losing Mabel, if not by death than through being physically removed from the others, would certainly be a loss of innocence happening.

tbh nothing might happen to Mabel and I just might be paranoid or w/e, but I can’t help but worry that she’s one of the biggest possible candidates for disaster to happen to in the future.
Dancing With the Stars; Maksim Chmerkovskiy blogs the season 23 premiere |

This season on Dancing With the Stars fan favorite pro-dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy will be blogging for EW to give us behind-the-scene scoop on each night’s competition. Here, he writes about Monday’s premiere — including that shocking Ryan Lochte moment — as well as his what it’s like being back in the ballroom and working with star Amber Rose.

On Ryan Lochte’s ballroom crashers…
Most of us were in the back room when the incident happened, and we watched it on TV just like everyone else. It was pretty funny because the whole time the camera was stuck on Carrie Ann’s face, and we were confused about what exactly she was trying to do… until we realized that something was going down in the ballroom. At that point, to be honest, my only concern was my pregnant fiancée [Peta Murgatroyd] in the front row. She was near where Tom Bergeron was standing with the contestants after the performance. So I was worried about Peta, and I was glad when I saw everything was under control and that it was just a couple of people trying to make a statement.

That being said, there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions and they have the right to express them, but I don’t think this is the platform to do that. We celebrate everything but judgment and differences of opinion. We celebrate dance. And we limit our judgment of one another in the ballroom to “he did a bad heel lead” or “her frame sucks.”

I have a lot of beliefs, and I’m very strong in my opinions. I did not like what happened in Rio, and I was vocal about that, but it’s not the type of situation where everybody has to speak his or her mind. I mean we get it; s— went down, but we need to move on with life.

Ryan is a nice guy, and I really hope that he finds a way to let people know that. This is a good platform for that. I said the same thing about my partner Amber Rose. There’s a preconceived notion about who these people are based on some things that are in the media. DWTS allows for the opportunity to go and show people what else you want them to see. Then we’re able to know who you are aside from just the tabloids. That’s Ryan’s opportunity. Everyone is here for a reason, and I just want this season to go hiccup free from here on because to be honest, we really don’t have time for it. We have very late rehearsals and very early call times, so we just don’t have time for this stuff.

On partner Amber Rose…
She’s amazing. I know we have to say these things to give ourselves the chance to stay in the competition, you know, “We love each other! Everybody is super friendly!” But once in a while, everything you are supposed to say actually becomes a reality. She is super nice, and she’s a friend I hope to retain for as long as possible. She said herself just yesterday, “We’re gonna stick together.”

Amber is also a strong single mom, and she juggles a lot of things — there are a lot of opportunities coming her way right now. She’s been hustling since she was a teenager. I certainly can relate to becoming an adult at 14 or 15 years old and having to work and provide for the family. So in this competition, I want her to experience things she may have missed out on. Like, “Oh you’ve never been a princess? Let’s put you in a bedazzled freakin’ gown with 20,000 rhinestones on it.” (She walked and was like “Okay, I don’t like rhinestones or fringe.” I said, “Well, you signed up for the wrong show.” And then she put it on and said, “Oh my god this is amazing, I look amazing.”)

And I’m excited about this competition because of the type of person Amber is. She’s awesome, and I think her fans know that she’s not exactly what you think. I can relate to that. I want more people to understand her. And she did great last night! She said she blacked out, but at least we had the video to watch back. I’m hoping next week will be blackout free.

Returning to the Ballroom…
I spent two and a half months over the summer with my brother putting together our show — we did a 47-city tour with 50 shows. That kicked my butt into shape and put me in a better place. I was sitting and thinking, why wouldn’t I do Dancing With the Stars again? What would it take out of me? Nothing else I’m doing in the next two months requires my immediate presence, so it’s either being in the ballroom rooting for Val and doing occasional judging or just joining as a dancer.

I’m excited to be back! And as long as I have my knees and my legs underneath me, I might as well dance.

Favorite performance from last night (other than his own)…
I thought Val took it down, and I think Val and Laurie Hernandez are the absolute front-runners in this competition. As Val’s sibling, I always wish him better than me. I think he’s going to have another breakout season. He has a partner who’s going to challenge him creatively and choreographically, and I think he’s going to pull through. I just love how Laurie is this ball of energy and positivity. Plus, Val has done some amazing things in the past with less experienced contestants. I’m excited for the two of them, and I’m looking forward to the other performances.

As told to Christina Ciammaichelli

Pietrangelo could be next to wear ‘C’

A month ago, Alex Pietrangelo took time out of his wedding preparations in hope of salvaging another dear partnership. He spent several days lobbying Blues captain David Backes to remain in St. Louis.

Pietrangelo and his wife Jayne had become extremely close with David and Kelly Backes, spending countless hours off the ice together. Backes was even in Pietrangelo’s wedding party on July 2. Pietrangelo was still in bed the morning after his rehearsal dinner when Backes called him with the news that he was headed to the Bruins.

“When those words came out of his mouth I knew it wasn’t going to be what I wanted to hear,” Pietrangelo said. “We kind of understood the situation. As much as I wanted him back, life goes on.” 

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