not so fitmom

So my fellow crushers!!! So happy GO! is finally here!!! I told @aubernutter that I was legit worried about her actually exploding from excitement!! 😂😂

I stuck with my Crushfit booty Bootcamp workout today! I’m definitely starting to see more growth! Aside from the fact that my gym partner no call no showed, I still killed my workout! 💪👊

This week has been absolutely crazy but I love the momentum! Next week will be crazy too! I’ll be headed to Estes Park 😁 Are any of you around that area that would like to try GO! With me??



So I was sick AGAIN. This time I said screw it and waited until I was like 99% well instead of 75% well before starting back running. I don’t know if it’s just this time of year or if it’s me pushing myself too much that got me sick all over again. Either way, I’m back. Hopefully this time for a while. I’m tired of being stuck at week 4 of C25K.

Good news is I also started on my “no treats” lent thing and so far I’ve lost 6 lbs. That’s sugar reduction alone. No calorie counting, no exercise (since I had a nasty cold). I’m hoping that like when I gave up soda years ago for lent, this change sticks past lent. Mind over breastfeeding sugar cravings!

I also chopped my hair. It went from waist length to shoulder length. I always wear a ponytail though so…you can’t tell. Ha!