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Here are the awaited (well i hope) results of my first tumblr awards! (I would like to say I removed the “best theme” category due to my pc being an ass and not loading the blog pages, so i couldn’t see all of them, it wasn’t fair.)

I’m sorry this took so long, all the blogs were fab !

  • Steve Rogers/Best url:

winner: bisexual–peggy

runner ups: hayleyhawtwell // peggy-martinelli-carter

  • Edwin Jarvis/Best mobile

winner: licbgott 

runner ups: dxredevll // medusaegis

  • Bucky Barnes/Best marvel

winner: the-grand-duchess-natalia

runner ups: nonbinarynerdvengers // officialfoggy

  • Howard Stark/Best multifandom

winner: wizardsthirdrule

runner ups: agentpegster // hartsunwin 

  • Dottie Underwood/Best edits-gifs

winner: margarethcarter 

runner ups: merodraws // cersailannisters 

  • Peggy Carter/Best overall

winner: solanoroses

runner ups: vintagelesbionage // reichanbach

I’ll make the promos later as well as update my tab :) 

(don’t forget to send me a message to tell me whether you’d like a fic or an edit  (url graphic/text post meme/etc) for you prize if you won!)

peterdonaldson asked:

hersula + fake dating? it's a classic trope we always need more of it

I was gonna do these in ORDER and be ORGANIZED and I’m not sure if I fully fulfilled this prompt so basically this is a mess :)

“He won’t stop texting me!” Hero whined, tossing her phone away and flopping down on the bed next to her friend.

“This is why you don’t give your number to guys at parties..” Ursula replied. “They turn out to be creepy weirdos who stalk you.”

“But I feel mean if I don’t. They might just want to be friends!”

“Trust me Hero, none of them want to be ‘just friends’.”


Hero leant over her for a second to grab her phone. She tensed as she did so, determinedly ignoring the warmth of Ursula’s skin seeping through her blouse. Beneath her, Ursula seemed to be holding her breath.

The sound of her text alert filled the air, breaking the moment. Hero groaned again, grabbing it and rolling off Ursula, purposefully tapping out a response.

“There.” She muttered, stabbing the send button. “Now he’ll lose interest!”

“What did you say?” Ursula asked mischievously.

Hero held out her phone for Ursula to see. She felt her cheeks darken when the other girl carefully placed her hand over Hero’s, steadying the screen as she read.

“Hey, I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding, but I’m not interested in a relationship as I already have a girlfriend. I hope we can still be friends.”

“That’s alright isn’t it?” Hero questioned at Ursula’s gobsmacked face.

“Um, yeah. Yes. Typical Hero Duke, nicest let down text ever.” Ursula stammered, pulling her hand from where it still rested on Hero’s. She sat up and inched a little further to the other side of the bed.

Hero blinked. Ursula suddenly seemed standoffish and a little upset. She was twisting her finger in the corner of her T-shirt, as she only did when she was anxious about something.

“So,"Ursula eventually asked, her voice a little hoarse, "Who’s the lucky girl?”

“um..” Hero started, before she was interrupted.

“And there had better be some grovelling in the future for not telling your Best Friend about her!” Ursula continued, tone full of forced bravado.

Hero shrugged awkwardly, shaken by her friends strange reaction. She sat up too. Suddenly her previous plan didn’t seem so genius. This was why she needed Ursula- she came up with the good plans.

A little voice in her head whispered that she needed Ursula for far more than that.

“Um.” She began again. “Well.”

She paused, bracing herself, before blurting out the rest in a rush.


“Me. And you. Pretend?” Ursula repeated, her voice a strange combination of jubilation and heartbreak.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Hero interrupted. “It was a stupid idea anyway.”

“I didn’t even know you liked girls?”

“Well. I do.”

She smiled awkwardly, avoiding her friends gaze. Beside her, Ursula took a deep breath.

“What if it wasn’t pretend?” She murmured.

Hero spun towards her in disbelief.


Ursula visibly steadied herself, before meeting her eyes.

“What if it wasn’t pretend,"she repeated, "and we just dated. For real.”

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” Hero questioned, breathlessly.

Ursula nodded hesitantly. A second later, her arms were filled with Hero, hands fisting in her shirt to prevent her from sliding off her lap.

“Yes.” Hero whispered into her ear. “100 percent yes.”

Ursula’s face split into a beaming smile. She squeezed her new girlfriend closer, and when the next text alert sounded, neither of them bothered moving.

I love the music in peaky blinders so much


I was tagged by the gorgeous and lovely itssopunkrock for the 20 beautiful people challenge! Pretty sure this is the first time you guys see my face, so I’m sorry in advance, blame Richelle :))

I tag: my fab ladies pegginglucas, loverlylittleimagines and feelslikelashton even though I’m sure they’ve been tagged already: dafeedil, clumhood, lucasashtons and anyone else :))

 You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs! Then tag 20 people!

tagged by fab moonlight-killer …sorry it took so long. haven’t seen it ‘till today. :))

1.a national acrobat - black sabbath

2. phoenix-nunta

3.bob marley-buffalo soldier *guilty pleasure*

4. cold sweat (thin lizzy cover)- megadeth

5.cemetery gates -pantera


7. imperiled eyes- annihilator

8.another beer - ugly kid joe

9. march of the damned- judas priest

10 .korpiklaani- tequila

11.Rainbow - man on the silver mountain

12. dawn patrol- megadeth

13.ghuleh - ghost b.c.

14.the doors - light my fire

15. fuel- metallica

16.this love- pantera

17.dio- metal will never die

18. pink floyd- comfortably numb

19. led zep - communication breakdown 

20 .suicide note part 1 - pantera

I tag… artisnotacrimeshit iandrei14 bluemetalhead replicaaaa the-last-amazing-potato  metal-inquisition cowboysoftrendkill …and that’s it. if you’ve played this before , sorry for tagging. have fun c:

raraledinosorx3 asked:

I am so sorry that I just liked and reblogged pretty much all of your SHINee posts but I'm an obsessed fanatic lolwhut nah but I rarely find accs with fab SHINee posts so tyty ily I am vvv sorry I'll stop now♥♥ Fighting!

HAHAHA Thank you so much!!  ♡♡♡ I’m so glad you like them! *waves arms* Don’t apologize! No worries!!! ^^* *hugs*

anonymous asked:

lana del rey or taylor swift

To be honest I don’t listen to either of them so I can’t really answer that, sorry!! They’re both fab though from what I’ve seen/heard.

seikoshinohara asked:

oh man i went out and bought bloodborne bc of your posts about it and YIKES i was Not Prepared for that apparently. you know that one alley in the beginning of the game with those patrolling zombies?? the death toll over there is comprised of 99% me

OHHHHH MY GOD AHAHA I AM SO SO SORRY bloodborne is suuuuuuuch a fab game tho and i love its story so much (be sure to read all of the descriptions of the items you pick up!! about 80% of bloodborne’s story is told though item descriptions!)

i think one of the most difficult things about bloodborne is theres no shield or block system you literally have to dodge everything and its SO HARD but its also rly fun and keeps you on your toes

and i know exactly the area you mean omfg if you want some advice, be sure to pay close attention to the bell tolls, the enemies actually move and change positions according to which toll is being rung (if you’re having difficulty with the circular area with the like 15 or so enemies, a good tactic is to climb the stairs and walk until you hear the next bell toll, then they’ll all split into several smaller groups).  and there’s a big guy near the entrance gate, dont worry about him, hes p difficult especially when youre first starting out.

and definitely try your best to counter enemies.  whenever you see one of them wind up for a really big attack, shooting them will stagger them and then you can go in and press R1 for a visceral attack, which does MAJOR DAMAGE

just remember, take your time, be careful, and don’t get too frustrated!  all of from software’s games are about learning from your mistakes, so dying isn’t a bad thing! (unlike like 90% of games where you lose all your progress; the only thing you lose in bloodborne is your bloodechoes, you still keep all the items you pick up)

let me know how you do in the game, i’d love to hear about your progress!!  and don’t forget, if things get too rough you can use the beckoning bell to get help from other players! (but using the bell consumes insight so watch that carefully!)

aqquilo asked:

I just came across your blog & I'm so glad I did 💛 I'll be studying neuroscience at Glasgow uni next month and I know you didn't study that but I wanted to know what uni life and work is like ☺️ if you have any tips for beginning uni that would be fab


Aww first year biology student - you’ll have a great time!


  • Don’t start emails with hey - you can use Hi though!
  • Record your lectures (a phone is excellent)
  • READ THE LAB MANUAL BEFORE YOU DO THE LAB - especially if you take chemistry (if you can you really should - first year chem is ran by the coolest guy)
  • If they still do timed online tests for bio - get your phone next to you/books since it’s open book but you can’t get out of the browser - it’s easy marks
  • Ehm I would recommend if you take three subjects that have labs like I did (bio, chem and environmental science) you do them at the start of the week and free up thursday/friday afternoons because you will be so drained from the 9-5 work
  • Get used to eating lunch at half ten in the morning haha
  • Be calm!  You’re in first year and it’s okay to start getting Cs - I remember my first C haha don’t stress about that!
  • DON’T TRUST GUYS IN THE GUU (this will become relevant)

Since all biology students only take your actual degree in third year I did all of the human biology courses haha (it means you can change in your second year - I went from zoology to microbiology).  Neuroscience was hard as anything since when I did it it was the first year they combined physiology and neuro together for second years :( but so so interesting - the lecturers are mostly very good.  Look out for Val Fallon lol and be very nice to her although always refer to her as doctor or she’ll murder you.

Oh and make friends!  It’s okay if you don’t meet any fellow neuro people - it’s a popular course and as I said a lot of people change before you actually start your honours years

Good luck! 




milesofinfamy asked:

Hello. This is me starting our "war" since we are both plotting revenge on each other or something...I don't know. I guess I insult you now? R ur legz even real? Did I do that right. Does that instill a beef or?

Oh yes right I forgot about that. Wow Miley why are you so jealous of my legz when they’re fab, sorry you can’t have them ://///

rosesofthelady asked:

(▰˘◡˘▰) I'm nearly afraid to ask x'D and I hope you'll be getting at least some sleep tonight!

the damn lights are flickering af and ughhhh i hope so too :’D 

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