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Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Domestic Tae smuuuuut
Word count: Not enough 1,891

Summary: Taehyung is completely enraptured by the way the light makes your skin glow and can’t resist the urge the feel the beauty of it against his fingertips. 

A/N: FOR MY LOVE @taechulo WHO I PROMISED TO WRITE THIS FOR LIKE FOREVER AGO <333333 Okay but smut is hard for me??? Idk why??? So I’m sorry if this isn’t super fab ;u; I also very briefly edited this cause I’m lazy (psst there’s probably a lot of grammar errors oh well)

When dawn first peeked through the blinds, blanketing you in a golden hue, he fought back the urge to reach out and touch you for Taehyung wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of your skin beneath his palm. It took a lot of self control, but he refrained from doing so - you needed your rest; the night prior had been long and rigorous, fueled by too much wine and desire. But the longer he looked you over; completely mesmerized by the way you glowed as though you were a deity, the more Taehyung couldn’t resist the urge any longer and allowed his hand to find purchase on your shoulder.

He had started off just ghosting the pads of his fingers along the length of your upper arm, slow and gentle, then carrying on to the remaining parts still left untouched. A shiver crawls up your spine every time his nails scratch the smooth expanse of your bare waist while his fingers trace your curves. It causes small bumps to litter your flesh, accompanied by a soft whine and the flutter of your lashes and he holds his breath, stills his movements and smiles in silent amusement when you do not wake.

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I think this is good (ahahaha this is a joke I don’t think I will ever make one of these I’m just hoping someone’s gonna make this account) @dailyakutagawa @dailyatsushi @dailyranpo @daily-dazai and the new yosano ask account (for some reason I can’t find her name) I hope for the best in your accounts!

Hi lovelies! I’ve never done one of these before for many a reason, but this year I feel like I’ve finally fit into a fandom and have met so many kind and creative people. Thanks for every single note, reply and message you’ve sent to me. I’m so sorry if I miss anyone because you are all fab!!! Tumblr is glitchy af and sometimes I forget which variation of ‘fitzsimmons’ everyone is <3. 

Thanks for brightening my dash and my day. I hope 2017 shows you a lot of heart. 

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When your dad says if you ever need help with medical expenses to ask and then you never do until your desperate (keeping in mind he has at least $200k in the bank sitting there currently) and he says no then you find out he went out and bought a brand new boat a couple of days later. Feeling fab!

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Hi, is it ok to request for a Renji NSFW scenario... a nice and slow make out on the couch would be nice.😍 Your blog is fab! I'm enjoying it so much ❤❤❤

I’m sorry you had to wait so long… I suck. It took kind of a funny turn so umm sorry if it wasn’t NSFW as you wanted; not what I had planned but I preferred this over what I had tried and failed to change it to. Ugh he’s such a babe tho.

Originally posted by suhumma

It was time, you had fought against temptation for so long. Deciding to throw caution to the wind you marched over to the freezer, silently cursing the stupid diet Unohana had put you on, and grabbed the carton of ice cream before returning to your spot on the couch.

“Uh babe?” You ignored Renji, instead focusing on the bland Rom-Com before you.

“Babe, Unohana said liquids only until you’re better.” You couldn’t blame him for being worried but you really wished he would drop it right now. This was the first time in nearly two days you ate anything solid; needless to say, you were in no mood for Renji’s prattling about a stupid diet.

“____ you really shouldn’t be eating that.”

“Bite me.” Damn it Renji just let a woman eat her ice cream.

“Well if you insist,” Before you could set your delicious frozen treat down Renji was already attacking your neck with little nips and kisses. The ice cream fell to the floor, top side up luckily.

“Renji! What are you doing?!” You meant for the question to be stern, but your poorly stifled giggles ruined that.

“What do you mean? You told me too.” He did not stop. Instead he moved his mouth down your neck to the collar of your shirt; sucking above your left clavicle. You smothered what would have been a rather loud moan.

“Renji~” you whined, “you know that’s not what I meant.”

He paused. “Do you want me to stop?”

You couldn’t help getting lost in his chocolate coloured eyes. The sight of him looming above you, crimson hair falling over your faces made your breath hitch.

“Uh ____?” In your mesmerised state you forgot to answer.

“Sorry, no please don’t stop…” That’s all he needed to hear.

Using the utmost care he lowered himself to meet your lips. Wait, when did he get on top of you? You disregarded the thought and kissed back, throwing your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. Pretty soon things started to get heated. You weren’t sure what set this off, but before you could stop yourself you licked Renji’s lower lip; you were getting impatient.

Shocked, he opened his mouth granting you access to explore the new territory freely. Not willing to allow you to have the upper hand for too long, Renji soon engaged your tongue in a battle for dominance; a battle you quickly lost. Now with the tables turned and Renji in control he took advantage of your flustered state. While slowly massaging your tongue with his own, one hand slid up your shirt, slowly palming your right breast over your bra. You couldn’t help but moan into his mouth, back arching up into his touch. Not currently satisfied with what your hands were doing, you quickly put them to work on loosening Renji’s belt buckle. He groaned as your knuckles grazed his erection.

As you went to work on his belt he inched his other hand towards the waist band of your shorts. You gasped in shock when you felt one of his fingers rub you through the fabric of your panties.

“Babe, you’re so wet.” Lust dripped from every spoken word. You whined in response.

“Renji please~” You motioned for him to discard the rest of his clothing now that you had undone his pants and belt. You could wait no longer. You wanted him now.

Silently obliging he sat up and leaned back to throw his shirt elsewhere. Renji slowly slid his shirt up his abdomen, revealing his chiseled chest and abs; you nearly drooled at the sight. Smirking down at you, continuing to put on his show, he slowly leaned backwards to toss his shirt on the floor. Only he was far closer to the edge of the couch than he expected. In one quick motion he had successfully thrown his shirt off the couch… along with himself. You wouldn’t have believed it, but the loud thud he made colliding with the floor was far to distinct to be imagination.

For a moment, there was only silence.

With eyes as large as saucers you looked down at your—now disgruntled—boyfriend. His eyes met yours.

“Not a word.” Suddenly you couldn’t hold it back anymore. With a deafening roar you unleashed the loudest laughter the Seireitei had every heard.

“Oh my god!” you nearly choked on your saliva and air. “You—you fell! Off the couch!” It was nearly impossible to understand what you were saying through your boisterous cackling.

“Wow babe, way to kill the mood.” Renji did the only thing he could do, sulk off to your shared bedroom with your ice cream.