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very self-indulgent Yuri on Ice Pokemon AU because I can and pokemon au is always important to me


“The Chosen One” aspect is really interesting in the pjo series. 

Like we all know that Percy’s going to be the one of the prophecy, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Already ignoring the fact that he’s the narrator, there are literally huge cosmic, higher power signs pointing to Percy throughout the series, enforcing the idea that Percy is the hero of the great prophecy and his role to either save or destroy the world was predetermined years before he was even born.

But in the Titan’s Curse, two extremely interesting things occur: First, three other children of the Big Three become involved into the storyline. And as they are all under sixteen, that definitely throws the off the certainty of Percy being the hero of the Prophecy. Second, and more importantly, after Bianca’s death and Thalia’s newly immortal state, Percy makes the decision to be the hero of the prophecy. Percy chooses to be the Chosen One.

That in itself creates such an interesting and conflicting concept: Percy is obviously the One of the prophecy, but his decision implies that he had a choice in the matter. Perhaps, if he had never come to that resolution, that is one of the many ways he would have razed Olympus. 

Or maybe, in order to be the chosen one, you have to choose yourself. It’s interesting to think what would have happened if Thalia never accepted immortality or if Bianca hadn’t died.

Also, I’m not sure how much this has been discussed but that is such a defining characteristic of Percy. (Whether or not the decision changed the outcome) Percy chose to be the hero of the prophecy. He deliberately accepted that as his role. And he did it all to spare someone else’s pain - so Nico di Angelo would not have to suffer more than he already did. 


Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby


Parallels between Tyrion Lannister & Sansa Stark (requested by ablueflowergrew)

just so many rogue one emotions, spoilers ahead:

  • i thought being spoiled would mean i’d be prepared but NO. cried my way out the cinema. thanks disney.
  • ppl calling jyn unemotional and detached and like???!? she puts herself in very immediate danger to save a little girl and probably feels so much all the time she eventually shuts down cause SAME
  • cassian andor is every sexy girl love interest that’s been in the shit so much longer than the chosen one and is capable and dangerous and so emotionally closed off she should honestly not grow attached to one person so quickly but goddamn he didn’t even feel her steal his blaster 
  • welcome home JUST FUCKING DESTROY ME 
  • poe dameron always wanted a pet robot cause cassian andor had a pet robot
  • …what is saw’s deal i want a mini-series about him and the fact that the rebel alliance considers him an extremist though he was the one trying to protect a baby girl from being a pawn
  • baze no longer believed in the force but he sure as hell believed in chirrut and i want to cry
  • baze is actually 25 
  • living around chirrut ages a person
  • bodhi’s reaction when face to face with saw’s breathing apparatus makes me convinced he had a terrifying run-in with vader 
  • speaking of bodhi this man was a born leader and i’m so pissed he never got to do that
  • krennic’s crumpled-ass cape was a disgrace. no wonder no one likes you
  • so okay vader’s corridor fighting was awesome but what i most enjoyed about his return apart from his dramatic sauron tower was that they kept his fucking dorky finger-pointing hand gestures
  • the hugging at the end destroyed what was left of my shriveled husk of a heart
  • people knowing the odds and choosing to sacrifice themselves because someone has to fight, someone has to resist, someone has to draw that fucking line in the sand is the surest way to wreck me 
  • so fuck me this movie has left me void

[reply to this - Lazy Morning]

Anakin: [text] morning 😘
Obi-Wan: Good morning, Anakin. Any particular reason you felt the need to text me?
Anakin: welllllll i heard some news u might be interested in 
Obi-Wan: Is that so?
Anakin: yep 
Obi-Wan: Let me guess: all my meetings cancelled for today, because of an unexpected issue with appointment calendars for members of the Jedi Council.
Anakin: YES how did u know??? i heard windu got sent off to tatooine by accident this morning thats too bad
Anakin: the sand is really annoying this time of year too
Obi-Wan: Right. And obviously you would know nothing about who hacked their calendars. Or why mine just has hearts as my “appointment” for the next four hours.
Anakin: nope
Obi-Wan: And you figure that, since I’m sitting in the kitchen right now, I could also be making pancakes while I’m over here. Now that I have nothing to do today.
Anakin: omg that is so sweet of u to offer 💛 💚 💙 💜 thank u 
Obi-Wan: And you couldn’t possibly have walked all the way from the bedroom to the kitchen to talk to me right now.
Obi-Wan: Anakin, I can SEE you peering through the doorway into the hall.
Anakin: im pretty sure im coming down with something [Anakin coughs dramatically and very loudly from the other room] 
Anakin: can u hear that its so bad  
Anakin: i should probably just stay here for my own safety
Obi-Wan: Right. 
Anakin: also can u bring me an extra blanket i wanna build a sweet blanket fort
Anakin: thank goodness u have the day off now because i am going to need a lot of things
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Can I go make the pancakes now?

I have a theory that whenever a witch or wizard dies- good or evil, young or old- that the wand belonging to that person at the time sort of goes dull. Magic doesn’t quite work from it anymore and spells cannot be cast from it, almost like it’s what a wand should be, but isn’t. 

The wand chooses the wizard, does it not? I feel like wands sort of grow attached to their owners, and are loyal to whomever they choose. So when that chosen one dies, they mourn them. They have died along with them, loyal to them even in death, unless its allegiances have changed for whatever reason before their prior owner’s death. 

That’s why witches and wizards are buried with their wands- because both are dead, and even in death the wand still remains with whom it has chosen.

» Adventures in Eorzea [2/??]

Many of you have asked me about the meaning of the name spatziline. One day before class I was talking with @invisiblegerman about the new blog I wanted to create, and how I was having problems in finding a name. She’s German, so I asked her cute names in German lol. 

I don’t remember when or how but we started to talk about names of animals, then she mentioned spatzi (sparrow). I like sparrows and the name, SO I KNEW THAT WAS THE CHOSEN ONE. She told me to add “line” if I wanted the name to sound cuter…

This was my first icon lol

In other words, it was @invisiblegerman‘s fault.

NCT U/127 Reaction - You surprise them with a warm back hug

Taeil: Oohh!!!” you just startled him, but he becomes happy in a moment. It was unexpected to receive such a melting hug…he was longing for some warmness and you knew exactly how to make him feel better… “Can we please go somewhere else? People are just staring at me, we are in public…let’s go to our hidden place ^^” he starts to feel a bit shy after a while, since you won’t let him go but you’ll have to continue your cuddle session somewhere more comfortable :D

Taeyong: Aiiii!!! You’re tickling me, what are you doing?” you just order him to stay like this for a while since it was your wish to make him feel loved this time. You knew he always acted like a big man showing you warmly all the love he has for you, but deep inside he just a cute baby who also needs to feel loved and be cherished…Of course, he really loves your surprise, so much that he will even start talking in a aegyo voice asking you how was your day, if you ate, if you are tired…not even in this moment, he won’t stop worrying about you..

Yuta: “But who’s that? Oh…my baby! What are you doing?” he feels your body touching him from behind and your hands travelling around his chest and he doesn’t even know what happened to you today. “If this is an attempt to feel my abs today, you better make sure to pay me back for that! This is not for free, even if you are my girl!” Of course he loves it, he would sleep like this forever in your arms! Later he will laugh about how innocently you fell for his joke… It wasn’t that kind of “pay” but well, if you want…how could he refuse it? :p

Kun: “I wonder who’s that? Honey??” Of course it’s you! It was such a good surprise…he totally loves it! Your arms wrapped around his waist suddenly made his dirty-mind fly away…no, he just thinks he should enjoy first your warmish body and receive your love, before he could decide how to retrieve all that warmness he received…

Doyoung: Wait…don’t tell me you also love doing these kind of things? Honey? Answer me…” you just moan an “yes” after burying your face into his shirt so you could feel better his scent and warm heat…Your hands touching his chest can feel already his heart beat increasing…he’s overflowing with love!

Ten:Uhhh, hold a minute…where are you touching?” you accidentally wrapped your arms a bit too low…but he somehow likes it? “Wait! Who said you could let me go? I did not give permission! ”he hold your hands firmly strongly around him, giving you no time to react. He needs to enjoy a bit more the feeling…

Jaehyun: My baby? Awww! Is it a special day today?” he is pleasantly surprised because you never did such things before, not even when it was just the two of you alone…He admires your courage hugging him in a public place and he’ll even turn to hug you back tightly, because you really deserve it! You just made him feel even better and increased his love feelings for you!

WinWin: Aaahhh this is what I love honey!” he spreads his arm up so you could wrap around himself better…he really, really loves long warm hugs and now feeling you from behind, you are like a warm soft blanket…he wishes you could stay like this forever…

Mark: Ahh I almost had a heart attack…stop doing these things, you’re gonna get me killed one day! “ but in the end he lets out a giggle since he feels a bit ticklish too…you better stay like this for a while since it’s embarrassing for him facing you, this is not an usual kind of affection girls do…at least that’s what he thinks…

Haechan: “But first, where is my kiss? Is this how you greet me??Tzzz…” he always complains even if you do something he loves…it’s in his nature, of course. But naturally he will accept your warm feelings…don’t get surprised if he will fall asleep later, it’s not everyday he gets to relax into your arms…


It is always different. It’s always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line, and that is always going to be me.

Mutually Assured Destruction

Their last year at Watford reimagined.

So here we are, then. The last chapter. Thank you to everyone who has read this and sent me so many awesome comments and messages! I love all of you and I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed this fic.

Warnings: brief mentions of blood/injuries, brief suicide mention, language

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It had been months since the Battle of Watford, as they’d taken to calling it. It had been months, months that felt like hell and things worse than that.

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