not since like the 60s

i decided to participate in at least one day of the Victuuri Week

(illustration to the fic that was originally based on @beanpots AU)

i spent 4578 yen to celebrate valentine’s day reading nothing but manga…


When is Illinois gonna just abandon the concept of speed limits and let rural highways operate in like, Autobahn conditions. Illinois drivers aren’t fuckin following the speed limit anyways lmao

Being in the Narnia fandom is such a gift.
Like, look at us. It’s been over 60 years since there was a new book for us to read. But guess what? We reread the old ones and write our own fan fictions.
It’s been a few years since we had a new movie and that one was, well, disappointing. But we have fan casts and edits and aesthetics and moodboards.
The series of books we read is older than (probably) everyone on Tumblr and yet here we are being kind and getting along even when our fandom should be dead. Seriously Narnains. We’re freaking awesome! And I’m so honored to be a part of this online community . Bless y'all!


The guy who drew Concrete: *is Lamar Abrams, a black man”

SU Crits: *immediately start calling him by extremely racist anti-black terms the likes of which haven’t been seen in use since the 60′s, unable to see what they’ve become*

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I would absolutely love to see an outbreak of red-cough throughout the clans. It has never been properly introduced (Except in Moth flight's Vision, which was a very long time ago.) So lots of cats would die off because medicine cats wouldn't know the cure for it. Then there's another idea that SkyClan could bring a new disease into the clans (Since it's been at least 40-60 years from their exile.) Like!!! Erin Hunter!!! What are you doing with your opportunities??

today’s weather resembles you a lot
the way to you becomes flowery
what is this sensation, what do i do?

bc i’m still not over aju nice & woozi’s plant aesthetics

i’m thinking of making this into an acrylic stand/keychain maybe, who would be up for that tho

Went and saw Spider-Man with my parents today and as soon as Tom Holland took off his shirt for the first time, my mom leaned over my dad to stage-whisper, “He’s of legal age, right?”

When I nodded, she just sat back and smiled up at the screen.

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(*) Hi, I'm back with more question if wouldn't mind. Its another long ask and again you dont have to answer. So First, I always wondered how artists- especially singer like/do/choose music genre, was it influenced by their voice? Like zayn for example, he said 1d music didn't go along with his musical taste. Was it because he knows RnB suits his vocal and he could sing it better? Which comes first, do you think?? Also, maybe the same could applied to songwriting. For their solo stuff (**)

(**) I’d think there will be some limitation in term of the ability to sing it, where before they have 3 other guys with all type of voice and range. Second, about music industry. I don’t have a good grasp of music history, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how nowadays we see that music wasn’t the only thing that artists have to do/promote, its this elaborate strategy to make them seemed open to public and closer to the fans. Was it always like that/since when? Would it happen in the 60-70’s

(***) if it weren’t for the lack of media outlets then. Or maybe just less documentation on it. Information access is so available, worldwide and free though not necessarily accurate. It’ll be easy to lose focus, to care more about the echoes and not the sound. Because why not? Its there. Last, would you mind maybe recommend other blogs that talk about 1D music or just music in general. I dont have musical background so its always interesting to read and compare from different perception/mindset

(****) Music is what interest me the most about 1D, and I hope they create more music in any kind (solo or otherwise). I think we became fans for various reasons, not one more valid than others, and its important to remember that. I’m trying not to lose focus. Thankyou for your time, friend. Also, IS there anyway to send long post without breaking it to parts?? tumblr is a new thing for me :)

Dear anon,

I will hope to answer you as completely as possible. I’m sorry that it’s been so busy for me and I can’t promise you’ll see this. These are all y own opinions, based on a little bit of research. Please feel free to comment. 

The music genre question is a good one. I think there are a few major reasons artists gravitate to certain genres. Some are personality-based, and others are pragmatic. 

1. Popularity. Obviously, most musicians want as many people to like their music as possible, for creative as well as financial reasons. This is why Taylor Swift crossed over from country to pop, and why Beyoncé crossed over to pop, and why The Weeknd morphed from a dark R&B artist to pop. Pop is where the huge listenership, and the $$, is. It doesn’t matter how many Grammys The Weeknd has won, he doesn’t have nearly the fanbase that One Direction has. I’m sorry if this sounds so simplistic. The reason that so many pop and rock artists want to try EDM right now, and vice versa, is because everyone wants to expand their fanbase– and music distribution has completely changed since streaming became popularized. Traditional radio stations are still influential, but no longer control popularity. The instant availability of music on the internet, through streaming platforms, iTunes, Youtube, etc., means that artists like Chance the Rapper and Stormzy can build their own audience without label help. This is very relevant to established artists like One Direction, who are no longer dependent on a big label for promotion. Promotion can be faster, cleaner, more efficient. 

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So, the gang is off to visit the KISS-themed amusement park.

Why the extensive outfits and makeup for just an amusement park visit? Couldn’t tell ya.

Daphne is finishing her star, even though it’s already completely filled in. 

I guess the animators didn’t want to bother clicking on the “erase” tool.

Buuuut then, Freddy gets this evil look in his eyes…

…and hits a pothole…

…deliberately just to make her mess up her makeup.

Holy cow, what happened since the ‘60s, Freddy? When did you get mean? 

Or, like, is there some tragic backstory I missed? In some episode during the intervening years, did makeup kill your family or something?

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I was the anon who asked about Kara not being great in relationships. I just want to add that I wasn't trying to be rude, I really do love her character. I just have questions, and your answers are always so well thought out, so I was just curious what you thought. Keep fighting the good fight. I appreciate your sunshine-ness. :)

Oh don’t worry, I didn’t think you were rude! I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of the situation, but I wanna consider it for a lil & look at what happened again before forming my opinion and responding.

And I just have so many messages… So many…

But hopefully I’ll get to it tonight or tomorrow.

And thanks! :)