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"MEGA FAMOUS CELEBRITY BOWLER TOMMY OAKES, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" 'Maisie Huntley and MEGA FAMOUS CELEBRITY BOWLER TOMMY OAKES would like to formally invite you to witness their marriage' "Do you, MEGA FAMOUS CELEBRITY BOWLER TOMMY OAKES, take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?" "I, MEGA FAMOUS CELEBRITY BOWLER TOMMY OAKES, do'

I find this ‘mega famous celebrity bowler’ thing way funnier than I probably should.


I woke up to 2k this morning and I”m honestly in disbelief. Thank you guys so much <33 Anyways, this has been a WIP for a long time and I finally am able to release it!! This was requested by anon so here you go!!


  • 6 sets of poses (a family pose, 3 mix and match poses,  a couple pose and a crazy riding-in-the-cart shenanigans pose)
  • Everything should have a custom thumbnail 
  • Requires this shopping cart from @gfvsims (to find it type “shopping cart” in the search bar)


  • pretty please tag me if you use them
  • Don’t reupload them or claim as your own
  • yadeyadeyade don’t play dumb if I call you out for being a dick and breaking the basic TOU

DOWNLOAD (google drive, no ad*fly. I’m still waiting on my simfileshare code)

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Are you always gonna say "Mega famous bowler" when you say Tommy's name? Like what if he got arrested, would the cops call him that?

I think that anybody that ever talks to him has to address him as “mega famous celebrity bowler Tommy Oakes” or else he won’t respond.

I picture his grandmother baking him cookies and calling across the house “mega famous celebrity bowler Tommy Oakes, the cookies are ready!”

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i feel like you should be kind to mega famous celebrity bowler tommy oakes. he could have been having a mood swing or something? maybe it's not his fault.

I hate to say it, but I do still love mega famous celebrity bowler Tommy Oakes. I don’t think Maisie is too pleased with him right now, though. At least a little bit of revenge is necessary.

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I can just imagine Maisie hitting the boy who fought her with her purse. It makes me laugh so hard. XD

like I said, nobody messes with Maisie Huntley and gets away with it.

not even mega famous celebrity bowler Tommy Oakes

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Are you back now simsie? I've missed you!!

Not back yet, but I’m flying home later today. Finally.

(p.s. there’s 2000 more asks in my inbox since I last checked and it’s only been about a week, so my apologies if I miss something important)


Rowan thought about what Juliet just said. It then dawned on Rowan what she had done. The guy basically had asked her out and she hadn’t even realized. Rowan felt so stupid.. How could she not have seen it? She just had let it happen..

Rowan: “I’m so stupid..”
Juliet: “You’re not stupid.. But you’ve gotta become less innocent, Roro. People will take advantage of you..”
Rowan: “Did Neil see me talking to him? I don’t want to give him the wrong idea..”
Juliet: “I don’t know? I don’t see him..”

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Dangit! I really liked maisie and SUPER MEGA FAMOUS BOWLER TOMMY OAKES together. :(

I did too. You can imagine my shock when this all happened. One second he was giving her a rose and the next second they were fighting???

I did go into his household and cheat to give him super low empathy (thanks Parenthood character values), but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

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How come nobody else suspects this family of being vampires? I mean glowing eyes, fangs. Come on people in the sims world, get a grip. It's not that hard putting two and two together. Heck, I don't believe in vampires but if someone struts around with big fucking fangs I'd have some questions. Smh. But I love your story! So keep doing you boo.

for real tho lol it’s kinda supposed to highlight how slacking salem + auggy have become with the whole “our kids are vampires and need to be protected” thing, what with just sending them off to public school and just saying fuck it to everything

plus to be fair if someone with strange eyes and pointy teeth straight up told me they were a vampire i’d still be like…………… ya ok bud.