My four year old (nearly five) drew a portrait of me (on the left) and my SO was asking him about it. He said the marks on the top were decorations and on the bottom is my smile, and that he was trying to make it a smile like I’d “just finished having a snack.” lol! He’s got me all figured out, that kid.

The other two paintings are of crocuses. He’s just as taken by those little flowers as I am. :) We’re especially loving that one in the middle. Isn’t it great?


“When Florianne stepped onto the ballroom floor with the Inquisitor by her side she imagined herself being the one worthy of the guest’s attention. However, with two steps into the dance, a gracious posture, and her glimmering golden dress, Lady Trevelyan not only surprised but enchanted the crowd.”

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When I first started this tumblr blog, I thought it would be like all the other blogs I’ve had- kind of lonely and isolating due to my social anxiety. But the sims community has been very welcoming and lovely to me so I slowly stopped being anxious about talking to people (even though I still get really nervous). I’ve met lots of wonderful, lovely people and the following  (in no particular order) are people who I’ve talked to a fair amount and gotten to know AND want to continue getting to know. (and I hope they also think of me as a friend). <3

@loniden, @giannisk-13, @momobunniisims, @missbunnygummy @vixrotre@simonmars@vodkasimmer, @aandidas, @eldrberries, @woogooghost@keithkoganeismyboyfriend@koffeecake, @grumpykarebear

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H - Habits by Tove Lo

O - Overdose by Little Daylight

L - Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

L - Love Runs Out by OneRepublic

E - Electric Love by BØRNS

Y - Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

B - Blood in the Cut by K. Flay

E - Electric Feel by MGMT

R - Recover by CHVRCHES

R - R U Mine by Artic Monkeys

Y - Your Body Is A Weapon by The Wombats

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📖- because i enjoy ur stories a lot my dude (forever favorite will be the one where you almost decapitated a kid when ice skating when you were younger)!! and 🎉 - it's already my birthday around here and i deserve a birthday present cough cough

📖 = tell a story

Noooo I’m actually terrible at stories, but okay let me try. 

Soooooo when I was 18 and just recovering from the worst of my depression, I decided that my 12 year old brother and I were going to go to New York on our own. It was one of those stubborn ideas that takes root firmly in your mind and encompasses your entire drive. Nothing my mom said would deter me. I worked more hours than I should have (considering I was still in high school) for a year to save up for the plane tickets, hotel, transportation, and food. Upon arrival, I realized that my anxiety hadn’t been magically left behind in Los Angeles like I thought it would have. But there we were: two kids with no parents, confused and more than a little scared, but there we were. 

It was the first time I truly felt like an older sister who had to take responsibility even though inside I was DYING and regretting ever wanting to go anywhere on my own. Before the trip, I had never flown on a plane or left Los Angeles so it was a huge culture shock of people and noise and bright colors. We spent a week in a tiny hostel, close to Central Park and in that one week I think I progressed so much in terms of managing my anxiety. We went to the park, we went to museums, we acted like shameless tourists, we got lost, we found our way, we lost it again. I remember we both ended up crying and laughing over ice cream in central park at midday on a Wednesday, because in traveling on our own, we didn’t just step out of our shells, we practically stomped out. 

I started college the week after we returned from New York and I’m thankful for the giant step forward that it brought me, because every time I almost had a panic attack at school I told myself “fuck that, you went to New York on your own and you didn’t die so walking through campus isn’t going to kill you now”. 

ANYWAY, that might have been too personal but there you go. 

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