I’ve got a session at school with my daughter today and then after it’s GAME ON. FREE OVERWATCH WEEKEND.

I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ve played on xbox and sucked so bad. I’ve been told that playing on PC is so much better!! Going to play all day today to prepare for my stream tomorrow with my awesome friends!

My battle tag is: Cal1W1noNerd#1782

Feel free to add me! I play a lot of WoW too xD

neo-n*zis, fascists and white supremacists are getting organised, marching and arming themselves, with concrete plans to kill minorities and further infiltrate the police and governing bodies (and let’s be real, they’ve already succeeded) yet the ACLU and others are still clutching their pearls and handwringing about ~freedom of speech~

wrt ‘hivliving’ i really hope no one treats it like a joke or silly tumblr thing, because this girl hurt people - she used her made-up identities to insert herself into conversations she should’ve never been a part of, and the backlash of this is going to hurt even more people that are actually HIV+ and trafficking survivours. it’s going to make people less likely to be believed, and have a knock-on effect with people not donating to those that really need it, because people will just assume they’re faking.


Klance kisses Klance kisses KLANCE KISSES

Thanks for sending in these requests guys!! I had a lot of fun drawing them <3


Would you kiss this sweet broken Zero boy?? I WOULD AND SO WOULD KEITH


This is, hands down, my favorite dress that EA has given us so far! I decided I wanted a few more colors, and then it all spiraled from there. ≧◡≦

I’ve edited the mesh to remove the bell sleeves from the original dress! This new mesh comes in all of EA’s original colors, has a custom thumbnail, and requires Cats & Dogs to show up in your game.

I’ve also recolored both the original dress and the new mesh in the colors shown below! ( + white & grey)

Download: Mesh + EA Colors | Sleeveless Recolors | Original Recolors 
(SFS + always ad free)

If you’d like to recolor the mesh edit, the white dress acts as a base! ♡ Please don’t include the original mesh.