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We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger.

We rise and fall and light from dying embers.

Remembrances that hope and love live longer.

And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside.

—  Lin Manuel Miranda

Heyhey :D More Zelda!!
This drawing is for @maybeishouldwait, the Zelda tragedy queen x’D ♥ Thank you for being so awesome and bearing with me, for looking at my doodles as if they were art, for letting me hop into your docs and read as much as I want, thanks for all those beautiful edits you do and the beautiful stories you write and also - thank you for being my friend :) *coughs* adorable *coughs*

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hey there! love your blog!! could you write some hcs of chuuya, akutagawa, and oda and a curvy s/o? happy holidays <3

Ahh nonnie I apologize for this taking so long T___T


• His hands are always on you, especially your hips and ass. He just can’t help himself.  Doesn’t matter if you’re at work or out to eat, Chuuya can’t resist running his hands down your figure and smacking your ass at least once a day.

• Loves how you look in button down shirts because he knows you can’t actually button them over your chest. He thinks they look super sexy on you and goes out of his way to buy new ones pretty regularly for you since he ends up ripping them off you.

• If you ever feel self-conscious Chuuya is the first to tell you in a hundred different ways how damn perfect you are.

• Buys you tailor made clothes so everything you like fits you perfectly. He never wants you to feel bad about yourself, and will get you a whole damn closet full of specially made clothes if he has to.


• Couldn’t take his eyes off your chest the first time he saw you. He tried, coughed a lot, but his eyes kept wavering back to your tits and he nearly salivated.

• He doesn’t understand how you end up feeling weird about your body sometimes or why you compare yourself to other people. If he sees that look in your eye when you’re out in public he grabs your chin, gives your bottom lip a soft bite, and tells you to stop it.

• If you ever ask him if he would prefer for you to have a more ‘petite’ body type he gets pissed and refuses to say anything until you take back such a ‘ridiculous comment’. He’s not mad that you asked him he just really hates you feeling like you should be anything other than the way you are.

• Is weary if you ever want to go on a diet unless it’s actually related. He watches you very carefully and if he sees any sign of you not getting enough nutrients he hovers over you like slenderman until you eat.


• Always tries to peak at you while you’re in the shower, and even uses his sneaky assassin training to get away with it. Sometimes he’ll purposely take your towels from the bathroom so you’re stuck using the little ones he puts out there for decoration.

• Likes when you wear his t-shirts because he knows your chest makes it so they barely cover the waistband of your panties. If you ever want him to do something he isn’t too excited about doing this is a sure fire way to get him wrapped around your finger.

• His favorite cuddling position is you being squished on top of him while he lies on his back so he can run his hands all over you.

• Wraps his arms around your waist while you cook and traces little patterns on your stomach. If this is a spot you feel self-conscious about he often tells you you’re beautiful, and murmurs how much he loves you in your ear.


@majic100ottawa: standing ovation for @tessavirtue17 and Scott Moir at @skate_canada


@tessavirtue17: 🎶you don’t have to be cool to rule my world 🎶

Well well well…😄


Canadian Nats 2017 SD (Better quality)