not screencapping name or anything

Hear ye, citizens of the tiny Rayearth fandom!

Remember last year when we had a Royal Ascot Day where Ascot was King? Wasn’t that fun? Well, this year, things are going to be a wee bit different.

This year, we’re doing the full Royal Ascot Week, but in addition to Ascot, we will also be celebrating Princess Emeraude, Prince Ferio, Princess Tarta, Princess Tatra, and Lady Aska. In other words, we’re adding actually royalty but Ascot is still King. ;D

Monday, June 13th through Sunday, June 19th, do something for all of them or just celebrate your favorite/s, it’s your call, but let’s make this a week to remember!

June 13th: Princess Emeraude
June 14th: Princess Tarta
June 15th: Prince Ferio
June 16th: Lady Aska
June 17th: Princess Tatra
June 18th: Ascot (King)
June 19th: Any and/or All

( P.S. This year, tag your stuff with #RAWRayearth. By stuff, I mean art, fic, headcanons, sock puppets, cosplay, meta, screencaps, domino setups of character names, anything you feel like contributing, really, so long as it’s somewhat related to the character/s. Don’t be afraid to be creative and/or lazy. Most of all, just have fun. )