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Dear Walt,

You fucking left this planet on Monday, March 20th, 2017 . You were the brother I never had.  You were supposed to be here this Saturday for my next art opening.  We were going to do more art projects.  I was going to paint more murals on the walls in your apartment.  There were more backdrops to be constructed, more painted clothes for you to style and photograph.  We were going to do shows in different cities.  We were going to distract each other visually 4-ever. Anger and complete sadness fill me up because you peaced out.  I guess your heart could not take it any more.  For over 10 years you came into my life in one way or another.  Reincarnate and come back to NYC completely as correct as you were. Please come back and fill up this huge empty place inside my heart.  How many dollar slices did we eat together?  My continuing  to paint that backpack with the monkey you always carried around. I will miss seeing you with that ball chain necklace from the 90′s you always wore.  I will miss your Michael Economy tattoos. I will miss you wearing the Adam Levine clothes from Kmart. I can not go on facebook with out seeing photos of you and your work, which I know you would have loved.  I am your number one fan.  Your camera needs to be cremated with you so you can take photos where ever you are.

Love Peace and Blessings


Walt Cessna 1964-2017

anonymous asked:

Ok, I know it's not funny cause obvs it's upsetting to Liv and it's a serious accident but did anyone else laugh at Sandra falling off a scooter? I was expecting like car accident/hit and run but not scooter. I dunno maybe I'm just evil.

I didn’t realise it was going to be so bad, they’re dramatic aren’t they? Is Sandra gonna die?