not saying the way i color is beautiful btw

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I don't know if I shoul put this ask here or on the Artblog but... I just want to say that I always liked RhadaVal but I'm completely in love with them since your art happened to me. I love the way you portray them and I can't accept it other way now 😍 😍 btw, I'm speechless about HOW MUCH and HOW FAST your art has improved. I mean, your coloring skills and your anatomy looks better and better everytime I see a new drawing of yours! (1/2)

Also, let me tell you that your doujinshi for Valentine’s day IS PRECIOUS, I loved that thing you did with the colors, and every expression is really beautiful. I’m pretty sure you put a lot of work, effort and love on it, and that makes it even better ♥ And the story is so cute that my heart is melting, I’m gonna cry ;w; ♥ Just that, I had to tell you this! You’re amazing! ^w^ (2/2)



(You definitely did good writing here xD I enter on that  blog only to post crap xD)

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Your words are so damn precious Abyss omg <3 They mean the world <3
I didn’t expect someone to read that comic tbh, I’m shocked by the number of people that did so, and some parts feel a bit off because I didn’t initially meant to make it this long, but I really wanted to do something more than just a drawing since I really LOVE playing with expressions and a simple drawing means I’m forced to color >_< (Yes my hate for coloring is still here and strong xD Reason why I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my coloring simple and NOT going to even attempt real efforts - just a bit with the hair xD)
That thing I did with colors… I WAS TERRIFIED IT WAS GOING TO BE A PUNCH IN THE EYE, so happy it’s not! :DD

Your compliments are so important, you know I started drawing EXACTLY 1 year ago only? I was always a fast learner and multitasking but I think the very fact that I never drew ANYTHING before allow me to absorb very quickly what I’m learning and seeing from artists, tuts and refs xD Also I really like drawing naked ppl - so easy compared to clothes xD 
Let me say something about you too: I’ve also noticed how OH MY GOD HOW GOOD you became at coloring *-* Every thing you are doing it’s such a pleasure to the eye <3 And you have also improved a lot on the faces - I adore how you draw noses (I have a serious thing for noses ignore me xD) and hair *-* Such perfection T___T One cannot but love to death your art <3

And last but not least: I’m so haaaaappy that I contributed in your liking Rhadamanthys x Valentine more :DDD They are so precious to me and I always felt pretty alone in liking them since people (outside Japaneses T_T ) seemed to have never cared or got in the slightest the good amount of canonic material that is shown about their relationship/personalities T_T

Thank you so much for writing, really :3 From the bottom of my heart <3

let’s be honest. when you are reading a book that is describing a character, unless it explicitly says the color of the characters skin, what do you see?

I often imagine a white person and I find that to be sad. Why is white the default? why do authors have to add a “btw they are black” in their books but they never have to specify that a character is white.

Change the way you perceive fiction my friends. change the way you write. Minorities don’t have to be minorities in our fantasy worlds.