not saying it's the same jacket

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I like when you call it hmcouture because I always read it like someone's judgementally saying "Hm" couture



Georgi walks in with sunglasses that are too heavily-decorated with jewels to properly function as sunglasses.

“Hm… couture?” Michele asks, turning to Sara. She considers it for a moment.

“Couture,” she decides.

JJ wears a tuxedo jacket heavily monogrammed wth his initials.

Emil starts, “Hm… cout—”

“No,” the entire team choruses.

Yuuri wears a cropped Yeezy sweater and tight Adidas soccer pants.

“Hm… not REALLY couture, but…” They all look at each other and shrug.

“Still gorgeous,” someone says and they all nod in agreement and add, “yep” “mhm” “kinda in love with him” “same yeah” “uh huh”

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Hello ~! Could I have MTMTE Rung, Tailgate, Rodimus, Megatron and Drift reacting to their human s/o wearing clothes that match the bots paint jobs on purpose to show that they're dating? Let's say that the s/o and the bottom just started dating so it's like their way of telling other bots that they're taken. I don't know I just think it's cute! X3

I see what you’re getting at and I love it!!!!

-He notices you wearing a lot of orange and a set of goggles on your head and thinks it’s a wonderful outfit
-He loves it so much that he could’ve burst just looking at you in your cute outfit
-He doesn’t directly say he knows you’re dressing like him but does say that mimicking one style is a sign of flattery and respect

-He doesn’t see it at first, but then someone complimented on it and he got so flustered
-He asks Rewind to take a photo of you two together and has it hung up in his habsuite
-He is so flattered and appreciative of how you love him enough to dress like him

-He notices that color scheme you got going on, and he’s not hiding it
-He flirts with you and teases you, asking if it was intentional what you did and that if he could he’d match your color scheme too but human colors and designs don’t really work well on him anyways
-He shows you off to everyone, “look at my s/o! We match! They did it because they love me.”

-He doesn’t realize how alike you two look at first until he catches a glance of himself standing next to you
-He’s flattered but confused at the same time, why would anyone want to look like him?
-He does compliment the outfit, he wouldn’t dare say anything less considering how much time you probably took to make that jacket and those swirls on the chest

-He notices the change in your outfit and thinks it’s very nice
-He knows that it looks familiar but can’t place it anywhere until it hits him. You’re dressed like him!
-He is so in awe, he twirls you slowly taking in your little details you took and kisses you afterwards because its such a honor to have you dress like him

General Danvers ‘The Heat’ au, from a discussion with @alittlelesspain

Astra as Shannon, the detective, and Alex as Sarah, the FBI Special Agent. Alura as Astra’s despairing Captain. Hank as Alex’s superior officer.

So, Alex and Astra are forced to work together in an attempt to take down the local drug cartel. The plot is pretty much the same, except its gay.

But basically, think of specific scenes.

Astra, the leather jacket wearing, Rosa Diaz aesthetic detective, meeting Alex, with her proper suits and dead straight short hair, and thinking, I am not working with this incredibly attractive incredibly irritating looking woman. Going on the ‘where are the captain’s balls’ rant when Alura explains that they have to work together. Alura sitting there with her head in her hand while Astra prowls around the office looking for her balls, and when its finally over, she stands up, puts her hands on her sister’s shoulders, and says, ‘are you done now? Is it over? Do you feel better?’

Astra grumbles and lets her sister hug her and agrees to work with Alex, but threatens that she might end up destroying those stupid suits.

Alex, in turn, seeing this tall, athletic, beautiful detective with a scowl like thunder, seeing her methods and her attitude, and turning to Hank to say, ‘I can’t work with her’. Hank asks if its because she’s unprofessional or because Alex finds her attractive. Alex turns bright red. ‘Me? Why would you say that?! Maybe you’re attracted to her, hA!’ ‘I am a married gay man, Agent Danvers’.

On their way to stake out a night club, a car beeps, and Alex sees a small, well dressed woman turn in her seat, her fingers splayed in a V over her mouth, her tongue stuck through, and Astra flips her off as she goes past. ‘Who was that?’ Alex asks, thinking that perhaps it was Astra’s girlfriend. Astra grumbles. ‘Our DA, Lucy Lane. And my sister’s girlfriend’. Astra tells Alex that unless she wants to watch Alura freak out in the middle of the precinct because she’s shy and wants to keep things professional in the work space, she should refrain from mentioning her relationship with Lucy. (‘How dARE yOU detectIVE iN-Ze I AM yOUr suPeRIOr ofFICER!!!’ ‘Sister you’ve been going out for two years’ ‘mE slEEP wiTH a LAWYER??’ Alura learnt a lot from her mentor, Captain Holt)

At the club, Astra fits in easily, and takes it upon herself to ‘fix’ Alex’s look so that she fits in. Alex being flustered and irritated in equal measure when Astra takes a knife to her favourite shirt, rips her pants off, insults her spanks and ruffles her hair so that its no longer straight. Foreshadowing.

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my thoughts while watching riverdale ep 12:


and now is when you question your actions??





good for you hermione get yourself into everything and your daughter too


why does everyone have such nice hair i am offended

honestly jason is so problematic why did he have to die jeez causing all the trouble



i hate the blossoms so much.

polly gotta get out of there





like ok i feel bad for cheryl but like i hate her but she’s also such a good character


why do they have a blue aesthetic going i ain’t mad just sayin







where is joaquin



veronica honestlu ur not helping


the way rob says assumed is my aesthetic



dude joaquin is in it as bad as fp

i feel bad for sheriff kellar honestly




i hate the blossoms.


betty why? i guess it worked but why just go ahead and feel up the dead dudes jacket sure

oh no i bet i can guess what’s on the thing oh no


why do i feel like cheryl is fucked



does this mean joaquin can come back

also does this mean hiram was like completely irrelevant other than getting hermione and veronica to riverdale


aaaaaaand he’s dead, great


(also this doesn’t really have anything to do with this episode but how are they going to make reggie relevant to the plot in any way)

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Hartwin, 34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

“So, when is this party going to start?” Eggsy mutters, pretending to casually look around the bar. Some girl in the corner winks at him, giggling, but he only gives her a polite nod of acknowledgement before turning back to the bartender.

“’Round two o’clock,” Whiskey says, leaning over with the pretense of polishing the counter. “Intel says they’re going to be striding in and talking to that man in the corner over there, the one in the red plaid with those two other guys.”

“Seems to me that fixing rodeos is a bigger deal than back in Britain,” Harry comments. He’s ordered a pint of Guinness and a tray of chips - oh, sorry, fries - for himself and Eggsy to share, claiming that drinking a Kentucky martini as tantamount to selling one’s soul directly to Satan.

“For one, we don’t have rodeos,” Eggsy points out.

“And that’s why Tequila keeps asking you to one,” Whiskey replies. “Thinks you two need some culture.”

“More than chicken-fried steak and deep-fried peaches?” Harry retorts, and Eggsy can’t help smiling, despite secretly admitting that those peaches had been pretty good. He’d eaten at least two, along with some funnel cakes that Roxy shared with him during their last mission at the county fair. Statesman loved to invite them over, even when the extra manpower wasn’t needed, and when Eggsy had a free moment, he always took them up on the offer.

Kingsman still needs rebuilding, but their American “cousins,” as Merlin calls them, are happy to help. Ginger herself came down to help Merlin set up the network, and Eggsy had to quietly excuse himself once they started making eyes at each other while talking about software and connectivity. But really, he’s happy for them, happy that Kingsman’s getting back on its feet, happy for Harry for doing the same.

“Oi, you two, you’re doing it again,” Whiskey says, looking at them with a raised eyebrow, and flushing, Eggsy turns away from Harry, trying to subdue his full-blown grin. “And we got our man walking in now.”

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Aaahh!…right this is my first piece so I hope I’m writing it in the right place. I can’t believe I only started shipping in Jan and this happens. Eek! I could be dribbling on, sorry just I’m in the wine to calm my nerves.

Soooo…I went to where Sam was as it said on Twitter which company he was at plus I know the area around there. Went down on the off chance and very luckily spotted him.

He wore the same jacket as the Writers Video in LA or wherever with gorgeous glasses. He was walking out the building by himself and I opened the car door and shouted ‘Sam’. He gave me a massive smile and walked across the road to see me (HE WALKED ACROSS THE ROAD FOR ME!! Aaah!) Anyway he was saying 'hi, how you doing?’. Big smile from him still. He took his glasses off. His fucking eyes and teeth are sublime!!! He’s like carved from pure perfection I swear. 💟💟💟💟 I die.

I cannot describe what he smells like. I just can’t. Its like the best ever boyfriend smelling/groom on his wedding day gorgeous musk of a man smell. Its all consuming. I just can’t deal! I was thinking imagine kissing someone smelling as good as this. 😀😀 I literally was going to ask him what he was wearing but I thought I better not.

The sun was shining in our faces really, so I put my hand above my eyes and BOOM! I nearly melted. His smile is the best fucking thing ever!!!

So I was like 'sorry to bother you but I would love an autograph and a pic please’. Literally I couldn’t talk ffs. He said 'no problem’ but he said he didn’t have a pen. He touched his pockets (he touched his pockets for me!!!) then I said 'I’ve got a road map, I’ll tear a corner off for you to sign’ (wtf) and be said 'oh sorry’. He signed 'To Kelly, lovely to meet you, lots of love Sam Heughan’ xxx I die once more.
I swear I want to be buried with this and my photo. (I literally had no make up on but I ran out the door!)

We chatted about the place he was just at. He didn’t say what he was doing in there and he talked about how he got lost a bit finding the place and we talked directions back to Glasgow as he said that’s where he was going after. He sae my three kids in the back seat and he waved and said a cherry 'hello’. I swear to God my ovaries are non existent right now. My daughter thought him so handsome she said after.

I was watching him thinking I was just watching you on the TV yesterday. Its so fucking surreal. So I said 'I’ve just watched episode 5_and I cried at the end. You was fabulous I said and so was Caitriona’. And I watched for any sign of movement after hearing her name but he just said 'yes its emotional and we’re off to Scotland soon’. While he was writing his name leaning on my car. OMG he leaned on my car. I love him. I was watching his lovely hands. Breathe….

We took pics and he said 'we may get run over “ as it was near a road but I was like if I die, I die happy’. We took a pic but I said "it’s not a great one’!! But then I corrected as I realised that sounded wrong. I said 'nooo, of me not you,’ So he said 'we can take more’. He pointed his car out as he says 'he drove himself’ and he was by himself. He reached out to me for a hug 'omg!!’ so I hugged him back and I cringe at this but I gave him a little peck on the cheek. Eek! He said 'goodbye’ and walked away and got in his car. Such a gorgeous brand new Audi Q5 he has. I die as they’re my favourite car. I was imagining Cait sitting in the front. I drove behind him as he happened to be driving back pretty near where I lived. His gorgeous curls and height driving that car. He looked amazing. I was looking thinking I can’t believe he’s driving a car in front of me.

I can only say, he’s absolutely stunning, a gorgeous person inside and out, being near him is a joy. Cait will be the same in female form. Seeing them together, I couldn’t deal with I bet you as they would be beyond perfection together. As he talked I imagined them grocery shopping together, just being together and I practically welled up. I’m sure they’re together, I just can’t explain but being around him, she would complete him. I cry forever.

Right that’s it. I’m going to die now in my own feels and be buried with my amazing amazing memories!! Hope you enjoy this and it doesn’t read illegible but I cant deal RN.

Ship on ladies!!!

stealing bts’s wear

namjoon: stealing his hats even if they hang over your eyes way too much

jimin: stealing his rings bc u guys have almost the same hand size

jungkook: stealing his white shirt(s) but he aint complaining cause u hot asf 

seokjin: stealing his pink sweater which he approves of bc u a cutie in it

taehyung: stealing his ripped shirts but not being able to wear them in public bc tae says its too “revealing”

hoseok: stealing his jackets because they’re so big and floofy on u

yoongi: stealing his beanies pulling them over your face like a robber bc he stole ur heart and its only fair

Some Nerd!Keith and Badboy!Lance for a change!

Yass gave Lance an undercut with steel blue hair. Points if you spot the Klance reference from his shoes. Keith’s book is probably like Truth Behind Moonlanding or some other conspiracy thing.

Plus this college headcanon I have:

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Send me a character and a number

Masa and Okinu for @passiveagressiving! Thank you!

I felt like going digital for a change, the q&a is below the cut as usual, but I think it’ll be the last q&a? Unless you really wanna read more of those for the other (all Natsume Yuujinchou) requests x) Lemme know I guess!

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Saving Aaliyah

Requested: could you do one involving Shawn and Aaliyah being the cutest siblings in the world?? You can make it about whatever you want but I just really love Shawn and Aaliyah



You’re having a rare date night with Shawn. It’s nothing too spectacular; honestly, you’re both just sitting in his living room watching Stranger Things on Netflix. You know you’re really late to the Stranger Things party, but you can’t help it because you and Shawn wanted to watch it together, but you had to finish Breaking Bad first. You don’t spend much time together, and the time you spend together is often traveling or just busy with other things so you don’t get a lot of down time to just watch TV. But since Shawn has been home the past week, you guys decided to dedicate tonight to watching as many episodes as you could get through. Aaliyah was sleeping over at her friend’s house and Shawn’s parents had gone out to dinner together, so it was just you two at his place.

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Such A Joker (14/?)


It’s been weeks. Weeks without a single work from my sweet Jerome. Sure we’ve gone longer without speaking, but just knowing he’s in Arkham, and he won’t be getting out soon makes me sick to my stomach.

I need to see him. My dad would never allow it. WAIT! I work for the GCPD, and employees can go and see the patients without the months of waiting for the aye okay.

My lips spread into a smile and I hop up to get dressed and go to Arkham Asylum. I gather my badge and ID to show them that I mean business! It’s very important to his case that he sees his girlfriend at least a couple time ever month.

I drive to the tall old building gulping as I come to the gate. “Name?” The guard asks with a boring voice. “(Y/n) Gorden. GCPD officer. I’m here to see a patient.” The guard looks at my badge and opens the gates letting me pass through the old metal bars.

I park and make my way in. The white walls make everything seem heavenly, but I know beyond the employee desk there lies many of Gothams most feared criminals.

I walk up to the desk seeing an miserable looking lady reading the news paper. “Excuse me. I need to have a visit with a patient you have.” “Who?” She asks plainly. “Jerome Valeska.” “He’s not allowed visitors.” I pull out my badge. “GCPD. it’s involved with his case.” She looks up at me and sighs annoyed. “Here’s your visitors pass. If you come back to speak with him or any of out other inmates make sure and wear this. Just scan it through the key pass and the gate should open. Berry will lead you to the lounge room where the others are. You are allowed up to 30 minutes today.” She explains in a monotone voice passing over my pass. “Thank you.” I grasp it and swipe it into the key pass opening the white chipping paint bars.

“Follow me.” The buff guard says and starts making his way down the long hall with cells on each side. “I will be making rounds around the room so if you need any help I’ll be there. A little girl like you will be the center of attention for these men in here. Don’t be alarmed.” I cross my arms and laugh a little. “I’m not scared.” “You will be.” “Listen mister. I’ve seen scary, and I’m sure none of these shmuks have his smile.” The guard shakes his head. “You sure are something else lady.” He opens the door making our presence know.

“Ohh lookie here!” Someone says looking at me. A few wolf whistle causing everyone to turn their head. Once I look around the room I see him. I smirk and wave my finger motioning him over to a empty table.

He immediately stands up and rushes to me tackling me in a hug, and a kiss on the head. “Long time not see doll. I knew you could stay away. It’s impossible for them to keep us apart. Does daddy know about this?” He says jittery and bouncy.

I laugh, and sit down with him. “No I just had to see you J.” I say playing with his hand in my lap.

“And why is that doll face?” I smile at J. “Maybe I missed you.” I say shrugging my shoulders.

“You hear that? She missed me!” Jerome yells over to his I guess friends. They all look over and smirk at me, especially one with frizzy hair and an evil look in his eye as he studies over my body.

“J stop.” I laugh making him look at me again. “I’m going to get out of here one day.” “I know. I don’t doubt it.” Yes I do.

“And you know what’s going to happen then?” He get closer placing my legs over his. “What happens then J?” His lips ghost over mine driving me completely insane. Huh how ironic.

“Then doll we cause havoc around the city. Nothing will stop us baby. We’re the bast couple there ever was. God when you swung that bat on to his head I just lost it. I would do anything to see it again.” “J shh! That’s supposed to be a secret.” I say covering his mouth.

"Oh come on doll. Everyone here would think it was so sexy. Don’t be ashamed of it baby. Be free like me.” I sigh and continue to play with his fingers. “Jerome you understand why I can’t do that.” I say only to see him in a trance. “J?” I ask snapping my fingers in front of his face.

He looks up and smiles at me. “How long did it take to get the blood out of this jacket doll?” I look down and in fact I am wearing the same jacket from that night. I shake my head laughing. “Weeks J, but I just didn’t have the heart to toss it.” “Of course not its a memorable item! Plus you wear it better then anyone else.” I kiss his cheek forgetting where we are.

"I wish I could get you out of here.” I sigh looking into his perfect eyes. “Don’t worry doll. I’ll get out. One way or another we’ll be free together. I love you.” I peck his lips smiling. “I love you too Jerome.” I smile and look up to the guard walking towards us. “Times up. Let’s go.” I nod and stand up.

"Will you be back?” “Of course I will.” I wink and walk off to the front. “Have a good day.” I say to the miserable woman. She looks up and rolls her eyes at my chipper mood. “You too young lady.” She says in a sarcastic tone.

I sigh and make my way to my car. When I get in I see a sticky note placed right in my radio.

I can help get him out. If you want to know how come to sixth street, and go up the fire escape to the open window. It will be open till 8. If you miss your chance, you will never see him again.

I look around to see if there is any visible proof of someone here, but the place is clean. I bit my lip and drive down the the destination and see a lonely fire escape with an open window.

“Am I really going to do this?” I ask myself staring up at the entrance. “Yep guess I am.” I put my gun in my jacket, and get out of the car.

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This Seulgi/Jimin thing is so forced it baffles me, seriously.

honestly same. like no shade towards k/netz bc they r really good @ finding things out.. but the “evidence” they have of seulgi/jimin is laughable. like i can name 6 other kpop celebrities who have the same leather jacket they apparently “share”. its not uncommon for idols to look similarly dressed bc stylists shop in the same stores, and there’s popular stores in korea that idols shop at. like… my step-brother has a beanie just like yoongi…. they are TOTALLY dating!!!!!

idk give me a making out pic or something and ill believe it lol

(b4 yall come for me, ik i say ji/kook is real but honestly the amount of evidence for ji/kook compared to jeulgi or whatever is baffling lmao. for every 1 evidence of jeulgi there’s 79.5 for ji/kook just saying)

Idubbbz Imagine// Ian imagine- Part One

You lay back on the bed and sigh, not sure what you expected when you decided to hang out with Ian today, you glance over at him. Gaming away, completely distracted, ignoring you. Well not ignoring you rudely, mostly distracted. You smile as he talks to himself about the game, cursing in funny words, cursing in harsher words. It all amuses you. Ian finally registers your giggle as he dies for what seems like the forty millionth time, he looks down at you

“you think this is funny, this genocide is comical to you?” he asks, you smile and nod, rolling from your back to your stomach, looking up at him.

“Even though this is basically a broken record, you dying on your games will always be funny” you tell him. especially when you were kids, Ian was always more mature than you, him being several years older, but whenever he gamed he just seemed so lighthearted. Yet, intense at the same time. Ian reaches up and nudges his glasses, sitting back in the chair with a sigh. 

“lets go do something” he says, you raise an eyebrow

“you mean… away from your games? Ian are you okay?” you ask teasing him, you stand and place the back of your hand on his cheek.

“oh no…” you say he rolls his eyes, swatting your hand away. You watch as he stands and walks to his closet, he sheds his shirt, you blush knowing he cant see you. This was normal, ever since you were kids, Ian wasnt shy. he pulls on his light grey thermal, and a black hoodie. You look over at the computer shyly.

“where are we going” Ian asks, you look up, taken off guard.

“what? how am i supposed to know?” you ask, Ian scoffs.

“well what a shit co-pilot you are! we would be dead, you would have killed us if we were in a fighter jet and im like ‘hey man, whats the directions’ and youre like ‘duh’ we would die, all thanks to you” Ian says, you cant help but to laugh, Ian has always been able to make you laugh, even when you didnt want to. 

“how about the beach?” you ask, looking out the window. The storm clouds circle over-head, the air feels crisp and nice. 

“are you kidding me, the weather is terrible” Ian says, you shrug. Ian glances over and sees you staring out the window, admiring how gloomy it looks.

“i think its perfect…” you say, you love the grey tones, the blue undertones, how the sun sets through the clouds. Ian hits the blinker, and you smile looking over at him.

“maybe we’ll get struck by lightening” you say in a cheerful tone.

“oh i do hope so!” Ian says cheerily. you laugh. when you step outside the car the wind is blowing just a bit here and there, and the air is as crisp and cool as you imagined. It feels great, the mist is refreshing and energizing. You walk beside Ian and look out as far as you can.

“It’s weird right” Ian says, you look up curiously, he smiles and points out to the horizon.

“If you watch the ships when they get close, they dont just sail up straight forward. The ships come up bit by bit, top first, until it all comes up like an elevator. It puts things into perspective.” Ian says, you cant help but to admire him when he gets like this, Ian glances down at you and you blush.

“earth round” you say teasing him, an easy out from the awkwardness, he smiles and starts into a light jog, running ahead of you. You chase after him and you both wind up laughing.

“jesus… reminds me of sixth grade” Ian says, 

“what do you mean?” you ask, sitting down in the sand, facing the ocean. Ian sits down next to you leaning back onto his arms. you hug your knees to your chest.

“how you used to chase me everywhere” he says making you blush a deep red, you swallow a lump in your throat.

“i just wanted to put more make up on you like that one time” you tease Ian laughs. you remind him how the eyeliner made his eyes pop and he makes the fishy face. you laugh, and it turns into a deep sigh. you lay your head against your knees as you gaze out into the ocean. the waves crash into the sand, but further out they seem so peaceful. that must be what all the poets meant by sirens, it looks so desirable, as if you could float comfortably for hours out there. you stand and shed your jacket, kicking off your shoes.

“no way, come on its freezing” Ian says, you dont care, how often do you get this opportunity? you run forward and glance back before you hit the waves, the wind blows Ians hair in his face and you smile, he smiles lightly at first. when you hit the wave he grins, and starts to run after you. you jump as each wave comes in, and you feel the way it forces you back, then pulls you forward. the cold stings, but its soft at the same time, the way the water flows over your body. you feel a hand on your hip and you scream before laughing wildly, Ian laughs as he grabs you. you push away and realize now hes chasing you, you run as much as you can towards the shore. finally being able to step out. Your chest feels tight and empty, youre still grinning though, youre still happy. Ian is smiling just as much as you as he dredges out of the water, you both feel about one hundred pounds heavier with your soaked clothes… you make your way to the car. It’s dark out when you make it back, you cant help but to shiver when you get out, the air outside has cooled a good amount and its taking its tole on you. 

“you okay?” Ian asks as he  unlocks the door, you nod.

“Just cold” you smile. You get your shoes off at the door.

“Well, here, wear something of mine for now” Ian says as you step into his room. he grabs a long sleeve shirt and some sweat pants. you take them gently. Ian walks back to his closet and you stand by his bed. you cant even ait for him to leave youre so cold. you shed the wet shirt and try to pull the one Ian gave you over your damp body. Ian glances over to see you, the shirt clinging to your wet skin, he can see your breasts a bit from the side… Ian swallows and turns around when you start to unzip your jeans, he cant help but to peek a bit though. he catches a glimpse of the curve of your bottom as you pull them over your hips. you hug the oversized shirt to your body, and sigh. plunging into the bed. Ians smell is all around you, youre wearing it, you sigh and look up just as Ian pulls his shirt over his head, already fully changed. You smile and reach for your laptop, you scoot over as Ian hits the light and drops next to you, sitting up a bit. Ian gathers the blanket around you both, youre honestly thankful, because your hair is still wet. you turn on the walking dead and sit up next to Ian. It wasnt always this easy with Ian, it was… awkward, most of the time, Ian was smart and witty and totally levels ahead of you. Now you could get a good back and forth going, you could keep up with him, you were just a bit more confident in yourself.  

“i still cant believe you havent seen this yet” Ian says breaking the silence.

“its scary” you say” he huffs a laugh.

“fake guts and corn syrup is scary?” he asks.

“so are helicopter hats and olive oil” you say, Ian laughs.

“what does that even have to do with scary movies?” he laughs, you shrug.

“pshhttt what doesnt it have to do with scary movies. you start the movie, theyre always doing one of two things. cooking, or fucking” you say, being bold, Ian laughs whole-heartedly.

“what does a helicopter hat have to do with sex” he says, shaking the bed with his laughter.

“oh boy oh boy wouldnt you like to know” you say, Loving that he finds you funny, you soak it all up while Ian gets comfortable, unintentionally pushing you further against the wall, you dont mind, youve always liked to be squished places, its comfortable. It feels safe. 

“i mean i guess it could be a kink” Ian says “theres all kinds of crazy kinks now-a-days yaknow” he says, you huff a laugh, getting a little embarrassed you started this type of conversation.

“i guess it could be, seems like a more innocent one” you say gladly.

“yea im more of a foot fetish man myself” Ian jokes you laugh.

“that is so weird to me” you laugh and Ian smiles.

“just the way the toes curve” he starts and you shove him a bit.

“ew stop” you say giggling through it.he’s amused by your discomfort.smiling widely. Ian finally calms, and you sigh.

“theres BDSM” Ian offers, trying to make you laugh, you shake your head.

“the idea of that always scared me” you say shyly.

“really why?” Ian asks

“Just feeling powerless, and i know i wouldnt like being tied up or anything… i would be scared” you say. 

“so you’ve thought about it” Ian says, you blush deep and he acts mock impressed.

“thats not what i meant!” you try to defend but hes already off on a rant.

“goodness me well i never, you know somebody ought to tell your mother” Ian says, you cover your face and laugh. Ians laugh fades.

“you, you dont have to be so shy” Ian says, you look up at him, he’s just looking at you now, head tilted a bit looking down at you. you look at yourself, pulled away from him, clenching the blanket.

“i didnt realize..” you say quietly, relaxing.

“you’ve always been shy” Ian says, relaxing against the bed. you remember being a teenager, seeing Ian at school and always waiting for him to approach you, never talking first. you bite your lip as Ian closes his eyes, he looks so relaxed… you lean forward, and before you can lose your courage you hover over his mouth, Ians lips separate, and his eyes open just for a moment before he closes the gap. You have imagined it. over and over youve imagined being touched, being kissed, and being wanted by Ian. Now its happening. Ians lips are soft, caressing yours, his arm snakes around your side to pull you closer. the other hand to cradle your face you kiss him, and he kisses you back, moving fluidly against your lips before re-positioning the kiss so he can taste you. You shiver as his tongue glides against yours, and he puts more pressure on your lips. You’ve never had a kiss like this, a kiss that felt so good. Ian slows and separates himself from you gently, you let out a sharp sigh, and small gasp as he does so. Your head feels light, and your heart is thumping wildly. 

“i.. uh…” you manage, but thats it. Ian laughs quietly.

“didnt like it?” Ian tries to finish your sentence. you swallow.

“no! of… of course i liked it” You cant even speak! you scold yourself, you should be saying something graceful! something magical and sultry! that isnt you though… you look up at Ian, he has the gleam of the Lap top on his face. You dont know if you can get up the courage to do it again, but you want to, badly. You shut the laptop, and slowly lean into him, Ian reaches out to you and guides you to him. Once youre at his lips again, you dont even need courage. Its all so… so natural. It comes easily, the way he moves, and guides your lips to move with his. you reach up and run your hands through his hair, loving how long its getting. Ian groans a bit, kissing your cheek as you pull at his hair.  you let a quick sigh go, and pull in a sharp shaky breath as Ian kisses down your neck.

“ian…!” you whimper, gripping his shirt, he stops. you’re getting a little overheated… the nerves just shot through you for a moment, making you fear where this was heading. you can feel his breath trail back up to your mouth.

“are you okay…?” he asks, you open your eyes and adjust to the dark, Ian looks a bit concerned. you nod.

“yea… i just…”  Ian can feel you retracting into yourself all over again, putting your guard up, he realizes he was going a little fast for you. 

“hey, its alright” Ian says you feel his hand on your side, he gently traces it up and down to your hip, and back up.its soothing, the constant touch, you relax bit by bit.  you sigh and lay your head in the curve of his neck. 

“im sorry…” you say, in a small voice.  Ian huffs a laugh.

“It’s fine, you dont need to apologize. i was getting ahead of myself, Im glad you stopped me honestly. It would suck if you went along with something you didnt want to happen. I dont want to put you in any position like that” Ian says, you feel better, Ian wasnt a very sexual person anyways, Hes said before that he hasnt had many sexual relationships. 

“ I want to…” you say Ian’s hand is relentless against you, making you feel warm and safe, you let your hand fall to his chest.

“Just not yet?” Ian says, you nod. He’s right, its so much already… “ i understand” Ian says, moving his face to kiss your temple lightly.  you lift up a bit, leaning against him and capturing his lips, soaking in the relief it gives you. Ian pulls you in close and you feel his breath in your hair.  the sensation is so relaxing you find yourself drifting to sleep. Ian feels your breath deepen and relaxes against you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in tightly against his chest.

TOTAL DIVAS: Baron Corbin x Reader

This is the first part of a series that can be found on my blog with the masterlist. 

The italics are you talking to the camera like they do on the show.

The episode starts out with you finishing up an interview with superstar Dean Amborse talking about his new won championship. You are looking amazing in a glittery red dress. You loved your job with WWE getting to work alongside  Renee Paquette (Young) and JoJo Offerman as on air personalities. You gave Jonathan Good (Dean Ambrose) a hug goodbye after the cameras were turned off and the camera men began to pack everything up. As you rolled your neck to try and relieve some tension it you felt a presence standing behind you. You jump as you turn around to find your best friend Thomas Pestock (Baron Corbin). “You scared me” you swat at his chest as he smiles. 

“I have known Tom pretty much a whole life. We grew up in the same town and graduated high school together. We stayed in contact while in college since we went to different schools and while he was boxing. I got my job with WWE right out of high school and was thrilled when Tom got signed on. It is the best thing in the world to get to work with your best friend everyday.”

“You ready??” Thomas asks you taking a sip from his water bottle. “Yeah let me go get my stuff…” you stop mid-sentence as Thomas holds up your duffel bag. “How did you… You didn’t go in the girls locker room did you??” You giggle taking the bag from him. “No goofball I had Sara (Paige) get it for me.” Tom laughs walking after you as you make your way to exit the arena. “Whats the plan for tonight??” You ask over your shoulder as you pull your car keys out of our bag. “I was about to ask you the same thing… Is it mine or your turn to cook dinner??” He questioned putting on his jacket. “I think its your turn…” You fib. “Really?? Or are you just too lazy to cook tonight??” He teases now walking beside you. “Eh… I wouldn’t say lazy I just want to conserve my energy tonight is all… I had a hard night of holding the microphone.” You hold back your on laughter. “You poor thing.” Thomas rolls his eyes and messes up your hair. This part of the episode ends with you chasing him through the parking lot trying to get him back for messing up your hair. 

The end of the episode shows you lounging at a dining room table in a pair of over sized sweatpants and tank top sipping on a glass of wine. “Madame.” Thomas spoke in an awful french accent as he presented you with a plate of delicious food. “Gracias.” You thank him in an equally horrible Spanish accent. “You going to the gym tomorrow??” You ask putting another fork full of food in your mouth. “Thought about it… Might wait until later in the afternoon… Why??” Thomas questions wiping his mouth off. “I was thinking about going as well… Didn’t want to go alone…” You shrug finishing your glass of wine. “Wanna come with me?? We can grab coffee afterwards and then have the rest of the day to do whatever… Or whatever you wanna do…” He suggests looking to you for your response. “Sounds like a plan to me… I heard that one of the latest Marvel movies are out on dvd now… Wanna pick that up and binge watch some movies afterward??” You offer picking up your plate to go place it in the sink. “Only if we order some take out like the good ol days.” Thomas smiled. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” You smile back over your shoulder turning away before you could see him blushing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and a big thank you to for suggesting this idea… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN


Part 2 of Secrets

“About Joe?” Y/N asked, looking at Caspar with a confused expression.

“I’m only telling you this because I care about you.” The blonde replied, his eyes looking into hers.

“You’re scaring me, Casp.”

“He’s cheating on you.”

Caspar blurted the words out, not knowing how else to tell her, but figuring the direct route was the best choice. The room was silent for a minute, Caspar waiting for Y/N to react, to say something, anything.

“What are you talking about?” She shook her head. “Joe wouldn’t cheat on me.”

“I wouldn’t lie about something like this.”

“This is a really sick prank, you know that.” Y/N glared at him, standing from the couch. “Where’s the camera, Caspar? And is Joe going to come back in, laughing about this? Because this is stupid.” She gathered her bag and jacket when Caspar remained sat where he was, not saying anything. “Tell me its a prank, a sick and stupid prank, Caspar.” Y/N stopped in front of him, looking down at him as her eyes began to shine with tears.

“I’m sorry…” Was all he could say, and she simply shook her head and walked out the door.

That conversation stayed with Y/N for the following week. She acted normal around Joe, but decided to watch him a little more closely. At first, nothing seemed off. He was still the same caring and loving boyfriend he had always been, yet there was doubts in Y/N’s mind about how genuine he was being.

One night while he was in the shower, she finally grabbed his phone to check for any messages. Seeing nothing, she was just about to close out the phone, when a message popped up.

Can’t wait until tonight. Going to be so fun ;)

Y/N knew that Joe was going out tonight, but she was under the belief that it was another work meeting. And no one from any meetings talked about them like that. That was when the thought ran through her head that maybe Caspar had been right.

She locked the phone and left it where it was, trying to not think about it too much as she heard the shower turn off and Joe head back into the bedroom.

Until he left for that ‘meeting’ she put on a smile, and acted normal, as if she never found that message.

And Y/N waited another ten minutes after he left until she pulled up the find my phone app to see where he was heading, pulling on her jacket and shoes, walking out the door.

When she found him, it broke her heart.

Because instead of being in the work meeting, wishing he was home with her, which was what he always said he was doing, Joe was pressing another girl up against a wall outside of a fancy restaurant. Y/N stood there, watching as he pulled back, giving the girl that smile, the one that used to be just for her. She watched as Joe took the girls hand in his, leading her into the restaurant.

Y/N didn’t sleep that night. Instead she packed her bags and everything else she wanted to take from their place, she called Caspar and told him what she discovered. He was sympathetic, and angry at his so called best friend. Caspar also told her that he’d be waiting in the morning when she finished, and that she could stay with him.

Now she sat on the couch, her arms crossed and one leg over the other, her foot bouncing in the air while she waited.

Y/N felt strangely calm for what was about to happen, although there was still a strong fiery anger sitting in her chest. As she heard the front door click with a key unlocking it, her eyes narrowed into a glare. She waited as Joe walked into the living room, calling out a hello to her. He turned to smile at her, but it dropped from his face when he saw her glaring at him.

“Babe?” Joe questioned, taking a step closer.

“Don’t ‘babe’ me.” She snapped.

“What’s going on?” He looked around, confusion and nervousness on his face.

“Why don’t you tell me, Joe?” She asked overly sweet. “Did you have a fun meeting last night? Because to be honest, she looked a little slutty to me.”

Joe’s eyes widened as Y/N spoke, realizing he was caught.

“It wasn’t what it looked like.”

She stood abruptly from the couch, her glare never softening.

“Don’t try that bullshit, you asshole.” She took a few steps towards him, “Caspar told me. He found out months ago. But figured he would wait to see if you were a decent enough human being to at least come clean, or even just break up with me.” Y/N was grateful that Caspar had told her everything, it made this easier for her to do. “Instead you continued on, which amazes me. Because I truly thought you were a genuinely good guy.”

“Y/N-“ Whatever Joe was going to say was cut off by Y/N’s slapping him across the face.

“Fuck you.”

With those final words, she moved past him, picking up her bag and heading out the front door. Y/N left Joe standing in the middle of the room, with no words, no girlfriend, and a red handprint on his cheek.

Part 3


 kihyun ask what is this pin doing on his jacket so

wonho said “It’s a flower that looks just like you” (FML WTF THO HONESTLY) and they were staring at each other for like 5 whole sec and

kihyun was like WTH get me out of here this is gross

so kihyun said tell that to the fans not me

and wonho said  “i’ll pick those flower(the fans) for you, aren’t they pretty?” and look at kihyun

like same kihyun same

anonymous asked:

Do you have any punk/tattoo/piercing aus? :) <3

I’m not answering these requests in order bUT I LOVE PUNK THINGS SO I HAD TO DO THIS FIRST

1. You work at the beauty supply store and I buy hair dye every couple of weeks and we started discussing hair colors and then life in general. You told me that _____ was your favorite hair color on me and I’m keeping it like that forever now. 

2. The edge of a tattoo is always peeking out from under your shirt and I am obsessed with seeing the whole thing. How do I ask you to take your shirt off in a non creepy way?

3. You’re terrified of needles but you /really/ want a tattoo so you dragged me along for moral support. 

4. Classic! Teenage AU where person 1 offers to pierce person 2′s ears at a sleepover. 

5. I drunkenly got your name tattooed on me last night and I have no idea who you are. 

6. You got cold once and I gave you my leather jacket. Now you borrow it ALL the time and I’m not gonna say anything because you look adorable in it.

7. So, um, I’m allergic to nickel/metal and you have a lip ring but I really want to kiss you…. Where do we go from here?

8. You just ran up to me and introduced yourself because we have the same tattoo and you think we’re destined. 

9. We’re both trying to be the biggest punks at this school and now its a major competition. 

10. You blast your music on the metro every day and I’m conflicted because I normally hate people like you but your punk rock playlist is on point