not saying it's the same jacket

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(Not the same anon) I think some are paying attention to D just to see if she like, subtly tries to talk/mentions Louis or ya know, run off and says/implies bad things about Louis to paint herself as the "poor homegirl who got dumped by big bad FATHER Louis", she posted an ig story wearing his green jacket he wore to the festival he was papped holding Tamara's hand (or is implying that its Louis' but its big on her, she could've bought it herself 2 sizes bigger to imply its Louis') xx

So people are watching her and giving her attention so they can find more things to dislike about her?

I just don’t see the point. Wouldn’t it be far more satisfying to ignore her instead of providing the attention they feel she’s seeking?  

She’s not part of the story any longer. Let her go.

stealing bts’s wear

namjoon: stealing his hats even if they hang over your eyes way too much

jimin: stealing his rings bc u guys have almost the same hand size

jungkook: stealing his white shirt(s) but he aint complaining cause u hot asf 

seokjin: stealing his pink sweater which he approves of bc u a cutie in it

taehyung: stealing his ripped shirts but not being able to wear them in public bc tae says its too “revealing”

hoseok: stealing his jackets because they’re so big and floofy on u

yoongi: stealing his beanies pulling them over your face like a robber bc he stole ur heart and its only fair

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HI BABE how are you?? So I found a picture of yugyeom on tumblr the other day and there wasnt a link for credit or a date so I have no idea from where or when this picture is, I thought you (his wife) maybe knew where it came from. (1/2)

(2/2) okay so Its a picture of yugyeom at the airport, wearing a red snapback with a leather jacket that says “RAD” and has all kinds of other words on it written in graffiti type white. He’s wearing black jeans and shoes ofc. I’m loving this outfit and I need more pictures of it 😩😩

hi nonny im good! 💘 this was frustrating bc I know exactly which photos you’re talking about and i cant find them ANYWHERE 🙄 he used to wear that red cap pretty frequently, same with the leather jacket. i have plenty of pics of him wearing them separate but not together … sorry :< 

his fansite yugyeoma took some good pics of him in a plain leather jacket with that cap! (pretty sure it was 12/11/15) 

as for the jacket, i cant quite remember but im pretty sure he started wearing it around iyd era~ 

but if you’re looking for similar airport looks, one of my faves is from 12/5/15 (his fansite blacklight took a lot of nice pics that day 👌🏻)

hope that helpsssss

the signs as things teachers have said

Aries: i work fast! you work slow! turkeys can play better than you scrubs!
Taurus: guys don’t even believe the girls when they say periods hurt they’re nothing
Gemini: I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE DATING STOP LYING I think it’s absolutely charming!
Cancer: do you want to see my masterpiece it’s a giraffe and i’m talented but the tail might’ve fallen off
Leo: ok sorry guys we have to rewrite the class lists so that chorus is on top because ITS THE BEST CLASS
Virgo: stop teasing me! *grins* i bet i’m not the first girl that’s said that
Libra: you owe me ten dollars! *accepts fuzzy jacket about 10 sizes too small* *wears for rest of class period*
Scorpio: so what you’re telling me is you’re trying to blaze nuggets legally
Sagittarius: YOU’RE ALL APES
Capricorn: all my students keep trying to surprise me with a “Porsche for a day” or Porsche toy cars because they all know it’s been my lifelong dream but gODDAMNIT THEY KEEP PICKING THE WRONG MODELS OR THE WRONG SELECTIONS
Aquarius: how did you guys never learn about roman numerals and drugs
Pisces: *thick chinese accent* yooe mahke da paint de size of de leema been

can you believe that was the stadium zayn used to go to when he was a kid…w/ a bowl cut.. like jus a lil kid before any of this and now hes ZAYN and hes on his way to becoming one of the most iconic figures in pop culture and he has dyed hair and wears leather jackets and everyone wants a piece of him and he still goes to that stadium like its the same stadium but he has this whole new life like zayns relationship w/ his roots is so compelling to me the fact that hes so drawn to coming full circle all the time says something abt his creative direction 

i. Blue. The uniform they made you wear for war, the one they changed you for.
ii. White. Blinding light in the sky, burning, burning, burning. Your fingers trying to reach me as I fell.
iii. Red. Your jacket, and mine the day I disappointed you. Their blood and ours. The flag above the barricade.
—  they say it’s always the same story, the oldest, the sun who goes away at night