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I understand you have a long list of these questions, but figured I'd get in line. I want to adopt a retired greyhound racer. What health problems do you see with them? I've also heard they are especially sensitive to anesthesia due to their low body fat. Do you have a protocol you find is particularly safe for them? The rescues have too many conflicting answers. One even claims they never should be put under anesthesia ever, even for dentals, because they "just die!" Which is ridiculous.

Anonymous said: Is it ok to request another breed? If so, greyhounds? Possibly rescue racing hounds if that specification has any problems that pet raised greyhounds dont


Anonymous said: Hello! I was wondering if you could (or have already done) a post about greyhounds? Specifically racing-quality ones? I read something earlier that claimed they were a lot healthier than most dogs and I’m wondering if that’s true. Thanks!


Anonymous said: Hey there! I noticed you said recently you’d like to see more ex-racing greyhounds as pets - I’m seriously considering adopting one in the future and I was wondering what health issues you see in them? I’ve heard that they can get painful corns on their feet and that you need to be careful about their temperature, but is there anything else you see that a future adopter should be watching for? Question tax: came for the the vet stories, stayed for the refreshingly sensible advice :)

Oh vetlings, I have a lot to say about Greyhounds.

I adore these dogs, and am glad to work with them, but don’t specifically condone organised greyhound racing. Most of these dogs like to run, I would have no problem with them running around a track casually for fun, but once prize-money is involved it becomes too tempting to push limits, to cheat, to cut corners, to overbreed, and this leads to poor welfare outcomes for too many dogs.

Please note the disclaimer that these posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

Also please note that this will be a Long Post.

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General conditions of Greyhounds

Whatever their history all greyhounds have a few things in common. Most of them struggle to sit, they tend to either stand or lie down. Their pain tolerance is interesting, walking in with a broken bone but screaming at a tiny needle prick. They like to feel someone touching their head. There are also a few conditions common to them, regardless of their lifestyle or upbringing. They are one of the very few breeds that I think it’s not an exaggeration to say you benefit from seeing a vet with experience in this breed. We have a lot to get through, so I’ll try to keep the basics fairly short.

Bloat, (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) is more common in the big males, but can occur in any greyhound due to their deep chest. Delicate, picky eaters seem less at risk.

Greyhounds are generally very athletic, but they can and do develop Dilated Cardiomyopathy. While they have generally reached a reasonable age before developing this condition,

Pannus can affect any greyhound, and this chronic eye condition is generally made worse by UV light exposure. Once diagnosed it’s not too hard to control with medication but it is a long term condition. This is the most likely reason you would see a greyhound wearing doggy sunglasses or ‘Doggles’.

Greyhounds can also get Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which may manifest as ‘night blindness’ first, though this seems to be less common lately.

Greyhounds, perhaps surprisingly for all the raw food they seem to get when racing, have generally poor Dental Health. Despite being big dogs that are generally pretty tolerant, most of them don’t like to chew. They’re delicate chewers and won’t necessarily gnaw a bone.

Speaking of bones, these dogs get Osteosarcoma (Bone cancer) fairly readily. This cancer has a biphasic age pattern. Basically it usually occurs in dogs around 2 years of age, and dogs around 8-10 years of age. It’s all kinds of bad, every time and there’s not much else to say about it, other than the life expectancy is short. I’ve talked about it previously.

Of purely cosmetic concern, greyhounds also commonly develop pattern baldness. Typically the affected areas are the thighs and ventral neck, and there are a few possible reasons for this. It might be genetic, it might be nutritional or stress related, or it might be due to blood vessel compression under due to large muscle groups underneath the skin. This generally bothers the owners more than the dog.

Greyhounds often have thin skin, and while this doesn’t necessarily bother the dogs most of the time it certainly bothers me as the surgeon! Some of these poor dogs will seem to tear themselves open with any little scrape, so be careful of the suture materials you choose. They are prone to pressure sores with poor bandage care too.

And associated with their thin skin, some of these dogs develop “Happy Tail,” which is basically a chronic injury on the tail tip which wont heal because the blessed dog insists on wagging it against solid objects all the time, despite the pain and injury. They can’t help it. They’re too happy, hence the name of the wound. This takes creative bandaging or the occasional partial amputation to fix.

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Conditions associated with Racing

Most greyhounds are reared for the race track and it’s not until later that they’re identified as being 'unsuitable’ for the track. Some greyhounds will be 'retired’ early, before they ever get to run, but many will be retired either with injuries or because they just don’t win. Greyhounds that have been retired due to injury are not necessarily lame, they may have healed well enough to do normal dog activities, just not enough to win races.

Track leg is probably the most common 'racetrack injury’ we see. It’s basically a swelling on the inside of the tibia below the knee, caused by the greyhound continually hitting its hind leg with a front leg as it runs around the track in the same direction all the time. They’re usually not painful, and generally go away when the greyhound is not restricted to always running in a very large circle.

Corns are hard thickenings in the bottom on a footpad, either secondary to trauma, foreign objects (grit) or papilomas. They start out small but grow with time, and are painful. It’s like having a stone in your shoe all the time and many greyhounds will become footsore because of it. Affected greyhounds are often reluctant to walk on harder surfaces, and anti-inflammatories doesn’t seem to make much difference. We treat them by paring them out and waiting patiently.

Grit in foot pads can cause corns, and can cause similar lameness to corns, but will show up on Xrays if you use high enough detail. These are fragments of sand or other foreign objects that have become embedded in the foot pads while running. Greyhounds are particularly lame with this injury and often don’t respond fully to anti-inflammatories. They need surgery to remove these pieces of grit, and the surgery can result in corns.

A Fractured hock, carpus or metacarpal/metatarsal might be a racing career ending injury, but not necessarily a life ending one. Depending on the extent of the fracture the greyhound may have no lameness with a walk or light run, or may end up with a completely fused joint. Generally these dogs are only retired to pet homes if they can still get themselves around pain free.

A Split Webbing is an injury to the web of skin between toes. When this skin tears it’s nearly impossible to get it to heal if both layers are torn, so the recommended technique is to split it all the way to the base of the toes and remove the webbing. This doesn’t seem to bother the dogs at all, and prevents it from re-tearing over and over again as it heals.

Maxillary Fractures are a rare injury of long-nosed dogs who are also klutzes and trip over, slamming their nose into a fence or the ground. This upwards force can fracture the upper jaw, just in front of the canine teeth. These fractures may be non displaced, causing little more than a blood nose and needing pain relief and soft food for a few weeks, or they may be loose and need wiring. They are fairly uncommon overall, but it seems to be greyhounds that get them most.

Associated with racing greyhound husbandry, Neospora infection from raw, infected beef consumption (and similar Toxoplasma from kangaroo or sheep) is more common in greyhounds due to their high prevalence of raw meat being fed. It may present as anything from back pain to blindness, and you can lose whole litters to these parasites.

There are a number of odd Assorted Sports therapy things that greyhounds might be subjected to, from particular lineaments being used, ultrasound therapy, chiropractic treatment or 'seeing the muscle men’, some of the 'treatments’ racing greyhounds are exposed to seem more like hope and witchcraft than medicine. These dogs may also have been supplemented with all sorts of things during their racing days, including iron and B12 as the most common supplements. You don’t necessarily know what a dog has or hasn’t been given in its racing days, but most will be little consequence, if any, after a few months.

Racing greyhounds are also known for a few particular metabolic weirdnesses. Exercise associated heart conditions, exercise associated epilepsy, water diabetes (like a temporary diabetes insipidus), rhabdomyolysis and acidosis are the most well known.


Now, this is an interesting difference. Greyhounds are a bit different when it comes to anaesthetics. Most vet students will easily recall that barbituate anaesthetics aren’t recommended in sighthounds due to their proportionally low body fat (and very young or very fat dogs for the same reasons), but greyhounds also seem to have a different liver metabolism that makes handling this class of drugs more difficult. Fortunately there are many other options these days.

The whole 'they die under anaesthesia’ thing is…sort of true. If you put them under anaesthetic when they’re under 24 hours off the race track then they tend to…well… die. But when these dog’s have been at rest for at least 24 hours there doesn’t seem to be a particular increase risk of death specifically.

These dogs are prone to both hypothermia and hyperthermia under anaesthetic, and in life in general.

They are prone to rapid wake ups from anaesthesia, which is not fun when you have a 30kg dog thrashing about and freaking out. For this reason higher premed doses seem to help if you’re using an alfaxalone protocol, medetomedine/butorphanol works well for sedation and we usually use xylazine/ketamine/atropine for orthopaedics. I will not be posting dose rates on this blog, but rest assured greyhounds are perfectly able to have an anaesthetic. They’ve got to get their dental disease treated somehow!

Compared to other breeds

Generally greyhounds are considered pretty healthy. They’re not free of problems, but their common problems are different to common problems in other breeds. Greyhounds have one of the lowest incidences of hip dysplasia in purebred dogs,  and rarely develop the same common structural issues we see in other breeds.

Their blood results are often a little different. A greyhound in racing condition will have a higher PCV, and a pet greyhound may keep this in their retired life. They often have a lower platelet count,  by around 20-25% or so, and may have a relatively low T4. A low T4 can be normal for a greyhound, and hypothyroidism shouldn’t be diagnosed without a TSH level.

They are, in general a little more prone to being clingy or developing separation anxiety. This is generally because most of these dogs are raised in big groups in a kennel situation, and may not get to be truly 'alone’ until they’re in a pet home. Some dogs just need a few weeks of being spoiled with TLC to adjust, some dogs need some pharmaceutical assistance for a while. Some dogs only really relax if they have a companion, but it depends on the individual.

So that is the greyhound breed from a veterinary viewpoint in a nutshell. Some of these points are brief because I only want to give you an overview, but I do recommend vet students spend some time in a greyhound practice, even if you don’t want to work with them or the racing industry, because the musculoskeletal exam of a greyhound is so much more thorough and I understood hocks and carpi much better in greyhounds than I ever did in horses.

Phew, that took a while to write. If you would like to support Dr Ferox’s writing time you can via Patreon for as little as $1 a month!

Feel Me (renewed)

Bucky x (enhanced) Reader

Notes: anxiety, emotional stress, flirting, smut, fluff

A/N: So here it is guys! The new version of Feel Me, I hope you enjoy the parts I’ve added. There’s gonna be more. Some more emotions are still to be explored, so I’ll get those out there when I get to them. Happy reading! xxx

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it. The place was quiet, kind of secluded, but often moderately busy with regular patrons.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy, timid, and waited patiently until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut with the wind picking up.

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Shameless Imagines 2- You Mean so fucking much to me (Lip Imagine)

Paring: Lip x reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the gallaghers and Mickey find out you self harm.

Description: You werent like the rest of your Milkovich family, you were weak and you just needed something that made you feel alive again. Everything was fine until they found out and the look on Mickeys face was more than heart crushing.

Warning: Mentions of selfharm, please read with caution. i love you all.


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lip looked at you, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He didn’t understand how it got this bad, all he wanted to do was fix you, to put every fucking piece that your dad had broken back together.  

You two had been the only ones home in the Gallagher house and decide to have some fun, It had been a while. In the moment you had forgotten about the scars on your upper thigh and Lip was making his way down when he saw them. 

“Whats wrong baby?” you asked, looking at him. His eyes had become glossy and his face had gone pale, you still not realizing what he had seen. He shook his head not saying anything and told you he felt sick before running to the bathroom.

When he got to the bathroom he slid down the walls, so unsure of what he had just saw.He knew how bad things were at home and even with the love and support of Mandy and Mickey it wasn’t even to protect you from Terry and the horrible things he had done.

Lip felt horrible and useless, he couldn’t save you. Lip had protected you from so many things, people at school, creepy guys, Karen, all of it. But lip wasn’t enough to protect you from your own dad, no one was. 

After a few minutes he had returned from the bathroom making some bullshit excuse about food poisoning and how he just wanted to lay in bed with you, honestly you were perfectly okay with that. There was something about being held by Lip that made you feel like everything would be in life.


Over the next few days you had noticed that lip had been acting weird, he wanted to go where ever you were, constantly asking you whats on your mind or if you were okay, being more loving and gentile than he normally had been. You had gone home to spend some girl time with your big sister Mandy. You two had been best friends since you were little, Only being 2 years apart you both had so much in common and she was just easy to talk too. You had thought for a while about telling her how bad things had gotten. Even though Terry had once again been put in jail, things hadn’t calmed down for you yet. You had been having nightmares about him returning, about hitting you or hurting Mickey and him making you watch again. You had been so traumatized by one man and it made you feel so weak, and seeing the scars afterwords had made you feel even worse but you couldn’t stop, you needed release. 

You felt kind of numb lately, feeling like you were floating through life, feeling worthless and used. You had wanted to talk to lip about it, but you didn’t want to see the look on his face. When you cried he felt broken. When he had found you on the floor after Terry had left he left broken, whenever you weren’t okay he felt broken. You could see it in his eyes and you didnt want that. You didnt want him to worry, to cry, to feel like he wasn’t doing enough because he was doing more than enough, it was just a phase of pain and once it was over you would be okay again. Little did you know that he was already worrying, already beating himself up for not noticing earlier and he had spent an hour after you left crying.

The next day Lip had called Mickey, Ian and Mandy over to the Gallagher house, he wanted to talk about this and see what they should do. As Ian and you had been best friends since you were kids which led Mandy and Ian to be friends which led Ian and Mickey to become whatever the fuck they were and Mandy and Mickey being your older siblings, those were the people Lip called, the ones who loved you and cared about you,

The 5 of you had become really close, almost like your own little family and lip knew that they needed to help you.

“Whats going on Gallagher” Mickey said taking a seat at the dinning room table next to Ian as Mandy had sat on the other side of the two love birds and Lip had sat on end, making sure he could see the 3 of them.

“Its about y/n” Lip said but then was cut off by Mickey interrupting him.

“I swear to god if you got my sitter pregnant i will fucking kill you with my cold fucking hands” Lip laughed and nodded before explaining that him and you were always safe and you weren’t in fact pregnant which gained a “Better fucking not be” from the carrot boy.

“Me and Y/n were doing some things when I noticed marks on her thighs, both of them. Some were old and some were fresh. I don’t know what Terry has done to her as she hasn’t told me it all but he’s fucking broken her and we need to fix her before she pulls a fucking Monica and I lose the love of my life” Lip said, tears coming back in his eyes.

“You love her?” Mandy asked, a huge smiling coming onto her face.

“What the fuck are you trying to say Gallagher?” Mickey asked, hurting flashing through his voice. Ian grabbed his hand under the table and Mickey laced his fingers with the ginger boys right away.

“I think she’s self harming Mickey, I think living in that house when hes there is toxic for her. He’s ruining her. She isn’t the same. Her smile isn’t as bright and her laugh isn’t as loud. Her eyes don’t shine like they use to” He said., finally allowing tears to fall again.

Who would have though, Lip Gallagher crying, He wasn’t the crying type.He drank when sad emotions came up, but not this time. You were everything to him, his whole fucking world and he couldn’t live without you.

“Ask her to come over, we will talk to her. Tell her we are here.. Maybe she can stay with us for a little. Do everything we can for her” Ian suggested, earning a nod from both the Milkovich siblings.

“Thank you for caring about her, I believe you are the best for her” Mickey said. Mick was hurt that he never realized how much Terry had broken you, he wished he could have done more to protect you from the bastard but there wasn’t much anyone could do when it came to Terry.

You had received a text saying that Fiona had asked Lip to watch Liam and the house was empty and he wanted you to come over. You loved Liam a much as Lip did and when everything happened with Fiona and the drugs and stuff you and Lip had acted like his mom and dad until she had gotten released and you loved it. Since you were a little girl you dreamed about being a parent and being a loving supporting mom, so different than both of your parents. That was your goal in life.

You and lip had talked about it once, saying that he felt the same. He then started talking the big house on the north side that you two would have with your kids and everything you had ever wanted. Thats when you fell so fucking hard for you. He was everything you had ever wanted and nothing could ever change that. 

When you walked in the back door of the Gallagher house you were confused to see Mandy, Lip, Ian and Mickey sitting at the table.

“Whats going on? You said we were babysitting while Monica was working an extra few hours?” You asked as you slipped off your coat and shoes, sitting down on lips lap. His arms went straight to you waist pulling you as close as possible.

“Baby we need to talk to you..” Lip whispered. He didn’t want to cry but you could hear his voice break and it caused you to worry. You stood up eyeing them all. 

“About?” You asked, something was definitely going on and you were scared. Was Terry out? What the fuck was going on?

“We know Y/n” Ian said, looking at you.

“About the cutting babygirl” Lip said turning to you, his eyes extremely glossy and his voice Breaking once again. Who knew one whole fucking sentence could make your whole world crash.

‘Guys please, its not a big deal and I don’t feel the need to talk about this with you. Im fine, its fine now drop it” You said, not letting your voice show the ashamed and sad feelings you felt deep down.

“Sis, we know he was the worst to you, we know you still have the night terrors, we know how broken you feel. Ive tired so many fucking times for him to leave you alone. Watching what he does to you breaks my fucking heart. But me and Lip and Ian, we are gonna protect you. We are gonna save you from him. He hasn’t broken you yet and we wont let him. We love you so fucking much Y/n and you have to stop please” Mickey said, his eyes becoming glossy. The face he made broke your heart.

“Mick.. Please don’t look at me like that. Im fine” You said, trying to make you believe him when you didn’t even believe yourself.

“No you aren’t Y/F/n, you aren’t fine and you need to stop! Do you understand that I cant lose you? How can we get married and have a family if you are dead!? I love you so fucking much and I wont let you do this to yourself anymore. Do you understand? You are worth so much more than that fucking asshole and I refuse to stand and watch you let him win!” Lip said, raising his voice at some point. You started crying, saying sorry over and over and you walked into lips arms, wrapping his arms around your shoulder and one around your head, him placing his hand on the top of you head. He started crying a little too, kissing the top of your head.

Him saying this to you, it made you feel alive again, like when you closed your eyes you saw a future again instead on nothing. You realized that as soon as you and Lip got out you’d be okay. You made a promise to your boyfriend and the family around you that you’d do anything to try and stop and that you loved him.

After everyone had stopped feeling emotional and had calmed down, Mickey had told you that all of them thought it was best to stay at the Gallaghers, still having a room of your own in your house but none of them wanted you to be there when Terry got out. As Ian basically lived at the Milkovich house and Carl was gone to military school and Frank not allowed in the house you had Fiona room to yourself while fiona had Franks room and you couldn’t have to cram into Lips old small bed anymore. You loved the idea of waking up to the love of your life every morning and that lip would be there when you needed him even more than normal.

a month later things were slowly getting better, You hadn’t cut in 3 weeks, the night terrors didn’t come every night like they did at the beginning but when they did lip held you and kissed you and stayed up for a while after you slept to make sure they didn’t happen. You weren’t fixed, it was a slow process but you didn’t feel as broken as you did the night they had told you that they knew. You were so happy they had did what they did, they saved you that night. You couldn’t be more grateful for everything they did for you, they were all family and that would never change.

some general tips for people with executive dysfunction

1. invest in a can of dry shampoo!!! they’re not particularly expensive (mine is batiste brand, i got it for $8).  showering a lot can suck for low energy people, esp people who are trying to get their hair to adjust to getting washed less offten (hair gets oily very quickly after long periods of being washed every day) and this can save lot of time while also making you feel clean!! 

2. BANANAS ARE A GODSEND. i get very sick in the morning, and im also perpetually low on energy, which usually makes me opt out of breakfast. but bananas are quick, easy, filling, and (fun fact) make you less nauseous somehow? idk. they’re great. if you never eat breakfast like me, try to start buying bananas more often as its a really good backup 

(this one’s kind of big so ill break it down so its easier to read) 

3. clean stuff as soon as possible rather than waiting for it to build up. it doesn’t have to be huge, time consuming tasks. just small steps to save yourself from some stress in the future. 

  • pick up clothes from the floor the second you take it off and put it in the washing machine. you don’t have to turn it on or do the washing now, but now its off your floor which is great!
  • throw stuff in the trash can the first time around instead of having it pile up. take empty cups/plates into the kitchen right away (you can go around the house, or even just your room and pick up dishes whenever you need to take a break from working or studying)
  • quickly do your bed first thing!! it doesn’t have to be extremely neat, honestly just dust off your covers, fold it at the foot of your bed and fluff your pillows a bit!! it took a minute but now your room looks a lot cleaner!

4. break up everything into small tasks/create routines that are very specific! my example will be showering.

  • when i shower, i break it up into very very specific parts. the first thing, probably the hardest, is getting myself in the shower. focusing on how showering is not a stressful activity, how it feels good and how good you feel after can definitely minimize the amount of time i spend psyching myself to get up, as overtime the idea of showering becomes an intrinsic part of your day rather than a task or chore. 
  • after i get myself in, the hardest part’s done, and i can relax. i do my routine, which at this point, has become a no brainer. my routine is: shampoo, conditioner (but i dont wash it out), body wash/soap, face wash, brushing my teeth (yes i brush my teeth in the shower fuck off two birds with one stone), and then finally i wash the conditioner out! this is weird but if im done extra quickly, i’ll let myself just stand there until the water runs cold bc idk i really like showering?? 

starting a new routine is always difficult but just stick with it. you can start introducing a routine one task at a time, you can remember to just wash your hair and then get out if thats all the energy you have today. and dont be ashamed about music in the shower!!! i played music on my phone in the shower every day for a year maybe? ive stopped now bc my last phone’s headphone port broke bc of water damage but anyway thats not relevant 

5. keeping a calendar and planner is great in feeling good and organized. you dont have to get a super expensive bullet journal, just start small. i got my current calendar as a christmas gift (theres food puns every month i love it) and my school provides planners. dont feel obligated to use it EVERY DAY and constantly have the best handwriting. just keep it on your desk in class and at home for whenever you need it

6. music and podcasts are good for any time. waking up but feeling super anxious and you dont want to get up? music/podcasts drown out your thoughts and can help you start your day in a nice way. studying and feeling really bored and annoyed?? listen to your favorite songs. trying to go to sleep but your annoying brain wont shut up? nice chill podcasts, or even just longish youtube videos help. 

  • music (especially instrumental music) is best for when you need to think and focus on a task. podcasts are good for menial tasks that dont require you to think that much, as podcasts are more engaging and have you focus on something so you feel less bored/procrastinatey!!! 
  • my favorite songs to listen to when studying are actually playlists ive made! (here and here) and my podcast/video recommendations are off topic and grumpcasts/long game grumps videos, but i understand that this isnt for everyone (cw: lots of swearing, dark humor, stupid casual racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism but its just something i put up with bc i really like michael jones)

i can’t really think of anything else right now!! these are just all the things i do that actually do help a lot

i see lots of sentiment in the studyblr community that basically says “your future self wont be pleased with your pathetic excuses right now :)” and stuff like that and just…please remember that executive dysfunction is never “just an excuse”, it is a legitimate reason for not being able to complete tasks. feeling frustrated with yourself is normal, but you should never be made to feel guilty for not being able to do something, no matter how menial or how crucial. you’re great and you can do this <3

Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine being betrothed to your life-long friend, Robb Stark, and having an awkward conversation about your future wedding night.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hey, loveeee! Are your requests open? May I have a one shot/imagine with Robb? Maybe he and S/o being friends, like really good friends, but get awkward around each other after some alliance or being betrothed? And please, with happy alive Stark family?? Love your writhing! S2s2

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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After hours


Summary: It’s like an unspoken routine – Baz busies himself to be the last one in the locker room after the football matches and Snow comes in to make him all sweaty again.

Word count: 1k

Rating: E

Tags: Shameless smut, fluff

If you ask Baz, all this thing is Snow’s fault.

He hears the unmistakable sound of the door opening and closing. Someone failing to go unnoticed while entering the locker room.


Baz is filled with a familiar feeling he can only describe through metaphors and analogies: It’s like his heart is rioting within his chest, trying to make an escape; and every cell of his body has suddenly forgotten its main function and has joined the heart’s revolution.

“Baz,” Snow says, behind him.

Baz turns around. “Snow,” he whispers, through his clogged throat.

If you ask Snow, there’s no thing whatsoever. “Come here,” he says.

It’s like an unspoken routine – Baz busies himself to be the last one in the locker room after the football matches and Snow comes in to make him all sweaty again.

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dating Wonho would include~

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

  • don’t get me started on this boy bc i wont stop
  • he’s super romantic
  • so probably asked you out with one of those cheesy couple thingies
  • you know what i mean
  • he got hyungwon to record him proclaiming his love for you on white cards whilst standing on a balcony
  • or, more likely, he accidentally told you he was in love with you 
  • and when he realised he said what he said he was like 
  • uh i mean i gotta go’
  • ‘wait what did you just—’
  • ‘nothing!! have a great day and don’t ever think of this again!!’
  • when you finally do get to talk to him after his accidental confession
  • which won’t be for a while bc he’d be super embarrassed
  • he’d be flushed the whole time and would stutter a lil
  • until you said you liked him too and then suddenly his body was alive
  • the sun would shine a little bit brighter everyday around him bc of that day
  • he’d probably do more cliche things like matching sweaters
  • not that you’d deny him because its the cutest thing ever
  • and it’s also wonho tryna get you to participate so you have to say yes
  • takes selfies everywhere
  • esp of you two in very strange places, like the queue in the corner shop
  • sends you selfies when he’s on tour with the most Extra™ filters
  • ‘uhhh is that your face in an iron??’
  • ‘the real question here is, did it make you laugh?’
  • texts you at random times in the day with messages that would make no sense to anyone else
  • lives for inside jokes
  • lives to see you smile around him
  • a piece of him dies every time he sees you smile bc he falls for you a little more each time
  • and its like… the most adorable thing
  • because he would get all smiley too and— (im dying help)
  • likes to think about the future a lot, esp about you two
  • sometimes he’ll have a random ramble to himself when you’re both lying in bed
  • and although you’re trying to sleep, he’ll start brainstorming
  • ‘i really think we should have four bedrooms in a house one day’
  • ‘wonho im-’
  • ‘because like, we’ll be having people over and i think we should have a smallish studio for music and whatnot’
  • ‘i think that you should–’
  • ‘wow and kids!! i forgot about the kids!!!’
  • he’d probably get into smallish fights with you rather than bigger ones
  • that route from the fact he’d be very open about how he feels
  • and if you’re not as open as him then he might be a lil ? 
  • if you know what i mean
  • but if he ever upset you he’d not hesitate to apologise and take responsibility for his actions
  • the second he saw you he’d be hugging you and telling you how much he’s sorry
  • and that he loves you, over and over
  • would also probably say it’s his fault even if it isn’t because he misses you
  • doesn’t strike me as the type to be overly jealous 
  • but if you set out to make him jealous i think he’d be a bit confused
  • so don’t do that, protect this boy
  • changkyun would joke that he’d whipped but wonho would never deny it
  • he really would do anything for you 
  • like if you’re from another country, he’d try his best to learn your first language 
  • even if it’s serbian, he’ll do it for you to make you happy
  • and because he wants your family to like him as much as you do
  • because he considers family vital and if your family love him then he’ll be even happier 
  • if that was ever possible 
  • but to summarise your relationship as a whole
  • he adores you and treasures you like no other would ♡

~other ‘dating idols would include’ posts & masterlist

Dear Followers... rant.

Earlier this week, a lot of my stuff had gone missing from A03. Tumblr had saved my work, but there were stories I didn’t add to Tumblr and they seemed to be lost forever.  I’ve had a bit of a panic attack, trying to get together old scraps of drafts and begging admins for help. I at last got an answer from an admin and I need to address something important.

IF YOU EVER- EVER! have a problem with something I write, whether that be tagging it wrong or something offends you then MESSAGE ME.  

PERSONALLY or on ANON tell me you dont feel okay with this content. Okay? Then I can know it is triggering and provide the necessary tags and warnings to not offend you and you can block that content from being shown. I take my work seriously and I mark everything Nsfw 18+ even if a story has no sexy times, I mark it because of violence!

HOW DARE YOU- report this directly to an admin. By doing so you are ignoring me! You are essentially saying, ‘hey admin, this person is causing trouble and will not stop even though I’ve asked them. They are a problem to the community and they need the highest authority possible to stop them.’  

Now listen, I think admins are great! They’ve helped me so much, but because someone has reported my work EVERYTHING HAD BEEN DELETED BY ADMINS.  

Fortunately I was able to get a reply, copies of my stories, and a reason why this stuff was ‘inappropriate’ so let me start by saying … what the hell.

ONE: Wrong tags.

okay, this one I understand. story did not have appropriate tags. That may upset someone, but you could have messaged me on or off anon and ask for me to change a tag that offended you.

(I remember in Eye of the Beerholder, someone asked me to label tags as misgendering just because Stretch called Red  ‘mam’.  This was funny to me in the story, but I understood this was a problem for people. I took the comment to heart and added it to the tag list. I made adjustments when I wrote and even apologized in comments. I later changed the story so that this wouldn’t be true and in doing so- I pretty much wrecked the story because its headed for a different direction than originally plotted.   But whatever- I listened to your pleas for change and I did it! That counts for something right?! I dont ignore your comments they mean alot to me! I will work with you to solve a problem!)

TWO: Selling merchandise.

… ? What even… ( Unless someone just seriously wanted to get me banned and was constantly writing complaint after complaint to get an excuse to fuck me over… I would think you meant my links?)

Do you mean coffee? The only links I had on A03 was a link to my Tumblr and a link to kofi for donations and commissions.  I don’t sell merchandise. I’m not in any shape or form using A03 for advertising.

I am not even making money off that one link on A03. I am not hurting A03′s business with $0.00 in my account.  A03 even clearly states in its user agreement that “ Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted.”   so… I’m sorry for interrupting the first sentences of notes with links but I’m not even pushy about it.  

There are people who rub it in your face and go out of their way to say- “ Sure I’ll write  xyz…if you commission me!” and they have every right to do that. It is your option whether or not you want to support an artist but hell, you didn’t have to report me for linking to it.  

I know I’m not an ‘artist.’ There are people whose work is gorgeous and they deserve to be paid for their work. I’m just an amateur who writes sometimes. I have no schedule, I take breaks a lot. My work is far from edited and riddled with inconsistencies but its mine! I pour time and love into my writing and then in an instant it was erased.

…Everything is okay now. I guess it was just 2-3 days of panic  and I shouldn’t be angry anymore but this feels like a personal attack. It’s the worst one, where you have no idea what happened… or if it was even someone else. I started to doubt everything. I thought I had been hacked, thought that somehow I had deleted my own stories…  

It would be like if I went to your house and stole your pillow. Sure… its just a pillow, you can grab another one. But its your pillow. You search around your house for it. ‘Maybe its been washed, maybe I moved it..’ You start to think family or friends are playing a prank on you… it riles out insane levels of paranoia and fear from you. You start hiding your other shit, hoping they wont take the blanket or the teddy bear next time.

… I don’t even know what I’m saying.

Point is.

… in the future. Please message me privately if something offends you. I can add tags. I can remove links. Those are simple fixes. And I apologize for ranting so long.

today i want to talk about the phrase “it gets better”

because guess what. sometimes it doesn’t get Better. All the way better.

but guess what. it also does get Better. it gets better. kind of.

this post is dedicated to the boy who said that i am “proof it doesn’t get better.”

what i should have told him: fuck you.
what i told him: gosh thanks sweetie, fuck you

what i should have said: you don’t know me. you don’t know where i have been, or where i am now, or where i want to be.
what i said: don’t pretend to understand what you can’t know. how my mind is a labyrinth and i was locked in the center, in a small quiet room, the eye of the storm if you will.

what i should have said: true recovery is never linear, never a straight upwards slope. you are not a mathematical equation. you are human. you are nature. you breathe into your lungs what fuels forest fires. you are not a number that can be put into a grid, you are not a statistic, you are not a point on a line chart, you are a person.
what i said: i broke open the door at the center of this labyrinth full of Doors. behind this door was a feather bed with memory foam pillows. it was almost comfortable. it was heavy. yeah, seriously, it was almost really comfortable, when i didnt mind the whole swallowed-by-my-bed thing, or the whole brain-encased-in-cement-like-pillow-that-grows-harder-and-harder-and-harder-to escape-the-longer thing. i looked like a beetle on its back. a beetle thinking about trying to get up, arms treading air hopelessly. i hope you laugh at that image. because yeah. it felt peaceful, and comfortable, and hilarious that i’d even think to struggle my way out of this silence. but i did. i did i did i did i did


for some, yeah. better will be a life totally free of mental illness. amazing. it could be you. it might not be. but it could be. the teenage brain is a complicated thing, and sometimes mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, are the products of chemicals that over or under produce. the developing brain is capable of balancing itself out. scientifically speaking, there is a reasonably high chance that a teenager with depression or anxiety will recover in early to mid adulthood.


for some, better will look a shit ton like worse. mental illness will stick around, it will be something you live with for a long time. this is more likely true if you develop a disorder in your later teens or early twenties (but no one can use this as an indicator). having said that, apparently even people with personality disorders have a chance of emergence after about ten years. sometimes a sticky mental illness will only arrive in bouts. it will not be constant. your life will know better seasons.


and a lot worse, but it will always always always always get better. if you have experienced joy, you will experience joy again. there’s no reason you won’t. if it was possible before. it happened. it was real, and so were you.

what i should have said: the better you become at lifting weights, the lighter they do not become. you run track, boy. you keep pushing to run further, faster. and this pain, your heaving lungs and shaking legs, you take it with you. it tells you if it was worth it… they always get you there.
what i said: with every door i break down, comes another breed of monster. the further i get from the center, i think the labyrinth is more and more afraid of losing me to peace, to joy, to myself. it is a selfish thing, these walls, they love me more dearly than you ever will love anyone. the further i go, the tighter it grips into my shoulders, the more the void begs me to stay, the sharper the teeth of the wolves behind every door. when i kill a monster, i yank out its teeth, cracking blood over my hands, and i use the teeth like knives. i break down another door, and the new wolf smells blood. sometimes i can barely hear the murmur of the ocean, or see the slip of the mountains, but the glimpse through a threadlike crack in the wall is enough. i’m coming, i whisper to them. my strikes of light. im coming im coming im coming

sometimes better looks likes worse. sometimes better is learning exactly what is eating at you, what triggers you, what the root problem is, and confronting them with guns in your hands. it hurts. it’s a huge struggle. but in a way, this can be “better.” staring it in the face and fighting will always be better. talking about it will always be better. always. fighting always looks uglier. 

sometimes better looks ugly. like seeing the ugly. like letting others see your ugly. letting friends, family, strangers, or doctors or therapists see your ugly. sometimes better looks like being loved despite all your ugly. 

sometimes better looks like crouching on the floor, crying and begging god to heal you. at least you’re finally asking someone other than yourself.


what i said: ye u right 

sometimes better looks like understanding yourself, and knowing how to cope. sometimes better is not being able to get out of bed, but still being there to lie there. sometimes better is learning to avoid your triggers. sometimes better looks pathetic and ugly to the world around you, but it is contentedness in where you are, and giving yourself the grace to gently grow better.

sometimes better is only patience and grace and forgiveness and quiet mornings where you know you can start the clock over again.

sometimes better looks like ugly catharsis embraced. sometimes better looks like screaming. sometimes better looks like coping.


this is not to say you need to hurt yourself, this is to say whatever hurt you have experienced, it is yours and you have felt it and it will heal in some way, somehow. even if it is visible. even if it is ugly. the ugly is beautiful, they tell stories of your resilience, stories of grace. you do not need physical scars to have a story. you only need the breath in your lungs.


you figure out how to live. you learn how to cope. you let people surround you, one person, or five. you let your hands be held. you let them hold your shoulders up, when you can’t. you embrace them when they can’t imagine it. you exist for each other.

you don’t do It.


you cannot see this future ahead of you. the future is an open highway at five in the morning, with the sun coming up. the earth is round, you can see the horizon. you never know. you never FUCKING know. yeah, dude. there might be a car crash waiting for you. or a beach. or a beautiful sunset. or a hitchhiker who changes your life. four years ago i was a junior in high school, and i had endless panic attacks over the future. i had absolutely no plan whatsoever, and i am still terrified. but i have a plan now. and it’s a good one. one i never ever saw coming. but it’s an open window in april. maybe it feels like sunshine, or a rainy baptism, or a brewing storm prickling my skin with electricity. sometimes the future almost kills me. i don;t know if i’ll go out the window, or if i’ll stay inside. i feel every emotion every day, and i am terrified, and i am hurt and bruised, but sometimes i’m glad i’m here to be terrified. i still want to die, every day, but every day that i stay, i prove to myself that i can. and the earth sometimes opens up the clouds while she rains, and there are rainbows across the sky. when i can’t find the rainbows, when im crying or panicking or lonely or suicidal: i rub my eyes, and there, i see a glimpse of the color. so maybe this is what god meant by promises. i don’t know. 


boy, if you’re reading this, and it hurts, okay. now you almost know how it felt. i hope this helps you feel like you’re getting better. that you’re proof it gets better. because lord knows, we don’t need me to be the example for it to be true.

Spirit Bindings Q & A

I wanted to make a quick post about this because there has frankly been a lot of  people having questions about their companion’s bindings, and I wanted to clear the air a bit on this. For those that have companions, if you got united with them through a conjurer, please go back to that original conjurer if you are having ANY issue with the spirit. Especially if someone else says there is an issue. I’ll go into this a bit.

Why do I need to go back to the original conjurer? Someone told me that my white arts spirit is really a demon! While this can happen in very rare cases, its VERY RARE, and typically only happens when a conjurer is new and hasn’t properly vetted the spirit. Also if you are listening to someone else about your spirit, you need to be super careful. Someone telling you that your spirit is something it isn’t and offering a service to ‘fix’ it is a huge red flag. Conjurer’s protect their bindings, so that nobody outside of themselves, the spirit and the companion can mess with them. Spirits can also “disguise” themselves to outside influences or anything they deem a threat to try to ward off the intruder. There is a whole list of things that could be happening, but avoid people that try to tell you that your spirit is something that it isn’t. Go back to the conjurer, check in with them. I will use myself as an example: I would never ever try to read another person’s spirit and tell them what it is. I think its a shady practice at best.

What if I don’t feel safe going to the original conjurer? Then go to another one, preferably one that has been in business for many years. I have seen many beginner shops try to make a name for themselves by trying to degrade well built shops, but that is not the way to start a business. Any conjurer who has had their shop open for any considerable amount of time knows what they are doing. If they were selling fake bindings or dangerous spirits, they wouldn’t be in business any longer.

What if I just want to undo the binding? All conjurers are 100% willing to do this for you or tell you how to do it, so go back to your original conjurer and ask for instructions on how to move/transfer or undo the binding if you want to. This goes back to the protections that the conjurers do on their bindings.

Are spirit bindings restrictive? Not if you get them from a reputable shop. If you want a list of reputable shops, then check out this list. I have worked with all of the shops on this list and none of them restrict their bindings in any way. 

But if bindings aren’t restrictive, why cant I connect with the spirit/entity? Spirit communication takes time. It takes awhile to adjust to their energies. Also if you are a new spirit companion (and by new I mean if you have been doing this less than a year), its going to take some time. People see the communications I have with my spirits, and the connections I have with them, and expect the same. I want to get this straight: I have been doing this a long time. I have put in a lot of work - 19 years to be exact -  to get to this point. Its going to take some time. Everyone develops differently. It will come naturally to some and harder to others. But everyone has to understand that spirit communication takes work. Don’t expect the vessel or companion to show up and you are instantly seeing spirits and hearing them perfectly. Its not going to happen. Start small. You need to put in the work and effort and its going to be a long road but its going to be worth it. Spirit companionship is the little things throughout the day. Read all the interactions that everyone else has with their spirits, then put it aside and step out of the box of expectations. Open yourself to any sort of communication that may happen, because you may communicate in a completely unique way then others. Try different things, but you have to put in the work to get there, chances are it isn’t going to happen overnight.

How are spirit bindings done? The process on this is completely unique to the conjurer, and while they wont tell you everything about their binding process, they may share a bit with you if you ask nicely and are curious for the sake of your future companion. 

How do I know that my new companion isn’t going to hurt my current companions? If you got your companion from a respected conjurer, this is part of the thing that they vet for. While some entities may not get along super well, they don’t have to interact if they don’t want to. But no spirit from a conjurer that is trusted is going to go around hurting other entities. Again, if someone tells you this is happening, this should throw up red flags about that outside source. 

Use common sense and trust your gut, and know that your relationship with your spirit companion should be between you and your companion, and if you need help with your companion or are having an issue, go back to the original conjurer! Don’t trust outside parties, and vet your conjurers to avoid any issues. I may make a post of questions to ask a conjurer before working with them to help you all out.

True Beauty

A/N: This is my first request! Ah i’m so excited! Also my laptops being weird all of a sudden so il be a bit slow writing fics. I know quite a bit about bike gangs because i grew up around bikes and stuff. Also its late and i haven’t really proof read it so if it doesn’t make sense I apologise.

Request: Anon: a jughead x reader imagine based off this romeo and juliet quote? ‘did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! for i ne'er saw true beauty till this night’ (with all the romeo and juliet references i felt the extreme urge to request this cause i love the play 

Summary: Basically Jughead and Reader are the son and daughter of rival bike gangs.

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anonymous asked:


 Based off of #4 prompt found here

Shawn Master List found HERE

Again, this is short, don’t hate me. I don’t have any ideas to make these blurbs longer. I am trying. :) Xx 

Invitations, flowers, dresses, sizes, colours, locations, pictures, and so many questions that do not have answers, not to mention the China patterns or the foods.

To say the least, you are getting close to that line of going insane due to your wedding preparation. 

The living room is currently scattered with bridal pieces, magazines, flower arrangement schemes, pictures— half a seating chart is spread across your glass coffee table, and to say the least, you are submerged. There is so much to do.

You spread your fingers through your hair for the hundredth time this evening, your eyes gazing at the seating arrangement as you bite your lip, getting even more frustrated with every passing moment.

You look towards Shawn as he is perched in his chair, his attention focused on the movie playing and the phone in his hand, you let out a sigh to grasp his attention. 

He flickers his eyes towards you, waiting for you to speak.

You rub your forehead before letting out another heavy exhalation, “Do you want to help? Because I am seconds away from crying in self-pity.” You exaggerate, gesturing towards the mayhem around you. Without much thought he nods, getting off the couch, moving closer to you, waiting for you to give him guidance on what he needs to do.

You let out an exhalation, trying to think of the right request to ask of him, something that he wont be completely bored by. You have no idea what he would want to do, you doubt he gives a damn about the flower arrangements or what plates the food is served on at the reception. You stare at the mess of the wedding scattered around you, your eyebrows furrowing with frustration.

Your heart skips a beat as his hand reaches and moves one of the arrangments on the table, a hiss coming from your mouth, his eyes immediately glancing over at you.

“Did Did you just hiss at me?” He raises a brow, moving what he moved back to its original position where you had left it.

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Say You Won’t Let Go - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

could you do a cheryl blossom x reader to the song ‘say you wont let go’ by james arthur?

Originally posted by namiiswan

Slight underage drinking and short storyline (sorry). This kinda turned sad, but it uses some lyrics and messages from the song.

You struggled to catch your breath as you rushed up the steps to the Blossom’s mansion. You knocked on the door, softly at first; but when no one answered, you pushed opened the door. The front part of the large house was filled with a bulk of Riverdale’s police department. You looked around, searching for the familiar face of Cheryl. Instead you locked eyes with a distraught Mrs. Blossom. You walked towards her, carefully taking her bony hands in yours. She looked up at you and in her eyes you saw fear, anger, and complete loss.

“Do you mind if I wait with you?” She shook her head at your offer and you sat beside her on the fancy couch. You gave her hand a comforting squeeze, but you knew it wouldn’t do much. Since you had started dating Cheryl, you knew how cold and distant her mother could be. You couldn’t imagine what was going through her head now. You followed her gaze to the dining room door where, you assumed, Sheriff Keller was questioning Cheryl.

You waited beside Mrs. Blossom for two hours, in complete silence. Finally, the door opened and Cheryl walked out, holding her head as high as possible. You stood alongside Mrs. Blossom, letting go of her chilled hand. You walked over to your girlfriend with open arms. Cheryl promptly fell into your embrace. You wrapped your arms around her, pulling her closer to your chest. You both stood there in a quiet moment, as a police officer beckoned Mrs. Blossom into the dining room for questioning. The once tall mansion stood sadly in the aftermath of Jason, and Mr. Blossom’s, death. Cheryl pulled away a little while after and you caught a glimpse of her eyes; the look in them mirrored the same one of her mother’s.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she murmured, grabbing your hand to lead you up the staircase. You followed her closely behind, without a word. You had no idea on what to say. When you reached her bedroom door, she let go of your hand to push it open. As she walked inside, she glanced over her shoulder. As her ruby colored hair bounced around her neck, you flash back to the first time she invited you up to her room. You were both slightly drunk, on vodka mixed with possibilities. Nothing really scandalous had occurred that night, but in those hours you knew you loved her. Since then, you’d been by her side, never letting go of her.  

Her hand found yours once more, pulling you out of the soft memory.  You both collapsed on her eve softer sheets and cuddled close. Cheryl tucked her head under your chin, trying to be as small as possible. You granted her that wish as you wrapped your arm securely around her waist.

“Thank you for being here,” she whispered and you placed a kiss to the top of her head. “I’m sorry that my family is like this,” she added sadly, “I hope someday you’ll find someone better for you than me.” You pulled away slightly at her words, meeting her sad brown eyes.

“What are you talking about Cher?” You tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear, “you’re the only one for me. I’m gonna love you till I’m fat and old.” This brought a soft smile to her face, but it quickly faded from your view.

“Till my lungs give out,” you added, “it’s just you and me from here on out. I promise. As long as you won’t let go.” You caressed her the smooth skin of her cheek, wiping a tear that had spilled over. You leaned back down, looking into her face.

“I won’t,” she whispered and you gave her a smile. She moved closer to you, pressing a weak kiss to your jaw. In that moment, with her voice faltering, it was easy to tell just how tired she was. Tired of her family’s drama and the loss it brought to her, tired of Riverdale.

“Just rest now, okay? I’ll be here in the morning.” She nodded against you and you felt her shoulders relax in your warmth. You could tell by her breathing however, she was keeping herself awake. You brushed your finger soothingly through her red locks, wishing to brush her troubles away.

“Do you ever think about that night?” Despite the vagueness of the question, you knew exactly what night Cheryl was speaking of.

“All the time,” you whispered back, “it makes me feel lucky.” Cheryl shifted a little under your hold, getting more comfortable.

“After all of this, you still consider meeting me ‘lucky’?” You let out a chuckle and shook your head at her words.

“Of course,” you answered. “You’ll never know how loved you make me feel, how happy. I see my whole future with you.” You hoped your words would bring her solace, cheer her up. You had told her this before, how much you loved her; but you felt as if she needed to hear it once more. Especially with all that had happened.

“What’s that future like,” Cheryl asked sleepily. You smiled against her forehead as you drifted into the fantasy.

“House and kids, a family with you. I’ll make breakfast for you and the kids, walk them off to school. By breakfast I mean getting out the cereal and making toast, you know the extent of my cooking skills.” Cheryl let out a soft giggle at your words, but you could tell she was growing more tired as you spoke.

“We’ll be those hip parents too. Embarrass the kids when they have friends over. You’ll scold me when I become too much though. And we’ll tell them about the night we met and everything after that. There will be good after this Cheryl, believe me.” The girl nodded lazily against your chest, pressing her face to your neck as she did.

“I believe you,” she whispered as she faded off into sleep. You held her gently, arm still around her waist. You remembered all the times the position was flipped and it was you in Cheryl’s arms. You could only hope she felt as comforted by your arms as you felt in hers on those nights. She deserved better than what life had dealt her thus far; and hopefully you’d be the one to show her the goodness life still had to offer.

  • will cook for you even if things get messy
  • bc he is a very ambitious person
  • will not let you leave the bed bc he doesn’t want to wake up
  • and when you do leave the bed, you always have to push him off just to wake him up
  • movies night!
  • a blanket would be wrapped around the two of you
  • he’d fall asleep mid way through the movie
  • you’ll just hear a light snore but you’ll let him be
  • and when you try to go to the bedroom, he’ll suddenly be supper cuddly and wont let u leave im crying
  • high key loves going out to nice restaurants with you
  • bc he’s high key romantic
  • also enjoys candlelit dinners at home bc they give the same feeling
  • but sometimes he likes to splurge bc he luvs u so much
  • on ur anniversary, he’ll take you to the place where he proposed to you i cry
  • he’s forreal the type to leave some fancy clothes on the bed along with some nice accessories
  • and he’ll have a note saying something “get ready, i’ll pick you up at 7″
  • will look at you like ur the sun and he hasn’t seen daylight all his life
  • will give you massages
  • likes to kiss the back of ur neck
  • and ur shoulders
  • yeah you can imagine whatever happens next
  • its hot
  • he’s so hot
  • but also cute like?¿¿/???\
  • he gets really soft around animals?
  • like if you two are walking outside and he sees doggos, he’ll pull u towards the doggos just so he can pet them
  • also his knees grow weak when he sees u being cute
  • pats ur head if u happen to embarrass yourself
  • he’s also really supportive and will help you through any of your troubles if you let him
  • if you’re being stubborn, he knows how to relax and cool down
  • whoever marries him is so lucky
  • and his future kids would be so lucky like wow
  • ily dongho
Ride With Me (Part 11)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: swearing, images of violence.  

*With Hela’s threat still looming over, (Y/N) and Wanda return to their apartment where a devastating surprise is waiting for them. 

Previous Chapter

Part 11 Woop Woop, We are slowly drawing to the end of this fic, but don’t panic there is still A LOT to come…and possibly a sequel?????? 


Originally posted by theplacewheredreamsgo

“Come on you won’t tell me anything?” you laughed at Wanda’s eagerness to know about your budding relationship.

“Honestly Wanda, I don’t even know what’s happening between us. How the fuck am I suppose to explain it to you” you huffed zipping your jacket up higher. You were both walking home, after Hela left the rest of your shift was uneventful.

“Your worried it will end like it did with Danny?” Wanda asked tentatively, you sighed looking up at your looming apartment building.

“(Y/N) Bucky’s different, apart from Hela he’s been with no one else. To be honest I think she broke his heart more than he let’s on.” You considered Wanda’s words for a moment.

“I broke Danny’s heart Wanda, Hela broke Bucky’s. If that’s not a recipe for disaster I don’t know what is” you pulled open the front door as Wanda started to ascend the stairs, you followed up behind her you boots fell heavy on the concrete steps.

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Chris Evans Imagine

Originally posted by chrisxchrisxchris

I loved being with friends even if they were actually Chriss friends but non the less I was happy because I had him by my side. Since I didn’t live in America, so me coming to visit him didn’t happen a lot. Looking around and acting a memory picture of the moment I noticed Chris was acting weird. Usually he would be making jokes, laughing. But not now he was closed in and looking into the distance.

After we got to his place I tried talking to him but all I got were some sounds. Not wanting to ruin the mood I was in, tried my best not to talk about his attitude but then I had enough. When I tried to sit next to him he got up and walked away.

“Is there a problem?” I asked trying to sound calm not to make him mad. Since I didn’t know what was going on I didn’t know how to really act or speak.

“I’m fine” simple and without emotions. Since I’ve used those words so many times in my life I knew he was lying,

“Doesn’t sound like it” i said but right then regretted it. Hearing something hitting the ground, jumped up and saw everything that was on the kitchen table were not on the ground. Chris looked at me in anger, i had never seen him like that.

“I do have a problem. I have a problem with you and Sebastian.” his words shocked me. But before i could say anything he kept talking “Since you two are so close and have so much fun together why don’t you go to him and ask how he is” everything he was saying made no sense to you.

“I don’t understand” i said trying not make him mad,

“I saw it (Y/N), the way you two talked and laughed, the way he looked at you” he turned the other way.

“You think there is something between me and Sebastian? You don’t trust me” he turned around so fast that it made you jump.

“Yes” a short answer that left along pain in your heart. His words hurt you like hell. Holding in the tears that were forming in your eyes you spoke

“I’m not going to yell or throw things. But I need you to tell me what you need me to do so you would understand that I love you. And that you are the only person I want to be with. Tell me.” He looked at me and in a blink of an eye he said

“Move in with me.” We just looked at each other “move to America and live with me.” at first i thought he was just saying things to end the argument but he wasn’t. 

“You want me to move across the world because you don’t trust me? You want me to leave everyone I know and love because you can’t understand my love for you? If that’s the only reason you want me to move here…I can’t do that.” I didn’t yell. I just couldn’t. “I can’t make such a life changing move because of your lack of trust” But I did walked away. Went to the bedroom and stood by the window with a phone in my hands. Trying to figure out if this was it and I had find some place to stay. I didn’t want it to end like this but trust is important in a relationships, especially in one that is long distance. 

I wasn’t standing by the window a long time when his foot steps were heard coming my way. Felt him come and heard him call my name. I took a calming breath
“I trust you, Chris. I have always trusted you. You are the one who is meeting all these beautiful women, I should be the one having trust issues but I don’t. I trust you. I know you wouldn’t cheat on me” Tears formed in my eyes as I turned to look at him. “So why can’t you trust me?” Looking at the man I loved so deeply. Loved so hard like I never have. He showed me what real love felt and looked like. So will he be the one to take it all away?
His eyes said sadness. But his lips said nothing. 

“Please answer me, Chris. This is real right now. This is the moment that mike make or break our relationship. So for god sake speak” i might have loved this man but I couldn’t just jump and move. I want to but not with this reason. 

“I’m scared” Chris finally spoke and moved closer at the same time. 

“What are you scared of?” his answer did confuse me. 

“I’m scared of losing you. Of not being enough or not being there when you need me to be. Seeing you with Sebastian just scared me. The thought of some other guy making you laugh killed me. This thought of you meeting some other guy came to my mind. I don’t want that to happen, I love you too much” Chris now was right in front of me, I was looking up at him and his tear filled eyes. 

“The only way you could lose me is if you don’t tell me truth about what you feel. You have to tell me these things and not when we are fighting.” I gently touched his cheek. I

“I want you to move here with me but not because of what I said. I want to be with you till the end of our lives. I want to be with you till we turn gray and have kids with you. And I know I’m busy a lot of times but I’ll try harder to be here more. I’ll take some time off. But please don’t leave me.” He pulled me closer to him, making me feel the fear he was talking about.

“I love you Chris. But this wont happen so fast. I have things to woke out back home. “ he smiled at me, realizing what I was talking about.

“So you mean?” he said smiling even bigger.

“Yes. I will move here. I see future with you but now I finally know you see it with me too. I love you” Chris kissed me sweetly

“I love you too” our future we both wanted so much was now a step closer.

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You missed the point of the Loki scene if you love Trump and the State as much as you claim

Thank you for dropping by my favorite of grey faced friend, let me start out by saying:

I’m not at all surprised that a Lib would equate that scene to Trump, since everything is a Nazi these days. However you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

To start, the left likes to portray actions by anyone who does not fit their exact flavor of silly on any given day as evil. I won’t go into depth about the huge hypocrisies involved, even within the last few months, as that will side track this conversation. Maybe my grey faces fan we will go into it at length on a different post. Today the Libs have decided that travel bans, illegals, refugees and minorities, are the popular evils. Those positions by the Conservatives are not evil or fascist, and if you believe they are you are ignorant, but

The travel ban, it is not unconstitutional, it is not unlawful, it is not fascist. Obama has enacted more travel bans then the last 3 Republican (including Trump) presidents. The countries in the ban are from a threat list the Obama administration created, so your moral outrage is hypocritical and aimed at the wrong person. Since if this is evil and unlawful, your Lord and Savior Obama is the worst offender in the history of the United States. 

The travel ban is temporary, if memory serves it is only 90 days, it actually effects very few people with only, if memory serves, a few hundred turned away so far. Beyond that several of our Arab and Muslim allies think the ban is a great idea and have also placed bans on these areas (if further proof was needed for how dangerous these areas are). 

Trump is against ILLEGAL immigrants, NOT IMMIGRANTS, our nation is founded by immigrants and still lives up to the inscription on the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” . Our nation allows around a million legal immigrants into the country each year, far more than almost any other nation. The claim is made that illegals are fleeing their countries because of danger or for hope of a better life. If true they actually have a fantastic chance of legally entering the country because America once again is one of the largest takers of refugees and givers of political asylum  each year. So far from uncaring monsters America as bad as you think it is, holds the moral high-ground when it comes to helping the disposesed. That is before we go into any of the foreign aid or humanitarian efforts we do each year around the globe. 

Now about illegals, this is not a race thing. I don’t care if you are an illegal from Canada, Kenya, or Mexico, if you are an illegal then you are here ILLEGALLY and once found it is the LEGAL obligation to deport them, especially if they are found guilty of other crimes. I wont go into the costs for schools, states, and gov programs, etc that are incurred, the crime stats, or the proven voter fraud seeing as this is already getting a bit long. I will however point out another blaring hypocrisy OBAMA DEPORTED MORE PEOPLE THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT.  So if you suddenly care about illegals now where were you when they were actually at risk? 

What about the fact that NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH lets you illegally enter the country and then gives you benefits. NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH will not throw you in jail/immediately deport you if you are caught illegally entering the country. Jail and deportation are the nice punishments in other countries, it gets much worse. So once again America far from being the evil monster you like to make it out as is the NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH is as as good to the disposesed as we are. 

As for the Wall, there is nothing illegal, inhumane, or unconstitutional about it. In fact your fav OBAMA GAVE MILLIONS TO FOREIGN POWERS TO HELP THEM BUILD BOARDER WALLS. Bill Clinton ran of a platform of boarder security, and even had an ILLEGAL CHILD kidnapped at gunpoint from his relatives in the states to be sent to Cuba. Enjoying the hypocrisy yet? So…

On the topic of refugees, even though the US takes in the most refugee’s a year we HAVE NO OBLIGATION to take in even a SINGLE refugee. Add to that the CURRENT VETTING process LITERALLY let one of the SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTERS into the country. So far from being fascist reevaluating current vetting standards that obviously don’t work is a practical and elementary decision. The current refugee crisis in Europe, adds additional reason for concern, especially since if memory serves the majority of those refugees are from those 7 nations on the ban list. Then the most damning piece of evidence as to why we need reevaluated vetting is the fact that ISIS HAS LITERALLY SAID THEY SEND INFILTRATORS IN WITH THE REFUGEES. So to say that there is no threat when ISIS has told us that refugees are LITERALLY there strategy, especially when they can be linked to many attacks within the continental United States. Traditionally women and children out of uniform are non-combatants however with the rise of ISIS more women and more children are being employed in terror attacks, and other acts of violence. Making any refugee’s from these countries like a bowl of poisoned M&M’s. Another dangerous sign is the number of military aged males who are now “refugees” is ridiculous. Now I have heard libs state that this is not true because Statistics state that women and children do in fact make up a large percentage. I have no doubt that their statistics are correct, the issue becomes that ILLEGALS DO NOT FILL OUT PAPERWORK ON BEING ILLEGALS. So the hordes of military aged males flooding into Europe right now who are doing so illegally and not as refugees go uncounted for in those statistics since their number and demographic can not be accurately calculated. So in matters of security, far from facist, we’re trying to be functional, so…

The UN has an entire initiative based around helping refugees, and it has come out and stated that for the price of relocating 1 refugee to the United States, it could help 12 in their own countries. Ironically the money Obama set aside is many times what the UN’s ENTIRE REQUESTED BUDGET FOR THE ISSUE IS. So long story short: it is easier, more cost effective, and safer for all involved to help them in their own countries. Now for those of you thinking “but they live in a war zone,” yes they do, a war zone Obama made possible, and Hillary armed. We have the ability to protect them even, we could crush ISIS if we were allowed but libs don’t want us to interfere in other countries. So instead we have contracted with several countries in the region, Saudi Arabia for instance to create, and protect safe zones within their countries. So once again Trump and conservatives have the moral high ground, having once again done more for the disposesed. And Trump did that week 1, he did more for the disposesed of the middle east DURING HIS FIRST WEEK AS PRESIDENT, than Obama managed in the last 8 years. Shall we also discuss the fact that this entire refugee crisis was actually CAUSED BY OBAMA AND HILLARY. Obama destabilizing the region by pulling out of Iraq despite repeatedly being told by military advisers that it was a bad idea. Then Hillary giving weapons to ISIS in Syria. 

Liberals have been bullying and using fear tactics against minorities since the beginning of time, but they’ve been laying it on thick since the election. Telling minorities that now that Trump is president that they will be carted off to concentration camps, that they need to live in fear because Trump will get them. You only have to look at Youtube to see lib parents fear mongering their children like this. While the only reported incidents have turned out to be libs faking or false reporting incidents. While their are dozens of confirmed incidents of Trump supporters being attacked, people have even been attacked for “looking like a Trump supporter.” That’s before we mention all the riots, like the last one over words, that weren’t even said, THE VIOLENCE STARTED BEFORE THE SPEECH. 

Truth is that Pence is not trying to create gay camps or electro therapy anyone, he is not pushing some anti-gay agenda. He is talking about expanding LGBT insurance, allowing for new procedures to be covered. While the Left views this as a negative, this could set a precedence,and expand what insurance will cover in the future for members of the LGBT community.     

When you look at all the facts, you call Trump, Hitler, but Obama has in every case actually done more, and worse than pretty much every other President in our beloved nations history. I hate to break this to you but, your fav, is at the very least more Hitler by your own meter stick than Trump ever was

As for Nazi

God I just…I love Kaworu Nagisa. I wrote out my ideas discussing a lot of the ideas around his character and Shinji I had while reading the manga and watching the anime - so huge spoilers for both below. This is just me trying to explain the crazy nonsense that is Kaworu Nagisa to myself, trying to answer my own questions about the intricacies of what in the world is happening here, and it got longer the more I tried to figure it out.

Kaworu Nagisa is complex.

It’s incredibly easy to love anime!Kaworu - he’s kind and self-sacrificing if a little mysterious, and comes to Shinji in the time when he needs someone the most, and Shinji takes to him like a duck to water. But manga!Kaworu is a very different character, but I love him all the same, for the different perspective he brings to the story, and what he teaches Shinji because of it.

The river that runs through the story is, essentially, the society’s problems are based on the fact that everyone is so conscious of their relationships and expectations that they can no longer be honest about what they need for fear of hurting one another. The direct symbol I see of this is the use of the AT Field, which is described as “the light of the soul” and “a sacred province inviolatable to anyone”. The AT Field is used to deflect physical attacks from the pilots - which I believe is also a metaphor used to represent the way we defend our fragile hearts against others’ expectations and desires of us that we may not agree with, to keep ourselves from getting hurt.

But enter Kaworu - the immortal in a mortal’s body, with none of the fears that are conditioned into a mortal. His self is not finite, at least, not permanently so, and while he is destructible, he’s not limited to the same plane of existence we are. Because of this, he does not experience fear the way we do.

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jungkook smut in highschool hes your senior & is in ur classes bc he failed them & he always jokes around about getting u to date him but u both know hes kidding but one day ur wearing a tight dress and hes so turned on and wont stop dirty talking


can I request a jungkook thigh riding smut … I swear those thighs will kill me one day

I’m combining these two request so i hope you enjoy!! and thank you for requesting!


Xx Smut xX

~~ Admin Abbie

Ride me Baby

You walked into your classroom and sat down your books at your desk and then grabbed the homework from the front of the room. This was just like every other normal day at school. 

You would come in, grab the homework, sit down and start looking over it while you waited for the one and only Jeon Jungkook to come and start up so crazy conversation like always.

He was actually supposed to graduate last year but he failed horribly in math so he had to stay back a grade. Although that’s a bad thing you were actually quite happy he was in your class now.

You had always admired him from afar before because he is literally beautiful and handsome and just perfect in every way. All the girls loved him and he knew it because he always showed off when he got the chance.

“Hey look! its my future girlfriend!”

Speak of the devil…

“Morning Jungkook”


Jungkook came in and sat his stuff down just like you did and also grabbed the homework. His desk was right next to yours so you and him had gotten decently close this past year. 

He always makes jokes about you dating him and how you should be together and you both laugh it off because you BOTH know its not gonna happen..Even if you wanted it to.

You had to admit you had developed a crush on this absolutely crazy fetus and it drove you crazy. Every day your feelings grew and you knew eventually you weren’t going to be able to hide it..and that thought terrified you because you knew that would be the end of yours and his relationship and that is the last thing you wanted.

“How was you morning Y/N?”

“Fine, although i woke up a little late so i didn’t get any breakfast so im starving”

“Thats not good! I cant have my future girlfriend starving on me!!!”

“Oh jeez Jungkook stop with the silly jokes already haha”

You both laughed and continued talking about random things until the teacher came in. Today was a half day of school because we had our homecoming dance tonight.

*To anyone who doesn’t know what that is, It is a high school dance that happens at the beginning of the year to welcome everyone back to the new year*

Everyone always got so pumped and excited for homecoming, Girls would spend tons of money on their hair and makeup and especially their dress. You on the other hand didn’t try very hard.

I mean sure it was really fun but it would be more fun if you had a date or friends to go with. To say simply you weren't the most social person you tend to keep to yourself.

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Husband & Wife (M)

Pairing: Namjoon x OC

Genre: Sweet Smut, Fluff

A/N: I was in my Namjoon feelings…I still am. I’ll never leave my feelings!!

P.S. I wont be posting until later this week due to all the test I have! Be good, eat well! Take care of yourselves!

P.S.S. I know where I want to take Love in Time now! So after I come back, I’ll start to write again!!

-Admin Moon

Namjoon’s gaze slid to her mouth. He raised one hand and brushed his knuckles across her cheek, it sent shivers down her spine. The gold wedding band on his ring finger caught her eye, as he rubbed the pad of his thumb across her bottom lip. When his other hand move to her curls, Eunbyeol touched his cheek. She couldn’t help but to think about all the great memories he gave her before they got married. Even before they started dating, they were best friends in high school. She supported him when he wanted to make music, and he supported her with her studies in college. They never left each other’s side, she took care of him and he took care of her in return. And now she was finally about to give herself completely to him.

Even though the she had burning tears in her eyes, Eunbyeol held his gaze. “…I’m ready, Namjoon,” she said but paused. “I’m sorry for making you wait all these years. I’m yours if…” Her apology was cut off with a sweet tender kiss. This kiss was filled with promises of the future and tender love. Namjoon wrapped his arms around her body and cradled her to his chest as he continued to kiss her. As his mouth explored hers, his hands began to make their way down her body. He caressed her shoulders, her back, the sides of her hips and finally came to rest on her butt. Eunbyeol could feel herself pulse between her thighs, and her breasts cry for release.

Eunbyeol thrust her hips forward, connecting their groins together. Namjoon held her there with the firm hand on her butt. She began to move against him, as the sound of their unsteady breathing filled the air. Namjoon glided his tongue across her upper lip, as his erection pressed against her sensitive clitoris. The felt familiar shivers shoot down her spine. Eunbyeol dug her nails into Namjoon’s chest and screamed his name, as a powerful wave crashed over her body. He groaned, and shifted her body so she was on top of him. “My sweet baby,” he whispered as he held her close to his body. His chest rose and fell rapidly, as if he struggled to breathe. Eunbyeol looked at his eyes and only saw passion within them. “Namjoon…”

Before she could finish he cut her off, “No talking. All I want to do is make love to my wife.” Before she could say anything, he sat up with her straddled across his waist. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside. Eunbyeol whimpered when his fingers grazed across her thighs towards her nightie. She raised her hands, before he could tell her. He pulled her nightie off, and tossed to close to his shirt. Namjoon let out a deep sigh of pleasure when his eyes landed on her breast. The light from the full moon outside lit up her body, giving her an angelic glow. “Beautiful,” he said as he reached for her. Eunbyeol sighed and arched her back when his hands closed over her breast. His touch was gentle and tender, as if he was taking his time to show her how much he cherished her. That alone melted her heart.

Eunbyeol clutched his shoulder as he bent his head to her chest. He pressed his lips against her chest then licked her swollen nipple. She threw her head back when he opened his mouth, and sucked on her breast. She then let out a moaned as her body responded to his mouth. Namjoon’s erection was settled underneath her body. Eunbyeol dug her fingers into Namjoon’s shoulders and began to move against his erection, trying to drive herself to another orgasm. As she bucked against Namjoon, he sucked harder. “Come for me, my sweet wife,” he whispered around her nipple. Once again, Eunbyeol raked her nails across his back and shoulders, as she felt herself let go.

After she came down, Namjoon fell back onto the bed and pulled her along with him. He wrapped his arms around her and placed her kiss on her forehead. “You’re beautiful when you come. I should film you next time…so I can watch you over and over again,” he said as he pushed her curls away from her face. “Kim Namjoon, don’t even think about doing that.” She slapped his arm. Namjoon replied with a chuckle, “Did you enjoy that?” All she could do was nod. “Want have to give you more?” Eunbyeol nodded again. “I just want to pleasure my wife. Tonight is all about you.” This time she smiled at her husband. “Now, take off your panties,” Namjoon ordered, holding her gaze. Her heart started to race inside her chest. Without looking away from him, she hooked her thumbs around her panties and maneuvered them down. “Now remove mine.”

As she removed the last barrier, she felt nothing but love. But when his hard length hit her thigh, fear gripped her. “Namjoon…” He cut her off, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” His words soothed her. She trusted him, she been trusting him for years. Namjoon smiled at her, then rolled her off of his and placed her on her back. He crawled over her body, trapping her body underneath hers. “I love you so much, Eunbyeol. I need for you to spread your legs when I move off of you.” He paused, before she nodded and waited for him to get off of her. Once he was off of her, she spread her legs and waited for him to get between her legs. Once Namjoon was settled between her legs, she wrapped them around his waist. Eunbyeol stiffened when the tip parted her lips slightly, just sitting at her entrance.

“I promise, it will only hit just a little bit. Okay?” Namjoon said as he held her eyes and smiled at her, revealing his dimples. As he used his hand to slide the tip slowly inside her, she felt something inside her unlock. She wanted to cry and laugh, but her breath was caught in her throat. Tears welled up in Eunbyeol’s eyes, as she became overwhelmed with emotions. She had waited twenty-two years for tonight, for this sensual journey she was about to do with her best friend and husband. Namjoon leaned over her body, without moving inside her and dropped a kiss on her forehead. “Are you ready?” Eunbyeol bit her lip and nodded her head.

Namjoon groaned and thrust gently, testing her. Eunbyeol’s eyes widen in fear as the tip stretched her opening, her muscles screaming from the pain. Just as Namjoon touched her cheek she closed her eyes to absorb the pain. “It’s okay,” Namjoon said gently as he pressed inside her more. “Namjoon, it hurts.” Eunbyeol cried out as she wrapped her arms around her shoulders. “I know, and I’m sorry.” He kissed her lips, not moving inside of her. “Breathe deeply and slowly, relax. Think of me…your husband, loving you, cherishing you, taking you to passionate heights like you’ve never known.” His warm voice, soothed her. Eunbyeol gasped in sweet agony as she felt Namjoon thrust deep inside her.

The pulsing fullness of his manhood moving inside her with slow thrust let her know, she was no longer a virgin. Eunbyeol opened her eyes to look at her husband, whose face was painted with raw passion, his eyes gleaming at him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, as she gave herself over to the delightful fire burning through her veins. She was so happy she waited for Namjoon. She’d given him something she could never give another man. Waves of ecstasy throbbed through Eunbyeol’s body as Namjoon’s thrust grew stronger and deeper. She clung to his shoulders and raised her head, pressing her lips to his collar bone. Eunbyeol let go of Namjoon, when he pressed her into the mattress. His body against her body, man against woman as time hung suspended around them.

Eunbyeol’s world began to spin around, she was losing control. “Namjoon,” tears dripped from her eyes. “My sweet wife,” Namjoon groaned. He moved his hand up to hers and brought them above her head. Their weddings rings joined with a soft click as he laced his fingers with her, and pinned their hands to the mattress. The moonlight bathed Namjoon’s passion filled face. Namjoon slowly withdrew from her, then slammed into her harder and deeper than he had before. He rotated his hips in a circular motion against hers, as the room began to spin. Eunbyeol’s closed her eyes and opened her mouth to let out a silent scream. Namjoon let out a furious roar as he gave into his own orgasm.

Namjoon collapsed against her, when he was done with his orgasm. Eunbyeol wrapped her arms around Namjoon’s back and ran her fingers down his spine. Both of them have waited for this moment for years. And now that it had finally happened, they were both spent. Namjoon lifted his body off of hers, and looked straight into her eyes. “Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you too much?” he asked. “You were gentle and nurturing as a man could possibly be in a situation like that… What about you?” she asked him in return. “God, yes. I’ve been waiting for that moment for years.” He said with his dimpled smile. “I love you.” Both of them said in unison, causing them to laugh together. That night her husband and best friend had loved her to death. And it was sweet.