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Monsta X Reaction to you catching them buying condoms

Ofc you can, that’s why I am here, sweetheart ~ Enjoy and thank’s for the request


Shownu - I think he would only get the condoms when he was sure he was going to use them. He would only want to take that next step in your relationship if you were both up for it, which means you two would have already talked about it, so it wouldn’t be as akward if you found him on the store. I honestely can’t see Shownu buying the condoms just because yes. For you to make love, he would either talked with you about it already, or it would have to be you initiating it all, and have the condoms yourself, because he wouldn’t have them til you had that conversation: if you wanted to, if you were ready and all he found important. But still, even though you two had talked about it before, he would still blush when you saw him holding a box of condoms on the store. Shownu would say something cute to explain himself and then change the topic so it wouldn’t turn out akward. His first time with you would just be something really special and important, so he wouldn’t want to mess it up.

“You know… we will only do it when you’re absolutely sure this is what you want.” (there is no other thing i want more, my love XD)

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Wonho - This shameless boy would turn into a shy and embarrassed puppy. Yeah my friends, even Hoseok -the sex God himself- would get embarrassed. And it’s pretty obvious, if he hasn’t done it with his girlfriend he would get really flustered when being caught buying condoms. Wonho would be so affraid that you started to see him as a pervert that he wouldn’t even be able to explain himself. If you got mad or uncomfortable he would apologize hundreds and hundreds of times, and if you were just laughing he would match you and laugh as well, still pretty akward about it. Hoseok would be laughing but would feel so flustered that he wouldn’t be able to think in something else the next few days. He would want to explain to you that he only wanted to get prepared for when it happened and not because he was waiting for it to happen so soon. In the end it would be just an akward situation, but mostly for his side, who would be facepalming inside about how much of a pervert he thought he looked in front of you.

“OMG, Y/N, I am so sorry… I just thought that we… that this…I would…like…maybe it would be useful… in the future, someday? Don’t get wrong thoughts… I am not expecting anything, I swear!” *trying to explain himself but being too embarrassed to do it properly*

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Minhyuk - He would be shopping and would just add the condoms to the shopping basket because he had been thinking about it lately. Since you two have been together for a few months, he thought it was probably the right time to take the next step. Minhyuk would just forgot about them when you met him in the store and would kiss you and start a conversation, completely forgeting what was on the shopping basket. You would then shop together and when he was paying for it, you would notice the little box and look at him instantely. Then he would remember! The boy would freeze, looking at you, smiling and not able to say a word. He would just be SO CONFUSED. Why was this happening? He wasn’t even planning to buy them when he came to the store! Was this something wrong? Should he apologise or joke about it? He would be so shocked that wouldn’t even hear the shop attendent calling him to pay. When he left the store with you, he would be laughing and looking at his feet, blushing and finding the situation funny and horrible at the same time.

“Jagiya… I just got them because I thought we might need them… when you feel ready.”

Originally posted by starshipent

Kihyun - I feel like just like Shownu, Kihyun would just buy them if he knew he would use them. Since your make out sessions were becoming more frequent and more wet and needy he has been dying to have you. Kihyun would thought it would be a good idea to get prepared for when it happens, but would feel his vision going blurry as he was picking the box from the shelf and heard you calling his name. He would just die inside. Kihyun would left the box in the shelf and step back as you made your way to him, to hug him. You would find him pretty weird, as his cheeks went redder and he started sweating. Then you would understand, looking behind him to that whole section. You would ask him about it and he would just start to laugh while walking in circles and covering his face with his hands from embarrassement. Kihyun would take some time to be able to speak and to find the courage to admit what he was doing. He would just blame himself for even thinking in buying condoms before you two had even talked about it (gotta learn with Shownu)

“I wasn’t… those were not… I am sorry.”

(wtf minhyuk?)

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Hyungwon -  The boys have been teasing him about it and he has been thinking on when it would happen, so Hyungwon thought he should get prepared. I feel like going to the store would be already a little embarrassing to him since there were people there, watching him as he toke the condoms from the shelf. So, finding you on the store would just be the most ironic thing. You would be looking for a new shampoo in the store and look on top of your shoulder to find your boyfriend next to you, picking condoms from the shelf. When Hyungwon saw you ,he would burst into laughter and cause everyone to look at you two. He would be really embarrassed, but the situation was more funny than embarrassing. What were the chances to find you there, at that specific moment?! He wouldn’t explain much, just joke a little about it, to avoid making you two go through an akward situation. The scene would just be hilarious and he would be lauhing about it the entire week and blame the boys for what happened.

“You were not suposed to be here!”

Originally posted by ew-wonho

Jooheon - This cute baby is just so sweet, I think he would be the most caring boyfriend and look at you by who you were inside. So he wouldn’t even think about that matter in the beggining, he would find everything perfect, and he didn’t have to have sex with you to feel satisfied. But that day he was just feeling extra needy you know? He himself wouldn’t even know what was happening… was it the movie he watched last night or how great you looked this morning? Whatever, he just couldn’t take those thoughts out of his mind and noticed he wasn’t prepared for taking the next step, there was something missing. Jooheon went to the store to buy some suplies, to make sure he was ready for the future. Just look at how lucky he was: you were there too! XD And he was caught holding that box, right there. Jooheon would be one of the most embarrassed ones, Wonho would be mainly worried about you thinking of him as a pervert and Minhyuk would be more confused but Jooheon would be legit RED and want to turn invisible so you wouldn’t see how shy he was turning.

“I never felt so embarrassed before.”

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

I.M - You know when kids mess up and their mommy finds out? Yep, that would be how Changkyun would find this situation. He is so young and still a little bean, this wouldn’t be fair to him XD When you found him on the store and pocked his arm to greet him, he would look at your for eternities, shoked and not beliving you were actually there. I see you both staying in silence for some time, you looking at the condoms and he looking at you (how weird omg ). I.M would break the ice, looking at you and then to the condoms and then back to you again to start laughing and getting SUPER SHY and akward. He wouldn say full sentences, just walk around nervously, and staying quite, and looking around to see if people were understanding the situation. I think he would feel pretty bad afterwards, thinking you thought he was expecting to do it soon or thought of him as a horny child. He just wanted to have them to be prepared! I see him dropping the box and scratching his head, wanting you to change topic or to told him you were not mad at him.

“(…) This is not what it looks.” (ofc not)

(ft. Jooheon cuz’ Changkyunie was affraid to go alone, apparently)

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I find these so funny to write :P poor things…

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.



Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade Ruki

Is time for the eldest brother of the Mukami house!!!

His route was good and not that good, and he was different that I remembered xD

The good part: he was soooooo lovely >w< I remember (on VC) that Ruki was a little mean with Yui but in this route he was so kind and…passionate ¬w¬ just look at this guys:

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Chanbaek in the V app

Chanbaek v app 12/6

Aha! Finally I stayed up long enough to actually watch Exo live! But seriously can my time please match up with Korea’s because I don’t want to do that again, but it was worth it because of the Chanbaek I say. I was so tired I almost cried because I was so happy. I’ll show you why.

When I just found out they were just sitting next to each other in the car I almost died, because it reminded me of…

Exo showtime ep 5 (sitting next to each other)

And in Exo xoxo sitting close to each other as well. There is lot more times like the fan taken ones that are adorable but it’s harder to see them so I’ll just put these little examples.

The stares again…

How Chanyeol looks at him, I can’t <3

Stolen glances. I find it funny how one would look at the other then look away then the other would look back when the other isn’t looking. Like seriously just make eye contact. Don’t worry tho, they do make eye contact.

*sigh* so cute, at least Chanyeol held his gaze this time.

Then Baek. 

They always make each other laugh. (Suho looks so lonely lol. Well that’s his fault for choosing the Chanbaek car)

I love how they always agree with each other and answer each others questions (when they can).

Chanyeol’s so excited when someone (or Baekhyun *ahem*) got the write answer. 

I love how Baekhyun is always able to make Chanyeol laugh so hysterically. *sigh* my favorite parts of chanbaek.

Plus singing tender love is legit a Chanbaek thing, and in the car too. 

Mmhmm definitely Baekhyun. Just so you know the video of them singing tender love is somewhere on Chanyeol’s Instagram, posting them singing together (like months ago but still gives me feels) is so adorable.  

Exo v app 11/27

Look at how happy they looked.

A somewhat of an adorable backhug (you can do better Park Chanyeol!)

Look at how Chanyeol was looking at Chen’s shoulder touching Baek’s its probably my delusional mind seeing this tho. Chan’s probably glad his hand was there. 

*nom* *nom* Chan wants a bite of Baek, lol look at how surprised Baek looked XD.

I remember looking at Instagram and some people were sad that Baek didn’t post a happy birthday to Chan, but when we all saw this update or whatever they call it they were probably most satisfied. I definitely was :).

Very clever Byun Baekhyun, very clever. Trying to say ‘I love you’ in the least suspicious way…very clever.

   Anyway that’s it for now ya’ll can watch these chanbaek filled videos on the v app if you already haven’t died like me from the cuteness go watch it now (not trying to threaten).  Still is it just me or is Chanbaek getting stronger like every time I ‘see’ them? It’s probably just me XD.

   Stay tuned for the next blog/rant/thing!

We're only hours away before the last episode of Yuri!!! on Ice Season 1

This anime…

Of all the animated series that I’ve watched so far for the past years, Yuri!!! on Ice will forever be engraved both in my mind and in my heart. The story, the music, the characters… I don’t think my vocabulary is enough to explain how they’re all wonderfully written and well-thought out. This show has become my coping mechanism whenever I feel so down or stressed out

Truthfully, what really kept me from not watching this show is the protagonist of this anime, Yuri Katsuki . Believe it or not, he’s sort of like my inspiration to battle against my own anxiety and he also made me realize that it’s important to know that there are people around me who really cares for me and supported me for whatever decisions I make in life. I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself that I didn’t know because of him.

Not only I can relate to Yuri but I can somehow relate to Victor as well. I could sometimes neglect the things that are essential in my life, mostly because I was too focused on finishing my course and graduate so I that I wouldn’t be burden to my family any longer and I believed that it’s for the best when really it is not.

Like Victor, I’ve found a lot of wonderful people who I can hold on to and who I can share my life with and just be supportive for each other.

Whatever happens in episode 12, whether the ending would be satisfying or not ((which is impossible because I know that Kubo-sensei will never disappoint us XD))

I just wanted to say… Thank you.. Very very much. Thank you for the creators of Yuri!!! on Ice for breaking the stereotypes of anime and for giving us this masterpiece. Thank you for the fandom who shares their love for this anime and I can really feel it, I feel like I’m a part of new family because of you guys :’)

Let Yuri!!! on Ice be a constant reminder that we have what it takes to continue to make history no matter how big or small the impact is and also… Let us also live the rest of our lives like tomorrow’s never gonna come: grab opportunities, have fun, continue to share the love with the people you’re connected to, and cherish every single living moment with them.. Cuz, like what Hatano-san says in the ending song of YOI, we only live once..

Have a nice day..

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Do you think you could do another gif imagine of how the 2p Allies and Axis would kiss their s\o, please?

((omfg somebody likes the gif thingy! I will happily oblige XD I’ve been meaning for another excuse to satisfy my gif urge~))

Scenario: *How the 2P’s kiss their S/O*


Originally posted by jkque

((He’s very boastful, so i think that’d translate into his kissing. He’d enjoy showing off his strength and “dominance” through things like lifting. What can he say? He just wants to make use of what he’s got to make things a little more interesting for the both of you. He’s not rough, but definitely not conservative either; he fits the bill for whatever you show him you want.))


Originally posted by painfulblisss

((Even he’s a gentleman, preferring to let his S/O decide how far they take it. On his own, he’d rarely take it farther than an affectionate peck here and there, but if requested he can go to just about any type of level.))


Originally posted by girlintroubles

((He’s into the rougher kissing; more like making out with a hint of s/m if anything XD If in public, he would probably barely kiss you at all…cause’ he has little self-control.))


Originally posted by jkque

((This little sunflower? He’s smart and stoic, but not exactly much of a ladies’ man. He’d prefer to let his S/O take control; and really would allow anything as long as he is properly taught exactly what he must do, and is given a chance to practice before executing))


Originally posted by relationshipsgoal

((A very intense/teasing kisser; always trying to get his S/O want to take it further, and hinting that he does, but never doing it unless totally consensual. He’d roam hands wherever you allow, and can take things from 0 to (whatever level S/O wants) in a flash))


Originally posted by nevermvjnd

((He’s very sudden and unpredictable about his kissing; he’s a tough guy, but he’s always constantly worrying about what his S/O wants, what his S/O might or might not be comfortable with, or what he thinks his S/O is asking for. In the end, he kind of keeps all of his affectionate tendencies tied up until it kind of just snaps, and the next moment he’s kissing you; whether it’s in public or randomly when you are alone.))


Originally posted by ulzzang011

((Again, tHIS CINNAMON ROLL!? He has trouble with any sort of physical contact, let alone making out and stuff like that. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have much desire to please his S/O though, as he will lay pecks whenever it seems necessary or is requested of him; but it’s an unoccasional, but not unheard of, occurrence for him to be making any actual lip-on-lip contact))


Originally posted by montsestaystrong

((He enjoys kind of letting the kiss sink in, and having time slow down for a little bit, and just savoring all of the emotions and feelings before doing much else. Any kiss with him will begin with a lengthy pause for him to savor it, before his other emotions kick in to kind of speed things up. he loves taking his time and being allowed to take it all in.))


Originally posted by fuckingsarti

((kisses will be where he wants it/when he wants it. if it’s at a party? Screw the other people! If you’re in bed? Best wake up, because Santiago wants his fill. In the shower? Better make room for two, Chica. He tends to be forceful, but it’s mostly because of his sudden spike of raw emotion that comes from him putting so much effort into a stoic lifestyle. Sometimes he needs to just let it all out, and you are wha he’s letting it all out on; through kisses))


Originally posted by painfulblisss

((Clothes are gone very fast, and dominance must be asserted quickly; be warned! He is very serious about his kisses in the most lustful ways; he’s always thinking about the main course and forgetting about the appetizers and the desserts and everything around it. If his S/O is not taking any action against it, he will not know what to do besides what his body tells him to do. So if you want something from him and want to have a say in it, you have to make sure to fight for it))


Originally posted by likenewhorizons

((He isn’t like his 1P! where he fears physical contact (that’s Gilen‘s job), but that doesn’t mean he takes things fats either (that’s Lutz’s job). He prefers his beginning kisses to be light and sweet, ad then slowly get into regular kissing, and then see where it goes from there. Not having much experience, he goes at whatever speed works for him; so if you want to kick it up a notch, you got to give him a sign, a signal, or at least a warning unless you want to turn him away completely.))


Originally posted by god-please-save-my-soul

((Luci’s a sweet kisser, knowing how to make a girl weak in the knees anytime he wants them to. He controls the situation whether it can be affectionate, lustful, or playful. Not like you necessarily have a say in the matter for how he feels, but you unless you want to fall into his trap, i suggest you give him a sign beforehand how you want tings to go so that he doesn’t underwhelm/overwhelm you with whatever he may be feeling at that point in time. After all, a kiss is not enjoyable if only one person’s really feeling it.))

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Hi I am new to B1A4, do you think you could describe these boys please? I gotsta know!

oh why hello anon!! you have come to the right place (but really you couldnt have gone to the wrong place cause all banas love b1a4 to death XD)
oh and just a disclaimer anon im so sorry you were probably hoping for something short and sweet but this is pretty long XD

short version: b1a4 is amazing
long version…


so lets just do the member break down shall we?

THIS is JINYOUNG he (like the other members) come in many forms but this is the jist of his beautiful face

Basic Facts:
-full name: Jung Jin Young
-leader of the group/lead vocal
-A blood type (trust me with this group its important)
-second oldest
-known for his fucking amazing ability to write and compose a LOT of b1a4′s songs (please note: tried to walk, what’s going on, solo day, baby good night, and many many more)
-also an actor, making his name in movies and dramas
-currently 23, will be 24 on November 18
-1991 liner with CNU

Good to Know
-often referred to as “halbae” because of his grandpa like manner (this kid is a fucking grandpa you dont even need to question it)
-in animal form, he is a fox
-makes this face…

…A LOT (when hes satisfied with himself or whatever else is going on near him)
-is a complete and utter dork
-dances…like a grandpa
-has visuals that will slayyyyyy you
-goes from looking like this…

…to this…

…to this…

…faster than you can say his name
-his voice is the one thats pretty unique (but seriously all of them have unique voices) but its like a bit higher but still really strong
-plays the guitar like a boss and an idiot at the same time
-basically the dad of b1a4

My Opinion
one of my favorite people on this planet XD jinyoung is very kind and compassionate especially when it comes to his members. hes really concsious of all of them and does a great job as the leader. hes not the loudest but hes a total idiot like seriously look at his face. but hes very keen on always recognizing the group as a whole and not just himself when it comes to writing songs. he’ll say WE wrote this album even tho most of it was him. hes just a goofball and trust me you’ll probably fall in love with him first cause of his visuals (everyone does its fine dont worry dont feel bad ;)) but seriously he is just so wonderful and such a gift like i just wanna hold him


my personal favorite in the whole wide world XD CNU!
also looks like this

so glasses or no glasses

Basic Facts
-full name: Shin Dong Woo
-CNU is pronounced Shinwoo (sheenoo)
-vocalist/lead rapper (but seriously hes a lot more than just a vocalist)
-A blood type
-oldest in b1a4
-also writes and composes songs (please note: seoul, drive, and drunk with music as well as his raps in wonderful tonight and beautiful target)
-also acts (not as much) and just participated in his first musical recently
-tallest member (whopping 6 feet tall)
-currently 24 years old
-birthday is June 16, 1991

Good to Know
-famous for his glasses and long hair but recently has been seen with glasses less and shorter hair (still looks freakin fabulous)
-always gets the female role if the group ever needs a girl
-walks around pretty much naked at the dorm
-looks up to usher
-pretty much the main dancer of the group even tho they dont really have a main dancer
-is a complete and utter dork
-goes from this…

…to this…

…to this…

…so fast its petrifying
-considered the mom of the group
-sleeps a lot
-in animal form (you guessed it), he’s a bear

My Opinion
this boy is my ultimate bias so obviously im biased here. but this boy is so sweet and so tender and so loving. this one is also not that loud except he is. like he fucking screams all the damn time. his vocal capability is beyond anything, like seriously his voice is magical and makes me want to melt and then his fucking rapping is downright amazing. like what the hell is this kid where did he come from why is he so talented all around. this one is definitely branching out more, i can totally see it these days. hes less shy and hes more awake i guess XD hes just having a blast living his dream and he works so hard to keep improving. his heart is so pure and his love for us banas and the rest of b1a4 is so fucking strong like i cant even. this kid right here XD

NEXT!! ok sorry this is really long so here just keep reading please XD

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anonymous asked:

baekhyun has 2 sides, act girly around men and manly around women. bu in his everyday life he doesn't act feminine at all, he's quite manly &cute.. so my guess he's bisexual. but for some reason romantically I see him with a dominant man, he once said his ideal is someone who take care of him. chanyeol is perfect but what does chanyeol want? you can tell he's attracted to baek (tbh baek could attract in his bed the straightest guy lol) but I think chan likes girls more(nana/dara...)

I agree with your statement tbh. But one thing though. I don’t think he acts girly around men. I think it’s just his attitude and his natural way of reacting towards men. Oh and, I can’t say anything abt how he acts in his everyday life. Simply bc, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT BH IS LIKE IN HIS EVERYDAY LIFE.

Plus, I’m pretty sure only ppl who know him personally can say how Bh really acts in his everyday life. So no offense intended anon (you’re a sweetheart ok? and ily), but you can’t tell me that Bh doesn’t act feminine at all in his everyday life unless you know of him personally. (and if you do, then I apologize).

OH YES I AGREE 100% WITH YOU THIS TIME! I clearly see Bh as a man and not a female like a few shippers do. But I just…can’t see Bh not being protected. Idk why but I see him as this precious person who needs to be protected. It’s not like a woman can’t do that but I just think Bh, like you said, is more suited to be with a dominant man.


Yepp sorry for that sort of spam. I’m actually going to use the gifs above on my upcoming post, so I was considering not including them…But meh, idc. I haven’t elaborated my thoughts on the gifs above anw so what harm would it be to repost them with my thoughts added to them? XD

Yepp. My opinion abt Cy’s sexuality is heteroflexible tho so I can agree with your statement. Bc I believe that Cy is primarily attracted to girls but he’s open to a relationship with other genders. 

And I honestly think that Cy is attracted to Bh. Whether it be bc he finds Bh’s company extremely entertaining and he loves being around him, or something romantic, there is def an attraction from Cy’s side. (as well as from Bh’s)

Cy loving being around Bh and vise-versa is already a fact imo. Now idk abt the romantic part, but I’mma try and justify it in my upcoming post (bc I’m BaekYeol trash). 

OH AND FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT I CAN ALWAYS BE WRONG AND I ADMIT IT OK? And I also admit that I’m extremelyslightly delusional. xD

So yes, I hope you were satisfied with my response and I love hearing your opinions, so thank you for sharing yours with me anon! ^^ Tysm and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Some thoughts on chapter 443

I really liked this chapter!! Well, except Ichiya’s nudity which burnt my eyes (and Elfman’s even more so lol). I just love Team B interacting and we got lots of it in this chap. 

Juvia I swear…She’s still very body conscious around other people but when it comes to Gray she becomes a whole other person, like she doesn’t have a shred of embarrassment. Makes me wonder if she’s been so exposed in front of him when they lived together. I mean, we’re talking about the same Juvia that refused to believe Gray would ever peek on her and blushed like a tomato when he accidentally touched her butt! Levy teasing her and then Juvia pouting at it was so cute. And of course Juvia’s wish for divine punishment would be granted, although a butt naked Gajeel landing on top of you is not what I’d call punishemnt ehehe. Juvia obviously wouldn’t mind if it was her with Gray either ^^

Brandish reminded me of Juvia even more in this chap, and I’m talking about her attitude. She seemed so reluctant to fight them and just walked away, much like Juvia when she encountered Gray. And she looks uninterested and lacking a meaning in life as well. I’m quite skeptical about her possibly being related to Juvia in any way, but I do think Mashima is well aware of this similarity. Anywho, avoiding a fight, letting them know that Makarov is alive and warning Natsu and Co. to leave makes me think that maaaaybe she’s rather on the good side but doesn’t want to expose herself just yet. Time will show. I really like Brandish so far tho, I hope Mashima won’t disappoint with her.

And finally, a hint that Natsu’s arm is bandaged for a reason! And Gray knows something’s wrong! This is what I’ve been waiting for! And to Gray this is more suspicious than it would be for anyone else because he’s had marks growing on him before. Can’t wait to see what’s up with that.

So overall, this arc has got me interested a lot. I could sulk about how overpowered the Springans appear to be, but for now I’m just satisfied to know that there are people Natsu can’t just beat with one blow or two, which has become thing lately xD