not satisfied with the quality tho

Turning art into art.

(So blessed to draw such a beautiful human)

Man oh man. Do I love this ship.

All art featured in this loop are done by @memekeymouse, used with their permission. 

[Favorite Record by Fall Out Boy]


They tricked us, so I tricked you lol not sorry
(This is still a dream if you want it to be tho~)

I also have the second one colored, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk, here:







boyfriend! jung sewoon
  • the ideal boyfriend oh my goodness where do I start with this angel
  • literally an angel sometimes u swear u can see his halo and wings
  • he was rly good at concealing his feelings before u two got together like no one could tell he liked you
  • but he always brought you snacks and pastries when y’all met and that was how gwanghyun realized his bro had a crush
  • sewoon couldn’t even deny it when gwanghyun brought it up he just smiled a little and scratched the back of his neck LIKE HOW CUTE
  • he confessed to you with a song he wrote and composed :DD and he’s not the type to express a big amount of emotions (i’m pre sure this could be phrased cleaner but i’m a dumbass so this is what y’all are gonna have to stick with) but when you said yes he smiled from one ear to the other and couldn’t get it off for the rest of the day
  • super sweet and thoughtful?? always knows how to take care of you and what to do when you’re upset aka buying your fave drink or giving you a soft massage
  • literally if something between you two ever happens he always?? just immediately gets his priorities straight and resolves everything instantly 
  • once you were messing around with his guitar and ur stupid clumsy hands snapped the strings and you were like oh…my god…..and bc u panicked u dropped it too and got several scratches on it good job
  • u thought he would definitely get mad bc man guitars are exPENSIVE but when sewoon saw what happened he rushed over and actually asked u if you had hurt yourself
  • told u to not worry about the guitar because it’s “just a few scratches”
  • um wasn’t this guitar like five thousand dollars
  • he seems utterly amazing and flawless but he’s probably the type to forget his keys twice a week bc he’s too busy thinking about the next line to a song he’s writing
  • sort of an airhead sometimes? he didn’t realize you were cheating at monopoly and had stolen $5000 from the bank until you told him
  • but it’s ok bc he’s cute 
  • also he probably didn’t even get mad by how terribly he lost from your cheating he just laughed at himself for being so ditzy
  • your name on his phone contacts is sousuke
  • if u don’t understand the meaning of the above statement pls google the movie ponyo
  • ofc it’s definite that a talented person like sewoon would use you as his muse and compose songs with you in his mind but he’s too shy to show them to you 
  • after a year he had like ten songs about you written but stashed away bc he’d die of embarrassment if u ever discover it
  • but ALSO sewoon loves cooking!! imagine waking up to the smell of his beautiful done breakfast
  • sewoon in a cute ponyo apron setting down plates of eggs and bacon: a concept
  • even if you can’t really cook whenever you do like the tiniest thing in the kitchen like maybe peel the onions and carrots for him sewoon smiles gently and thanks you even though he probably could’ve done it a million times better
  • he cooks lunch boxes for you too like your classmates/coworkers are so envious that you have jung sewoon as ur boyfriend
  • he’s rly casual about skinship?? he doesn’t get embarrassed about pda at all and it may seem as if he’s nonchalant about it but you always see this satisfied smile on his lips whenever you let him drape himself over you
  • he’s a big fan of just loosely holding you and having your head rest on his shoulder while his rests on top of your head
  • just being with sewoon is so nice tho like whenever y’all are cuddling he always has an arm around your shoulders and his legs tangled with yours
  • let’s not forget that he smells nice [SEONGWOO VOICE] everytime everywhere and that makes cuddling with him just SOOTHING like it has the same effects as going to some high quality spa with a bunch of expensive incenses 
  • sewoon smells nice no matter what tho?? like it could be stinking hot day and he’d still smell like he bathed in flowers
  • he’s so incredibly GENTLE like it feels as if he holds your hand with just the right amount of grip…never too loose or too tight it just feels PERFECT
  • also sewoon’s hands are pretty af??? they’re so slender and smooth
  • it always feels so reassuring when you’re with him
  • he gives you rly sweet pep talks before a nerve wrecking presentation or a stage performance like somehow the words “you’ll do absolutely fine” sound so much better and different than when you hear it from your friends
  • always gives you these warm and encouraging smiles no matter what you do and once you finish whatever you had to get done and go rushing back to him he always chuckles and presses a kiss on your face
  • speaking of kisses sewoon’s kisses are like…rly relaxing
  • it’s not like his kisses feel lazy but it’s never a quick rushed peck it’s always more of a really soft and planted kind of feeling?? like once he kisses a spot on your cheek the sensation on that spot doesn’t stop burning for a while
  • words can’t describe how perfect he is 
  • but numbers can 
  • he’s a frickin 10/10 y’all

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Headcanon time!

Eisuke does a lot of extravagant things for MC. She wants to return his favors, but really, how easy is satisfying a picky billionaire who has everything and makes it rain? So instead, she does all these small things. Coffee art, small notes, little shows of affection. It invokes different reactions from Eisuke, but he always finds it adorable. (and sometimes, you get to see him blush.)

ugh the quality isnt the best but here’s some cute Ass-ke for you!

Also, I feel like i made Eisuke so OOC gdi

Alright Everybooty! I have good and bad news for you!! (」゜ロ゜)」

Good news: My Crycest; Everlasting Cup arrived! And she is perfect (^_^)~☆ And I would be ready to sell them for 12,80$ (11€)
BAD NEWS. THE SHIPPING COST. Shipping Cost for Mug In Germany: 4,90€ (5,70$) , Europe: 8,90€ (10,40$) and World Wide: 15,90€ (18,50$)

I’m sure 99,9% of you (outside of europe) are now not really interested in a Cup anymore xD SO: If you have any Ideas for cheaper shipping. TELL ME.

BUT. I want to print the Cups in my print shop and sent them away from my home. So I can be sure everything is okay and the Cup is also okay. I heard here on deviantart they sent it to the buyer. I don’t really want to do that. I created the drawing in the size of the Cups in my printer shop and I don’t know how Deviantart would print it and I don’t know if it would be the same good quality. I can’t tell because they send the Cup directly to the buyer. Well that’s all for now! I’m pretty satisfied with the Cup tho.

Informations about the Cup:
Material: white ceramic cup 340ml
Diameter: 82mm
Weight: 380g
Height: 95mm
Print Quality: 760dpi with brilliant and luminous color reproduction
(Image is burned into ceramic glaze)

Please just answer in this Poll if you still want one so I can order them.

momoko8  asked:

Omg i just read your post about what would we tell our teenage daughters if they asked us what we did as teens hahaah so true hahaha and yes i agree with your hashtag DAddy kink for the world! We are growing in numbers i noticed on AFF ahahha but finding good quality stories and authors that dont take forever to update or even most 1 stinkin chapter is the difficulties! sighh...hahah care to share some good ddady kind with a friend? :)




Those are the (daddy!kink) fics that I’ve read, i think I forgot some. Lol

well… Enjoy reading..

///and see you in hell.. hahahha///

Jikook Bad, Bad, Bad

They say we’re going to hell
Let’s find a cheap motel
And stay a couple nights
And when our time is done
We’ll go back on the run
Do whatever we like

"why do you like wrestling?"
  • what i mean: It is a creatively produced and entertaining way of constructing personal and social issues into an entertainment aspect. It reflects upon ideas in both a realistic and fantasy value. The use of comedic input and strong character building has become some of its best qualities to be admired. It brings families together and employees faithfully donate to charity and promote awareness for the autistic and special needs. Often classified as a "sport," it is simply much more. It is a conglomerate, a satisfying desire.
  • what i say: because it's fuckin cool