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art from stream - thank you to @crescentmoonrider, @owlsshadows, @sonikku0691, @arodote, and anyone else who stopped by the stream!! ‘twas super fun doing ink and talking with yall in the chat. Very glad everyone likes the whales because hooo booooy am I into them right now. Majestic creatures. 

until next stream ;)

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Hi! If you have time for the 4-word Prompts could you do Scott/Reyes "Please, come with me." ? with a side of angst if it fits but anything would be great! Thanky! :)

Please come with me

“Please, come with me. I need to show you something.”

Even under the best of circumstances Reyes found it nearly impossible to refuse Scott. And now, when his lover uttered his request in a soft, wistful tone, Reyes had no other choice but to follow obediently without a question.

For the last couple of days Scott was out of sorts. Reyes noticed it first during their vidcalls, confirming it later in person when the Pathfinder touched down on Kadara. Scott looked subdued, as if carrying a burden far too heavy for his shoulders, his usually bright and lively eyes filled with uncharacteristic melancholy. Reyes asked him what was wrong, but got only a half-hearted assurance that everything was fine. He didn’t press on, knowing that some secrets needed time to come to light. It seemed that time was now.

Scott kept silent the whole journey to Meridian and Reyes quickly gave up on any attempts to strike up a conversation. All he could do was to be there for him, a quiet, but hopefully comforting presence.

Once they landed near the Hyperion, Scott took his hand, his palm sweaty and his grip like a vice, and guided him towards the Cryo Bay. Most pods were empty now, as the colonists had been woken up and shipped off to different planets. But there were still quite a few people in deep slumber, blissfully unaware of everything that had happened.

Scott went to the terminal and typed up some numbers. The machines whirred, lowering one of the pods to the ground level. Scott came closer and put his hand on the lid, his expression pained and somber.

“Elizabeth Reilly,” he said. Reyes searched his memory, but that name meant nothing to him. He waited for an explanation, which came a moment later. “Officially, at least. But in reality it’s Ellen Ryder. My mother.”

“What?” Escaped Reyes’s mouth, but he quickly collected himself again. “I thought your mother was dead.”

“I thought so too,” Scott sighed. “Only recently I have found out the truth. My father put my mom in cryostasis, hoping that one day we’ll find a cure for her sickness. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I decided with Sara to keep this a secret.”

Reyes shook his head, showing that he wasn’t upset. He was the last person who would condemn someone for keeping a secret.

“But that’s… good, right?” Reyes said carefully. From what he heard, Scott and his mother were really close. “She is here, she can be saved. You can still be together.”

Scott’s gaze dropped to the floor. Tears glistened in his eyes.

“I spoke to an asari scientist a couple of days ago. She told me that with our current state of knowledge and our resources it would take years to develop a cure. Over a hundred, maybe two, and that’s an optimistic estimation.”

Reyes felt his chest clench painfully. He didn’t know what to say, his heart breaking as he saw the anguish painted across Scott’s features.

“So even if she can be cured, I’ll be long…” Scott’s voice faltered, words turning into a heart-wrenching sob. He brought his hand to his face to hide the tears spilling over to his cheeks.

Reyes acted on impulse. He gathered Scott into his arms, stroke his hair, held him as the man cried his heart out. Words of comfort began flowing, mentions of yet unexplored Jaardan technology, of all the knowledge the angara had gathered, of all the planets with their marvelous ecosystems still waiting to be discovered. There was still hope.

Reyes wasn’t sure if Scott believed him – he wasn’t sure if he believed himself – but eventually Scott calmed down. Sniffing, he pulled away and wiped the tears with his sleeve. Slightly embarrassed by this outburst, he looked so young and vulnerable. Reyes never loved him more.

“Thank you for coming here with me,” Scott said, his voice still a little hoarse.

“I’m here for you,” Reyes replied, his words serious, sympathetic, truthful. “Always.”

“I know.” A faint smile flickered across Scott’s lips. Beautiful, sad, but with a hint of his usual optimistic self. A small victory.

Reyes leaned closer and placed a gentle kiss on his lover’s temple.

“Would you care for a drink?” he proposed. Scott could definitely use one right now. “I know a guy around here who can give me a discount.”

“You never pay for your drinks anyway.” Scott reached for his hand, squeezing it lightly.

“Ah, yes, part of my roguish charm. Heard from a certain Pathfinder that guys dig it.”

Scott’s soft chuckle was the best reward Reyes could imagine. That was the least he could do – make his lover smile even in the darkest moments. 

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Sebastian Michaelis finding out his s/o is ticklish! - requested by anon

Omgomgomgomgomg this is adorable!! ^//^ I had so much fun writing this! Anyone who requests Sebastian or Ciel (or both, both is always good!) gets virtual cookies and the satisfaction of knowing they made me smile :)

NOT MY GIF - Sebastian is beautiful omg

Originally posted by just-your-normal-otaku-booknerd

- Our dear Sebastian would find out accidentally

- It’d happen when your guard is down

- Lying on your bed, Sebastian beside you, his gloved hands trailing up and down your back lazily, cradling you to him

- He’d come into contact with a hip or a rib and you’d jolt, and he’d still, watching you slightly wide-eyed

- “My, my,” he’d murmur, a devious smirk tugging at his mouth, “what have we here?”

- He wouldn’t understand your reaction, and would become curious

- Holding you tighter to him, he’d trail his hand down your back again, waiting for you to jolt

- There.

- He’d chuckle, looking down at you.

- He wouldn’t ask as such, but you’d murmur, “I’m ticklish.”

- There’d be a beat of silence and then, “is that so.”

- It wouldn’t be a question

- “Such a display of weakness is unbefitting of a young Lord/Lady”

- He’d seem to relax fully on the bed, and the two of you would lapse into silence

- You close your eyes, enjoying the quiet company with Sebastian

- He’d start chuckling and you’d frown, and then

- He’d tickle you lightly at first, testing the waters

- He’d be fascinated by your body’s reactions and would want to know more

- So of course, he’s gonna perform little experiments on you

- What happens if he tickles here? And here? Ooh, what about here?

- He’d watch your face carefully, chuckling at your reflexes and involuntary movements, your chest heaving from laughing so hard, your jaw and sides aching

- He’d come to see that the laughter is actually a form of panic

- He’d make a mental note to research it at some point

- He’d eventually stop, though, satisfied for now

- He’d ask if you like being tickled or not and would listen to your answer intently, a light furrow on his brow as he tries to understand

- He’s so confused by humans xD

- I have no doubt that, at some point, the little shit we all know and love would use his demon speed to tickle you

- Not for long, though, he doesn’t want you to get sick

- He’d probably come to use tickling as a method to get you to smile or tell him when something is wrong

- It’d become a bargaining chip - tell me this thing or get tickled, your choice

- He’d make another mental note to try it on Ciel - omg I’d pay to see this!

- Sebastian would definitely enjoy the experience, and would definitely creep up behind you for surprise tickle attacks

- He wouldn’t do it if you told him not to

- … That’s a lie, yes he would!

- The next thing is: is Sebastian himself ticklish?

- I’ll leave that for you to decide! :3

Omg I’d love to see Sebastian use this on Ciel omf! :D


Title: Color 
Summary: In another world, Liam gets to see color.
Characters: Bill Cipher
Rating: K 

A/N: another fic for @cipherpeaks, in exchange for the charity donation. The request was Bill and Liam interacting as adults, in a scenario where he passed the Inspection and was allowed to live. Thanks again for the donation, I hope you like it!
Based on Flat Dreams.)


When Liam first began working with him at the shop, there were more than a few perplexed - if not downright hostile - glances.

That was to be expected: it is unusual for an Irregular of Liam’s degree to be allowed to live to adulthood, and when it does happen they aren’t usually seen in shops. They usually are given a job as a Government Office clerk of the seventh class, a boring low-paying job, and expected to sleep at the workplace as well. Most families are all right with never seeing them again, the stain gone from their household.

But theirs is not most families, and Bill has better connections than most Triangles do.

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This round’s top 11 I’m actually quite satisfied even though some of the good ones aren’t inside but well you can’t please everyone. Okay first good news, SAMUEL IS BACK IN IT thank you Knets for being like, logical for once. And big Woojin for rising in ranks yassssss, and ofc SUNGWOON GETTING NUMBER 3!!! He wasn’t a centre or main vocal and he had NO BENEFITS yet he shot up by 22 ranks?! Bless y'all he really deserves it. Bad news, my bae Ong, Kang Dongho, Seonho, Sewoon and Jaehwan like……how are their ranks not higher than the results idgi. AND IM FREAKING TRIGGERED THAT KENTA AND TAEHYUN DIDNT MAKE IT BUT HAKNYEON DID?? Look bash me all you want I don’t hate Haknyeon but I feel that those two have more stage presence and they impressed me more so….ya. And ofc the saddest part is BABY WOOJIN AND DANIEL SEPARATING LIKE….why Mnet why put that in I was crying like mad you separated a father and son. Okay I’m a mess rn but all in all I’m satisfied with this round’s top 11, so basically I can picture their possible roles (my own opinion so no hate):
1. Kang Daniel (centre, rapper, sub-vocal, lead dancer)
2. Park Jihoon (rapper, sub-vocal, dance line)
3. Ha Sungwoon (main vocal)
4. Bae Jinyoung (vocal)
5. Kim Samuel (vocal, lead dancer, maknae)
6. Park Woojin (rapper, main dancer)
7. Kim Jonghyun (leader, main rapper)
8. Ong Seongwoo (lead vocal, lead dancer, variety king)
9. Yoon Jisung (vocal, variety queen)
10. Lee Daehwi (vocal)
11. Hwang Minhyun (lead vocal)

Welp! I did it, guys. XD

Here’s your Gem AU for Sym-Bionic Titan. We’ve got Ilana as Golden Beryl, Lance as Tanzanite, & Octus as Angelite. I hope you guys are okay with the color choices I went for these guys. <:)

Basically, since their in-canon mechs have no real purpose to serve in this AU (considering what we’ve seen of Gem tech, anyway), I gave Ilana & Lance outfits that’re reminiscent of said mechs’ designs, as well as their color schemes (the Diamond factions I chose for all 3 of them are based on what color their mechs’ ‘eyes’ glow in the show). Same goes for their gem placements, as I chose where their mechs’ cores were located….though I guess I kinda cheated a little with Octus. (>_>); But he’s only got one eye under the glasses, so I kinda compromised! <:D

I’m still working on how much I’ll have to change about their story to fit the AU, though. But hopefully this is enough to satisfy some of you for now. :)

modern stuff :)

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

foreverabrokenfighter  asked:

I NEED SOME FLUFF BEFORE I DIE. YOU ANGST TOO WELL. UT and UF Sans + US Papyrus losing their (his???) S/O to a Reset (like Frisk accidentally died or something) the day before he planned to propose? And the day that Frisk was suppose to Fall, the S/O is with them and tackles the Skelie to the ground, sobbing about how they remember and they'd been waiting for them and they promise they'll never ever EVER leave him. From then on, the S/O remembers the Resets and always comes back early.

True, I was having a little too much fun with the angst, DOESNT MEAN MY HUNGER FOR IT IS SATISFIED THOUGH >:3 but some fluff will be nice for now, I’ll try my best for it, I don’t think im that good at fluff but I’ll give it my all!!


No..not again!! This skeleton is devastated when he lost you, when he woke up back in his bed in his house, he started crying his eyes out. What was he going to do?? He stuffed his hands in his pockets, a form of comfort for him, and finds the small box with the ring inside. “At least I know that one day, it will happen..” he murmured to no one in particular. When he was out for sentry duty, he noticed something different when he went to hide to greet the kid. Two sets of foot prints? That doesn’t sound right. He pokes his head out from his hiding spot and spots you, he’s frozen where he is for the next ten seconds until he snaps back into reality, beginning his routine of making the kid slightly freak out until the bars came up. But before he could even finish the first sentence, s/o is already tackling him to the ground crying, telling him over and over that they loved him and that they never want to leave him ever. He’s crying along with you, holding you close while frisk watches. But who cares about the kid knowing, he got his s/o back and he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure that there won’t be anymore resets, no matter what. You two get married in the matter of at least a week, leaving everyone in confusion as to how you two met anyways, but, love is love right? As he’s saying his vows to you on your special day, it went something like this, “s/o, we’ve known eachother, for the longest time, and you’ve made me the most happiest skeleton in the underground, and no matter what happens, not a single reset can ever change that.” Cue the tears here, he means every word, after all is said and done, prepare for him to dip you and give you the sweetest kiss he could muster. Everyone is happy with this, you two live a life of happiness, even though there’s a tiny bit of rough times, y'all always pulled through and kept going. Don’t expect him to ever go back on his vows, because even after any reset, you two are always going to end up together, no matter what happens.


He is scared, he’s mostly angry at Frisk, since they were somewhat the cause of this mess. He’s not playing around this time, he’s going to force Frisk to do everything the same as before, just to get back to his precious s/o. But as soon as he sees you walk through the ruins door, he just stands there. You might have to shake him back into reality first before any tackle hugging. When he comes back, he’s going to hug you so tight and not let go for at least 15 minutes, he’s so happy that he has you back again that he forgot about any anger that he had against Frisk. He’s going to propose to you on the spot, he’s not going to wait a second longer since he’s terrified of another reset happening. You two don’t get married until a month later, Edge was the planner for the party so everything had to be absolutely perfect! Red was internally screaming though when he saw you walk down the aisle, but immediately calmed down when you stood in front of him, instead, his face turned into a bright cherry as he read out his vows to you. “S-sweetheart, during the time we’ve had together, I couldn’t help myself but think, how could I have ever gotten lucky enough to have you? You’ve made me happy enough to be glad to wake up for the next day just to see you again, which is why I ask you today if you will be mine forever?” This sugar skull is too flustered to initiate the kiss first so you’re going to have to do it, after you start, he’s going to make it into the most passionate kiss imaginable, even if there are people watching, he doesn’t care about that, all he cares about it having you beside him.


This skele is not going to be able to function correctly for a while, he just lost his s/o! The second most important thing in his life! And to top it all off, the world reset just as he was about to pop the question to you. He just wants to be with you again, to hear your voice, to hug you near as if everything is okay. But it’s not, he can’t continue without you. He goes throughout the day a little more lazier than usual, not even blueberry could help cheer him up a little bit before they went out to do sentry duty. When he walked up the the ruins doors, he just sat there with his back against it, lighting up another of his cigarettes before putting it in between his teeth, he didn’t really hear the other door open until he heard a familiar voice saying, “Papyrus! You know that smoking is bad for your bones!” He knew it wasn’t his brother, so that means it could only be.. He turned his head slightly and his eye sockets widened when they met your gaze. You were here? In front of him? He hugs you close, trying to see if this was just his mind playing tricks on him, when he convinces himself that it wasn’t an illusion, he gets down on one knee and proposes to you then and there like Red. When you say yes, he’s gonna give you the most sweetest kiss he can then he’s gonna start to help plan the wedding when he takes you back to the house, bringing frisk(chara?) along with you guys. During the wedding while he started to say his vows, which was like this, “hun, during the time that I went through reset after reset, I always went back to go find you, no matter where you were, or what you did, I would always find myself falling for you, so, I ask you now if you will be my partner, through thick and thin, reset after reset, that our bond will never break, because I love you too much to let you go.” He was a little orange on his cheekbones when he gave you the kiss, it was simple and sweet, at least, for now 😏.

ANDDDDDD FINISHEDDDDDDD!! I like this fluffy ask, I really hope that you like it too! And I feel like the ending for swap pap fits him pretty well, not sure why 🙃

I'm back... I guess.

Yep, I decided to get out of my hiatus, since I still drew some things and feel pretty satisfied with them, even though none of them are full arts.
However, I must say, I won’t upload as quickly, I have something in real life to worry about.
My academic performance is not very good, especially on math and geography. With an important exam coming closer, I’ve decided to take more time to try to study.
The other issue is I’m worrying about whether I can graduate or not. To meet the standard of graduation, our school set up a really peculiar requirement, such as attending to art exhibition or music festival, which is something I’d never do in my free time. And there’s more than that. I’ll have to spend some times to get them done.
Final reason is because I need to actually take the responsibility and starts to consider about college. In my country, it’s very easy to get into college, but quite hard to get to the good ones. I’ve started planning the ones I want to go to, and see whether I can meet their standards.

A sense of anxiety struck me the whole morning, it’s not severe, but enough to make me realize that I need to do something with my life now.
Even though it’s not severe(I felt uneasy and a bit short on breathes), I’m actually quite terrified if this feeling will haunt me, or grow stronger.

So… Yeah, I’m back, but from now on, I might need more support from people, like you, reading this right now. If you want to help me, well… Do whatever you think would help.

Thank you for reading this.

I am a firm believer in Karma. Both good and bad. I’ve witnessed and lived both. I learn from my mistakes and I don’t make the same mistake twice. This is part of life, learning right from wrong, learning the difference between failure and success. Without failure there cannot be success. Without wrongdoing there cannot be the thought process to make things right, and do the right thing. Some people on this earth decide to take things and steal from people. It’s sad that honesty is so rare in the world we live in, yet it’s in my opinion one of the best traits a person can have. When you do something wrong, believe me karma is taking note and you will pay more in the end one way or another in some form. Think before you act, and act with kindness and honesty and you will live a much more satisfying life. Just some food for though and some thoughts I wanted to share that are on my mind today.
—  Jake Pitts

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I'm not a makeup artist either or wear any makeup but i find it satisfying watching makeup tutorials and videos for some reason

they really are though

Message Received

Requested by anon. (I think but-deans-back-tho will enjoy this as well, given your recent posts <3)

Summary: Dean and reader exchange dirty texts while he’s on a hunt, then follow through when he gets back. This is basically pure smut.

Warnings: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 2273

*I can’t sleep. Wish you were here with me.*

You sleepily read the text on your phone, the bright screen making you squint in the darkness of the motel room, then rolled over on your back to send a reply.

*I wish I was with you, too. I miss looking at you and your gorgeous face.*

*I miss doing other things with you…*

That message definitely got your attention.

*Oh, yeah? Like what?*

You grinned as you waited for his answer, feeling a little silly and not caring a bit.

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