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art from stream - thank you to @crescentmoonrider, @owlsshadows, @sonikku0691, @arodote, and anyone else who stopped by the stream!! ‘twas super fun doing ink and talking with yall in the chat. Very glad everyone likes the whales because hooo booooy am I into them right now. Majestic creatures. 

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Sebastian Michaelis finding out his s/o is ticklish! - requested by anon

Omgomgomgomgomg this is adorable!! ^//^ I had so much fun writing this! Anyone who requests Sebastian or Ciel (or both, both is always good!) gets virtual cookies and the satisfaction of knowing they made me smile :)

NOT MY GIF - Sebastian is beautiful omg

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- Our dear Sebastian would find out accidentally

- It’d happen when your guard is down

- Lying on your bed, Sebastian beside you, his gloved hands trailing up and down your back lazily, cradling you to him

- He’d come into contact with a hip or a rib and you’d jolt, and he’d still, watching you slightly wide-eyed

- “My, my,” he’d murmur, a devious smirk tugging at his mouth, “what have we here?”

- He wouldn’t understand your reaction, and would become curious

- Holding you tighter to him, he’d trail his hand down your back again, waiting for you to jolt

- There.

- He’d chuckle, looking down at you.

- He wouldn’t ask as such, but you’d murmur, “I’m ticklish.”

- There’d be a beat of silence and then, “is that so.”

- It wouldn’t be a question

- “Such a display of weakness is unbefitting of a young Lord/Lady”

- He’d seem to relax fully on the bed, and the two of you would lapse into silence

- You close your eyes, enjoying the quiet company with Sebastian

- He’d start chuckling and you’d frown, and then

- He’d tickle you lightly at first, testing the waters

- He’d be fascinated by your body’s reactions and would want to know more

- So of course, he’s gonna perform little experiments on you

- What happens if he tickles here? And here? Ooh, what about here?

- He’d watch your face carefully, chuckling at your reflexes and involuntary movements, your chest heaving from laughing so hard, your jaw and sides aching

- He’d come to see that the laughter is actually a form of panic

- He’d make a mental note to research it at some point

- He’d eventually stop, though, satisfied for now

- He’d ask if you like being tickled or not and would listen to your answer intently, a light furrow on his brow as he tries to understand

- He’s so confused by humans xD

- I have no doubt that, at some point, the little shit we all know and love would use his demon speed to tickle you

- Not for long, though, he doesn’t want you to get sick

- He’d probably come to use tickling as a method to get you to smile or tell him when something is wrong

- It’d become a bargaining chip - tell me this thing or get tickled, your choice

- He’d make another mental note to try it on Ciel - omg I’d pay to see this!

- Sebastian would definitely enjoy the experience, and would definitely creep up behind you for surprise tickle attacks

- He wouldn’t do it if you told him not to

- … That’s a lie, yes he would!

- The next thing is: is Sebastian himself ticklish?

- I’ll leave that for you to decide! :3

Omg I’d love to see Sebastian use this on Ciel omf! :D

Steven Universe Podcast Episode 9 Recap

Steven Universe podcast episode 9, hosted by McKenzie Atwood, is called “Steven Selects: Episode 1: Jailbreak.” It’s the first of an eight-part series of spotlights on fan favorite episodes. The guests are Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, Jeff Liu, Joe Johnston, and Rebecca Sugar. The official description:

“Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett give an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at this fan favorite, and pivotal episode that revealed Garnet is a fusion! They share what went into the writing to capture the emotion of the moment, what had to be cut at the last minute to make the story work, which came first - the Garnet fusion reveal or the Peridot arc, and what they thought about the fan reaction when the episode finally aired. Plus, storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston answer your questions. And creator Rebecca Sugar makes a surprise appearance to weigh in on ‘Jailbreak.’”


First, Matt and Ben come on.

They described the process of writing the first season finale, comparing it to the mid-season finale of “Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem.” They had to set up earlier episodes to make sure they have the payoff in “The Return/Jailbreak.” Peridot’s arc was important to make sure it feels rewarding when Peridot shows up, and Jasper’s arrival was a big deal too.

This was also the Cluster and Yellow Diamond’s first mention, but the writers Matt and Ben were already writing stuff about the Cluster for future episodes, so they were able to work that into earlier episodes.

Matt and Ben had written this before anything had aired, and “Jailbreak” was this huge turning point for audience participation, media coverage, and growing the fan base.

McKenzie discusses how Garnet’s Fusion reveal was the big deal with the episode, but pointed out Matt and Ben went right to the Peridot arc as an important aspect. She wanted to know whether the Peridot arc or the Garnet reveal was up first in the planning stages, but they explain that they were never really two separate stories. It’s all been intertwined intentionally, organically.

Obviously Garnet was always planned to be a Fusion, but they did have alternate ideas of how it would be revealed! They had one early idea about Steven finding her components hanging out in the Temple, with this thought that Garnet didn’t have a room there–it would be separate rooms for Ruby and for Sapphire. Initially they even thought about one of them being injured and needing fusion to be together all the time and help the injured one, but that was very early concepts. The idea of them being in love was established super early.

McKenzie said speculation was high and one being injured was actually a fan theory. But Matt and Ben said their relationship was enough. They think it’s hilarious when there are fan theories that mirror their development of the stories sometimes.

McKenzie asked if they’d seen the payoff of fans discussing Garnet being a Fusion, and they said they totally watched reaction videos and loved seeing a fan fall out of his chair. McKenzie said the “Steven Reacts” video was based on that fan video. (I’m assuming they’re talking about Fuzzy.)

They point out some of the places where Garnet’s fusion status was hinted at and wondered whether fans would know right away what they were leading to when Steven wakes up in a jail cell and meets Ruby. They admit the audience is really savvy, and they are sometimes surprised that the reveals can be so satisfying even though some people are having doubts about whether they are REALLY revealing something. They are not sure sometimes what will be a surprise or what audiences will guess ahead of time. They were so glad “Jailbreak” had the payoff it did.

McKenzie says Joe Johnston talked about changes from the outline for the episode, and wanted Matt and Ben to discuss those in more detail. They talk about the importance of the song to the episode, how it’s a centerpiece, so they stripped out Steven and Ruby running around to find Sapphire to cut to the plot faster. (It used to have more plot involved in finding her.) The emotional core was more important, Ruby’s distress without Sapphire.

Initially also Peridot fell with the ship too, and they didn’t have to have a separate confrontation with Peridot because they changed it to have her use an escape pod instead so they could just deal with Jasper crawling out of the wreckage and becoming a threat again. They said that decision made the episode cleaner.

Then came Jeff Liu and Joe Johnston’s part of the show, taking Q&A.

Question: How do they make sure the audience understands the continuity without repeating the background in every episode?

Answer: Sometimes they do recap some things, but usually they just trust the audience to keep up. They like to insert non-plot stuff too, and then some with stories that aren’t about “exciting Gem stuff” but still have small bits that contribute. Each episode also has its own arc. They can be enjoyed individually.

Question: Do storyboarders get to choose which characters and arcs they work on?

Answer: No, generally. Everyone kind of got what was thrown at them, and they later noticed some board artists had better connections with the characters. Lamar always got the Onion episodes, for instance. Their strengths are played to. Jeff and Joe got a lot of action-storyboarding episodes.

Question: There was a scene cut from “Jailbreak,” what was it?

Answer: Just some parts and pieces between Ruby and Steven trying to find Sapphire at the beginning. Rebecca was actually upset that he was okay with tossing them because she liked the drawings a lot. He stays unattached to the boards in the early stages so he can let stuff go for the benefit of the episode.

Rebecca arrived here. McKenzie asks her to talk about the cut scene too.

Rebecca says it was mostly Ruby/Steven stuff running around in the ship, some more frustrated exchanges between them, and Joe didn’t care that his stuff was getting chopped up even though Rebecca liked its “subtle acting” that had been figured out. She was impressed that he was okay with that though. They retooled it in a small way and it was important to getting it tight for an episode being the right length.

Next week’s episode will address “Storm in the Room.”

Mission Bad Boy | 07

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: Mentions of sex, predator drug (spiking drink), self-loathing

Notes: okay it’s getting really dark wtf. I swear to all hell it’s as dark as the oblivion now WHY AM I SUCH AN ANGSTY PERSON. What’s sad is most of this shit actually happens. I just.. I can’t. 5k words

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“This is uncomfortable..”

You could feel eyes boring into the back of your skull while you ate your rice, your grip on the chopsticks tightening slightly. It was obvious when people stared – the feeling of discomfort always gave those people away. Whether it was good or bad, you could tell by looking back. You had, and your eyes landed on a group of three boys, the two paler ones simply glaring, while the third decided to stick to occasional glances.

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bruh can i request a guanlin as a barista scenario?? ur a tru homie thanks

aight AIGHt i got u my dude 

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THIS IS KINDA LONG SO ITS UNDER THE CUT BECAUSE I GOT CARRIED AWAY LMAO . it’s not that good either??? could definitely be a little out of character, but !!! I tried as best as I could while being rushed to do it so I hope it’s not too terrible !

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Can you do a one-shot in which Michael finds out his s/o has been doing research about the eventuall illness Michael's suffering from? ( *fingerguns* because I saw you're also not really digginh that 'pure evil' shit! )

*falls off of chair because senpai noticed me* O-of course! *tries to play it cool but failing miserably* (Eventual?? Not sure what you mean exactly…)

He was looking at the scenery of the autumn leaves falling from one of the many dusty and cracked windows of his domain. He likes looking out from the window. It allows him to feel a sort of comfort to look out and see life play out before him, but most importantly to think. When he was first admitted to Smith’s Grove, his six-year old self passed the hours in front of the clean and crisp window of his room consumed in thought about everything. His parents, Judith, his baby sister, and memories of his brief life beyond the white prison cell. By the time he was ten, he remembered nothing of the life he once had. All he knew was emptiness. White. The doctors, the nurses, the lies they fed him, and the room. Still, he continued to look out from that window and think. Planning. Until one day, Loomis came in and told him that he’s going to be moved into a different room. A better room he said. Michael noticed the lack of a window in this “better” room.

There he stayed until the day he broke out.

The staff at Smith’s Grove had long given up on Michael. Loomis took the longest for the fire within him to die, but like a candle it did. Eight years of trying to reach Michael had lost its purpose. When Loomis first received Michael as his patient, he was beyond astonished that such a young child would commit a heinous crime like murder. Nonetheless, Loomis was hopeful that he would be able to understand and help this young boy. Weeks turned into months and Loomis had made no progress. Michael was unresponsive, barely moved or even blinked no matter what Loomis said, did, or show. Still, Loomis did not back down. Soon those months became years. In those years, Loomis’ motivation had began to slowly weaken, but one thing had kept him going.

The realization that Michael is simply evil.

From the countless hours spent with him, it was the only reason Loomis found that answered the question of why a six-year old boy would kill his older sister for no explanation.

He had spoken to Michael’s parents a few times before their deaths to gain insight on Michael’s home life. Any sort of clue that can help him understand the enigma that was Michael Audrey Myers. From what the parents told him, Michael didn’t have any problems at home beyond the typical sibling-rivalry between him and his older sister, Judith. They even went to say that he was a cheerful, normal boy at home. Instead of getting answers, this just made more questions. How would a normal, happy child suddenly have the urge to commit murder? Was Michael playing a façade in front of his family to hide his true urges? Did something cause a trigger within Michael for him to kill? Endless streams of questions that will never have a definitive answer.

It was when he gotten a good look into those eyes did he realize that there was nothing inside, but evil. He tried to tell the other doctors to the court that there is something more within Michael, but they completely disregarded him. Saying that Michael was a catatonic.

Loomis knew better.

He knew Michael was playing an act to let everyone keep their guards down before it’s too late. Loomis let this idea of evil taking on a human form convince him that it’s the only answer. From that moment onwards, Loomis began to refer to Michael as an ‘It’, had the guards strap him down to his bed, and had the Thorazine provided daily in larger doses. He wanted to make sure that nothing will ever happen. For a while, everything seemed fine. Until that one day. The day that changed everything.

He remembers how exhilarating it was when he got up to his feet and moved around. His muscles stiff and sore from years of barely moving an inch. The rage that has burned for years consumed him like a hellish pit. He took his anger out on the room.

The so called better room.

The bed was flung across the room, the blankets and pillows scattered and torn apart, the wall bared a deep gash, and the dresser that was once next to his bed was now mere chunks of wood on the floor. He took a chunk of wood and carved upon his door. ‘Sister’ was written crudely upon it, like a child’s. He broke the doorknob and walked calmly down the hall, releasing the other patients as means of distraction and to waste time for the staff. That was the day. The day he planned for years. The day he goes home. But most importantly, the day to relive that night from years ago.

Michael turned his attention away from the window and onto the mostly empty living room. Most of the furniture in the house has either been stolen or aged poorly. All that remained of the living room were some old paintings upon the walls, a worn out lamp, the fireplace, and a wooden rocking chair in the corner. Michael made his way towards the stairs, each step letting out a small scream under his weight. He continued through the claustrophobic hallway until he reached the door to where you dwelled. With absolute silence, he opened the door to find you seated at your desk with eyes buried onto the pages of a book in your grasp. He saw more books piled onto the desk and papers scattered on top of them. Like a shadow, he drifted behind you and watched with intrigue.

Your eyes were starting to get heavy from the lack of blinking. You didn’t notice the looming shape behind you as you turned the page of the book in your hand. You’ve been with Michael for a couple of months now with just the two of you in his old childhood home. At first, you were simply just another body to him and you wouldn’t lie if you said that you were absolutely terrified of him at that moment. Somehow, you managed to talk your way out of getting a knife to any part of your body and for whatever reason he just left you.

That didn’t mean you’ve seen the last of him.

After that, you noticed him from the corner of your eyes or even in full front view from you walking from the store to your own house. One day you came home to find him there, seemingly waiting for you. He wasted no time to grab you and put his knife against your throat. You tried to speak to him once more. Your voice gentle and calm as it can be with a knife about to slit your throat. You didn’t know exactly what made him pull the knife away. Your voice? The words you said? Speaking to him like a person? Whatever it was you were eternally grateful.

Ever since then, there’s not a single moment without him in your view. Slowly you built an attraction to him and he seemed to as well with you. That’s not to say that it wasn’t awkward or confusing. Michael’s lack of social skills or understanding certainly made things more complicated than it already was. Eventually, it seemed that Michael wanted it to be more convenient and less risk of him getting caught by the both of you by moving in to his old home. Naturally, you weren’t so keen about living in a decrepit house with the possibility of roaches and rats everywhere, but you didn’t have much of a choice. Though as time went on you’ve gotten pretty used to the house, including the occasional rat or roach.

You felt a hand rest upon shoulder and knew exactly who it was. You turn around to meet his gaze “Oh hello Michael.” you gave a warm smile to him as you wait for a response. He looked at the book in your hand then to the mess on the desk and tilted his head in questioning. “Oh all this? I’m just…doing some research…” You didn’t know how to tell Michael that your doing research on mental illnesses. Specifically, to better understand him and to possibly find out what he is suffering from.

A couple of days ago, You went out and bought plenty of books about Psychology and mental illnesses since there’s no computer or Internet at the house. You didn’t like Samuel Loomis. You wouldn’t dare call him a doctor for what he had done to Michael. Instead of actually helping him, he just let him rot away for fithteen years and treated him like he was some demon, all the while claiming that Michael was “pure evil”. So, your taking it upon yourself to try to give Michael the help that he needs.

He didn’t seem to be satisfied with the answer and kept his focus on the books and papers, wanting more information. You sighed as you gave in. “Ok I’m doing some research on mental illnesses…so that I can understand you and give you the help you need.” A small bit of anger grew within you at the mere thought of Loomis. “Loomis certainly didn’t give you that help did he?” You look to him for his response on this whole thing. You aren’t sure what to expect. Nothing? Anger? Confusion?

You truly don’t know with Michael Myers.

He just stood there, but you noticed his fist clenching tightly. Was he thinking about Loomis? His time at the Sanitarium? Honestly, you wish that he could speak so much so that you didn’t have to make crude guesses on what his thoughts consisted of. You were about to explain and show him your papers when he pulled you up from your seat to his tall frame and tilted your head to meet his gaze. Most of the time you can barely see his eyes from the mask, but now you have a good view of them. A dark deep brown, almost black they were. You saw something within his eyes, something you’ve never seen before.


He placed his calloused hand upon your cheek and continued to stare into your soul. You didn’t know how you feel. A strange combination of happiness and shock. You touched the hand on your cheek like a feather and then brought yourself closer to his body with a hug. “Your welcome Michael…” You said though a bit muffled from your face buried into his chest. You felt his arms wrap around you and pulled you even closer.

It was just the two of you alone in your own world.

The One With The STD Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Nat

Word count: 1,266

Warnings: Swearing, Cheating, STD, angst 18+

A/N: This series is inspired by @amarvelouswritings series Every Other Weekend, just so you’re warned. The magnificient @fandommaniacx betad this for me. Let me know if you wanna be tagged in this! xx

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

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Hi! If you have time for the 4-word Prompts could you do Scott/Reyes "Please, come with me." ? with a side of angst if it fits but anything would be great! Thanky! :)

Please come with me

“Please, come with me. I need to show you something.”

Even under the best of circumstances Reyes found it nearly impossible to refuse Scott. And now, when his lover uttered his request in a soft, wistful tone, Reyes had no other choice but to follow obediently without a question.

For the last couple of days Scott was out of sorts. Reyes noticed it first during their vidcalls, confirming it later in person when the Pathfinder touched down on Kadara. Scott looked subdued, as if carrying a burden far too heavy for his shoulders, his usually bright and lively eyes filled with uncharacteristic melancholy. Reyes asked him what was wrong, but got only a half-hearted assurance that everything was fine. He didn’t press on, knowing that some secrets needed time to come to light. It seemed that time was now.

Scott kept silent the whole journey to Meridian and Reyes quickly gave up on any attempts to strike up a conversation. All he could do was to be there for him, a quiet, but hopefully comforting presence.

Once they landed near the Hyperion, Scott took his hand, his palm sweaty and his grip like a vice, and guided him towards the Cryo Bay. Most pods were empty now, as the colonists had been woken up and shipped off to different planets. But there were still quite a few people in deep slumber, blissfully unaware of everything that had happened.

Scott went to the terminal and typed up some numbers. The machines whirred, lowering one of the pods to the ground level. Scott came closer and put his hand on the lid, his expression pained and somber.

“Elizabeth Reilly,” he said. Reyes searched his memory, but that name meant nothing to him. He waited for an explanation, which came a moment later. “Officially, at least. But in reality it’s Ellen Ryder. My mother.”

“What?” Escaped Reyes’s mouth, but he quickly collected himself again. “I thought your mother was dead.”

“I thought so too,” Scott sighed. “Only recently I have found out the truth. My father put my mom in cryostasis, hoping that one day we’ll find a cure for her sickness. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I decided with Sara to keep this a secret.”

Reyes shook his head, showing that he wasn’t upset. He was the last person who would condemn someone for keeping a secret.

“But that’s… good, right?” Reyes said carefully. From what he heard, Scott and his mother were really close. “She is here, she can be saved. You can still be together.”

Scott’s gaze dropped to the floor. Tears glistened in his eyes.

“I spoke to an asari scientist a couple of days ago. She told me that with our current state of knowledge and our resources it would take years to develop a cure. Over a hundred, maybe two, and that’s an optimistic estimation.”

Reyes felt his chest clench painfully. He didn’t know what to say, his heart breaking as he saw the anguish painted across Scott’s features.

“So even if she can be cured, I’ll be long…” Scott’s voice faltered, words turning into a heart-wrenching sob. He brought his hand to his face to hide the tears spilling over to his cheeks.

Reyes acted on impulse. He gathered Scott into his arms, stroke his hair, held him as the man cried his heart out. Words of comfort began flowing, mentions of yet unexplored Jaardan technology, of all the knowledge the angara had gathered, of all the planets with their marvelous ecosystems still waiting to be discovered. There was still hope.

Reyes wasn’t sure if Scott believed him – he wasn’t sure if he believed himself – but eventually Scott calmed down. Sniffing, he pulled away and wiped the tears with his sleeve. Slightly embarrassed by this outburst, he looked so young and vulnerable. Reyes never loved him more.

“Thank you for coming here with me,” Scott said, his voice still a little hoarse.

“I’m here for you,” Reyes replied, his words serious, sympathetic, truthful. “Always.”

“I know.” A faint smile flickered across Scott’s lips. Beautiful, sad, but with a hint of his usual optimistic self. A small victory.

Reyes leaned closer and placed a gentle kiss on his lover’s temple.

“Would you care for a drink?” he proposed. Scott could definitely use one right now. “I know a guy around here who can give me a discount.”

“You never pay for your drinks anyway.” Scott reached for his hand, squeezing it lightly.

“Ah, yes, part of my roguish charm. Heard from a certain Pathfinder that guys dig it.”

Scott’s soft chuckle was the best reward Reyes could imagine. That was the least he could do – make his lover smile even in the darkest moments. 

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(Spoilers) On Sienna Khan

Being an avid reader and writer has made me realize something: Wasted potential is always worse than no potential at all.

For example, when I read a certain book that will remain nameless, I wasn’t angry that it sucked because I didn’t have any expectation of it. I knew that it wasn’t that good, but it took reading it to make me know how bad it was. Still, other than the ten chapters of reading I will never get back, I don’t hate or resent it in any way. Now compare that to a certain anime series I watched that I had heard praised to high heaven……and it was terrible. Now that made me mad because it had potential, the premise was interesting and the first couple of episodes were okay. And they wasted it

Which brings me to RWBY. I will admit to not having been the most satisfied with Volume 4 though I did give it the benefit of the doubt. I understand that as a web series, they don’t have the same luxuries that other story telling methods have. Still, I had some of the same criticisms other people had; Yang’s arc felt rushed, Blake’s arc wasn’t built up that well (I cannot have been the only one who assumed she was an orphan before Volume 4), Ruby’s arc was mostly satisfying though there were some holes, and while Weiss’ arc was the strongest of the four even that had some issues.

But what finally made me angry was what they did to Sienna Khan.

The new leader of the White Fang had been built up back in Volume 1 to be one that led the more violent methods of the current White Fang. We didn’t get the name until Volume 4 and I was absolutely stoked to find out that this person was going to be based on Shere Khan, one of the most intimidating and recognizable villains of fiction. I knew that this character was going to be a badass.

And then they killed her off. In the very episode she was introduced in.

Words really can’t capture the full amount of my disappointment.

And that comes down to what I really hate about this; the wasted potential. Sienna Khan, in the brief time she had, was AMAZING. She was interesting, intimidating, and made for a good morally gray character. Certainly more compelling than Adam.

It would have been interesting for to see her with Ghira, considering that he was her predecessor. I could see the two arguing for hours over the changes to the White Fang, but at the same time having a mutual respect for each other. It would have been even more interesting for her and Blake to have met. I could see Blake confronting her on all the things that she’s introduced into the White Fang and what it’s turned into, possibly blaming her that Adam was allowed to do what he’s done for so long. At the same time, Sienna could counter that there were many in the White Fang that agreed with her changes when she took over and that the peaceful methods of the past really hadn’t made any progress, whereas her methods while more brutal were effective. It would have added some moral gray to what the White Fang is.

And you know something? I’m not so much angry the fact that Adam killed Sienna Khan, I was expecting something along those lines going into this volume (though I wasn’t expecting it so early). What bothers me is how EASILY Adam did it. I was expecting much more of a fight, something that would wear them both down to their breaking points. Perhaps having Sienna permanently injure or scar Adam like what he did to Yang, or maybe having her be the one to break his mask and finally reveal his full face. It’d definitely be symbolic.

Either way, it’s just wasted potential.

I’m hoping she’ll at least get her due by those in the community either in fan art or fan faction.

And I don’t care who does it or how, I want to Adam Taurus to die in a very slow painful manner.

like i’m fully aware otgw was a contained story? i’m very happy abt how it played out and ended? i love the characters and worldbuilding even though some aspects of it weren’t completely satisfying but like.. it was a short series. it did A LOT. it was very beautiful. but literally how/why would it hurt to have something else come along that’s even like. set in that same universe. along similar lines. whether it involved the same characters or not. why would that be bad. why do you hate fun and someone enjoying something lmao. also like.. why wouldn’t anyone want more wirt & greg


Title: Color 
Summary: In another world, Liam gets to see color.
Characters: Bill Cipher
Rating: K 

A/N: another fic for @cipherpeaks, in exchange for the charity donation. The request was Bill and Liam interacting as adults, in a scenario where he passed the Inspection and was allowed to live. Thanks again for the donation, I hope you like it!
Based on Flat Dreams.)


When Liam first began working with him at the shop, there were more than a few perplexed - if not downright hostile - glances.

That was to be expected: it is unusual for an Irregular of Liam’s degree to be allowed to live to adulthood, and when it does happen they aren’t usually seen in shops. They usually are given a job as a Government Office clerk of the seventh class, a boring low-paying job, and expected to sleep at the workplace as well. Most families are all right with never seeing them again, the stain gone from their household.

But theirs is not most families, and Bill has better connections than most Triangles do.

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anonymous asked:

I LOVE YOU!!! You are doing so much more justice to this idea I got at 4am one day than I could ever imagine ever reading. You have all the reactions perfectly, I'm not sure I can truly explain how I feel right now. I'm just beaming at my screen really. So again if you continue you would make me very happy, I give you free rein of what to do with Little Stars <3

He’s so very little.

Obi-Wan’s not sure if that’s because he didn’t do what he should when he was pregnant with Anakin, because of Zan Arbor’s method of…conception, because Obi-Wan was fifteen or because that was just how babies were. But his hands are so tiny even compared to Obi-Wan’s fingers as Anakin clings to it.

A low curse got him to look up from the blue eyes to watch his Master struggle with the baby cot that the creche had supplied along with several boxes of things that the newborn would need. One of creche masters had already shown Obi-Wan how to feed, burp and change Anakin’s diaper when they were there while Qui-Gon was getting what they would need.

He was suppose to come back so they could show him how to bath him too at some point though they were satisfied with how Obi-Wan held him, called it a natural parental hold where Obi-Wan was supporting Anakin and holding him protectively without it being too tight.

“Are you alright Master?” He questioned at yet another curse.

Qui-Gon almost dropped the multi-tool in his hands, giving his padawan a wide eyed look. “Force Obi-Wan, I think that’s what I should ask.”

“He’s yours too.” Obi-Wan shrugged and hadn’t that been a shock, Anakin’s other parent being Qui-Gon, his master. The Healer who had taken the blood sample had given both wide eyed looks before continuing Anakin’s examination, shaking of her shock.

“I didn’t carry him and give birth padawan of mine.” Qui-Gon placed the tool down and moved to the couch, sitting down. “You’re still pale and worn looking even after the Healers.” He sighed and then smiled down at the wide eyed babe on Obi-Wan’s lap. “At least someones interested in the world.”

“He’s going to go to sleep soon. He’s just interested in a new space right now I think.” Obi-Wan glanced back down at Anakin before looking back at his master. “But are you okay?” He questioned again, knowing his master had just side stepped the question that his padawan had asked by using the situation.

Standard tactic.

Qui-Gon face tightened a bit then it eased when he sighed. “Honestly, no. My fifteen year old padawan got abducted, his rights violated, had a baby to term, gave birth in a barn far away from medical help and Force knows what could have happened and now has to take one of the biggest decisions of his life…and I wasn’t there to protect him from it in the start.” Qui-Gon felt like an utter failure. Micah and Tahl had already called to hear if the rumors were true.

That Obi-Wan…

“You were there when I needed you though.” Came the soft voice and Qui-Gon looked at the other quickly, Obi-Wan smiling a bit. “I couldn’t have done it alone and…and I didn’t notice Anakin either.”

The older Jedi stared at him before reaching out and gently capturing Obi-Wan’s braid, giving it a little tug. “When did you become so wise.” He smiled gently.

That just got a little smile in return before Qui-Gon pushed himself back on his feet and picked up the multi-tool again. “Alright, I’ll get the cot finished, he should have a proper place to rest and not just a makeshift bunk with blankets.”

Obi-Wan watched him for a few moments before looking down at the blond whisped baby on his lap. “…You know…I didn’t know about you…but…welcome to the world Anakin.” He smiled a bit, wiggling the fingers Anakin had a tight grasp on. “I hope I do right by you.” He added softly.

Qui-Gon slowed down a bit and glanced over his shoulder at the two. “If its any help Obi-Wan, you won’t be alone about this my padawan.”

“That is to great help Master.” The two smiled at each other…and then Qui-Gon dropped the multi-tool on his foot and started cursing up a low storm.

Obi-Wan sniggered to himself and gave Anakin a small grin as the baby squirmed a bit on his lap in response to the sound. ‘Just another day then…’

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

Welp! I did it, guys. XD

Here’s your Gem AU for Sym-Bionic Titan. We’ve got Ilana as Golden Beryl, Lance as Tanzanite, & Octus as Angelite. I hope you guys are okay with the color choices I went for these guys. <:)

Basically, since their in-canon mechs have no real purpose to serve in this AU (considering what we’ve seen of Gem tech, anyway), I gave Ilana & Lance outfits that’re reminiscent of said mechs’ designs, as well as their color schemes (the Diamond factions I chose for all 3 of them are based on what color their mechs’ ‘eyes’ glow in the show). Same goes for their gem placements, as I chose where their mechs’ cores were located….though I guess I kinda cheated a little with Octus. (>_>); But he’s only got one eye under the glasses, so I kinda compromised! <:D

I’m still working on how much I’ll have to change about their story to fit the AU, though. But hopefully this is enough to satisfy some of you for now. :)

Some fans..

Some can afford album to their favorite artist, while some can only wait for a link to illegally download their album.

Some can afford the band light stick but some can only download the picture of the light stick (and put it on display of phone)

Some can afford original posters while some are just happy with the posters they got in the magazine.

Some can afford the concert ticket and see their idol face to face while some can only be satisfied with fancam even though sometimes it can get blurry but that’s plentiful enough. 

Some can travel to the band places and visit them but some just can wait patiently in front of the internet for any updates of the group.

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This round’s top 11 I’m actually quite satisfied even though some of the good ones aren’t inside but well you can’t please everyone. Okay first good news, SAMUEL IS BACK IN IT thank you Knets for being like, logical for once. And big Woojin for rising in ranks yassssss, and ofc SUNGWOON GETTING NUMBER 3!!! He wasn’t a centre or main vocal and he had NO BENEFITS yet he shot up by 22 ranks?! Bless y'all he really deserves it. Bad news, my bae Ong, Kang Dongho, Seonho, Sewoon and Jaehwan like……how are their ranks not higher than the results idgi. AND IM FREAKING TRIGGERED THAT KENTA AND TAEHYUN DIDNT MAKE IT BUT HAKNYEON DID?? Look bash me all you want I don’t hate Haknyeon but I feel that those two have more stage presence and they impressed me more so….ya. And ofc the saddest part is BABY WOOJIN AND DANIEL SEPARATING LIKE….why Mnet why put that in I was crying like mad you separated a father and son. Okay I’m a mess rn but all in all I’m satisfied with this round’s top 11, so basically I can picture their possible roles (my own opinion so no hate):
1. Kang Daniel (centre, rapper, sub-vocal, lead dancer)
2. Park Jihoon (rapper, sub-vocal, dance line)
3. Ha Sungwoon (main vocal)
4. Bae Jinyoung (vocal)
5. Kim Samuel (vocal, lead dancer, maknae)
6. Park Woojin (rapper, main dancer)
7. Kim Jonghyun (leader, main rapper)
8. Ong Seongwoo (lead vocal, lead dancer, variety king)
9. Yoon Jisung (vocal, variety queen)
10. Lee Daehwi (vocal)
11. Hwang Minhyun (lead vocal)