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Once a year we all come together to this sacred valley. We migrate here to get inspired, to reset, and to check in with each other. We talk about our dreams, the universe, love, life, and the trials and successes of the last year. Knowing we all have this constant tradition every year is something we all truly look forward to.

The other day I was sitting around staring at all my friends and I finally figured out how to best articulate how I feel about them. They are like super heroes to me, all in their own regard. As a child we all have some super hero we aspire to be. We look up to them and are in awe of their ability. I believe this to be true about how I feel with this group. We all bring a special gift to the table. We all play an instrument in this orchestra of life.

I love you all. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for inspiring me. Here’s to being 70 years old and all coming back here to reminisce this beautiful life we share.

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Being In A Poly Relationship With Monsta X Would Involve

  • These utter sweeties!!!
  • Good variation tho
  • Daddy AF Shownu and Wonho
  • Baby boys IM and Jooheon
  • Divo Hyungwon
  • Romantic Kihyun
  • Minhyuk who is up to everything you are into
  • And they are all so loveydovey
  • With you and with each other
  • Shownu is the Alpha male
  • Kihyun is the utter bottom
  • Go ahead and see where you fit in
  • These guys adore having you in their lives
  • You are convinced to move into the dorm
  • So now are you their housekeeper, gee thanks guys
  • These baby’s love to come home to you
  • They might fight over who gets to snuggle you
  • You of course call the shots in the end
  • They all try to get as close to you as they can
  • Clinging to Shownu’s arm and curling into him is a big thing
  • And not only for you
  • Mainly Kihyun, IM and Minhyuk are very charmed by those arms
  • As long as you make him Ramen, Wonho will worship the ground you walk on
  • He always follows you into the kitchen when you even mention that very favorite dish
  • Minhyuk loves to play fight
  • Luckily he is not the biggest or broadest of guys, so you can take him
  • Kihyun is overly fond of you
  • He will literally pamper you when ever he is home
  • Cook for you, wrap you upon a blanket, feed you, ect
  • Hyungwon is that one guy that pulls you into bed with him when you try to wake him up
  • 75% chance you land on top of Wonho, bc he already tried too
  • Kihyun tried too, but he is samrt enough not to bodily climb in bed with Hyungwon
  • Jooheon is the biggest cuddler
  • He wants to snuggle all of you, all of the time
  • You and the smaller member in particular
  • He loves to be big spoon
  • Don’t you dare underestimate IM
  • He might be the Maknae
  • But he is very responsible and mature about the relationship
  • And his mouth always find the best spots on your body 
  • Also say good fucking bye to your privacy
  • Nightly you can hear and sometimes see people fucking
  • If you do not participate in said fucking
  • All these guys have to work with are their bunk bed
  • And you bet they will work it
  • Only the top bunks allow the cowgirl position
  • The lower bunk might allow doggy style, if you are careful
  • Kihyun and IM are whimperers
  • Minhyuk is a squealer
  • Hyungwon and Wonho moan like whores
  • Jooheon and Shownu are groaners
  • Good luck trying to sleep through that xD
  • All the smooth kisses
  • Because making out with any of these guys is perfect!
Nagito Komaeda is problematic

this is a callout post for Nagito Komaeda, a character featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

This charchter is really problematic for different reasons and it hurts me to see people loving him so much, despite him being so toxic and awful.

Let me start right away with the problemtic behaviours.

1. He associates talent with worth, which is quite offensive to people who don’t have any talent. The whole Hope Peaks academy is based on the concept of talent which already is pretty disappointing, because it perpetuates the idea that you have to be skilled in at least one thing to be worthy, but his statements strenghten this negative aspect of the game.

2. The whole KomaHina relationship is based on queerbaiting and is overall really toxic. Komaeda is a samrt and manipulative charachter, therefore all of his relationships with the other students are unhealthy and unsincere. But there already are lots of posts about thuis, so i won’t continue any further.

3. His design is honestly purposefully confusing and mocks people who can’t choose an actual outfit because of different reasons.

These are the main reasons why Komaeda Nagito is a terribly problematic charachter and you should feel ashamed to consider him your fave.