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Nagito Komaeda is problematic

this is a callout post for Nagito Komaeda, a character featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

This charchter is really problematic for different reasons and it hurts me to see people loving him so much, despite him being so toxic and awful.

Let me start right away with the problemtic behaviours.

1. He associates talent with worth, which is quite offensive to people who don’t have any talent. The whole Hope Peaks academy is based on the concept of talent which already is pretty disappointing, because it perpetuates the idea that you have to be skilled in at least one thing to be worthy, but his statements strenghten this negative aspect of the game.

2. The whole KomaHina relationship is based on queerbaiting and is overall really toxic. Komaeda is a samrt and manipulative charachter, therefore all of his relationships with the other students are unhealthy and unsincere. But there already are lots of posts about thuis, so i won’t continue any further.

3. His design is honestly purposefully confusing and mocks people who can’t choose an actual outfit because of different reasons.

These are the main reasons why Komaeda Nagito is a terribly problematic charachter and you should feel ashamed to consider him your fave.