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What would make sasuke jealous(romantically)

What would make anyone jealous romantically?

I’d imagine that if Sakura was placed in a situation where she had to spend a lot of time with another guy, then Sasuke wouldn’t be too happy about it. The only difference is that he wouldn’t turn into some obnoxiously overly jealous and overprotective person that so many people depict him to be in fan fics.

He knows the nature of Sakura’s love for him, and believes in her more than anyone. He’ll be bothered by it, sure, but it wouldn’t shake his composure.

Sakura Did NOT Rape Sasuke

Warning: Angry rant with sensitive subject matter ahead.

I cannot believe I actually have to fucking write this. I really really really cannot. But I’ve seen a couple posts suggesting the only way Sakura became pregnant with Sarada is because she raped Sasuke.

First of all, rape is not a fucking joke.

I’ve seen a post or two making into this “funny” joke. That’s the most frustrating part of this. I feel like if someone suggested a male character in the series raped a female character, it’d be a huge deal and people would be very upset. But HEY, it’s Sakura, so who gives a fuck, right?

Well, I give a fuck.

Don’t like Sakura? Great, hate away.

Don’t like SasuSaku? Great, hate away.

Don’t like Sarada? Great, again, go ahead and hate to your hearts content. We all should be able to hate what we want to.

But just because you hate a character or a ship, it does not make it fucking okay to take a serious issue like rape and joke about it. Or the right to push the sick idea down people’s throats and scream it is somehow cannon. (I’ve seen that happen plenty of times…)

I get it, a lot of people do not like the cannon ending. THAT IS FINE AND YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO HATE ANYTHING THAT’S CANNON. But that doesn’t mean you can viciously attack people by telling them Sakura raped Sasuke, or joke about how Sakura raped Sasuke. Or make up crazy ass other stories and scream IT’S CANNON BECAUSE I SAY SO.

Naruto is a pretty pure manga you guys. No one in that series is raping anyone.

Oh, and kinky fanfics or ships? YAY, go ahead!! I’m all for it. 

But rape is a whole other area. Rape should not be joked about or taken lightly.

Oh, and out of all the characters in Naruto, Sakura is NOT one who would rape anyone. Honestly, the only character who has exhibited that sort of potential behavior was Karin.

Anyway, I’m usually pretty polite in my rants, but I got triggered. Normally I’d say sorry, and I want to say sorry, but I’m not.

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Why do people think Sakura would be endangering her baby by traveling while she's pregnant? Who is going to hurt her? Or better yet who can and would? Also the strongest shinobi alive just happens to be travelling with her. Where is the danger?

I think the issue derived from people thinking that she was still very active while pregnant, but that wouldn’t be the case at all. The two of them aren’t stupid, and Sakura’s a medic nin; she knows what would and wouldn’t endanger the life of their baby. During the later stages of her pregnancy, they’d most definitely accommodate for her condition, settle down in one location, and ensure they had no issues until the time came to give birth.