not safe for haters

Ship-ping/ get off my ship
  • Me: *see's someone has gone overboard and helps them aboard*
  • Person: Thank you, I was on another ship and found some content I hated.
  • Me: Well I hope your not scared. Anyway welcome to our ship! Everyones pretty nice here and would be happy to show you around.
  • Person: *Looks around and see's *enter ship/OTP* and looks disgusted.* WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.....(Says angry and hateful stuff about how our ship is wrong and gross.)
  • Me: *Stares at the hater for a long time and calmly says*
  • Get off my ship.

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Why i c'ant see your tumblr ????😦😦😦

I’m sorry,It’ll only be viewable to have safe mode off

Because I’m tired of talking to hater,so now I have this setting to protect people who don’t want to see me

The reason Danny was not in the movie trailer is because she is currently living happily in a beautiful log cabin home somewhere in the Canadian wilderness with me, her loving and happy wife, who would never ask anything awful of her or do anything to hurt her

HONESTLY AT THIS POINT OF THE SERIES, if you hate Sansa Stark, then not only you really think that every child is born smart and cannot learn, which is really stupid and closeminded of you, but also, you hate a strong female character who has gone through so much and undergone an iconic development. like there is really no other logical and valid reason at this rate for you to hate her when she has already redeemed herself. LIKE SHE IS ONE OF THE SMARTEST AND BEST PLAYERS OF THIS GAME. like y’all didnt see it coming.. she plays it safe and convinces the enemy including you unobservant bandwagon hater viewers that she’s not a threat then strikes when you least expect it. and that has been her biggest move and what made her survive and got this far. so yeah, she may be passive but that’s how she plays. she is clever and amazing. and if you hate her, i will fight you


I thought I was safe on my blog , I mean I see posts how ddlg haters are aggressive and how they should stop hating on ddlg But fortunately none on mine I thought I was lucky that no one is hating on my blog I thought everyone just didn’t care I thought everyone just minded their own business But BANG! I start getting hate and guys are calling me a ddlg fagot and commanding me to delete my blog … my little space. Just why? Why are you hating? I mean there is nothing wrong with ddlg! Nothing! It’s my lifestyle! Ddlg is a safe haven for me , a place to be myself, to be me , so, I am going to say this once and the last time! GO GET A LIFE AND STOP HATING ON DDLG! Thank you 😊 have a good day!

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This place isn’t safe.

Everywhere you look

You see opinions

THEIR opinions.

These opinions, that are thought so highly of

Are being forced upon us

Is this okay?

To many, it’s great

It’s safe.

But for the people who happen to have a different opinion

This place is not safe.

It’s a place of discrimination.

It claims to be a home to all

It claims to accept everyone

And yet

If you have an opinion

A different opinion

An unpopular

Frowned upon




You won’t be accepted.

You will NOT feel safe.

You will be called a hater

For simply having an opinion

An opinion that’s against what they’re trying to force on you.

So no.

This isn’t a “safe space”

True, it may be safe for them.

But it’s not safe for the ones

The healthy minded ones

The ones that won’t let their mind be corrupted.

They claim to support equality

So then why are my ideas and beliefs frowned upon?

Why aren’t I accepted?

Don’t I deserve

To feel safe?


Here are some pictures of when I marched for women’s rights at my state capital. I also went to the mayors speech of the city about how important lgbt is.

(last one isn’t mine)

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GAM, I'm sorry if you've already been asked questions like this, but... how do you cope? With so much anger being thrown at you and women in general, every day? Whenever I'm aggressively confronted about feminism by male "friends" I can't help but shut down and just feel like curling up and hiding from everyone. I know I shouldn't and I'm trying really hard to change.

Remember that you don’t owe them shit, you don’t have to justify every single thing, it’s not your battle alone and those fuckers have Google.

When I push and fight it’s because I can, if I feel like I can’t then I don’t. It’s ok to draw your boundaries and refuse to engage, it doesn’t make you worse or a bad feminist.

But if you want to engage then my advice is: pick your battles. There are lots of people I could argue with that I KNOW won’t listen, it will lead nowhere and will probably end up in a mess. Feel free to ignore those situations and block the fuck out of anyone who is going to give you grief.

If you really want to engage then gather sources, you don’t have to spend 20 hours researching rape culture when chances are a bunch of feminists have already done that. Don’t be afraid to use other resources ever. I’ll link someone to a Marinashutup video, say “there are sources in the description box” and walk away to eat pizza.

If someone demands YOU personally break it all down for them then refuse that shit, they are just trying to break YOU down.

Know when to pull away. If an argument or debate has become too much pull the fucking plug, it’s never worth it to keep pushing yourself. The person you are debating with might see this as you “losing” but they are the kind of actual loser who thinks these issues are won and lost, so fuck them.

Seek help, tag a friend, get support.

Never look at the YouTube comments. It’s never going to be good.

Trim toxic people if you feel safe doing so. If people refuse to listen to you on your own experiences and position then these people suck, feel free to cut these people the fuck out.

And like, at the end of the day, sometimes it’s still fucking exhausting and tiring and you want to curl up and cry. So make sure you treat yourself, give yourself self care, put yourself first.

At the end of the day your first responsibility is to yourself and your own mental health. Believe me I’d have quit years ago if I wasn’t SO fucking petty and refuse to give my haters the satisfaction of me leaving.

Stay safe.

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Wait I heard something about V hate do I need to throw down??? Bc I'm willing to throw down, people need to stop accusing him for everything like damn the man can only control himself and yeah he made a few mistakes and bad deductions but??? Literally everyone does??? It doesn't make him an awful person?? He's willing to learn and grow and he wants to make sure his choices don't hurt people so I don't see why people hate on my babe

I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU MORE MY FRIEND!!! Look, I won’t deny that V made some bad choices but hasn’t every person in the game made a bad decision before? V is human, obviously he’ll make bad choices!! He understands his mistakes and tries to fix things, even if it means sacrificing himself to make other’s happy! So this V hate really confuses me. Yes, he should have tried harder to find Rika some help but it isn’t his fault that she went psycho and created a cult!! V literally says how terrible he feels about everything that happened to Saeran and tries to protect the other RFA members, even at the cost of his own life! We need to print and frame your last sentence because it’s perfect, anyone who is a V hater needs to read it! And now, a message to all of the V haters: V DID MAKE SOME MISTAKES BUT HE FEELS GUILTY AND AWFUL ABOUT THEM AND TRIES HIS BEST TO FIX THEM ALONG WITH KEEPING THE OTHER RFA MEMBERS SAFE!!!! #VDESERVESBETTER2017

Not only is this going to be an awesome place to connect with other fans, but it will be a safe place too. Like, we won’t have haters or anyone else trying to cloud or question our love for taylor and each other. She’s literally giving us a platform to be ourselves, unabashedly, as much as our hearts desire. I love her.

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Deathglare prompt from a dream I just woke up from: Peepers is comforting Hater after something scared him. Hater admits that Peepers makes him feel safe. Peepers is shocked to hear this. He's so little and weak compared to Hater, how can he possibly make him feel safe?

Hey this is a really cute and really good prompt!! I’m curious, if someone uses this, to know what scared Hater and how Peepers would outwardly react to Hater saying Peepers makes him feel safe. ^~^ Nice prompt, thank you so much!

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?? i don't understand how anyone could have a problem with you. you run a wonderful blog & you work very hard to make others happy & safe. you are spectacular & those haters can see themselves out

Awww thank you so much for this ☺️ I know I have flaws, but I really do try my best to be the best for all of you, so thank you for these kind words ❤️❤️ I can’t please everybody so I do the best I can while still taking care of myself first, and part of that self care means ignoring the bullshit and reminding myself that at the end of the day there’s more people who are helped by this blog than those who take issue with me. Thank you again love ❤️

callout post for birgitte

aka @jedihighcouncil

i didn’t wanna have to do this but she left me no choice :/

- claims to be a man hating dyke but then says this?

- a known aphobe :(

- makes kin jokes constantly, clearly doesn’t respect the kin community

- won’t admit yoda’s a top yet she’s hogging the topyoda url? 🤔🤔🤔

- can’t say anything without mentioning she’s gay…we get it birgitte ://

- doesn’t support the american military that fought so hard to protect her :(

stay safe everyone, block this adam driver hater 💕

  • tonies: *draws art sexualizing an actual baby peter, where tony remarks about his "bubble butt", writes ableist textpost "jokes" about rhodey's disability, writes sexual peter x tony fics because "tony deserves love from everyone", claims everyone else's mental illnesses don't exist because they aren't abusive towards others like how tony is*
  • tonies: stay safe from the haters, everyone!!! they just want to hate on what we do!! we're in the right though!!

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honestly, you're so great and made me feel so much better as a 20 yr old with severe anxiety and still ships the same ship i did since i was like 12 when i read the book for the first time. I cant even go into the It tag anymore without wanting to throw up because of all the antis, luckily I've found some great blogs like yours to follow so i havent had to go into the tag

I’m seriously really happy I made you feel better my love, you guys should now this blog is a safe place for everyone except antis/haters, and I’m always glad if I can help with anything


As a major Snape hater I just want to say that I think he had every right to hate the Marauders. I do not idolize or condone their behaviour towards him because they were complete assholes. I believe they grew up, copped on and became very good people, but my love for them does not blind me to their faults, and my dislike of Snape does not blind me to his struggles.