not safe for haters

Ship-ping/ get off my ship
  • Me: *see's someone has gone overboard and helps them aboard*
  • Person: Thank you, I was on another ship and found some content I hated.
  • Me: Well I hope your not scared. Anyway welcome to our ship! Everyones pretty nice here and would be happy to show you around.
  • Person: *Looks around and see's *enter ship/OTP* and looks disgusted.* WHAT THE HELL IS THIS.....(Says angry and hateful stuff about how our ship is wrong and gross.)
  • Me: *Stares at the hater for a long time and calmly says*
  • Get off my ship.

I thought I was safe on my blog , I mean I see posts how ddlg haters are aggressive and how they should stop hating on ddlg But fortunately none on mine I thought I was lucky that no one is hating on my blog I thought everyone just didn’t care I thought everyone just minded their own business But BANG! I start getting hate and guys are calling me a ddlg fagot and commanding me to delete my blog … my little space. Just why? Why are you hating? I mean there is nothing wrong with ddlg! Nothing! It’s my lifestyle! Ddlg is a safe haven for me , a place to be myself, to be me , so, I am going to say this once and the last time! GO GET A LIFE AND STOP HATING ON DDLG! Thank you 😊 have a good day!

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Ship Haters

Ok so my feed got overwhelmed with this so I figured I’ll make a general post.

We all love different things about our fandoms. We all support different ships. This is normal. What is not normal is going out of your way to hijack other people’s post to say how much you don’t like the ship and why. You don’t go around the real world and say “sorry I don’t support that pairing” about real people. The only instance you see that is conservative people tearing down homosexual couples and screaming “I cannot support this.” And what do we tell people “well that’s none of your business anyway.”

So the next time you go out of your way to insert your opinions into someone else’s post ask yourself these questions:

1) am I offering anything productive
2) am I only inserting an opinion for the sake of doing so because I don’t like the pairing
3) would I do this in the real world about real people

If your answer indicates that you only want to put anti-ship vibes out there, then grow up and post it on your blog instead of hijacking someone else’s post. And if you answered yes to that last item, then you have serious issues and probably shouldn’t interact with society.

Stop being toxic and leave other people alone.

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Deathglare prompt from a dream I just woke up from: Peepers is comforting Hater after something scared him. Hater admits that Peepers makes him feel safe. Peepers is shocked to hear this. He's so little and weak compared to Hater, how can he possibly make him feel safe?

Hey this is a really cute and really good prompt!! I’m curious, if someone uses this, to know what scared Hater and how Peepers would outwardly react to Hater saying Peepers makes him feel safe. ^~^ Nice prompt, thank you so much!

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I'm happy Iris is safe. Haters can stay pressed because she ain't going nowhere.

Don’t worry, they will. LOL

But if Savitar shows us nothing else, it shows that if they kill Iris, they may as well kill Barry, too. Either he becomes the sad depressed version that we saw in 2024, or he becomes and evil psycho. The only way he can be a hero is with Iris by his side. 

Training a pussyboy:

1. Discourage use of his cock. Every time he uses his cock he is experiencing pleasure as a Top, is neglecting his pussy and learning to get off with his cock instead of his hole. If you aren’t into the whole BDSM and chastity scene, encourage him to hold back from masturbating with his dick, and encourage him to finger himself instead. If you are in bed together and he is trying to wank, push his hands away from his cock so he gets used to sexual pleasure without associating it with cock pleasure. When you fuck him make sure he is focused on the sensations his pussy is giving him by not allowing him to wank during sex - fuck him in a position that is difficult for him to do so such as face down on the bed.  Buy him jocks so that his cock is hidden away and minimised but his pussy and ass is on display and have sex while he wears these so he learns that his cock is not necessary for good sex. Very controversially, and only if this fits with the type of relationship you have, encourage the boy to feel naughty if he touches his dick, but reward him for playing with his pussy. If he has a small dick, or if it is smaller than yours, remind him how small it is compared to your cock, and encourage him to think that his cock is small because it is only meant to pee and not to fuck. Fucking is reserved for Men/Daddies/Tops with Real Cocks, not for a boy and his little nubbin. If he is caught touching his dick, act disappointed, so he feels shame when he touches himself there. Of course if you are in a BDSM relationship then there are many options available to you to reinforce this notion that boy touching his nubbin is bad - whether through chastity or punishment. The idea is to encourage negative feelings towards his cock and achieving orgasm in a conventionally ‘male’ way.

2. Make him feel good about his pussy. All boys are naturally self conscious and worried about what their Daddy/Top thinks about them. By telling him how beautiful and delicious his pussy is, and letting him know how much you love it as often as you can, he will gain confidence in his pussy and be much more comfortable in showing it off and using it. Reinforce behaviour which glorifies his pussy and puts it at the forefront of his sexual pleasure and identity. Much like you are trying to promote a feeling of the forbidden and negative towards his cock in tip 1, here you are trying to promote feelings of desirability and positivity surrounding his pussy and being a pussyboy.

3. Give him pleasure through his pussy. If you want him to be a true bottom and love it, you need to make sure he is feeling satisfied enough anally to forget about his dick. Casually grab his ass cheeks, rub his hole when kissing, play with it during foreplay and ignore his cock completely. As covered in previous posts, REAL MEN EAT PUSSY. If you truly love boy pussy then you will lick, suck and eat it out and make him moan like a bitch on heat and beg for your cock. Rub it. Play with it. Give him pleasure through it, and when you do come round to fucking it, make sure you drive him wild through the fuck and aim to give him an anal orgasm if possible. When he does have an anal orgasm, kiss him, congratulate him, make him feel proud for being a good bottom. Remember that especially for a young boy to ignore his cock and try to experience pleasure through his pussy alone is a VERY difficult task. That means that as a Top you need to be up to the task of giving him the satisfaction necessary for him to feel that it is worth all the trouble and denial he is going through.

4. Combat his shame. A lot of pussyboys may feel shame for many reasons. They may feel shame for being gay, or that they are not very masculine compared to other boys/Men. They may worry about what people think about them. Even if they come to terms with being gay and being less masculine, they may still feel bad about being exclusively passive pussyboys because let’s face it, Tops get a lot more respect than bottoms both from gays and straights. In order for your boy to truly feel comfortable in his own skin and identity as a fully 100% passive pussyboy and completely give himself to you, and by extension accept you as his 100% active long-term partner, you need to not only encourage that behaviour, but let him know that being a pussyboy is OK and anyone who disagrees can go fuck themselves. An important way to do this is to reinforce the message that you are his Man/Daddy and you will keep him safe and protect him from what any haters may say or think. Show him your love and affection as well as your dominance.

If you follow the above with a boy who is willing and wants to be trained then you may well end up in the Yin and Yang type relationship so many people idolise. Man and pussyboy the same as Man and wife. Opposites which fit together perfectly to make a whole

This is my headcanon about wander and sylvia origin (this is before Woy episode “The Waste of Time”; not real confirmed). Daiki-San, an traveler, is sent to take baby Wander to find safe place from Lord Hater. With his steed,Sylvia, they can able to find a shelter but unfortunately, they were attack by Watchdogs. Sylvia is manage to escape with Wander & after that, She was shocked that her owner is dead, alone with wander, Sylvia found a perfect shelter to keep themselves warm. Then, Wander start to cries if there a nightmare, Sylvia sing a lullaby to Wander since she remember the time where haiku sing to Sylvia when she was afraid of lightning. Sylvia make a grave for her dead owner & she make sure that she will protect Wander.

today is the start of season 2 of ks which means we will yet again see tons people openly and obsessively sexualizing a rape victim, rooting for an abusive relationship and trying to justify it all with “its just fiction!!!! haters lolz” 
death is coming everyone stay safe Ready Yourselves

I know this rant is long, but please read:

So I’ve become pretty PISSED at all this Snape-hate so here’s a little rant I want to share (Note: Things may be out of order because I’m angry and aggravated and I’m just writing everything that comes to mind):

First of all, for all of you who think he was “creepy obsessed” with Lily are clearly missing the whole damn Big Picture ™. Imagine yourself living in a home where your father is an abusive p.o.s and he abuses your mother physically/mentally right in front of you. Imagine him giving you no love whatsoever. Imagine your mother doing everything she can to love and care for you, but falls slightly short on that. Imagine you also living in pretty shitty conditions and having clothes that don’t fit and your hair is greasy and long because you’re not being well taken care of. Imagine you don’t have proper skills to know how to talk to other people and because of how you look/act, kids your age don’t like to play with you. NOW IMAGINE someone coming along and looking past all that and wanting to be your friend. Wouldn’t you be so fucking happy? Wouldn’t you say “Wow, no one’s ever been so nice to me and accepting of me. I’m going to keep this person close”? As a 9-year-old, I think I’d do the same thing.

Moving on, now picture you’ve just started school and you’re super happy because now you have a little over half a year to be away from your abusive home and you have over half a year to spend with your best friend. NOW IMAGINE, your friend being put in a different house than you and because of that you’ll barely see them, but hey, you’re best friends. No matter what you’ll still make time for each other. No problem there, right?

Okay, so remember how I said you had a shitty life because of your parents (mostly your dad), and you look different and act differently than other kids your age who may have more than you? NOW IMAGINE, 4 kids your age coming along and bullying you NONSTOP. Wow, that’s pretty fucked up, right? You’re already being bullied at home by YOUR OWN FATHER and now you’ve come to this “safe place” for an escape, only to be treated like crap some more. Messed up, RIGHT? And to think, if you looked like them, acted like them, and were all around a different person, they wouldn’t bother you. What a shame that it’s ALL YOUR FAULT, right, Snape-haters?

Anyway, you start hanging out with some shady people as you get older because it’s hard for you to be around your bff (even though you still hang out with her) because 1 of those 4 bullies picks on you a ton more when you’re around her because HE’S THE ONE who actually has a thing for her. You also start showing interest in the Dark Arts (you had this interest as a younger child too). Not because you’re evil, but because you enjoy learning and even though people like to just focus on the Dark Arts (“wow so evil”) you’re very smart and you enjoy Potions and charms and all that good stuff. Your bff is concerned you’re hanging out with bad people, but you tell her everything’s fine because, and try to stay with me Snape-haters, “more than one person is ACTUALLY accepting me. I NEVER thought this would happen!”

One day you’re just hanging around the grounds, minding your own business, when your bullies come up to you and the head bully decides “ya know what? I’m bored. Let’s expose Severus’ half naked body to the whole school because I can.” So he hangs you upside down and completely embarrasses you. You’re 100% upset when you’re finally let go and don’t know what to do, so you say something you DON’T MEAN (which we all have before so don’t lie) to your bff and she gets upset with you and that’s the last time she ever speaks to you again. Wow, you just lost the greatest person in the world to you. And that’s just THE FUCKING BEGINNING.

Now you’re older and you’ve joined the Death Eaters. Not your best idea, but just like before, they’re ACCEPTING of you and being with them gives you power you’ve never had before. You start climbing up the latter so much so that you practically become Voldemort’s right-hand man. Wow, did you ever expect someone to take you so seriously? You overhear something that you shouldn’t have and you go to your leader and tell him. He now decides he needs to kill your childhood bff and her whole family. You made a mistake. What do you do? You go to Albus Dumbledore and beg him to keep them ALL safe. He did say ALL, Snape-haters. Not just Lily because he’s “totally obsessed with her”. Even the bully who tortured him half his childhood. Hell, if I was Severus I would have said “Keep them safe. No not James Potter, fuck him. I’m talking about Lily and her son.” but that’s probably because I’m petty, but whatever. MOVING ON:

So Albus Dumbledore asks you what you’ll give him in return and he pulls at your guilt. Which is pretty messed up because you’re obviously extremely upset and you obviously feel guilty so why does he need to make it worse? Because he’s Albus fucking Dumbledore, that’s why. You tell him “anything”. So since your life never seems to work out for you it’s obvious that Lily would die along with James and now Harry’s left alone. So here’s something that’s said a lot: “wow he goes and hugs his ex-friend/crushes dead body instead of helping the helpless 1-year-old and he steps over James’ dead body wow what a douche.” Here’s what’s wrong with that: Can you imagine showing up at the house of the ONE person in your life who made you feel happy, THE ONE person who showed you some light in this messed up world you live in, and before even walking in you already know she’s probably dead? Think about that for a second, please. You’re not going to sit and cry about James’ death because he was the reason a lot of bad things happened to you as a school-aged kid. You may feel pretty sad for him, but what can you do at this point? So you continue walking, already expecting the worse, and when you get to the babies room you see what you were hoping was just a terrible dream. Your best friend, the only person in the world who seemed to care about you, is lying there…dead. The light in your dark life is gone. The person who knew you better than anyone is gone. Wouldn’t YOU be upset too? I don’t know about everyone else (although I’m guessing you would all do the same thing), but I’d sit down and cry and hug her and wish this never happened and ignore everything else going on around you right at that moment because you feel so guilty and sad and you’re not sure how on earth you’re going to get on with your life. Now can you all see why he momentarily forgot about baby Harry? Oh, and for all of you using the 2nd argument “Why didn’t he take Harry with him when he left? How could he leave Harry alone?”….even though Voldemort was gone, he couldn’t just act carelessly. He already knew Voldemort would be back (like he said to Dumbledore) and the Death Eaters that were still loyal were around. If anyone saw him caring for the baby who caused the Dark Lord’s downfall, he would probably be dead (my own theory, but it makes sense).

Now Dumbledore is not asking, but he’s making you feel even worse than you already do so you’ll risk your life everyday for the rest of you life to protect Harry Potter. He even throws the line “He has Lily’s eyes” at you because he knows that will hit a nerve. What a great guy. Anyway, while you’re a Potions Master you’re more than kind of a dick to your students. We’re not going to excuse that, but when you’re being forced down a career path you didn’t want to protect a kid who’s almost impossible to protect because he likes playing “hero” all the time, you’re going to be kind of cranky. Also, you have to be hard on these kids because Potion making is dangerous and, let’s be honest, teenagers (especially 11-year olds because they’re children) are careless and Severus is just trying to keep these kids from dying.

Now let’s talk about Dumbledore for a second. I like him, don’t get me wrong, but he is a manipulative man who has always turned situations to work in his favor. Can we all agree on that? Now that Severus is a double-agent, Dumbledore has taken him “under his wing” so to speak. And as you can see from how he acts when he’s forced to kill him, you can tell Severus does care for him like a friend. Practically his only friend at this point (besides McGonagall because McGonagall and Severus’ friendship in fanfics and whatnot is one of my favorite things ever so I can definitely see it being canon)

But I digress…Anyway, can you imagine being forced by your only friend left to kill him? I sure can’t. But by him killing Dumbledore he saved Draco. So again, he’s not only helping to keep Harry safe, but for a short period of time he’s doing the same thing for Draco Malfoy. And yes, you can argue that he just did it because he made the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa Malfoy under the watch of hardcore Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange, which is pretty true, but I think he also (deep down) wanted to save him. He may not be the biggest fan of children, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want them dead.

So we all know he only took over Hogwarts as Headmaster after Dumbledore was gone because Voldemort made him. He didn’t like anything the Carrow douches were doing to the students and I’m sure he would have done something if he could have, but then we would have been exposed and killed. This isn’t an argument.

Let’s move to when Harry names his son after Severus. A lot of people are like “wtf Harry he treated you and your friends like crap and now you’re just going to name your son after him because he had a thing for you mother? Seriously?!” LET ME JUST TEAR THAT TO SHREDS RIGHT NOW, IF YOU DON’T MIND: Harry, unlike a lot of Snape-haters, saw Severus’ memory in the Pensieve and understood his reasoning behind everything he did and he realized that “Wow, this man may have been a git, but he did everything to keep me safe. Whether he loved my mother in a platonic way or not, he did care for her and they were best friends. I finally understand this man and I’m giving his name to my son because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here right now.” “Oh, and if it wasn’t for him I would have never found the sword of Gryffindor and we’d still be under the ruling of Voldemort.” “He risked his life for me and I want to honor him for that.” Harry naming his son after him is keeping Severus’ memory alive, and honestly he fucking deserves that after everything he did throughout a good portion of his life for Harry and the good of the Wizarding World.

But he’s such an evil person, right Snape-haters?

PS: If Harry Potter and the Cursed Child still doesn’t convince you than I don’t think anything will.

Unexpected-Part 3-Omaha Squad

Johnson’s Pov

We’ve been waiting in the waiting room for ever. So far what we know is that she fainted but we don’t know why.

The boys are all talking about life until Sammy had made a comment.

“Dude, I don’t understand why G is stressing so much about her……….she’s nothing special or anything and besides G has Madison. Maybe I agree with some of those fans…” Sammy said. I swear if looks could kill Sammy would be dead. G was getting all defensive over her.

“Sam, there like really close. Put your feet in his shoes…” I said before G could talk

“And…what if they don’t fit?” Sam said being a smart ass

“Not the point Sam. Y/n is important to him. You might not think she’s important or whatever but G does so keep your mouth quiet”

“What if it’s like the movies and she over there ease dropping or something” Nate said looking up from his phone giggling

“Hey you never know” I said

“Aye” Sammy said smiling pointing to Nate

“That’s enough!” G exclaimed from the other side if the room.

“Okay” Sam said putting his hands up in defense

Then we heard someone clearing there throat…

Y/n Pov

G has heard enough and so have I. I put on my best fake smile.

“Hey the doctor said I was good to go! Let’s get lunch or something” I said with my fake act. I swear if there was a mirror in front of me I would cringe, I being so fake.

“Oh okay!” Sammy said like nothing happened

G came over to me and engulfed me in a big hug. I felt safe, like he is blocking me for all those haters…including the one across from me. Then he releases me from his arms.

“What about lunch I’m starving!” Nate said getting out of his seat

We all agreed and made our way to the front desk because I had some paper work to fill out. We started walking down the hallway. There’s a big awkward silence. But not for long…

“Thank goodness you okay!” Sammy said I throwed a confused look back because he was just talk shit a minute ago

“What?” he said after my look

“Nothing” I said looking straight ahead

“Okay…” He said

We got to the front desk and I was greeted by my doctor. He handed me some papers and a pen and told me to fill them out. After I was done I handed them back to him and got my stuff and left.

“So where to?” Johnson asked while we were walking towards his car

“Doesn’t matter to me” I said walking beside him

“Alright, then Subway it is!” Nate said from behind

We all agreed. We finally made it to Johnson’s car and loaded are selves in.  I was on my phone and going through my phone it got me thinking.

Was there any other time one of them hated on me?


Wasn’t gonna end it here but I got school tomorrow and I got to get ready for that. Not sure if ima post tomorrow because I got to pick up my glasses after school and I will probably have homework than have to study for my math test. Thanks and goodnight!

I will fight

Person: *insults Rowan*
Me: *hisses*
Me: *steals back iron box with Aelin in it*
Me: *sets her down somewhere safe*
Me: *rounds up all the Rowan haters*
Me: *shoves them all in box*
Me: *chucks box into sea*
Me: *re-reads all the Rowan scenes from EoS*

Richard Spencer is Cowardly

That punch to Richard Spencer’s head is not “a sucker punch” and it’s not cowardly. To be fair, the punch to his head is an in kind response and can be construed as a form of defense. The punch to his head is an in kind response to a violent white supremacist. White supremacy and its reactionary nationalism is a form of violence. The punch to his head is an in kind response to Spencer’s cowardly hiding behind the police and the state who he blames for his marginalization as much as he blames people who aren’t white, migrants, and refugees. The punch to his head is symbolic of what these white haters will face should they insist on making public appearances. 

The streets shouldn’t be safe for haters. This should happen every time he walks into public until he relinquishes his investment in hate or until he cannot stand up.

Hello! Welcome to my group for Amedot/Perithyst!

This is a group chat for people who ship Amedot! Whether they are deep in the pits of amedot hell, or they are new to this ship, it doesn’t matter!

In this chat you’ll be able to…

√ Meet new people to chat about amedot with.

√ Have new potential friends! Isn’t that cool!

√ Have a safe place to discuss the ship, there will be no angry anti-amedot people!

√ Heck, who says it needs to just be about amedot! You could also just talk to us!

So, here are my rules for this chat!

- Please please do not join if you are a troll or an avid amedot hater! My chat is a safe place mind you, and it doesn’t condone hate of any kind.

-Don’t harass people who may ship lapidot, in the chat or not. I wish for you to respect one another, and I get that you may dislike lapidot, due to what has happened in the past months, just try to keep the hate to a very low minimum!

- No homophobic/trans/ any phobic of any kind really. This doesn’t need an explanation. Just don’t.

- Please, try to keep fights OUTSIDE of the chat. I know it’s bound to happen, but try to keep it out or in private messages, and do not bring it inside of the chat. If you have problems with anyone, bring it to me. I’ll be more than happy to sort things out.

- And lastly, please, PLEEEASE, respect people and their wishes. You may not agree with what they are and how they act, but it isn’t your place to tell them they’re wrong. We are all friends here!

And that’s it! If you wish to join, message me or contact me at xxwolfysaysxx on Skype! The chat is on Skype, so you are required to have one!

I look forward to seeing you here!

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#70 Type of Boyfriend He Is

Calum: Calum would be the cuddliest boyfriend, he would want to cuddle with you all the time and if you said no he would do that adorable pout and you wouldn’t be able to resist. He would just love wrapping his arms around you and keeping you close to him. He would be so playful though like he would see you upset over something and he would do everything to make you happy again even if it meant him pulling silly faces at you and making a fool of himself. When he’s on tour he would send you cute video messages either over Instagram and keek or just little private ones. The boys would pay him out for talking about you all the time but they knew it was just because he loves you so much.   

Ashton: Ashton seems to be very sentimental and he would keep things from dates like movie tickets and pictures. He would be really protective over you, always defending you from haters on twitter and making sure you’re safe if you’re out in public. His arms would always be tightly wrapped around you, making sure you don’t go anywhere. He always makes sure that you’re happy and that you know he loves you. When he’s on tour he’ll send you cute tweets, texts and videos. He would always be talking to you about anything, you would stay up late talking and giggling at silly things you say and do.    

Luke: Luke is very shy, but when he’s around you he’s not as shy. You bring him out of his shell, he’s able to be himself around you. He very gentle with you, always making sure you’re okay. He’s always making romantic gestures taking you on special dates and treating you like a princess. When you’re alone cuddled up in bed, his larger body would encase yours. He would be protective like Ashton, he would softly kiss you mumbling words of affection. Because he’s so quiet, you could just lay together in silence and not say anything for ages.  

Michael: Michael is a very loud, crazy guy but he is also very deep emotionally. He expresses his feelings through song and that’s what he does with you, he is always softly singing in your ear when you guys are having quiet time. Michael would be a really fun boyfriend always mucking around and playing video games together. He likes to keep you close when other males are around, he gets jealous and overprotective. He sometimes goes over the top with the jealousy especially when he’s on tour. He’ll send you cute tweets so that every guy knows that you’re his.

A/N: Hope you like it!!!! 

~Lucy xx