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Tom Holland Headcanon #1

Being Robert Downey Jr’s daughter and falling in love with Tom Holland.

A/N: Finally another post! Haven’t had enough time to write a full story, so I decided to make it a headcanon. Enjoy! :)


× being RDJ’S daughter you’re an actress of course and a model too

× instantly falling in love with Tom’s look when you watch civil war with your dad since he wouldn’t tell you who it was

× low key stalking Tom on Instagram and Twitter, you are too afraid to follow him though

× you secretly loving Spiderman but always telling your dad that Iron Man is your favourite

× watching Spiderman: Homecoming together and your mind being totally part of the movie, not even noticing your dad’s comments

× knowing that your dad is filming Infinity War you decide to visit him on set

× melting at the thought of meeting Tom and trying to hide your giddiness from your dad

× seeing Tom in person for the first time was when he was filming a scene with Benedict Cumberbatch

× Tom literally chocking on air when he saw you, standing next to your dad and watching the scene

× him having to redo the scene

× during break he came up to you, nervously intodrucing himself

× “Hi, I’m Pet- No, I’m n-not Peter. H-Hi I’m Tom.”

× “I know who you are. Dad told me a lot about you.”

× you both being super nervous and awkward while your dad is suspiciously eyeing you two

× Chris Evans joins you and greets you with a big hug

× Tom instantly being jealous of Chris

× Chris talking to Robert, both of them turning away from you

× Tom taking this chance to drag you away from them

× “You need to go out with me”

× both of you blushing so fucking hard

× “Ugh, I’m never smooth around pretty girls.” “You think I’m pretty?” “You’re freaking gorgeous!” “Okay, I do need to go out with you.”

× him not even bothering to hide his smile

× him mumbling “I’m going out with Robert Downey Jr ’s daughter…” in disbelief when he wanders off

× having the most romantic coffee shop date before walking in the park

× your nervousness quickly turning into excitement during your conversations

× visiting your dad very often and him getting suspicious

× “Hey, sweetheart, I think you’re drooling.” When he catches you staring at Tom

× he’s trying so hard to be the typical overprotective father but he low key ships you two

× nobody even thinking about joining Tom and you when you are talking. Everyone knows you won’t even notice someone standing next to you

× your conversation consisting of complimenting each other

× you both admitting to each other that you have been stalking each other on social media before you met

× spending A LOT OF time in private, mostly in his trailer

× being pretty intimate like all the time

× Robert having a sixth sense, always knowing when you’re intimate and interrupting before you can get even close to kissing

× Tom internally freaking out evertime

× one day Robert hears Tom talking about you to Harrison, telling him how much he adores you, how he wants to give you everthing that he can offer and how he almost lands flat on his face when he is walking towards you

× “You wouldn’t believe me how many times he walked in on us when I was so close to kissing her! It’s insane. The next time I see her I’m just gonna grab her and kiss her!”

× your dad texting you “Tom wants to tell you something. Go to his trailer.”

× you’re so confused but you leave Downeytown and make your way to Tom’s trailer

× getting another text from Robert “Tell him that if he doesn’t tell you then I will.”

× being even more confused before you knock on Tom’s door and Harrison opening

× Haz greeting you and leaving after he let you in, knowing that Tom would keep his words

× Tom looking at you with heart eyes

× “My dad said you want to tell me something. And if you don’t he’ll tell me.”

× Tom standing up without a word, opening the door and checking if Robert is nearby

× him slamming the door, turning around before taking a deep breath

× your eyes widening when he grabs your face, smashing you lips together

× the firm kiss turning passionate when you recover from your shock

× saying “I’ve always loved Spiderman the most.” against his lips when he pulls back

× “YOU WHAT?!”, coming from one of the open windows

× most awkward post-kiss-moment

× “You need to be my girlfriend.” “And you need to form your needs into nice questions.” “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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  • Tom: *loads gun and shoots the ceiling, ear exploding sound*