not rly proud of this but i really enjoyed the movie

Dating Jungkook

Would include:

- *shy kook running away*

- him being really really REALLY shy at first

- not because you’re a girl but because it’s you and hes not sure how to act around you

- you being at first the one whos taking an initiative

- you trying to flirt but unsuccessfully

- him trying to flirt but unsuccessfully

- him slowly opening up to you

- you would know when hes fully open by his dumbest meme face right in front of yours rly

- him exchanging his contacts with you

- him never messaging to you

- you being the first to text him something 

- him being the type of person who reads your message but because hes just thinking too much he would think rly too much and answer you just after 10 hours with simple “hi”

- him always overthinking about everything

- him just wanting to go outside with you and members but they ship you two too hard so you are unexpectedly alone 

- strange atmosphere disappearing after some dumb thing what one of you does or says

- nerdy convos

- convos about movies series animes  

- you changing into nerd if you werent one before and falling in love with things which he loves

- you falling in love with jungkook in speed of 0,0000000000001 if you already were nerd as him

- first date would literally be just walking and talking about things what you two love

- this kind of dates when youre just together and enjoying each others presence

- movie dates

- sporty dates

- like rly so much sports

- him always being behind you when youre sporting just to see your ass

- sometimes he would unexpectadly touch it and you r like ??? ¿ ¿ ¿???

- “i just… i think you had mud there… yeah… ye”

- you actually doing the same bcs  you just need to have that holy view in front of you

- you always touching his thighs when you can

- him flexing his thigh muscles while youre touching him with some meme faces

- you being always jealous bcs whenever wherever you are going everyone knows him and so many girls wants to have a selca with him 

- you being understanding girlfriend but inside a bitch which is possessive af

- you always showing to your rivals that hes yours and you are always having that look on your face “DONT FUCKING TOUCH OKAY??? ^^”

- him having fun while youre like this

- him really liking it

- him being actually the same overprotective smug guy when its about you

- him really hating to see any possible guy around you

- “i know that hes your friend but… how many times a guy best friend in reality just wanted to date the girl huh?”

- his bunny teeth

- wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles

- bright big smiles

- his cute boyish giggling

- his cute dorky gigling while hes doing something strange

- you being always an offended potato bcs damn his smile is so beautiful why is he emo all the time just why

- him trying to cook for you something

- him always serving you some ramyun or cola with pizza from nearest pizzeria

- him coming home very late at night

- you being always worried for his health but proud nearly as mum bcs you love your boy so much

- him showering at home but then going to practise some more

- you quietly listening to his voice at night while hes covering his favourite songs

- you preparing for him tea with honey and leaving it next to door like some special kooks secret pixie 

- him kissing you on head when youre already sleeping with quiet thanks

- him singing you lullabies when he thinks that you cant hear him

- you waking up sooner then him just to prepare for him his favourite breakfast

- you always realizing that you woke up just too early and going to sleep again

- him being always late so he never eats your breakfast

- him realizing that only when hes on his way

- “im sorry i didnt eat the breakfast you made for me, but you can leave it for later… we can eat it together… if you want” 

- him being very observant about your mood

- sometimes you two lying on bed questioning life and being bored af just doing some strange noises

- like when youre bored you can expect from him anything

- “yoooooooooooooooooo.. hgdfjguzgZTDTDRgviughluiGHZgbGZGgzgzzuigkjh”

- you speaking with each other in your own language

- him being observant when you’re sad he would just sit near you and wait until you will tell him everything

- him becoming touchy just after some time so expect a lot of touches on your butt its like guaranteed

- backhugging you when you need it the most

- backhugging you when he needs it the most

- backhugging you just because he loves it just the same as you

- there would be just so many unexpected hugs

- you would be just standing somewhere and he would run to you hug you and run away

- sometimes even lifting you up when hugs 

- you tickling him when he does that so you both end up rolling on the floor and playing with each other

- but it wouldnt be the cute scene from some movie no no

- your playing is 3 WW, its Tekken, its Mortal Combat, its the battle for your honour and respect

-  you would fight sometimes so hard that you will break a few a lot things at home but then just laugh at it and continue to fight

- everything what you will do together would be like some challange

- him looking at you very often like challanging for something like even in who will blink more times in one minute

- you sometimes wanting to beat him

- him suddenly changing your playing into some make out sesion

- him lifting you up and caring in the middle of the room while kissing just to make you feel his muscles

- collar bone kisses

- jaw line kisses

- you kissing his nose and telling how pretty it is bcs you knows that hes kinda struggeling with it

- long kissing until youre out of breath

- him sometimes giggling in the middle of this make out session because your touch is just too tickling for him

- your make out session changing back into some fight again

- you sometimes dont understand if you are more friends or lovers

- him making you forget about such thoughts with single touch on your waist or word into your ear

- “im still just a boy but… for you i want to be a man okay”

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YukiRin with not-douche!Yukio 'cause I don't really feel like gettin' my heart broken right now.


//lol I feel you mate as an Okumuracest shipper this AU is the wORST so we could all use some incestious fluff rn uwu (in this one the whole AU never happened cause NO PAIN NO SADNESS ONLY TWINCEST SHUSH)

  • Who would be the big spoon?

//Yukio would be the big spoon and he’d press his face into Rin’s back and enjoy his brother’s warmth and softnes and he’d wrap his arms around Rin protectively and Rin would hold Yukio’s hand and they would intertwine their hands together and ahhhh and sometimes Rin wiggles his butt against Yukio just to fuck with him lol

  • Who would wake up first?

//Yukio sleeps like 4 hours a day cause sLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK while Rin sleeps for a week. So Yukio would wake up first and plant soft kisses on his brother’s back and tighten his hold on Rin and inhale his scent before getting out of bed auuuGHHHHH

  • Do they have nicknames for each other?

//Rin calls Yukio four-eyes when he wants to piss him off. Yukio is a respectable young man so he totally doesn’t call Rin ‘babe’ when they’re alone sometimes just to make his brother blush like a tomato nope who gave you the idea???

  • What happened when they met each other’s parents?

// [Mun laughing her ass off in the distance]

  • How do they apologise after an argument?

//Rin sulks and grumbles for half an hour or so before he feels like way too guilty to function so he dashes over to where Yukio is and clings on him like a koala and mutters ‘sorry’ repeatedly until he knows he’s forgiven. It doesn’t matter where they are, Yukio could be in a meeting and Rin would barge in and cling on Yukio until he’s forgiven.

//Yukio also sulks and mutters about his brother’s idiocy for like 10 minutes before he feels rly rly guilty about the argument and Rin could be crying because of him oh shit i fucked up fuck fuckfuuuuckkk so he goes over to him and hugs him tightly but tenderly and sorta whispers ‘sorry…’ and of course Rin forgives him uwu

  • What would they be like as parents?

//Yukio would be the strict yet loving father who supports his kids and helps them out with everything he can while Rin would be the embarassingly attached dad who kisses and hugs and protects his precious babies and he would teach the kids how to cook and he’d be on his kids’ side no matter what aAAAAAA

  • Who is the better cook?

//Rin. Yukio is a total disaster in the kitchen because he says stuff like ‘this much oil is unneccesary’ or ‘this much sugar is too much’ and hecks up the recipe and he can’t even chop stuff properly so after that time Rin forbade him from attempting to cook without his supervision with a creepy twitchy I’m-about-to-kill-something smile and Yukio had never been more terrified of his brother in his entire life.

  • Who is more romantic?

//Hmmm I think Yukio would be a surprisingly romantic person and he’d take Rin out on all the sappy dates and he’d give his brother all the romantic gifts and Rin gets totally smitten when he does that cause the half-demon’s a huge romantic nerd lol

  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

//Yukio gets Rin both practical stuff and cute gifts like that one romantic movie that made Rin bawl in the middle of the cinema or the stupid Christmas movies they watched together as kids and it makes Rin squeal and melt a little inside when he does that

//Rin makes Yukio all the bentos and he also gets him cool casual clothes cause compared to Rin Yukio’s fashion sense is way to bland and uGH but he also gets Yukio stuff that reminds him of his megane bro like cute glass-cases or a nice notebook or maybe even a cool pen bc everything that reminds him of Yukio is too good to pass up in his opinion

  • Who gets jealous easiest?

//Hmmm Rin isn’t the jealous type and he’s actually proud of his brother bc so many people admire him but Yukio? Holy shit don’t even get me started on Yukio. If you flirt with his brother or make advances on him you’re in dangerous terriority mate. And by dangerous I mean a fUCKING MINEFIELD RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN FUCKER HE’S GOT A GUN HE’LL KILL YOU BEFORE ANYONE KNOWS IT HOLY SHIT haha just kidding~ Actually no I’m not.

  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

//Rin is a rly festive person and his favorite thing is snuggling with Yukio on the couch/bed/any comfy surface and forcing his brother to do absolutely nothing all day on holidays.

  • Who is the most adventurous?


  • Who is the most protective?

//Both of them are yanderes with brother complexes the size of a fricking mountain so if u hurt one of them you better not run you better not cry you better not pout im telling you why. Your casket is coming to the graveyard~

  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

//They kinda are???? Childhood sweethearts??? So???

  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

Christina Perri- A thousand years AAAHHHHH

 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP/I have over 2000pics saved of it what do you think

boyfriend! Mark Lee
  • so there’s hesitance and loTS O F THA T ISH at first
  • Mark isn’t really a shy person but with you everything about him takes a 180 degree turn
  • his awkwardness which was probably just a 7 on daily basis skyrocketed to 812472384.732276 with you
  • because like
  • to think HE–Mark Lee–ended up with such a beautiful ethereal being
  • fr tho the boy could hardly believe it at first
  • when you uttered those 4 words in reply ‘i like you too’ [insert Mark’s ‘OH MY GAWD’ ‘DUDE ARE U SRS RN’]
  • the next day he literally thought that Taeyong was joking when he said he had a date with you
  • poor boy thought he was dreaming
  • but yeah, he really, really likes you don’t mess this up mark
  • tbh that would be an understatement bc the lovesick puppy adores you
  • y’know those guys who NEVER. FRICKING. SHUT. UP. about their girlfriends?
  • straight up yeah he’s one of them
  • the members are like yeah ok we’re happy for you two mofos and all, but like mark shut up that’s literally the 39th fact we’ve heard about her in the last hour please
  • please
  • anyway
  • when you first start dating Mark is really, quite far from smooth, but he does try his best!!
  • if anything, he’s just seriously hella awkward
  • he did try that practice flirting in front of the mirror thing but he just stopped bc he felt that that just wasn’t him and the last thing Mark Minhyung Lee wanted to do was be someone other than his absolutely fully capable swaggy-ass self
  • he really does care about you tho, and is always genuinely interested in what you have to say
  • he asks all of those questions like, ‘How was your day?’ and ‘What are you doing right now?’ when you’re apart, and not bc he saw all of those guys in the movies do it, but he is actually interested in probably everything that has to do with you and yes he is authentically curious on how and why Donghyuck was pissing you off again and yes he can relate 110%
  • he giggles a lot
  • but you don’t mind bc you find it cute that he finds you cute enough to cutely giggle at every cute thing you cutely do
  • would probably start giggling at the most random of times too, for things that people wouldn’t normally find amusing
  • ‘what’s so funny?’
  • ‘you did this thing with your nose just then, like, you scrunched it up, like this–it was cute’
  • skinship is foreign territory to this precious bby
  • with guys yeah sure no problem wassup man
  • but with girls
  • umm skinship ?? what ?? could ?? that ?? possibly ?? be ?? with ?? her ?? especially ?? you must be joking
  • but somewhere during those first few dates he sorta got the urge to want to hold you in his arms and just admire you like that??
  • it was just a feeling at first that he brushed off as nerves
  • but then he really, just really wanted to hold your hand and he sorta just asked on the whim without thinking about 
  • when you went like ‘hm?’ he internally face-palmed bc did i rly just think out loud again
  • but instead of saying ‘nothing’ he decided to take a leap of faith dude its just a hand come on
  • and he did that irresistible thing that cute guys always do where they put their hand on their neck and look at you with puppy eyes ugh go away mark
  • ‘c-can I hold your hand?’
  • ‘lol k’
  • and he’s a bit in awe bc that’s all it took 2 months and he couldn’t shake the feeling of the warmth he felt with your hand in his, with his heart feeling soft and butterflies fluttering around in his stomach
  • it was then he decided that he was going to marry you
  • lol jk not really tho
  • from then on Mark started to feel more comfortable with you and initiated more skinship, but he isn’t clingy and you’re both chill with that
  • it’s just small stuff like holding hands and playing with your fingers, or having his arm around your shoulder or just small touches like your legs touching or some ish like that, not anything over the top
  • not the type to cuddle often, only if you’re in need of comfort or something
  • he also enjoys hugging you
  • also not a common occurrence
  • his hugs are bear-like and really random and out-of-nowhere, sometimes he’d pick you up and spin you around ugh bYE M AR  K
  • never in public tho–NEVER IN PUBLIC
  • and it’s not bc he’s really embarrassed about it or anything, he just thinks that things like that are intimate and personal and should be kept in between the couple
  • not the over-protective type or the type to get easily jealous either–he trusts you–but if someone is giving you a hard time or is openly making moves on you, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in and help bc the last thing he wants is his precious angel to feel uncomfortable and unhappy
  • would probs just call you by your name tbh, lets be real here. i don’t think Mark would call his s/o baby because like he is one himself when he thinks of babies he thinks of ACTUAL BABIES and he’d just feel a bit weirded out
  • but even when he does there’s a certain sweetness and a different tone to his voice when he says your name. it’s hard to explain, but let’s just say that if your name was a song lyric, that would be the highlight of the song for Mark. anyone who heard would be able to tell that you were someone special to him just by hearing him say your name
  • on top of that, Mark would support you in literally anything you do. like if you got a basketball into the hoop he’d be super extra like ‘u are the most amazing being to ever exist’ even tho he could probably score like 10 in a row
  • you got an award at your graduation and Mark was hands down so damn proud, clapping the loudest
  • ‘GO Y/N!! hey, hey mister! you see that girl? thAT’S MY G I R L FR I E ND. omg–GO Y/N!!!!’
  • yo face was the shade of a sunburned red chilli but nonethless you couldn’t stop grinning
  • ‘is that your boyfriend? you’re so lucky!’
  • ‘damn straight’
  • Mark doesn’t say those three magical little words often, to anyone, really. he doesn’t say it to you a lot bc he knows you know that he loves you more than anything else in the world and that the feelings are mutual, but he does say it, when the moment feels right.
  • random rap battles in ingrish ftw
  • the term ‘boyfriend’ still makes him feel giddy don’t say it around him or he might start squealing lmao
  • in conclusion, a relationship with Mark is probably the best you could wish for in the romance department. he wastes no time at all in making you feel loved and happy, and all he wants by the end of the day is you, happy and content in his arms. he would be there for you no matter what, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say you would be his world. there’s lots of stupid laughter over the dumbest things, and while your relationship won’t be smooth sailing all the time, you know you’re in for that long ass ride when he utters those 4 little words to you years later on one knee with a box in hand.
  • it was in that moment that you realized Mark’s laugh was the one sound that you would never get tired of hearing for the rest of your life ♡

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Well that certainly tore my heart apart became longer than expected. See this is the effect Mark has on people, if his face wasn’t beautiful I would punch him but he’s too cute do you see where I’m getting at? yeah me neither. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, beautiful person ♡ have a great day ~