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Let’s Make Some Noise // A James T. Kirk Mix 

Intergalactic - Beastie Boys // 2 Legit 2 Quit - MC Hammer // Jump - Kris Kross // Beat It - Michael Jackson // Body Movin’ - Beastie Boys // Red Planet - Little Mix // I Wish - Skee-Lo // Is It Live - Run D.M.C // Bad - Michael Jackson // Bring It Down To Earth - Ultramagnetic MC’s 

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animation experimentation with two of my life mottos 

anonymous asked:

i really don't think the warriors move has a chance of being in 2d animation. looo at alibabas films, they don't have anything like that;there's also a quote from the president “Alibaba Pictures is planning to turn Warriors into a film franchise that will bring to life the spectacular animal and jungle worlds depicted in the novels, using world-leading visual effects" so uhh i don't rly think that means 2d (as cool as that would be)


tbh they’re probably leaning more towards jungle book type of visuals, which while it will be completely stunning, the story will fall short and it will be a flop. i would prefer it get a stylized 3D instead, like KFP or Guardians

i really hope bioware has more f/f and m/m romance options available in the next mass effect because we only got one decent f/f romance (liara/fshep) and one m/m romance (mshep/kaidan). that’s not even considering the fact that a lot of squadmates were originally intended to be bisexual romance options but were “cut for time” (ashley, thane, miranda, jack, tali) or the fact that jack IS canonically bisexual but only romanceable by a mshep, and let’s be real here—cortez and traynor hardly got any content so they don’t really count at all. like… come on bioware throw me a goddamn bone here please.