not rly an effect

  • bioware: what do you mEAN you don't like liara
  • bioware: you hear that your LI is jealous because u talked to liara once
  • bioware: aw you rejected her again too bad she's still into you regardless
  • bioware: guess what
  • bioware: in order to advance the plot u have to have mind sex with liara. twice
  • bioware: lol even though shep shut her down and romanced someone else they will continue to talk about how amazing and beautiful she is over the next 3 games
  • bioware: oh look at all this content and scenes specifically for liara
  • bioware: i see you used renegade options to reject her again...
  • bioware: it's ok there's like 9 other chances bc obviously you weren't thinking straight that time lmao
  • bioware: player
  • bioware: pLAYER
  • bioware: DO U LOVE LIARA YET

here is reyes vidal’s writer courtney woods confirming he is latino! since there has been an unfortunate amount of “but is he really?” in reyes’ tag lately

  • ryder: *takes a deep breath*
  • ryder: I lo-
  • kallo, for the 5th time today: yes, you love suvi anwar, i know, you love suvi anwar so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love suvi anwar, i KNOW, you love suvi anwar you fucking love suvi anwar ok i know, I get it, YOU LOVE SUVI ANWAR. I GET IT.

Aizen Sosuke, chilling as Soul King.

I wish I had an excuse but not really, the picture turned into an utter mess, which I mostly like though, just imagine an AU where he won by the first try and now got what he want, though idk if you see, at the edges has it a slight crystallized effect and there are chains, so I leave the rest of interpretation to you ila / @deusuprema, your commentary always motivates me to draw more of Aizen asdfg <3

can you believe that, before i got to kadara myself and completed the main questline there, i thought that i wouldn’t be swayed by reyes? i thought -me!!!!- that, despite seeing numerous accounts of players lamenting being unexpectedly swept up by his charm, this would be the one time i’d be immune to the rakish roguish character, and i’d get through it and when i left that planet i wouldn’t be desperate for more content for him.

i really thought…