not rlly but ya

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Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol

All this week I posted the draws at… 11 pm? maybe later? I don’t know but here, two stargazing boys for you. (Sometimes I try to shade… only sometimes)

So, yeah, the holy week tomedd week is over and damn to be honest I never tought anybody would join me in this. It was only a silly jokeeee aaaahhahsjgaud I


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do trimberly for the ship meme please

which one sexts like a straight white boy?

kim, def but in her defense, she’s just real meme savvy and always texts trini w thngs lyk “what are you wearing rn (((;” or “my face died, can i bury it between yr legs??” n iss rlly cringey but trini still goes along w it bc iss p funny 

which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

trini, she’s very sensitive and she dsn’t rlly lyk to shw it but whn she’s arnd kim it jus melts rlly, and they were watchng inside out and th take her to th moon line happned and okay she’s jus chilling, w her tears out and kim thnks trini’s lyk crying ovr smthn else and she’s lyk shittshit but they jus chill n kim cuddles her for a little 

who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

trini, because sh jus dnt pay attention cos she’s prbly dissociated tm mosta the time :////// nd whn thts not th case,, kim’s beauty distracts her and she goofs up 

who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “guess who” thing?

kim prbly has Tried it but it alwys startles trini so sh stops :/// 

who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

trini definitely,, she always does it whthr on accident or not bc kim alwys sleeps almost butt ass nkd and trini is a grade a clingr and she cnt really avoid it sometimes,, but othrtimes iss a subliminal way of saying trn on th gotdam heatr 

who had that embarassing reality tv marathon?

both prbly, trini prbly lyk hyperfixates on shows a lot and lets face it rhonyc are p gotdam entertaining, n kim does jus bc iss so much more fun to be in on drama whn iss badly acted and not real 

who laughs more during sex?

kim bc trini prbly gets rllllyyy flustrd and blushes real hard and who couldn’t find it adorable whn trini’s voice is squeaky and she looks lyk a tomato whn she’s tryna tell kim to move it along n stop teasing???


trini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whn she’s the lttle spoon she feels safe and protectd n w th added bonus tht iss kim, she jus cnt help it she lovs it