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(i wish google would tell me who made this pose prompt)
Batman meeting J-Bird’s family, come on bats he told you ,you didnt want to meet them. (WORK THOSE LEGS GRANDPA!)

Lego Grandpa Joker (doesnt know how to speak,will move his eyebrows suggestively)
Lego Dad Joker (will flirt with his son’s boyfriend all night)
Lego Brother Joker ( will ask if anyone wants to know where he got his scars,in different languages) 

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Name: Lucas F. Wainsworth

Nickname: I don’t have nicknames so much as I have aliases.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Hogwarts house: Definitely a Hufflepuff. (Fun fact: Deadpool’s a Hufflepuff! And also pan.)

Height: [Omitted to preserve this user’s dignity] Jk. I’m like, 5'4 …fiiive? It’s been a while since I’ve been measured, okay? Give or take.

Orientation: Pansexual. Possibly Asexual, panromantic. Or pansexual demiromantic. Maybe even demisexual, panromantic. Sound confusing? You’re telling me.

Ethnicity: Uh. All I can say is I’m black. Does that count?

Favorite fruit: I don’t really have one but uh, funny story– one time when I was like, 10 in an AOL chat room and some kid with a default icon asked my favorite food. “Grapes :)” said I, to the troll unknowingly. That’s when they told me I was gay. I was so bewildered, then. I couldn’t fathom his wisdom.

Favorite season: All seasons are rad. Until they do the extreme™ and you’re left at the mercy of mother nature’s unrelenting wrath. Looking at winter and summer particularly.

Favorite book series: I read the first book from this super cool series once back in highschool called “Skullduggery Pleasant.” Shit was off the wall, yo. Great world building and characters with names like Valkyrie Kain. Was like reading anime. Check it out if you like magic and ladies with swords.

Favorite fictional characters: I try not to pick favorites with anything but rather, appreciate the essence or quality of all things and how they mesh as a unit. There are just ones I happen to like the aesthetic of or relate to in some way. Sometimes it’s both.

Favorite flower: I know jack about flowers. What about those little white things that blow away in the wind? They make me kinda nostalgic.

Favorite scents: Fresh strawberry. FRIED CHICKEN.

Favorite color: Depends on my mood, I guess. Color is in everything there is. I’m just glad I can see it, I suppose.

Favorite animal: I really like dinosaurs. The Land Before Time really had an impact on me. Okay, dogs too but, you probably guessed that one. All animals are precious, really.

Favorite artist/band: This is gonna be the most generic answer ever lol but all I can think of is Radiohead right now. I listened to them lots. Idk. I just like what I like. A lot of times I’ll only love one or two songs from an artist. I’m more interested in the music itself.

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Hot cocoa all the way. There’s gotta be those mini marshmallows in it, too or it’s a no-go.

Average sleep hours: Either 10pm or 4am. There is no inbetween.

Number of blankets you sleep with: Oh, one, none; ½ hanging off the side of the bed. I play blanket roulette every night.

Dream trip: I would love to go to Lego Land. And I say that completely unironically.

Last thing Googled: “Used cars for sale Ce” the rest auto-filled.

Blog created: Heck if I know​. If anyone’s been keeping track, please tell me. I think it’s been about 2-3 years?

Number of blogs I follow: 429. Might have to do some cleaning again for inactive peeps.

Number of followers: 276 ayy, shout-out

What do I usually post about: That is a good question. Because I’m a unorganized heathen, you get what is essentially a fandom blog, politics, dank memes and discourse all in one that flare up and can clog your feed at any given moment. Blacklist what you need. It’s your party.

Do you get asks regularly: Hahahahaha, no. Occasionally, yes. And I highly appreciate them.

What is your aesthetic: Depends on what I’m into at the time. What I feel like rockin’. I think lots of different aesthetics are cool and no singular one is any better than another.

I’m too lazy to tag 20 of you so, whomever wants to get in on this tow line can make one of these posts and say I tagged them. 👍