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Boob talk

I love my boobs. Even though started HRT in my late 30s, I ended up growing breasts I’m really happy with. They’ve been called “perfect little ice cream scoops,” and they kinda are. They’re super sensitive too, and that’s fun. But they aren’t huge.

Problem: The bras I had been wearing to make my B-cups look bigger were really uncomfortable and were starting to fuck up my shoulders. So I tried out a bralette from Torrid. Super comfy, relieved my shoulder pain… But the girls look smaller. I’m ok with this. Why?

I think 1. I’m more comfortable with myself than I was at the start of my transition and 2. I’m not really going after cis men these days, and they’re the group most fixated on big ol’ knockers…

So yeah… Overall, good news. :)

This year, I’m doing the 30-day robot writing challenge in June (from this prompt list) on my original fiction blog @backwardscompatibility. if i were to attach it to some kind of personal fundraiser towards the purchase of a computer, would anyone actually want to support that?