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Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1
Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1

Contains: every mistake I’ve made worthy of humour between my first audio to now, plus some behind the scenes type info on some audios

Okay so between my parents yelling and a thunderstorm, I couldn’t record a new audio, so I decided to put this up instead!

A/N: I had been saving my favourite bloopers from my first audio until now and I wanted to make a compilation, and since we’re close 1,500 followers I thought I would give this as an early milestone gift! I thought some parts were pretty funny, so I hope you guys enjoy!! Thank you so so much for listening!!!


Six Weeks

Trixie has an afternoon at the clinic that she’s unlikely to forget.

I hope you like this

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say what ya want about the supergirl writers, but never deny the fact that they sure know how to reel viewers back in just as we’re about to give up on the show

i was honestly about to quit watching and disembark from canon to rewrite S2 with SuperCorp and Sanvers but whoops they made lena a regular for S3 so guess which bitch is b a c k

the pointillism
in the mater
ef we sea how we sea

each universe is cursed
of an accord

academia notes
denotes a strife
of one life to another life
with each curtesy bow

all blows and altitudes
minds melted to lego

hes a dot in the dot matrix
shes a dash on leather belts
but mixed emotions weather
deep oceans then lets address depart

was a start of parts and fits
reel opened windows

SHINee World V in Dallas

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend SHINee World V in Dallas, and it. was. PHENOMENAL. I am literally still reeling over the sheer talent, charisma, and stamina SHINee has. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly the biggest shawol before this concert, but HOLY MOLY ARE THESE BOYS TALENTED. Their dance moves were so precise and in-sync, and they look exactly like they do on music shows and variety programs. It’s not fair that they were all blessed with such perfect beauty. ALSO can we talk about the vocals?? It is such a big difference hearing their songs live compared to performances on music shows. I am so blessed to have had my fangirl dreams come true. As a closing note, STAN TALENT STAN SHINEE. 

That is all. Thank you. <3

Not blog related but important (to me) nonetheless.
I asked if I had a shot at becoming a voice actor
And was given a genuine “Yes”
I know I have a long way to go but I was told I have improved so much these past four weeks I have a shot at becoming one
I need a demo reel before my last class
I feel like I’m about to cry I haven’t felt this hopeful in a long time.

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anonymous asked:

Has Harry101uk said anything about TM or your Virgil? I've been kinda wondering if he ever reads our fanfics over Portal stories Mel

Not to my knowledge! It would be super cool if he did read it, though. I’m a huuuuge fan of his!!!

I’ve contemplated sending him my voice over reel from the different projects I’m in with the hope I could voice one of his cores but I’ve been too shy to just do it out of nowhere and all of his cores are usually guys anyway sooo…. >/////<

anonymous asked:

How do you fall out of love with someone you cant see yourself without? What we had became toxic and I understand why we have to part, but in the process I lost myself, I became dependent on them in so many ways, I've been trying everything and I dont know how to deal with the pain.

Leave them be. Don’t ever go back to what hurt you. It will be a hard process but you have to work hard on getting rid of that dependence to them. That’s where they can manipulate you and reel you back in. You have to realize in a toxic relationship, someone is always the parasite. They keep taking and taking and taking until the other person is void of anything they had before. Their interests, opinion, state of mind. And you have to take all of that back because it’s yours. Stay away from that person. This is the time for healing. Healing of your mind, and yourself. I personally would meditate, and depending on how toxic the relationship was, go to therapy. Take all the measures to make sure someone never takes advantage of you in that way again. I would also suggest researching gas lighting and manipulation tactics in relationships to help you see the red flags. I hope you stay away from this person and I pray that you find a happy solution. You deserve it. Don’t ever let anyone make you think that you’re dependent upon them and without them you would be nothing. Because you were everything before them and will continue to be even more and better without them