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The thing I hate about how BTS is being treated in the US interviews right now is that they act like they are some ‘new’ pop group like 5sos or 1d. They aren’t acknowledging where the boys came from, where they started, how they struggled, and how hard they’ve worked to get where they are now. They are writing them off and undermining them. BTS are not 1d in any shape of form. They are acting as if BTS hasn’t broken records all over the world and sold out hundreds of stages in their tours. They are acting like none of it matters because it wasn’t on an American scale (e.g. Maddison Square Garden)

BTS has already been around longer than most American pop groups (including 1d) and they have lasted all this time together by supporting and loving one another and the US doesn’t even take into consideration that they have been a group for so long. They also don’t seem to understand just how close the boys are and how much they care about each other. BTS is a family, the 7 of them; seven boys with one heart, one boy with seven hearts.

BTS is not some “new phase” for America to invite over and say “that’s cute”. Remember, our flight will be forever. The boys deserve to be treated better than this for all their hard work, and they deserve to be acknowledged for the fantastic role models and idols that they are.


The Good Place Season 1 Gag Reel!

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❗️ some kind soul has posted the s12 gag reel in its hd entirety god bless ❗️