not recommended for three year olds


What a splendid and fun supernatural procedural. I read it in its entirety on a cross-country flight, while a weary mother’s dictatorial three-year-old loudly terrorized my entire seating section from the seat beside mine. Even with a strange child’s feet flailing in my lap and a strange child’s popcorn arcing over my field of vision and a strange child’s crappy diaper removed and instantly refueled inches away from me, this novel held me. So, without further ado, five things about it:

1. It’s the first in a series: the Shadow Police series, book 3 of which came out last year in the UK and is coming here to the U.S. in May. I know that I’m a hypocrite to be saying I’m not a fan of series because I don’t like waiting for the next book to arrive, but there it is, it’s the truth. London Falling, however, wraps up book one’s concern in a satisfying, sprawling climax, and although there is a decidedly open ending, it’s better classified as a promise than a cliffhanger.

2. Cornell has writing chops. I knew before starting London Falling this was his debut novel, but I also knew that he wrote comics and had written a few episodes of Dr. Who. He brings that sprightly pacing to this novel, juggling four main characters with ease. It’s a procedural at heart, so expect efficient, brisk characterization rather than lavished pages of introspection, but the main characters were nonetheless specific and intriguing.

3. The magic is just wonderful. Sometimes when a book tries to meld grit and magic, one or the other suffers, but London Falling delivered some lovely and toothsome magic that felt essential and old.

4. The first 50 pages are a slog. I’m saying this because I want you to push past it. There are a lot of characters introduced very quickly and a lot of unfamiliar workplace relationships strung across the page, and for me, at least, it meant that I sometimes had to flip back to earlier pages to see if I was remembering last names correctly. This may have been due in part to my airplane seatmate’s shouting that she wanted her candy NOW, but I suspect not.

5. There is a very, very rewarding plot element three quarters of the way through the novel that I’d love to tell you about — but I won’t. It is the result of a careful building of a plot and character house, and far be it for me to bring it tumbling down before you get a chance to climb the stairs. Suffice to say that I grinned on the plane when I read it. Well done, Cornell, well done.

I’ll be checking out Cornell’s other work posthaste.

I’ve found the key to my present in 2006 nicktoons

Okay so i found this first

Then that led me to this

then i googled it and found this was related to it

and i also found this

and i remembered avatar

and generator rex

and i realize what the fuck these are all anime or anime inspired

wtf have i been a weeb since i was literally six years old wtf

Turning Time

Harry hated time turners. Honestly, he hated them. And he hated the guy who ‘improved’ them so that your soul goes back and re-enters your body so you don’t have to worry about running into your past self…

Of course these ‘new and improved’ time turners were only recommended for short trips into the past to amend small mistakes, and there were only three of them in the world. The ministry had found out about them, deemed them unsafe, and ordered them to all be destroyed. So the three that remained were very rare, very expensive, and very very hard to come by.

Naturally, that meant his beloved husband, Draco Malfoy, had to have one.

And Harry, being the selfless idiot that he was, had ‘borrowed’ it to go back to his 14 year old body in his fourth year and stop the horrible deaths that had started in that year. To stop Voldemort from rising in the first place, and then go find and destroy the horcruxes with his friends and his husband before Voldemort ever had the chance to rise again.

“Move it scarhead!”

Speaking of his husband… 14 year old Draco Malfoy shoved past him and his goons shoved Harry into the wall as he was leaving the castle. Harry felt the broken pieces of his heart shatter, as they always did when he was forced to remember that he and Draco weren’t together in this time period. When he was forced to remember that all the happy memories they had shared together were all a thing of the future… and when he was forced to remember the series of happy accidents that had occurred to land then together in the first place during 8th year. Happy accidents that he couldn’t hope to recreate, not unless the events of his past were allowed to happen again.

Could he let all those people die just so he could have his happy ending with Draco?

The answer was no.

He couldn’t put himself or even Draco above the lives and happiness of all those people.

And everything he did to get close to Draco, to make him see… just push him farther away.

And that was tearing Harry up inside.

He couldn’t even take solace with Hermione or Ron, because they had no idea about his original future relationship with Draco either, and would only think he was crazy if he tried to explain. Not to mention he had found it very difficult to relate to them at this age, as he was spiritually in his 30s and in his future they were married with their own Weasley brood. So he had wound up pushing them away as he fought through the Triwizard Tournament on his own.

He had already dug up evidence against Crouch Jr. masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody, and just before the start of the final Task in the tournament, had exposed him. The paranoid Fudge had immediately had the man kissed without a trial, but that had worked out in Harry’s favor as that meant that Voldemort still expected the cup to be a portkey, and would be thrown off guard by no one ever arriving in the graveyard. Hopefully thrown off guard enough for Harry to get away from the school at the end of term and start hunting for the Horcrux’s.

Now he was on his way to the final task, and would make his way through the maze. He didn’t really care who won, but he did have an advantage of already knowing what awaited him, and he still had to act like he cared. If he won he would still donate his winnings to Fred and George, so that fueled a bit more desire for him to win.

“Good luck Harry!” Speak of the devil, as twin hands slapped him on the back, “We’ve got great odds on you winning this thing! You’re going to make us very rich men!”

The twin guffawed as they slapped Harry on the back one more time and walked past him. Harry forced a weak laugh that he hoped sounded like nerves rather than the depression he was actually feeling.

Then he walked into the area for Champions and prepared for the task to begin.


The maze was much easier than Harry remembered it, but he supposed that was because he was older now, mentally anyways, and knew much more advanced magic than he should at this age. It also probably helped that he had walked this maze for years in his nightmares after the war.

So here he stood, staring at the bright blue and silver trophy, with no one else even near his location. But… every time he reached out to touch it, he got horrible flashbacks of that graveyard, and he couldn’t make himself grab it…

“Harry!” Cedric’s voice rang out behind him and he whipped around to see Cedric racing toward him, hand outstretched.


Even if the cup would take him to the graveyard, Cedric would not die this time!

Harry whipped around and grabbed the cup, and felt the sickeningly familiar feeling of being transported by a portkey. It was too late though, and he couldn’t let go, his hand was glued to the cup.

He was deathly white when he landed and looked around, but instead of a graveyard, he was back in front of the maze, and instead of deathly silence he could only hear the roaring of the crowd cheering his name. It took a moment before his mind recognized that everything was okay before he was able to drop the cup and breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone came down to crowd around him, slap him on the back, and congratulate him on his victory.

For a moment, Harry was allowed to feel like a normal 14 year old boy that had just done something amazing. He smiled at the crowd around him.

And then all hell broke loose.

Word had gotten to Voldemort about Crouch Jr’s execution, and in retaliation he had sent death eaters or people under the imperious curse in with the crowd. Harry didn’t know which, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was the curses flying around everywhere. Both from Voldemort’s people and from the members of the Order of the Pheonix that were in attendance.

People were falling all around him and it was clear that the Death Eaters were trying to get to him as panicked students and other onlookers tried to escape from the attack.

The world went into slow motion as Harry saw a flash of white blonde hair running through the mayhem, and he saw the bright green spell heading straight for Draco Malfoy’s back.

“Draco!!” Harry’s scream was inhuman as he dove in front of the spell, taking it right in the chest and falling to the ground at Draco’s feet.

“Wh-why…” Draco fell to his knees next to Harry, looking terrified, “Why would you do that you great bloody prat!?” Draco demanded, shaking the dying Harry.

Harry knew it was the killing curse that had hit him, but it was flowing through the scars in his magic from of the first time he had been hit with it, killing him slowly, one piece at a time.

All Harry could do was dissolve into hysterical laughter. Of course, how could he have been so stupid? He knew how to make Draco see. To show him why he died for him, and hopefully to show him how to complete Harry’s mission.

He pulled out his wand with the arm that hadn’t already died and pressed it to his temple, Draco’s worried face shifting to confusion as Harry drew a silvery white strand of his memories from his mind. It was long, and held every memory starting with fourth year in his original life and ending at this point. He held the wand out to Draco, “Take it. Please Draco.” He croaked out.

Shaking, Draco pulled out a potion’s flask from his satchel and let the strand of memory fall into it.

I love you Draco, Harry thought to himself…

I only hope you can discover that…

And then he died.


18 year old Draco flew out of the pensive, panting, his face white and his expression that of agony.

It had taken him four years.

Four years of proving himself to Harry’s friends and then the Order of the Pheonix so he could help destroy Voldemort for that stupid prat.

Four years to find and destroy all the horcruxes.

And four years and a bottle of Firewhiskey for him to finally work up the courage to watch Potter… no, Harry’s memories.

They broke him in two.

And now he vowed to watch and wait. Wait for the time turner that had caused all this to happen in the first place. The time turner that his… other self… had bought.

He would wait to he could go back to that fateful 4th year and stop Harry from getting himself killed.

And to slap him across the face for making him experience these memories.

But most importantly, to live that life with Harry he had seen in the pensive, the life he had taken away from him by some stupid bloody Gryffindor.

He would wait as long as it took.


Your OTP being lovers in the past life. Unfortunately, only Person A remembers everything and still loves B deeply. One day, Person B is attacked, but saved by Person A, who sacrifices themselves in the process, much to the confusion of Person B.

original prompt by @otpdisaster


Rodney Alcala-The Dating Game Killer 

Rodney Alcala was convicted of five murders which he committed between 1977 and 1978, although his true victim count is said to as high as 100. In the midst of his killing spree, he appeared on the television show, The Dating Game-and won-in 1978. (i recommend you watch this vid. the girl has no chill ) 

He committed his first known offense in ‘68, when he brutally attacked and raped eight-year-old, Tali Shapiro in Hollywood. He was then put on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. After three years, he was spotted in New Hampshire, living under the name John Berger- where the child rapist had been hired, disturbingly, as a counselor at an arts-and-drama camp for teenagers. Once convicted, he only served 34 months, and two months after his release, he was  accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl. He then fled to New York, where he murdered Cornelia Crilley, a TWA flight attendant, and nightclub heiress Ellen Hover. (she was also the goddaughter of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.) 

In 1980, Alcala was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for of the murder of 12 year-old Robin Samsoe in Los Angeles. The conviction was then overturned because jurors were informed of Alcala’s prior crimes.

In the early 2000′s, thanks to the advancement of DNA technology, the LAPD was able to link Alcala to five unsolved murders in L.A. from the 1970′s, and he stood trial in Feb. 2010, where he acted as his own attorney. The jury found him guilty on all five counts of first degree murder, and he was sentenced to death. He currently awaits execution at San Quentin. 

anonymous asked:

Mr. Scamander, I want to be an auror and was wondering if you could give me advice. I would ask my Hogwarts teachers but I would rather advice from an active auror. -A very curious 16 year old.

Now, that depends on what you want to know.

You need a minimum of five N.E.W.T.s, nothing under Exceeds Espectations, in order to even apply as an Auror—we recommend taking DADA, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms and Herbology. You will need the skills and knowledge of theses classes in your later career.

There will be excessive background checks, so I’d advise you to keep your record clean. We won’t accept anyone who has been involved in criminal behaviour.

After you are accepted, there will be three years of training under an assigned mentor who will train you in areas as Concealment and Disguise and Stealth and Tracking for example. After these three years you will have to ace an exam to be accepted in the ranks of Aurors.

You will start off as a Junior Auror but you can rise to a Senior or even a Chief Auror if you are good enough.

Hopefully I could answer every question you may have had.

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How old are you: 24, 25 this year ;o

Current job: well I’m unemployed poor student

What are you good at: I like to think I’m good at volleyball

What’s a goal you are trying to achieve: graduate asap

What’s your aesthetic: bathbombs and everything related to them rn

Do you collect anything: not really

Pet peeves: i don’t know probably people who bite their nails in front of me

Good advice: you’re enough

Three songs I recommend: Kaleo -Can’t go on without you and Way down we go, Jaymes Young - I’ll be good and Kings Of Leon - Walls

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Relationship status: Married for two and a half years

Favorite Color: Pink! At any given time I can be trusted to be wearing something pink. Right now, it’s a hoodie from my old college.

Pets: Three cats: Cortana, Gimli, and Indiana Jones.

Last song I listened to: Ran Before the Storm by Roo Panes

Favorite tv shows: Parks & Rec

First fandom: Lord of the Rings. Boy, was I obsessed. My husband and I still watch the trilogy once every couple of months.

Hobbies: Dragon Age, reading (books when I find one, fanfiction usually), writing (a nonfiction book and fanfiction), drawing (still learning), and harassing my cats.

Books I’m currently reading: The Couple Next Door, though I’ve really only read the first page. 


“He made me.”

I just watched Harry & Snowman and I’m crying so have a bunch of pictures of me and Dusty. It was a beautiful documentary. 10/10 recommend with lots of tissues. Spoiler alert, at the end when Harry is looking down at Snowman’s headstone he says the same three words that I have said for twenty years now, because they are true. I just didn’t expect old man to be so much me (minus the show jumping…I’m not ambitious in equestrian sports).

So today I brought my three year old a tablet. I always said I’d never be that parent who brought their kids tablets at three but times are changing, she uses tablets at preschool and I’m sick of her using my phone plus we are going to Australia on Friday and this will hopefully keep her quiet on plane and in the airport. My family all lives in Australia so we go there quite often.
If anyone can recommend any good (free) educational apps that would be great!

anonymous asked:

I'm just getting back into ballet/dance after like a 10-year hiatus, do you have any recommendations for warming up beforehand? My class includes a warm-up/cool-down but I don't want to go in with totally cold muscles esp. because I have some old nagging muscle injuries. Thx! :)

That’s awesome! I walk to class…I have two hours between work and class, and it’s about three miles from my office to the studio, so I take about an hour to walk down there and usually also stop for a quick dinner along the way. I wear tights under leggings under sweatpants so my legs get nice and warm on the walk and then when I get to the studio, I’m about a half hour early and I stretch the whole time. I usually don’t do splits at this point (I wait until mid-barre right before grand battements to go into split since by then I’m super warm) but I do half splits (front leg bent with the back leg straight out sitting up high in your hips), lunges, I sit facing a wall like six inches from a middle split, I go into the corner of the room and do arabesques in plie (my back leg on one bar while I hold the other bar, it helps me get my back up straighter and stretch more than if I just hold the bar and have my leg up on its own), and I do a ton of releves on both feet, in coupe, and in retiree to warm up my feet and ankles). Then I take my sweatpants off and my legs feel warm on their own! So if you can’t walk to class, I would recommend maybe finding a spot in or just outside the studio to jog in place for ten minutes or so? It’s really helpful. I almost find it to be pointless to start stretching without being warm from a jog or something. I can barely go into a lunge with cold muscles, but if I run for three miles at the gym I can hop off the treadmill and go into a full split. 


Hope you feel better!  No eating moldy food

Thanks! I am the worst. I ALWAYS check because I’m paranoid about eating mold, but I just didn’t this time? And it was a relatively new bottle, 2-3 weeks old, opened, used once and kept in the fridge. All three of them. I’ve had sauce for longer without it spoiling and it was like tiny white spots instead of the normal kind? I don’t know. Sorry TMI. <3 


Oh hun! *holds you* Yeah, I had to dope up on meds to go into work in December because I didn’t have any time left. I recommend lots of sleep. Have you ever heard of Samahan? I buy it off eBay. Since the ten years I’ve been using it, I’ve only had two colds actually take hold! You can make your own (or have Kenny make it for you) with common household spices. *hugs* Feel better soon! And it’s perfectly okay to whine, especially when you’re sick! 😘

OH! That sounds like something I should use Google for. Bless you! I’ve taken two Tylenol cold daytime pills so far and they haven’t kicked in. But I know if I take the nighttime ones I will be on my ass in no time. My job is… fucked up. There’s five of use working the front desk, but the way it’s scheduled, we can’t call in sick? Like, unless the general manager comes in, which, let me tell you, would NOT go over well. It’s a pretty crappy situation, esp dealing with public, and here I am passing on all my germs? I keep using Purell on my hands and wiping down the keyboard and phones. *accepts internet hugs as you won’t get sick* Thank you! I turn into a man when I’m sick LMAO. needy and clingy and whiny and also don;t fucking breathe near me. XO


Nooooooo! Feel better! *jazz hands* that totally works, right? :)

Jazz hands totally help bless you Momma. But on a good note… I’m writing? HAHA. since I’m totally disregarding my jobly duties, I am writing that TW fic I started that I sent you. Slowly. But it’s taking form. I should probably stay in my own lane. Ooops. (this is why I don’t have a licence!!) Love you <3 


This Thursday’s Interview: Nigelmagee!

How did you get started handpoking? Did you work with machines initially, or are you strictly a handpoker?

I started handpoking when I was 21 years old, but I first heard about it when I saw the movie Memento as a kid. In the beginning I mainly tattooed a few friends and myself. Back in those early days we didn’t use tattoo needles, but sewing needles tied to pencils and non-toxic India ink (I would not recommend this now). About three years ago I began using tattoo needles and ink with fantastic results. I love the way handpoked tattoos look and I love giving handpoked tattoos, but I have nothing against gun tattoos; in fact I have plans to one day learn how to use a gun. For now I am happy to explore handpoking.

When I interviewed Eva C. Bryant she said you two were handpoking friends- how has that friendship influenced your learning and using this craft?

Eva showed me a whole other side to handpoking. I have never seen anyone poke as fast as she can! It is truly incredible. Before I met Eva, I had no idea how far handpoking could take a person and I am grateful for the tips she passed along and her influence.

Is your handpoking work a conscious movement away from or response to the patriarchy of shop culture?

I think handpoking is a part of the DIY movement that is spreading across the world, which I think is great! Everyone should get involved! This movement is about the rediscovery of crafts and trades. People are learning skills outside of academic institutions that not only bring them some income but self-discovery and networks of people they might not have known. I think that is a wonderful thing. However, by saying this I do not condemn or object to tattoo shops or other businesses. When I can I support friends or friends of friends who offer alternative services to mainstream businesses. Most of the people I know are students or work minimum wage jobs to pay the bills, so when you can get a deal on a hair cut or trade a hand poked tattoo to have your bike fixed, I think that is amazing. 

Do you find there to be an intimate or spiritual aspect to poking by hand?

Oh absolutely. When I am handpoking, much like when I am painting or drawing, I find myself in a meditative zone. I connect deeply with the process of handpoking because it clears my mind of any unwanted debris. I am a part of each poke, just as I am a part of every brushstroke of every painting or every mark of every drawing I have made. Handpoking is my work and I hold it close to my heart. Handpoking is indeed an intimate experience, just like getting a gun tattoo. Allowing someone you might not know to impose discomfort and pain upon you for an hour or two can be a pretty strange situation. I try to make the environment as light and casual as possible. I like chatting with people as well as getting lost in the meditative qualities of handpoking.  

What artistic influences inform your handpoking aesthetic? Can you talk a bit about the imagery that you are currently attracted to?

Right now my handpoking aesthetic is directly influenced by, and connected to my painting/drawing aesthetics. I am in love with the work of Aubrey Beardsley and Egon Schiele, both of their work is deeply embedded in me. I do tattoo drawings or ideas people bring to me, but with my personal work I am attracted to images from the occult, of women, of hair, animals, and hands. I pride myself on my fine, delicate lines, which have become a staple for my work.

If someone sees my work on your blog and wants to be tattooed by you, how can they contact you?

My contact info is Email: or phone (if they live in BC Canada or if not) 12507017942

Thanks for the great interview!

Ballet AU

A/N: Cross posted from twitter, expanded on a smidgen. This is literaryoblivion‘s fault. – Single dad!Dean, AU, 500 wc, G. 

Let’s think about Dean signing up his little girl for ballet. It’s all she talks about for a month straight, so he finally researches a bunch of studios before finding on that comes highly recommended by everyone and signing her up.

On her first day the studio tells him he can stay and watch or come back for her when she’s finished. He at least wants to meet the teacher, so he walks his baby girl to class where there’s an array of three and four year old’s swathed in pink. 

He doesn’t see the teacher anywhere, but he does spot a man with dark hair standing by the stereo. He’s barefoot, and dressed in loose sweat shorts, and a tank top, so Dean approaches him. 

“Hey,” Dean says, “my daughter’s new here. Do you know where I can meet the teacher?”

The man turns to him, eyes bright blue and face like a freaking angel. “You can meet him right here,” the man says. “I’m the teacher.”

For a moment Dean thinks it’s a joke. Greek gods don’t teach preschool ballet classes. But there’s no trace of laughter in the man’s eyes, only an easy smile that makes Dean melt a little on the inside. 

“Oh,” Dean says, if not breathlessly, and the man extends a hand.

“Mr. C,” he says. “Or Castiel if you prefer.”

Dean swallows hard, doesn’t miss the other man tracking the movement, and reaches blindly for his daughter.

“This is Charlotte,” Dean says, because he has to something, “and I’m Dean.”

The man smiles, with his mouth this time, and crouches to Charlotte’s level. “Hello, little bird.” He says gently, eyes twinkling. 

Charlotte looks up at Dean for reassurance - he’s taught her, dutifully, not to speak to anyone she doesn’t know. (Though he meant when he’s not around, but it’s good to know she’s listened.) - and he nods. 

“Hello,” she says back.

“You look very pretty,” the teacher, Castiel, tells her, and maybe Dean beams a little because he did that perfect bun all himself, thank you very much. “Are you ready to learn ballet?”

Charlotte nods enthusiastically. 

Castiel’s smile deepens. “We’re going to have a lot of fun,” he tells her, and then he’s sending her off to sit with the other girls and standing to meet Dean’s gaze again.

Dean offers him a weak smile, heart pounding and stomach a mess of butterflies. 

“Will you be staying to watch?” Castiel wonders, and Dean nods.

“Yeah,” he says, “yeah, I think I will.”

And he does stay, for the first class and every one after that. And maybe he spends half the time watching Castiel teach, but that’s just to make sure his daughter’s getting a proper ballet education, right?…

  • History from 5 years ago: Explained to owner risks of not desexing female dog, pyometra, mammary cancer etc.
  • History from 4 years ago: Explained to owner risks of not desexing female dog, pyometra, mammary cancer, etc.
  • History from 3 years ago: Explained to owner risks of not desexing female dog, pyometra, mammary cancer, etc and strongly rcommended desexing her now.
  • History from 2 years ago: Ditto.
  • History from 1 year ago: you guessed it, same again.
  • History from three months ago: same advice, strongly recommended desexing and quoted for it, explained dog not too old etc. Owners claim they will think about it.
  • Me today: your non-desexed female dog may have pyometra.
  • Owners: oh, if only we knew this could happen!
Shark Week to include actual science and shark facts this year.

Scientists agree that Shark Week hit rock bottom a couple of years ago with a Megalodon special that appeared to be a documentary—unless that is, you read the three-second disclaimer that it was fake at the outset of the show. Most people didn’t. Shark ecologist David Shiffman told NPR that “Shark Week two years ago did not appreciate it when I recommended an eight-year-old neighbor fact-check scripts for them. Because that eight-year-old knew more about sharks than whoever was writing those scripts…” 

The cacophony of outraged researchers calling on the network to instill a touch of accuracy back into its programming made its mark: Discovery Channel’s new president announced last week that this year, shows will focus on shark research. It’s definitely progress, but stay tuned to Shiffman, @whysharksmatter, on Twitter to make sure you’re not being duped by fear mongering faintly disguised as fact. 

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Mondo Okumura aka Mondo-kun (Japan)

Mondo Okumura aka Mondo-kun, a gifted 10 year old Fukuoka artist, has been drawing since he was three. He has never taken art lessons and his line-drawing style is completely self-developed. Mondo-kun was inspired to start drawing portraits – especially of world-famous musicians including David Bowie, John Lennon and Bob Marley – by his father’s extensive record collection. In April 2013, his musician father, who goes by the name Bogggey, challenged his talented son to draw one portrait every day, selected by Dad, and post it on their father-son blog. Challenge accepted, Mondo-kun has been doing exactly that for over a year and his blog now gets over 40,000 hits per day. It also led to him publishing his book, Mondo-kun, and picking up part-time work as cover designer and illustrator for the magazine Yoreyore. (src. Time Out Tokyo) © All images courtesy of the artist

[more Mondo Okumura aka Mondo-kun | recommended by Mumy]

  • 10 year old son: Mom can I download this game?
  • Me: Let me check it out real quick first, sometimes games look like they are for kids when they really aren't. What ages does it say it's for?
  • 10 year old son: Oh...oh wait, it says 21+...I don't think...I don't think it is for kids.
  • Me: It says 21 and up? Like, it isn't recommended until three years after you are a legal adult? I don't get it, is it like a drinking game or something?
  • 10 year old son: Well...I guess some day when I'm a real old guy in a robe that's too short, with a pipe and a wife and a glass of wine I will finally be able to download this app.
  • Me: Well buddy, I'm just glad to hear you have life goals.