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BREAKING: Manson family member Leslie Van Houten has just been granted parole

A member of cult leader Charles Manson’s family has been recommended for parole by a California board today, which means that she could finally be released after having served more than 40 years in prison. Now 68, Van Houten was sentenced to life in prison for the grisly murders of married couple Leno and Rosemary La Bianca in 1969, when she was just 19 years old. She has been denied parole several times before. The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has 120 days to either affirm, reverse, or take no action against the parole board’s decision.

Should College Professors Give ‘Tech Breaks’ In Class?

In a piece titled “A New Generation of Digital Distraction” in a special section of The Chronicle of Higher Education published last month, Ben Gose described “the new crop of traditional-aged students,” those born between 1995 and 2010, who “have been dubbed 'digital natives’ for their comfort with — and addiction to — devices like smartphones.”

Gose cited a recommendation by Larry D. Rosen, emeritus professor of psychology at California State University-Dominguez Hills: These digital natives should be offered a one-minute tech break in the classroom to check and send messages on their phones. More specifically: “Instructors should initially schedule the breaks every 15 minutes, [Rosen] says, but then gradually increase the time between breaks to teach students to focus.”

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The plan was to get home, take a few days to recover, then start looking for a job first thing Monday morning. Monday a week ago, not this most recent one.

Since then, I’ve watch every episode of Rick and Morty, walked 61 wholly unnecessary miles, listened to an audio book about life in post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, and been to a concert.

So, you know, that whole thing’s going to plan.

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This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy! :))

Pairing: Peter Parker/fem!Reader

Rated: T
Tags/Triggers(?): reader has an anxiety disorder
Summary: When Y/N moves to New York to attend a higher-level science and math school she only goes with the hope of getting a good education. But a certain cute nerdy with a camera makes her hope for a few other things as well.

Currently estimating this to be about twelve/thirteen chapters long and I’m gonna shoot for updates every Wednesday.

Super excited to be submitting this to the truly lovely Krys and I hope you all enjoy!

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Recommended Viewing

Here is possibly the best introductory video to the Tower I could ask for:

The oddly-titled “Casi Smith ‘Tower of Terror!’ Producer.avi” (henceforth called the “Casi Smith video”) packs a punch for being just over three minutes long.  I’m not sure of the context in which this clip originally played, although that label at the beginning makes me suspect that it was an in-room commercial that originally played at the resort hotels.  It is a well-done promotional piece for the Tower, that most importantly features a summary of the ride by the Imagineers who designed it.  It also highlights a postcard Easter Egg that I’d never noticed or heard mentioned before.  Given where the postcard is shown in the video, it may have been difficult or impossible to view from guest areas!  Amusingly, a sharp eye can spot some promotional footage clearly recycled from the Florida ride; for example the footage of a group boarding the ride clearly shows the Floridian version of the loading area.

An alternate version of the video, hosted on the same YouTube channel, features Casi Smith herself (given the job description of “Reporter”) introducing the clip, which also makes me think this might have been in circulation as a promotional fluff piece to be distributed by news channels.  The version with the Casi Smith intro, titled “Tower of Terror Casi PKG” is here:

Now for some other interesting videos:

Although the title (“Low Light Twilight Zone Tower of Terror California Adventure 1080p 60fps Full Complete Ridethrough” by LMG vids) is a wordy mouthful,  this video is the best Tower of Terror ride video I have yet seen for any incarnation of the attraction.  Luckily, it’s exactly for the Tower I’ll be discussing here!  Though not perfect (the mirror effect on the first “floor” is not working properly), this is the most complete and true-to-life video presentation of the ride I have yet found.  It includes a walk through the queue, the pre-show, and the ride itself, all done in high-quality low light video.  I may refer to this video as a reference point in the “Detailed Walkthrough”, where I will call it “the LMG vid” for short.

This is “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror WDW HD—Ultimate Tribute” by Martin Smith.  I included this as a footnote in my comparison of the four different Towers, but it also deserves its place here.  Notably, this does NOT discuss the California Adventure version of the ride (as the title indicates, this is a documentary about the Florida version), so therefore this video is not completely relevant here. However, a significant portion of the documentary instead discusses the origins of the Tower concept in general, which I do not bother to otherwise explain in this blog.  Feel free to skip this one if you’re not interested in the concept origins or are uninterested in the Florida version of the ride.

i see people being critical of Disjointed for it not being true to actual dispensaries, but…………… it’s a sitcom? That’s the whole point. Sitcoms turn reality into a caricature. Also, big fan of the lowkey examination of the institutional corruption and racism in the police force/DEA. Dank and Dabby are a lot, but I love that Dabby’s bisexuality isn’t turned into a huge deal and is just a casual element. Carter is for sure the best character, plus his animated flashbacks are so next level. Overall, definitely recommend this show.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I love your art so much and you really inspire me! I was wondering if I could ask you a question on here cause I felt insecure not asking anon, but I really want to be an animation student like you! But I'm very worried that the art classes I'm taking in high school won't be enough, and I live where there's no one to ask about schools/career in animation. So may I ask for some advice on what schools look for? Any advice would make me less nervous, thanks so much for reading this! 💙

Aw thank you I’m glad!

Don’t get hung up on the art classes you’re taking in school not being good enough. I went to public school and had mediocre art classes haha. Those classes are what you make of it. Put as much effort into your projects as you can. 

Looking for an art school is pretty much the same as looking for any other college. Just do your research and see what’s a fit for you! I recommend looking in California because that’s where a huge portion of the industry is. That’s not to say there aren’t AMAZING schools elsewhere. There’s plenty on the east coast of the US. I don’t know much about animation schools outside of the states (since I wasn’t looking there) but you got schools like sheridan and gobelins doing awesome stuff. 

I can only vouch for my school (CCA) lol. But I think we’re a pretty good school. Right next to Pixar and most of our professors currently work there or are Pixar/Disney alumni. Then of course there’s CalArts haha. A great school if you can get in! But it is very competitive. But again, school is what you make of it. Just keep drawing no matter where you end up. Get connected with other artists and learn from them~


DCA! There is a lot about DCA that seriously wowed me. It reminds me of Hollywood Studios A LOT in both good and bad aspects! The bad however is nothing that isn’t already being fixed as there are some weird land choices that just feel unloved/stagnant or dated (bugs land, hollywood land now that tower and mad t party is dead). But since those are soon to be removed in the future anyways it doesn’t really matter! As for the Good HOLY MOLY does Hollywood Studios wish it could have HALF the attraction line up DCA has. SO let’s go into some of my must do’s for a first timer at DCA!

  • Paradise Pier! Seriously walking up to Paradise pier is one of the COOLEST experiences. Seeing the entrance turn into a very beautiful is really breathtaking especially when you see Mickey’s fun wheel and California Screamin in the distance! I really recommend devoting an hour of your day to this land to knock out all of it’s attractions! Especially Screaming as that was one of the smoothest coasters with a loop de loop I have ever been on! 
  • Cars Land. Listen coming from someone who isn’t the biggest fan of the Cars Franchise I cannot find 1 single thing to complain about when it comes to Cars Land. The area is just so insanely detailed and inspired by the film that it really lends itself to being captured on camera beautifully. To top it all off it is also home to one of the best Etickets by imagineering in recent memory, Radiator Springs Racers! It uses the same ride system as test track but impresses far more thanks to the views of the rock work outside that you get to drive through and animatronics! THIS IS THE FIRST FP you should get when you visit DCA as they run out VERY FAST and wait times for the attraction are between 90/120. Fun tip go to Cars Land 10 Minutes before the sun sets and then wait for the Neon to turn on :”) You won’t regret it. 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Break out. A lot could be said about this ride but given that it’s already been discussed to death I am just going to be honest. This ride rocks and is a blast to ride for everyone involved. Between the music, the awesome queue, and the different Ride profiles Guardians doesn’t disappoint! Even tho ugh it clashes with everything around it in time that will be fixed whenever Marvel Land gets rolling.
  • Frozen Live at the Hyperion. This show is actually REALLY charming. It is indeed a straight retelling of the film but for a Theme park production it is TOP TIER and compares to nothing that I can think of over at Disney World. Elsa on her staircase is probably one of the best effects within the show and If you can snag a seat please do! Make time though as the show is an hour long!
  • The Red Trolley! One of the cooler little gems in this park is the Red Trolley which travels along the entrance over to the Hollywood Area of the park! The ride is short but it is super charming to be able to just walk in and stare at your surroundings while inside the trolley! (Or if you’re me sing Hello Dolly) 
  • The Animation Area here has a STUNNING lobby area with pieces of concept art from major Disney films hanging all over the walls. For any animation fans this building is definitly worth a visit! 
  • WORLD OF COLOR! Alright I am an emotional fool when it comes to Disney finales but most of them don’t make me too bad. BUT World of Color shot me in the doki doki and I cried, there I said it. Seriously this was my favorite night time finale show at the Disneyland Resort and was definitly the most unique one Disneyland has to offer! If you find yourself visiting the Disneyland resort I implore that you catch this stunning show once as it’s truly a spectacle! Make sure to get a FP as I am almost positive it is a FP only show!

SO that was my visit to DCA! I gotta say I was stupidly impressed with the Park and I can’t wait to see how they continue to evolve it! Thanks again for reading this and if you liked it please leave me a little heart or reblog! Until next time! 

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy - 4months post op

Okay so I am a little more than four months post op and I know I’ve been posting some progress pix but I guess I haven’t talked much about my experiences. I think a big part of that is because 1. I talk to a group of girls on whatsapp so we’re constantly talking about experiences and 2. I feel like my life is pretty much …normal? So I guess I don’t have much to say. But I mean there has been major changes and shit I’ve learned so I will randomly name a few in this post based on personal experiences. Tips, tricks, notes to self, etc.

- I can eat more now than the first month post op. There are less gas pains and I also eat pretty much normal speed.

-I still cannot drink and eat at the same time. I know most people can’t but I also know some people who can.

-the hair loss is real

-fruit smoothies from places at the mall will likely make you shit yourself

-milk…. Shit yourself

-store bought coffee that contains milk…. Surprisingly not shit yourself! Yay

-soup that has chunks of food in it… Practically like eating and drinking at the same time and doesn’t work out too well. Same for cereal. I just get a lot of gas moving around and it’s not worth it

-some days I can eat a good amount and others I can take three bites and be stuffed. Very annoying when you’re eating something tasty

-the hair loss is fuckin REALLLLL

-some people around you will try to be the food police

-other people around you will offer you bad food all the time… Don’t know why

-my boobs are gone. RIP

-my stretch marks seem more noticeable

-I keep having to buy new clothes


-take your fuckin vitamins JASMINE YOU LAZY ASS

-this surgery doesn’t change your mind set about food. If you tended to eat junk food, eat late at night, eat out a lot before surgery… You still have to consciously make those decisions every single day not to go back to those ways.

-I sadly did NOT turn into a light weight. I still need to drink a LOT to get drunk just like before surgery. I now mostly drink wine and vodka

-can’t drink beer or soda. Allllll those fuckin bubbles

-my back and feet hurt way less than they used to

-I went from being able to jog one minute to seven minutes. Still working on this

-start exercising as soon as you can so when the weight loss slows down you still have something that is going to help your body change

-most people won’t have a negative reaction when you tell them about surgery but some people will be like “be careful because I know someone who DIEEEEED!” 😒

-my boobs are seriously fuckin sad

-I feel that staying hydrated is hard especially since you’re not supposed to drink before and after you eat so you have to be extra mindful of it all day every day

-the first time you eat pizza after surgery don’t eat too fast or too much because you will barf you idiot :)

-sometimes when people take candid pictures of me now and show them to me I don’t want to die so that’s reallly cool

-I thought this surgery would motivate me to learn how to cook and it has not. Stilllllll not wifey material. Oh well don’t care

-don’t be afraid to not order a drink at restaurant. I always say water and then I have a giant cup of water sitting there the whole time and like we’re in a draught. #california

-I don’t recommend taking shots #peerpressure

-sell your old clothes to buy new clothes!

-“your hair is everyyyywhere… SCREAMING INFIDELITIES” - only tru emo kids will know

-you will notice that your body is different than it used to be but you might still feel as big as you used to be. Like you might look at a space and think “I can’t fit there” but you probably can.

-the weight loss is fuckin random. Some weeks I lose 5lb!!! Some weeks I don’t lose anything for two weeks! Only baby Jesus knows

-don’t become obsessed with the scale. I think weighing yourself every day will fuck with your mind. I think once a week at most

-my body is very squishy now. Weird thing to say I know

-I’m not constantly sweating for everything I do!! Cool

-your stomach doesn’t care where the fuck you are it WILL scream the music of its people at any time, any place, in front of anyone

Lastly I just wanna say to myself and to others going through this journey - stay focused. As soon as you become lax on your eating and exercise it is so easy to go back to old ways. Have someone help you be accountable. The surgery doesn’t change how your mind works. It just makes you get full faster. You still have to watch what you are putting into your body. You still have to be active. Listen to your body and work on your mind. Eating badly/over eating will ALWAYS be a struggle for me for the rest of my life. It is something that I have dealt with since a very young age and it’s not something that will just go away. Do your best and don’t give up. If you have questions/need some support follow @thiqgirlsquad on Instagram.

Aside from mushrooms and mycology, one of my other interests is curatorial critique and looking at how objects (art and non-art objects) are presented in physical spaces, how stories and value are created through different framing devices, and how physical architecture and social construct play a role in how viewers move through a space and process what they’re seeing…so I can ultimately analyze how the physical presentation can lend to the interpretation and understanding of the objects or how it can obstruct understanding, and whether or not the institution’s curatorial decisions benefit and educate the public. so I want to make it a point to visit and analyze as many museums and art spaces as possible because I think it will help me understand how these institutions function (or don’t function). I’m working on a museum list for southern california so if you have any museum recommendations, let me know! I don’t even have like…the free time to be pursuing new projects but like…I want to have a goal and excuse for seeing new local things. and it can totally be a slow goal! I think I can see at least 5 museums by the end of this year?

Encino, CA

This week’s Certified Dank™ McMansion comes to us from Encino, Los Angeles, California. Encino has been recommended to me time and time again, so I figured it was time to see what all the fuss is about. 

And fuss they should.

And somehow, this 4,354 square-foot house, built in 2008, is on the market for $1,995,000. 

That’s right, almost two million smackaroos. 

Before I begin my tour, I would like to warn my readers that this house contains so much beige that you might lose your ability to see color. McMansionHell is not liable for any injuries that may occur when viewing this post. 

The Two-Story Entryway with Bonus Sitting Room

The Dining Room

And not a single meal was finished in peace.

The Kitchen

Sometimes writing these posts is incredibly taxing on my psyche.

The Second Living Room

moving on, as we all do. 


The notable lack of books is a common trend amongst McMansions. Also note the incredibly cheap-looking column. 

The Master Bedroom

For some reason, this house is bringing out my dark side this week. 

Also: Wallpaper border or crown molding? You decide!

The Master Bathroom

The Not Master Bathrooms

Number One!

Number Two!

This small ridiculous bathroom was constructed with better quality than the rest of the entire house. Speaking of which, 

The Exterior

Oink oink.

On a side note, although it has been my most requested area, there weren’t a lot of houses on the market in Encino with interiors worth mocking, and the number of pictures per house were limited, hence this post is a little more brief than most! 

Don’t worry, though, join me on Sunday for The McMansions 101 Cheat Sheet, where the most typical features of the McMansion are laid out for your identifying pleasure. 

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Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.

anonymous asked:

What vet school do you attend? Which ones do you recommend? I live in California but cannot afford UCD.

I like to try to stay as anonymous as possible so I don’t normally say where I go to school. 

It is interesting because as a pre-vet I would have recommended to go to the school that made you “happy.” As someone now in the trenches that has been to and compared educations at several school and now looking at an obscene amount of debt that will literally take me 50+ years to pay off, I really, really, REALLY recommend going to the cheapest school you can. Any accredited vet school will give you a great education, but $100,000 difference between schools can be a $300,000+++ difference at the end of the day with interest. That’s HUGE and will absolutely impact your life. Those that are cheaper include your in-state, and those who you can switch to in-state residency after one year such as Ohio State, University of Missouri, NCSU, Wash U, UCD. 

A great map for tuition/cost of attendance is HERE.

Kane has a letter of recommendation from the Undertaker.  That means in kayfabe, this fool went to California, trudged across Death Valley to bother the Undertaker, actually convinced a embodiment of death to write a letter to help him get a job as GM, and then he got his suit and came to Raw.  Or does Undertaker the character have a fax machine or an email or something?