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Recommended Viewing

Here is possibly the best introductory video to the Tower I could ask for:

The oddly-titled “Casi Smith ‘Tower of Terror!’ Producer.avi” (henceforth called the “Casi Smith video”) packs a punch for being just over three minutes long.  I’m not sure of the context in which this clip originally played, although that label at the beginning makes me suspect that it was an in-room commercial that originally played at the resort hotels.  It is a well-done promotional piece for the Tower, that most importantly features a summary of the ride by the Imagineers who designed it.  It also highlights a postcard Easter Egg that I’d never noticed or heard mentioned before.  Given where the postcard is shown in the video, it may have been difficult or impossible to view from guest areas!  Amusingly, a sharp eye can spot some promotional footage clearly recycled from the Florida ride; for example the footage of a group boarding the ride clearly shows the Floridian version of the loading area.

An alternate version of the video, hosted on the same YouTube channel, features Casi Smith herself (given the job description of “Reporter”) introducing the clip, which also makes me think this might have been in circulation as a promotional fluff piece to be distributed by news channels.  The version with the Casi Smith intro, titled “Tower of Terror Casi PKG” is here:

Now for some other interesting videos:

Although the title (“Low Light Twilight Zone Tower of Terror California Adventure 1080p 60fps Full Complete Ridethrough” by LMG vids) is a wordy mouthful,  this video is the best Tower of Terror ride video I have yet seen for any incarnation of the attraction.  Luckily, it’s exactly for the Tower I’ll be discussing here!  Though not perfect (the mirror effect on the first “floor” is not working properly), this is the most complete and true-to-life video presentation of the ride I have yet found.  It includes a walk through the queue, the pre-show, and the ride itself, all done in high-quality low light video.  I may refer to this video as a reference point in the “Detailed Walkthrough”, where I will call it “the LMG vid” for short.

This is “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror WDW HD—Ultimate Tribute” by Martin Smith.  I included this as a footnote in my comparison of the four different Towers, but it also deserves its place here.  Notably, this does NOT discuss the California Adventure version of the ride (as the title indicates, this is a documentary about the Florida version), so therefore this video is not completely relevant here. However, a significant portion of the documentary instead discusses the origins of the Tower concept in general, which I do not bother to otherwise explain in this blog.  Feel free to skip this one if you’re not interested in the concept origins or are uninterested in the Florida version of the ride.

Aside from mushrooms and mycology, one of my other interests is curatorial critique and looking at how objects (art and non-art objects) are presented in physical spaces, how stories and value are created through different framing devices, and how physical architecture and social construct play a role in how viewers move through a space and process what they’re seeing…so I can ultimately analyze how the physical presentation can lend to the interpretation and understanding of the objects or how it can obstruct understanding, and whether or not the institution’s curatorial decisions benefit and educate the public. so I want to make it a point to visit and analyze as many museums and art spaces as possible because I think it will help me understand how these institutions function (or don’t function). I’m working on a museum list for southern california so if you have any museum recommendations, let me know! I don’t even have like…the free time to be pursuing new projects but like…I want to have a goal and excuse for seeing new local things. and it can totally be a slow goal! I think I can see at least 5 museums by the end of this year?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy - 4months post op

Okay so I am a little more than four months post op and I know I’ve been posting some progress pix but I guess I haven’t talked much about my experiences. I think a big part of that is because 1. I talk to a group of girls on whatsapp so we’re constantly talking about experiences and 2. I feel like my life is pretty much …normal? So I guess I don’t have much to say. But I mean there has been major changes and shit I’ve learned so I will randomly name a few in this post based on personal experiences. Tips, tricks, notes to self, etc.

- I can eat more now than the first month post op. There are less gas pains and I also eat pretty much normal speed.

-I still cannot drink and eat at the same time. I know most people can’t but I also know some people who can.

-the hair loss is real

-fruit smoothies from places at the mall will likely make you shit yourself

-milk…. Shit yourself

-store bought coffee that contains milk…. Surprisingly not shit yourself! Yay

-soup that has chunks of food in it… Practically like eating and drinking at the same time and doesn’t work out too well. Same for cereal. I just get a lot of gas moving around and it’s not worth it

-some days I can eat a good amount and others I can take three bites and be stuffed. Very annoying when you’re eating something tasty

-the hair loss is fuckin REALLLLL

-some people around you will try to be the food police

-other people around you will offer you bad food all the time… Don’t know why

-my boobs are gone. RIP

-my stretch marks seem more noticeable

-I keep having to buy new clothes


-take your fuckin vitamins JASMINE YOU LAZY ASS

-this surgery doesn’t change your mind set about food. If you tended to eat junk food, eat late at night, eat out a lot before surgery… You still have to consciously make those decisions every single day not to go back to those ways.

-I sadly did NOT turn into a light weight. I still need to drink a LOT to get drunk just like before surgery. I now mostly drink wine and vodka

-can’t drink beer or soda. Allllll those fuckin bubbles

-my back and feet hurt way less than they used to

-I went from being able to jog one minute to seven minutes. Still working on this

-start exercising as soon as you can so when the weight loss slows down you still have something that is going to help your body change

-most people won’t have a negative reaction when you tell them about surgery but some people will be like “be careful because I know someone who DIEEEEED!” 😒

-my boobs are seriously fuckin sad

-I feel that staying hydrated is hard especially since you’re not supposed to drink before and after you eat so you have to be extra mindful of it all day every day

-the first time you eat pizza after surgery don’t eat too fast or too much because you will barf you idiot :)

-sometimes when people take candid pictures of me now and show them to me I don’t want to die so that’s reallly cool

-I thought this surgery would motivate me to learn how to cook and it has not. Stilllllll not wifey material. Oh well don’t care

-don’t be afraid to not order a drink at restaurant. I always say water and then I have a giant cup of water sitting there the whole time and like we’re in a draught. #california

-I don’t recommend taking shots #peerpressure

-sell your old clothes to buy new clothes!

-“your hair is everyyyywhere… SCREAMING INFIDELITIES” - only tru emo kids will know

-you will notice that your body is different than it used to be but you might still feel as big as you used to be. Like you might look at a space and think “I can’t fit there” but you probably can.

-the weight loss is fuckin random. Some weeks I lose 5lb!!! Some weeks I don’t lose anything for two weeks! Only baby Jesus knows

-don’t become obsessed with the scale. I think weighing yourself every day will fuck with your mind. I think once a week at most

-my body is very squishy now. Weird thing to say I know

-I’m not constantly sweating for everything I do!! Cool

-your stomach doesn’t care where the fuck you are it WILL scream the music of its people at any time, any place, in front of anyone

Lastly I just wanna say to myself and to others going through this journey - stay focused. As soon as you become lax on your eating and exercise it is so easy to go back to old ways. Have someone help you be accountable. The surgery doesn’t change how your mind works. It just makes you get full faster. You still have to watch what you are putting into your body. You still have to be active. Listen to your body and work on your mind. Eating badly/over eating will ALWAYS be a struggle for me for the rest of my life. It is something that I have dealt with since a very young age and it’s not something that will just go away. Do your best and don’t give up. If you have questions/need some support follow @thiqgirlsquad on Instagram.

momthatreblogs  asked:

are you going to any other parts of california other than LA? o: i can recommend places in almost any city in the bay area

Ahhh I left LAX😢😢

Now I’m at Pensacola, FL
And tomorrow I have a trip to New orleans, LA

But I went to the beach……. near Queen Mary!
(I think I got the right name 😭?)

Encino, CA

This week’s Certified Dank™ McMansion comes to us from Encino, Los Angeles, California. Encino has been recommended to me time and time again, so I figured it was time to see what all the fuss is about. 

And fuss they should.

And somehow, this 4,354 square-foot house, built in 2008, is on the market for $1,995,000. 

That’s right, almost two million smackaroos. 

Before I begin my tour, I would like to warn my readers that this house contains so much beige that you might lose your ability to see color. McMansionHell is not liable for any injuries that may occur when viewing this post. 

The Two-Story Entryway with Bonus Sitting Room

The Dining Room

And not a single meal was finished in peace.

The Kitchen

Sometimes writing these posts is incredibly taxing on my psyche.

The Second Living Room

moving on, as we all do. 


The notable lack of books is a common trend amongst McMansions. Also note the incredibly cheap-looking column. 

The Master Bedroom

For some reason, this house is bringing out my dark side this week. 

Also: Wallpaper border or crown molding? You decide!

The Master Bathroom

The Not Master Bathrooms

Number One!

Number Two!

This small ridiculous bathroom was constructed with better quality than the rest of the entire house. Speaking of which, 

The Exterior

Oink oink.

On a side note, although it has been my most requested area, there weren’t a lot of houses on the market in Encino with interiors worth mocking, and the number of pictures per house were limited, hence this post is a little more brief than most! 

Don’t worry, though, join me on Sunday for The McMansions 101 Cheat Sheet, where the most typical features of the McMansion are laid out for your identifying pleasure. 

Like this post? Want to see more like it AND get behind the scenes content? Consider supporting me on Patreon! 

Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.

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aaa i recommend the songs greetings from california by the neighborhood and rock + roll by EDEN bc they're my faves rn lmao. also congrats on 1.5k !! i love ur blog sm !! <3

so greetings pf california,, first i thought that i wasn’t gonna like it but i actually did so ty and aaah i loved rock + roll !! tysm !!

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aleatory song rec: ‘Touch’ by little mix

hogwarts house: [ravenclaw] [hufflepuff] [slytherin] [gryffindor]

a feeling: [laughing till your tummy aches] [late nights with friends] [hugging someone you love] [making someone smile] [platonic/romantic cuddles] [a warm shower in a cold day] [knowing that everything is going to be okay]

aesthetic: [fairy lights] [cherry blossoms] [books & coffee] [moon, stars & sun] [rosegold] [pastel colors]

comment: i’m absolutely in love with your blog, you have the perfect amount of pj and dnp and i just love it. also you seem like a really nice and funny person !!

am i following you: [nope but ily !!] [just did!] [yessss] [what kind of question is that?? ofc i am !!]

i am doing blogrates !!

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Did you and your husband live in the same state before you met in person.... And do you recommend on line dating

Yes, we’ve always lived in California! We actually been at the same party YEARS before we met and had mutual friends but we never met until the whole online dating site.

(Anonymously ask me anything!)

VidCon Packing List

Before you go batshit crazy: keep in mind this is all of the stuff that I bring, for me personally, that I am recommending.

1: Sunscreen-
Trust me. You’re in Southern California, it’s VERY VERY bright outside. And meeting your favorite youtuber while you’re head-to-toe covered in sunburns is not fun. Personal experience.

2: Camera-
I know not everyone you attends VidCon is either a youtuber or an aspiring youtuber, but this may just be one of the best weekends of your year, so you may want to film as much as you can so you can relive the trip later.

3: Snacks-
Believe it or not, you might forget to eat throughout these crazy days. Last year over the whole 72 hour trip, all I ate was waffle fries from Chick-fil-A and it was after VidCon had ended, because I was too nervous to ate, and at one point I was so excited to even be there that I simply forgot that eating was even a thing. So bring so money for food or at least a couple of power bars and chips.

4: Water bottles-
Hydrate. It’s hot and sunny and you’re exciting and probably running to get places before everyone else, so you’re gonna need a bottle or two, unless you’re okay waiting until you happen to walk past a water fountain, which is rare.

5: Sunglasses-
Like I said before, it’s sunny. And bright. And your eyes will hurt when you’re outside, and you might get a headache.

6: Hair bands-
Unless you like sweaty necks and sweaty hair falling in your face, I suggest you bring hair bands, just for the convenience.

7: Deodorant-
It’s hot. And you will sweat. A lot. So bring deodorant because when you hug people you don’t want them smelling sweat.

8: Perfume- Just in case.

9: Sneakers-
You will be doing a lot of walking and simply standing in place in lines and such, so make sure you have shoes that will support your aching feet and will be comfortable.

10: Hat-
Hot and sunny. Protect your scalp.

11: Sharpie(s)-
In case the creators don’t have sharpies on hand, I suggest carrying some in your bag for autographs and such.

12: Backpack-
This is a must. There’s no way your hands will be able to carry all this crap all day and still be comfortable and look collected. Also, VidCon is probably gonna give you a crapload of free stuff, like t-shirts and bracelets, and some booths have selfie sticks, and even buying merchandise from creators. Necessity.

13: Flashlight-
I have an irrational fear of the apocalypse so I always have a flashlight in case of power outages or maybe even rummaging through my bag in the dark and what not.

14: Paracord-
This is simply because I carry this with me everywhere. Apocalypse and stuff.

15: Jacket-
Believe it or not you might get cold. They have a pretty great air conditioner in the center and especially at night when you are leaving it can get pretty chilly so I’d bring a jacket or a pullover or something along those lines.

16: Gum-
You’re probably gonna be talking to A LOT of people, so you might want some gum just to protect from bad breath. Or to chew if you’re nervous.

17: Hand sanitizer-
You’ll be shaking a lot of hands, touching a lot of people and a lot of things. And the VidCon plague is definitely a thing. Last year I had the flu for two days. It sucked.

18: Charger-
You’re phone. Will. Die. Especially if you’re using your phone to film and take pictures and text your friends, and keep up with your schedule.

19: Headphones-
You’ll be standing in a lot of lines and you might need a few breaks to chill out and relax, so some music can’t hurt. Also I personally use music as an anxiety deterrent so for me it’s a must.

20: Autograph book-
Not necessarily a book. But do bring something for people to sign. I prefer having an autograph book so I can keep it safe and I’ll never lose any signed items. Also then I don’t have to carry around like twenty items in my bag for different people to sign.

21: Shoelaces-
This one sounds weird but I had a bit of a blood incident last year and my shoelaces were spotted with red and I definitely did not need my favorite creators asking why my shoe was covered in blood. So this year I’m bringing extra laces just for caution.

22: Hairbrush-
I don’t know about you but my hair gets awfully gross when I’m sweating and really knotted really easily, so in my pictures from last year I look like I just got back from prom in the 80s and my date was a pufferfish it was tragic. Bring a brush.

23: Toothbrush-
If you’re staying in a hotel you’ll want to brush your teeth, partially to hide from bad breath, but also just to protect your teeth.

24: Toothpaste-
Waking up with your breath smelling minty fresh!

25: Gifts-
Any gifts you’ve made or bought for any youtuber, don’t forget to bring them along. Ps don’t wrap them because the security may have to unwrap it anyway for security reasons, or you’ll not be allowed to give it to them at all.

26: Schedule-
The full VidCon schedule is on the website and the app, and trust me, you’ll wanna know where you’re going before you’re supposed to be there. As many panels, if your don’t get there early, you may not get in at all.

27: App-
I cannot stress enough how useful the app is. It has the complete schedule, which you can personalize, and a full map of the convention center, and other useful tabs.

28: VidCon Badge-
This seems like a given, but you need to bring your badge. You’d be surprised how many people I saw last year who actually forgot their badge on the second or third day, and had to print out their QR code again and go through the whole registration process a second time.

Other random tips:

-Follow the code of conduct at all times.
-Don’t rely on the strap bag VidCon gives out because mine tore last year and all of my stuff fell out.
-Don’t forget to eat and drink.
-Please don’t overwhelm the creators. Don’t stalk them to their hotel rooms, don’t surround them, don’t tackle them, don’t interrupt them while they’re eating, and please respect that they may not be up for a fan meet that exact moment. They’re people too.
-Do not ask any creators, friends or not, if our can use their name or badge to get into parties or other unauthorized areas. You’ll only get the both of you in trouble.
-Don’t disrespect the security, or staff, or even the volunteers. They’re just doing their job.
-If you need to smoke, please do it in the designated areas.
-Don’t cut in lines, or shove or harm other people to get to the front of any line.
-Don’t steal.
-Please, if you need food, or water, or even a break, please don’t put it off, because you’re only hurting yourself and you will probably regret it.
-Talk to people! Make friends. VidCon is a great opportunity to meet online friends, and to get to know some people.
-Please don’t stand during panels, because it blocks other people’s views.
-If you have somewhere to be early in the morning, arrive at the center at least 30 minutes before you have to be there.
-Fair warning: You will not get any sleep. You’ll probably get home very very late and you’ll probably have to wake up very very early, but it’s totally worth it.


recommended track💀🎧🎶

"Where We Must Be" by Laura Van den Berg

Recommended by Indiana Review

Issue No. 131

Some people dream of being chased by Bigfoot. I found it hard to believe at first, but it’s true. I was driving back from Los Angeles in late August, after a summer of waiting tables and failed casting calls, when I saw a huge wooden arrow that pointed down a dirt road, “actors wanted” painted across it in white letters. I was in Northern California and still a long way from Washington—which wasn’t really home, just where I had come from. I followed the sign down the road and parked in front of a silver Airstream trailer. It was dark inside and I felt the breeze of a fan. The fat man behind the desk said he’d never hired a woman before. And then he went on to describe exactly what happens at the Bigfoot Recreation Park. People come here to have an encounter with Bigfoot. Most of their customers have been wanting this moment for years. I would have to lumber and roar with convincing masculinity. I can do that, I said, no problem. And I proved it in my audition. After putting on the costume and staggering around the trailer for a few minutes, bellowing and shaking my arms, I stopped and removed the Bigfoot mask. The fat man was smiling. He said I would always be paid in cash.

Read the full story here!

About the Author

Laura van den Berg is the author of the story collections What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us, a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” selection, and The Isle of Youth, which won the Rosenthal Family Foundation Award from the American Academy of Arts & Letters and was named a “Best Book of 2013” by over a dozen venues, including NPR, The Boston Globe, and O, The Oprah Magazine. Both collections were shortlisted for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award. The recipient of an O. Henry Award and a Pushcart Prize, her work has been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Mystery Stories, and The Best American Nonrequired Reading. Laura’s first novel, Find Me, will be published by FSG in February 2015. A native of Florida, she lives in the Boston area.

About the Guest Editor

Now in its thirty-eighth year of publication, Indiana Review is a non-profit literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers. Our mission is to offer the highest quality writing within a wide aesthetic. As a biannual literary review, IR considers previously unpublished fiction, poetry, essays, and art. IR is edited and managed by Indiana University graduate students and funded mainly by subscriptions, grants, and partial university support. Works by contributors to IR have been awarded the Pushcart Prize and reprinted in The Pushcart Prize Anthology: Best of the Small Presses, as well as in Best American Short Stories, Best American Poetry, and The O. Henry Prize Stories. Additionally, we are recognized as one of the top 15 most challenging fiction markets by Duotrope.

“Where We Must Be” from WHAT THE WORLD WILL LOOK LIKE WHEN ALL THE WATER LEAVES US: STORIES (Dzanc, 2009), originally appeared in Indiana Review. Reprinted by permission of Dzanc Books.

Listen to a recording of the author reading an excerpt from “Where We Must Be” here.

Kane has a letter of recommendation from the Undertaker.  That means in kayfabe, this fool went to California, trudged across Death Valley to bother the Undertaker, actually convinced a embodiment of death to write a letter to help him get a job as GM, and then he got his suit and came to Raw.  Or does Undertaker the character have a fax machine or an email or something?

anonymous asked:

okay so. I just recently turned 18, which I've been waiting for so I can finally start my transition. but now that I'm here I'm realizing.. I don't know what to do in order to get on T, get my name changed... I live in the US, in arkansas. where do I start?

The first thing in the process you have to do in order to get T is have get a gender therapist so that they can write you a letter of recommendation for hormone therapy. I’m from California so our name change procedures are different but once you find a gender therapist and then a doctor to prescribe you hormones they can probably point you in the right direction.
(Mod Pluto)



@spookygoo rating

A good soul, eternally trapped in Alabama (help him), giant weeb, needs to play games more and work less (note: this applies to me too), huge BlazBlue fan, sang Hotel California with me once, recommended me hentai from time to time

Rating: 10/10 pray for his safe leaving of Alabama