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I saw your post and I'm strangely intrigued by putting potato in lemonade? Can I have the recipe?

look it may be inaccurate because it’s been many years since i last saw my grandma make it (it’s her original recipe and a family heirloom i’m sharing with the world), but here it goes

you need:

  • lemonade
  • potato (not sure how many but that’s the magic of experimentation)
  • willpower

first you make the lemonade. i’m assuming you’ve made it before so i don’t need to explain you how to do it. the focus here is the potato.

you take the potato and boil it until it’s soft and light yellow (just a normal boiled potato). then you put it in a blender and let it get fucked until it’s a pulp. THEN you have to be careful with how much you put in the lemonade. you don’t want the lemonade to become bulky (unless that’s your thing), you want it to be as thick as peach/mango juice. blend it again i think?? and then voila you got your potato lemonade. please enjoy i put actual effort into this

🥙🥒🥙First breakfast of the week.
Wholegrain flat bread with hummus, cucumber and cholula ( I think I have an addiction haha)
Also a cup of coffee and a bottle of water. I’m not a bit fan of plastic bottles of water as it’s a needlessly expensive and un-environmentally so I just use tap water (sometimes a filter) and these glass bottles I got from Asda. They were about £2 each I think and hold 1ltr

Side note. I finished watching Empress Ki at the weekend and am still trying to recover haha 😭