not really the kind of show you can eat to

The Cast of The Outsiders Now as Members of Your Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving

C Thomas Howell (Ponyboy)

-Creepy Uncle™ vibes.

-He’s not actually your uncle he’s like your dad’s second cousin’s nephew in law or some shit you really can’t remember.

-But he drinks milk straight from the carton and it makes you really uncomfortable.

-Don’t look him in the eyes.

-Smells like weed.

-You get forced to sit next to him on the couch after dinner and then he turns out to be a pretty cool guy.

-Has this weird scar on his elbow with a whole elaborate story behind it.

-Brought the 20-something year old he’s dating which is kind of weird but they’re making it work and they seem happy so okay.

-Takes all of the little kids out for ice cream when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other so they don’t have to be around that.

Leif Garret (Bob)

-Creepy Uncle™ vibes^2

-You do actually want to avoid him.

-Like he’s not even related to you. At all.

-Nobody knows what he’s doing in your house.

-“Wait, I thought he came with you!" "No, he came with you!”

-Drinks all he beer and just makes everybody really uncomfortable.

-He’s only there for 20 minutes.

-The next thing you know he and the turkey are both gone.

-You never see any of them either again.

Diane Lane (Cherry)

-That one really awesome aunt everybody loves.

-Gives throughtful Christmas presents.

-Has like 10 kids.

-Still looks gorgeous after all of them.

-Is the one who put this whole thing together God bless her heart.

-Ends up curled up on the kitchen linoleum crying and chugging a bottle of red wine after everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other somebody give this poor woman a hug.

Rob Lowe (Sodapop)

-Your mom’s older brother.

-The Fun Uncle.

-Tells all the kids too many stories about his crazy college days.

-“…and that’s why you shouldn’t do drugs, kids.”

-Gets the fuck out of there the second everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. Smart dude.

Michelle Merink (Marcia)

-Your mom’s younger sister.

-The one gay family member.

-Everyone is going out of their way to avoid acknowledging the fact that she’s gay.

-Like literally she brings her wife of 10 years and everybody’s still like, “Aunt Michelle and her…friend.”

-Brought a cassorole.

-Is done with this shit.

-Leaves with her wife as soon as everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. They go to her wife’s family’s Thankgiving dinner and it is a much much better experience.

Patrick Swayze (Darry)

-The awesome grandpa who’s been dead for years.

-Everyone’s remembering him fondly and telling heartwarming stories about him while also desperately trying to avoid actually bringing up the fact that he’s dead.

Matt Dillon (Dallas)

-Your second cousin’s new husband thay she brought with her.

-It’s the first time anybody’s meeting him because they got married after like three months of knowing each other.

-Nobody approves.

-He’s super uncomfortable and trying his best to be polite like he compliments your evil great great aunt and offers to do the dishes and everything.

-Yeah by the end of the night all of the younger girl cousins have crushes on him and all of the alcoholic unhappily married women are Jealous™

-Is super confused and kind of disturbed when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other but he knows better than to ask any questions.

Emilio Estevez (Two-Bit)

-Another person who you can’t actually remember how your related to.

-You only ever see him at Thanksgiving otherwise he might as well not even exist.

-Just chilling.

-Staying out of the drama.

-Eating his pie.

-Takes his pie into the bathroom to finish it when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

Ralph Macchio (Johnny)

-That one fully grown cousin who they make eat at the kids’ table when they run out of room.

-Joins Emilio Estevez in the bathroom when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. They sit in the bathtub together and eat pie and have a heartfelt chat it’s actually kind of nice.

Tom Cruise (Steve)

-Your dad’s dickhead little brother who didn’t bother to show up.

-Grandma set a placemat out for him out of spite.

-It’s just…sitting there.

-He’s probably out having a good time somewhere far away when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

-Honestly who can really blame him you’d ditch Thanksgiving every year too if you could.

Glenn Withrow (Tim)

-Cool Uncle

-Married to your dad’s sister.

-Is in a band.

-Also smells like weed.

-Pretty Chill dude until everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. Then he manages to make three people cry and put a brand-new whole in grandma’s wall.

S.E. Hinton (Nurse)

-Great great aunt.

-Is still alive…somehow.

-Yells everything because she can’t hear.


-Hits people with her cane.

-Is probably the reason everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

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airport/airplane with tom holland

cozy tom warning kids 

  • so Tom would want to fly at night mainly because less paparazzi but also because he loves seeing the stars
  • Tom is all for comfort on flights especially long haul flights so he’s gunna be in his oldest comfiest sweatpants and the biggest hoodie he owns 
  • he’s defiently going to be carrying your bag for you 
  • he’s gunna be sleepy so he’s gunna be drinking a lot of coffee and tea
  • he’s a pro at security like he’s done it so many times
  • homeboy is gunna make jokes to the security people and he’s gunna have everyone cracking up 
  • sleepy boy is gunna have his hood up a lot
  • will want to hold your hand a lot
  • at least 3 starbucks trips while waiting for your flight
  • he’s gunna take cheesy instagram pictures of you cuddled up to him while you wait 
  • he’s gunna buy you matching neck pillows fight me on this
  • he’s also going to buy lots of snacks and he’s gunna cram them into his backpack because he hates plane food 
  • he’s gunna have his laptop out answering emails if there’s enough time 
  • Tom is gunna want to take the window seat 100%
  • will stroke your hand when you take off 
  • if you get nervous he’ll snuggle up to you and stroke your hair andkiss your forehead 
  • tom is gunna sleep most of the flight 
  • he’ll be sprawled in the most uncomfortable position but he’d be sleeping like a baby
  • he’s gunna have his hood up with his headphones on leaning on your shoulder a lot of the time too 
  • if he’s not sleeping he’s gunna be chatting to you alot 
  • about everything
  • also he’s gunna be eating alot
  • ‘‘what y/n,the high altitude makes me hungry’‘
  • he’s gunna try read the book he’s been meaning to read,and he’ll read to you while you lie on his shoulder,but he’s gunna get distracted 
  • he’s gunna be staring out the window and trying to take pictures of the stars and he’s gunna get excited even if they come out all black or blurry 
  • ‘‘if you squint you can kind off see the moon y/n’‘
  • if the plane has tv’s he’s not really gunna use his that much,like he’d browse and he might watch an episode of his favourite show but most of his attention is gunna be on you
  • defiently not gunna eat the gross plane food 
  • ‘‘so what do you think about the mile high club y/n’‘
  • will defiently bring up sex on the plane more than once
  • ‘‘I’m only joking y/n….unless your up for it’‘
  • flying with tom is going to be a lot of snuggly clingy tom
  • he’d honestly look so good in his big hoodie leaning against the back drop of stars 
  • lol I love Tom Holland 

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Jungkooks reaction to you whispering in his ear during dinner with the rest of the boys and telling him how bad you fucking need him naked, sweating and moaning on top of you..

[[ > I made different versions <]]

[1] ~ You start stroking him under the table. He can’t control himself dropping his head back and letting out a little moan. ~

[2] ~ Can’t let go of the show you did the other day in the club when you were drunk. ~
“ Remember saturday? Go tell that to that guy you were dancing with.”

[3]~ He’s feeling cocky today. ~

“Of course you want me. Have you looked at me?”

[4]~ He’s really hungry after practice ~

“Babe this lunch box looks really good though…”

“Here try some”

~You let out a frustrated groan~

“Are you okay? I told you, you should eat something.”

[5] ~Super aware of hyungs presence. ~

“They’re right here you know. They can probably hear you”

[6] ~ Counts to 10 to get himself under control. ~

[7] ~Slips his hand under your panties.~

“Are you that wet just thinking about the things I’ll do to you?”

[8] ~ Can’t hold himself and doesn’t even care about the hyungs. He carries you out. ~

“Don’t tell me that kind of thing and expect me to stay still. Let’s go home and I’ll show you how loud I can make YOU moan.”

By: Tumblr acc TopBtsSmut

SuperCorp Headcanon

I have too many other fics Im working on right now to really write this but:
. Real talk, Kara must feel so alone and isolated right now.
. With all this shit between finding out James is Gaurdian, Winn keeping secrets, and Mon-El’s manipulative behavior she must feel kind of betrayed
. Shes THRILLED for Alex but also really missing the more frequent one on one sister nights
. And theres only so much ice cream you can eat by yourself
. So she reaches out to Lena
. Lena’s basically felt this way her ENTIRE life so shes really good at making Kara feel better
. Then they get “closer”
. Suddenly its Valentines day and Lena does this huge gesture to show Kara how much she cares about her
. But only “in a friend way” because she will actually die if Kara rejects her
. Kara sees right through her
. Shes scared at first, but without realizing it, she fell in love with Lena Luthor, her beautiful best friend
. After a ridiculous amount of potstickers and contemplation Kara decides she just has to lay it all on the line
. So she shows up on Lena’s balcony (in the rain for effect)
. Rambling on about how she feels terrible she didnt get Lena anything for Valentines day until Lena interrupts “so whats my present?!”
. And Kara just sticks a big ass bow on her head with this stupid goofy grin on her face
. “Me, silly”
. Then they kiss on the balcony in the pouring rain and fly off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Jamaican Memories

In which Harry invites (Y/N) to Jamaica with him

Going to Jamaica with Harry would be your first trip ever; you were surprised when Harry even invited you to this trip. This trip was just going to be an all boys trip with some work involved.

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Hi~ can i pls get RFA reacting to finding out mc is a witch? like, real world witch, not fantasy witch. thx!

Listen. Nonny. Friend. Pal. You came to the right place. Also as a bonus, what kind of witchcraft each member might lean towards! Also also as a bonus, V and Saeran because…reasons.

This request brought me back from like a 2-3 month hiatus, thank you! (More to come!) @specialagent–danascully - tagging by request and also because this is right up her alley! :)

Requests are open.~


  • really doesn’t know much about witchcraft
  • but when you tell him you are a witch he becomes really curious
  • like…thinks it’s so cool tbh?
  • wants to tell everyone if you’re out of the broom closet anyway
  • loves glamours and beauty spells
    • “Not that I need them, of course.”
    • (he asks for them anyway)
  • lets you make all of his soaps/masks/beauty products bc you enchant them for him
    • but always w/ intent like emotional calm or happiness bc that boy doesn’t need any help to be prettier but he could stand to chill from time to time
  • asks for a glamour spell to keep him hidden every time y’all go out together so he doesn’t get noticed by fans
  • gets really excited whenever you do a spell
  • (always willing to help with them)
  • seriously this boy is your #1 fan


  • he wants to know everything like…everything
  • there’s a lot of explaining how it’s different from TV or movie witchcraft
    • there was a long discussion about Harry Potter and the differences between the two
    • “It’s a lot more…subtle than that.”
  • he loves it though
  • always wants to watch
  • he ends up really loving crystal and candle magic
  • the house always smells good! you always smell good!
  • plus, crystals are pretty! and used as magic items in LOLOL
  • he also loves kitchen magic, but!! is too afraid to ever try it tbh
    • his cooking tends to be…touch and go he’s afraid he’ll cause a magical disaster


  • a little stunned
  • like until you told her, she had no idea it was a real thing that people could just…be
    • she’d heard of it ofc, but only in terms of the past, or books, or musicals
  • research mode: ACTIVATE
  • soon she knows more about witchcraft than you do
  • discovers kitchen magic very quickly and suddenly realizes why you would suggest certain ingredients oooohh
  • asks if you would mind to enchant the ingredients whenever they’re delivered
    • you already do and she’s delighted
  • makes pastries and desserts for all the holidays, even if you don’t celebrate them
  • your bakery gets a very dedicated following of local witches
  • and becomes a very popular after-work stress relief stop (nobody understands how your desserts seem to make everything better)


  • totally clueless about witchcraft but accepts what you tell him immediately, without question
  • buys some books, quietly researches without saying much
  • tbh for a while, you think he’s actually distancing himself from you bc of discovering you are a witch
  • but it turns out he was just so clueless about it all that he didn’t even know what to ask - so he had to study first
  • becomes a super diligent supporter
  • buys you a ton of supplies, meticulously researching each purchase
    • “This wand is selenite, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed. Also, it’s got black kyanite and smokey quartz for–”
    • “Er, it’s gorgeous, Jumin, but you know I was fine with–”
    • “MC, that other one is literally a twig. It still has dirt on it.” he didn’t throw it away, he’s got some common sense after all
  • secretly memorizes tea/herb correspondences and brings you different teas depending on how your day went
    • he thinks he’s being sneaky but you notice and love him even more for it
  • lots of magic theory discussions with him
  • or random semi-related things:
    • “MC, can only witches have familiars?”
    • “…I don’t know, but don’t worry - you definitely have the same kind of relationship with Elizabeth the 3rd as a witch and their familiar, even if it’s not called the same thing.”


  • you manage to surprise him, which is really hard to do
    • “Okay but how did I not know?”
    • “There are still secrets to discover about me after all!” okay he loved that a little too much tbh
  • p much unfazed though
    • “Well, if you don’t have one already, we should get you set up with an online grimoire. So much easier!”
  • spends free time doing extra research so he can understand this side of you more
  • loves cosmic witchcraft! researches the shit out of it
    • after all, he’s always felt a connection to the stars
  • witch memes, witch puns, ~witchy humor in general~
    • “You’ve got me…under your spell” *eyebrow waggle* said at least once a day
  • hacks your phone to send you crazy emoji spells that he made up
    • “Saeyoung…they’re emoji spells. You can send them in a text instead of hacking to…”
    • “Aw, but hacking is how I charge them!” gotta love this boy 
      • he only slows down when weird things keep happening because of his spells
  • tbh he starts making everything about magic and you love it
    • “Saeyoung…what are you doing?”
    • “I’m cleansing!”
    • “…you are literally covered in empty chip bags. Eating chips.”
    • SALT.”
  • like he makes jokes all the time but he’s 100% supportive
  • also always makes sure your wards are in place and working no way is he gonna let your home go without magical protection once he learns this is a thing


  • he’s surprised but doesn’t really show it
  • asks a lot of questions, very intrigued!
  • you start to talk to him about spirits and astral travel
  • and he particularly enjoys that!
  • you introduce him to some spirits
    • turns out his energy just attracts genuinely kind and gentle spirits
    • he can sense them but not much else - he does feel very happy and at peace though
  • you two bond over energy work!
    • he’s really good at it, his loss of eyesight makes him extra sensitive to the energies of objects and people alike
  • he ends up getting you a little black kitten cliche, i know, fite me
  • he loves when he comes home to you doing a spell bc it almost always smells wonderful we don’t have to talk about what it smells like when you’re using valerian root okay


  • totally unsurprised, tbh
  • the things he’s seen - why would that, of all things, seem strange?
  • curious, but doesn’t really ask questions
  • just kinda…quietly observes
    • once you notice, you start to talk about it without him asking
    • you can tell he’s really happy
  • total fan of chaos magic you drew a sigil on him once and he was hooked
  • he is the best at creating sigils, they look amazing and always work
    • you tell him it’s because he has an amazing will, to go through what he did and make a full recovery - he believes you sometimes
  • he’s all about the witch aesthetic though he won’t admit it
  • turns your grimoire into a work of art with his illustrations
  • ends up lowkey becoming a witch himself, grabbing bits and pieces of different magic to suit his own craft
    • (his grimoire is a masterpiece)
    • (y’all are the first in a long line of witches in your family, tbh)

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I was wondering if I could get headcanons of Toshinori, Aizawa, and Hizashi's s/o bringing them a personalized lunch? Because they've been so stressed, to the point where they're not eating right. Their s/o would probably be worried, especially since they try to reassure her that they're fine. (But they're not lol. Also, if you only use gender neutral for your imagines, go ahead and keep it neutral it's cool. :D)

Toshinori Yagi

Originally posted by level-upper

  • This man does nothing but stress you out. Toshinori can be talking to you about anything and he’ll be fine! Then the next second he’s coughing up blood.

  • So when he becomes so stressed that his meals turn into quick snacks you grow even more worried. He looks more tired, stumbles more often, his sentences are slow and jumbled. You’re scared and stressing yourself out.

  • When you first gave Toshinori a bento box for school he was a little anxious, but mostly excited. When he opens it up in front of the other teachers they all just look at him in awe and a few make some smart comments the moment they see the hearts made out of rice. 

  • You usually make him what he likes. You make him omelets, sweet potatoes, rice. You usually try to add some fruit and some different meats. You like to switch it up every now and again.   

  • You say nothing as you slip out of the room with a small smile on your face. 

  • You do it more often and Toshinori notices how healthier they are getting and how you seem to stuff so many things into one bento box. 

  • He knows he worries you so he always tries to eat most, if not all, of the food you prepared for him that day so you can have some reassurance that he’s eating healthy.

  • He apologizes to you when he realizes why you’re making him the Bentos. He tries to sleep more, eat healthier, and work out a little.

Shouta Aizawa

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • This man is literally only stress. It’s like he lives off of it. He’s usually able to just sort of push it aside and continue living on.

  • It’s when he starts to stop eating that you begin to worry even more. You bring him meals but he’ll leave them untouched as he works on whatever work he’s focused on. 

  • You hear a loud thud come from upstairs and you instantly make your way to his room, your stomach dropping at the sight of seeing your lover on the floor. You run over to him and shake him awake and when he does, only a second later; you sit him down on your shared bed. 

  • From there on out you make him meals. You’ll take him out to lunch if he has time and you couldn’t make him one or you’ll bring him a bento box filled with healthy foods. 

  • You’ll make pretty little cat designs with the food just to brighten up his day and he’ll thank you later with a quick kiss on your lips before mumbling a thank you. 

  • He’s appreciative that you go out of your way to make him such a wonderful lunch and he’s honestly a little taken back by the work you put into the lunch.

  • He often tells you to not worry about him, that he’s fine, but you continue to make his lunches. if you ever have to leave town you’ll make extra meals for him so he can have something to eat while you’re gone. 

  • He can feel your eyes constantly on him, watching him to make sure he doesn’t overexert himself. He apologizes to you, kissing you gently to let you know he’s fine, and really really sorry.

Hizashi Yamada

Originally posted by yasho

  • The moment he shows how stressed he is you know it’s bad. He’s usually a positive guy, he’s able to push away his negative emotions and just live life.

  • He also loves your cooking so the moment he pushes the plate away or only eats a little bit you kind of catch on something is wrong.

  • You confront him and he just shrugs you off, much to your surprise, saying that he’s fine.

  • You go to his work to personally give him the lunch you had made him. He’s sort of surprised when he saw you walking up to his desk. You’re smiling and hand him the box.

  • He thanks you and opens it right then, gasping and complimenting your talents. You send him a lopsided smile before leaning over and kissing his forehead. You quietly ask him to take care of himself before you pull yourself away.

  • He notices how much food you had shoved into the small bento box and he immediately felt guilty. He knew you were worried about him.

  • He thanks you later that day, wrapping his arms around you while he apologizes for worrying you. He’s happy you went out of your way to bring him a bento box though.
BTS Reaction | you asking them out

request: “Wow I love your blog!!! I don’t know if your requests are open…but could you possibly do a reaction to a boy asking BTS out? (I know they’re prolly straight but a boy can dream 😭) Thank you and have a wonderful day ❤️ ❤️”

Kim Seokjin

Jin would be really flattered and happy that you asked him out first. “I’m so happy that you ask. I wanted to ask you out as well but I just couldn’t bring myself to it as I thought you don’t like me that way.”

Min Yoongi

He would try to cover his excitement and act calm about it. “Sure. Why not?” But the minute your look left his he would bite his lips to supress a childish smile.

Kim Namjoon

“Yea, sure we can go out. I would love to actually.” He would be calm at first but get really giggly as soon as he really realized what just happened. “So we’re really going out, right?”

Jung Hoseok

“I’m supposed to ask you out!” He would say, a bit embarrassed that he took so long to ask you, but he would also be happy that you may have the same feeling for him as he has for you.

Park Jimin

He would turn really shy after the words left your mouth but would be so happy on the inside that you asked him out first.  “I wanted to ask you out as well, for quite a while now to be honest.”

Jeon Jungkook

He would be kind of shocked that you actually have interest in him at first. “Really with me?” After a nervous laughter he would be more than happy to go out with you. “Of course I want to go out with you, what a question.”

Kim Taehyung

He would be so excited and totally show that to you. “I would love to go out with you! We can go to see a movie or eat ice cream or play video games or ..” *Continues to list a lot of date ideas*


Q: As of right now, is there a dream or something that you want to acheive or accomplish?
A: 1st place.

Q: Back when you were in school, what methods did you use to study for exams?
A: I studied by reviewing the textbooks.

Q: Has there ever been a moment where you thought you were cute?
A: I think am somewhat cute when Monbebes will photoshop pictures and make it into a meme or if I/they upload pictures, calling it cute.

Q: If MONSTA X was a rainbow, which colors would everyone symbolize?
A: Wonho - Red because he is sexy and powerful
Kihyun - Orange because he is warm and a soft-hearted person
Minhyuk - Yellow becaus he is very bright and gifted/talented
Jooheon - Green because he is always fresh!
Hyungwon - Blue because he is tranquil and he is a person who you have a comfortable feeling with
Shownu - Indigo because I am stable
Changkyun - Purple because he is special/unique and has certain charms about him, which I am still unaware of

Q: You have traveled to so many different countries, but you have yet to travel to my heart? When will that happen?
A: Please wait. I’m on my way right now.

Q: If you can travel back in time, to what moment would you want to go to?
A I would want to go back to grade school, because that is when I had plenty of free time.

Q: Will you ever tell us the story about the cat? I am really curious about it.
A: The cat was so cute. It would sometimes come to me and kind of rub its body on to me, and I liked that alot. It really loved to eat tuna too.

Q: Is there a TV show that you would like to make a cameo/appereance on?
A: Hmmm let me see…It’s been a long time since I have watched TV/been on it..Maybe MONSTA X-RAY 3?

Q: What are you most scared of in the world?
A: Because of Monbebes, there is nothing that I am scared of.

Q: Shownu, who tells us to live a diligent life, are there any words that you think of, that helps you stay focused/on track?
A: I believe this is what Junho sunbaenim told me awhile back, but he said, that even if there is only one person watching me on stage, that should I always do my best/put in 100 percent. It is something that I think about alot.

Q: Are there any songs that you only want to know?
A: No. I want to share nice songs.

Q: Are you still awkward with a camera?
A: There are some times where I am still awkward.

Q: Shownu who is amazing, can you please share something that you found enjoyable when you searched “Shownu?”
A: Ever since Monbebe were born/formed, it has been everything

Trans: FYSHOWNU || take out with full credit.

*short* Supernatural Preferences: Random fun days off

Sam: How would you and Mr. Rapunzel spend any average day? No it wouldn’t be cuddled up reading some book, or even binge watching shows on Netflix. Any normal boring ass human could do that. But how many people can say that they got to play hair dresser with Sam Winchester? Nobody but you if we’re being point blank honest. And no I’m not talking about braiding or fish tailing his hair. I’m talking about full out whacky hair Wednesday for school kind of hair. Mohawks spray painted outrageous colors. Unicorn hair styles. All slicked back so he looked like the damn human version of a baby sea lion. There was really nothing you didn’t try.

Originally posted by deanyw

Dean: Pie eating contest? Who can drink more and walk in a straight line better? Hellllllll mother fuckin no! Childish shit! No way in hell you’d be doing that for a fun day off! Butttttt drag racing the cars in the bunkers garage? What could be so childish about that? No way in hades cold day was Baby going to be apart of that, regardless of how hard you tried to convince Dean to let loose. The two of you would be speeding back and forth like kids playing with real life hot wheels race cars.

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Cas: Out of the many things you and your fluff buddy could be doing, why exactly would you go on a world wide ice cream taste test? Uhhhhh because it’s ice cream! Obviously that’s a good enough reason. Cas being an angel and all he’s got these kickass tastebuds. So you put them to the test. Making him try just about every flavor of ice cream the world has to offer. Nooooo this doesn’t all happen in one day. It’s a long process. But it’s bonding mushy gushy lovey dovey time. So bonus points for that.

Originally posted by princesscas

rayne-archer  asked:

Any tips for creating a race for fantasy? Especially when there is multiple intelligent races in the world? I have the basics down, but my race still doesn't feel real yet. I'm having trouble adding to that, what can I do?


You’ll likely find my recent post Brainstorming for creating new species quite helpful. I’ll also be posting new parts of the brainstorming series in the coming weeks, including culture and civilizations, which might also be of help to you. 

The things that tend to bring depth to your races and their culture are things like entertainment, hobbies, quirks. You can have a race that is really cool on the surface, but in order to connect them to your human readers, to really give them depth, you want to show us how similar or dissimilar they are from our people, in every way. Have you thought about the kinds of food they like to eat? Why? What sorts of clothes they wear and why? How do they treat their children and why?

The “why” is a big part. Finding their motivation for all of the mundane actions (actions we tend to take for granted in our world) will take you a long way. 

Hope that’s helpful.

Happy writing!

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How rfa + V and Saeran react if MC had a popular YouTube channel? thank you!

nno problem! 


  • so let’s just say that mc has a gaming channel and they’re quickly rising the ranks
  • he was so confused when his lolol buddies started suggesting he watch this “new gaming channel” and he went to youtube only to find that it was you!
  • he didn’t even bother watching any of your videos
  • the second he saw your face he ran to you and started questioning you 90 miles an hour
  • he was more excited than anything and really wanted to see your setup
  • so the next time he goes to your place you take him to your room and he was surprised to see all the equipment
  • “how did i not notice all of this before?”
  • asks to be in your videos which you happily agree bc how could you not
  • is also slightly dumbfounded when you admit you make some money off of it


  • mc is a beauty vlogger and does things like outfit of the day, makeup routine, etc (doesn’t matter what gender bc obv james charles and manny mua are a thing)
  • zen doesn’t really have time to watch youtube but somehow he stumbled across one of your videos
  • he watched as many as he could before he was called off to do something and texted you about it
  • “mc! why didn’t you tell me you were a beauty vlogger?”
  • “er.. it’s not really that important”
  • except that your videos are your main source of income aaaaa
  • he’s really not even that surprised bc a lot of the times when he was texting you, you were busy with your clothes or makeup
  • he knows a thing or two about beauty routines but he would always be confused as to why you took so long to do it and why you did it so often bc more often than not you didn’t even have makeup on and was wearing sweatpants
  • now he knows it was just for the videos lmao


  • mc operated a channel where it was just a bunch of mukbangs and them talking about their life
  • mc’s channeling trisha paytas
  • you didn’t even bother keeping it from her 
  • one day she asked what you do for a living and you explained that, besides your job as whatever it is you do, you also make extra cash from doing mukbangs
  • obviously doesn’t know what the hell that is so you have to explain it to her
  • she’s really weirded out at first but then you show her the videos and she kind of gets it
  • also scolds you a little for eating so much junk
  • “but jaehee you do too”
  • “yes but i have no other choice, most days”
  • this prompts a lot of dinner dates


  • mc is a part of a company like buzzfeed or watchcut
  • obviously jumin doesn’t watch youtube (or even know what it is) so you have to tell him what you do
  • he’s actually intrigued and asks to watch some of your videos (and also explain to him what youtube is)
  • before you can even press play he offers to partner with your company and you’re just like “thanks but your company would not profit from that js we’re not that type of company”
  • doesn’t understand but you don’t bother to expand on it as you press play on the video
  • probably even more confused than before
  • he doesn’t know how to even categorize the type of work you do so he asks to come to work with you one day
  • honestly that is the best day of your life 


  • mc is one of the pranksters but obvs a good one and not a jackass
  • saeyoung already knew and he didn’t even bother bringing it up
  • instead he just pranks you nonstop and eventually you get fed up and prank him back
  • except you do it 10x better and almost made him cry bc you were so much better
  • of course you had to film it and it ended up being one of your most popular vids
  • the two of you end up doing videos together like Prank vs Prank (minus the breakup)
  • your channel grows sooo much to the point where you can actually make a living off of it, and like, a good one


  • this mc is also a foodie but they do things like rosanna pansino and does a lot of baking/cooking and “trying foreign foods!” videos
  • jihyun had actually known about your channel prior to losing his eyesight so imagine his shock when he meets you in the rfa lol
  • since he can no longer watch your videos, he still clicks on every latest video and listens to it, just to support you
  • you didn’t even know until he casually mentioned it one day
  • “you should try french candies for your next video, they’re pretty good.”
  • you literally did a double take and that’s when he admitted he knew of you before you joined rfa
  • after that he gets you a subscription for snackcrate, which is just lootcrate for snacks
  • a lot of the times you’re missing candy from the box bc he sneaks some out and eats it


  • mc is basically like shane dawson and just does whatever they want
  • conspiracy theories, crazy food videos, etc
  • saeran is on youtube more than you would think, and he had been subscribed to you for a while
  • he didn’t even try hiding it and, like jihyun, suggested a video that you should do
  • you tried to get him in your videos but he always insisted against it
  • until you listened to one of his suggestions and then he was right next to you, too quiet and too still
  • only talked like twice (you found out he was actually camera shy) but you could tell he had a really good time
Dainippon Itangeisha Boudouku Gudon no Sakura

(Or at least what I can remember of it) 

- The merch row was huge. Some friends went out as early as 6.30 and got numbers like 1400 or so. The black T-shirt was sold out first, then the bear key chains. 
- It was warm and sunny one moment, and really cold and windiy 15 minutes later. But no rain this time…
- One could eat karaage, katsudon, and drink sakura latte at the food tent, and there were plenty of gacha machines as well. Waiting for a concert to start never went this easy. 
- In the nearby ramen restaurant Jangara Ramen Gazette was playing in the background, it was really surprising! 
- The seats were absolutely random. One friend, who comes to every single show she can, got a ticket to the 60th row, while a friend who came first for this occasion, got one in the 12th row. It was probably some kind of lottery. 
- The house was full, you could only spot a few empty seats, probably because the ticket owners couldn’t come to the show. 
- The costumes were a little ‘retro’ feeling, reminding me on the early days of Gazette. Aoi’s hair is long and flowy again, Reita had a beautiful makeup (his eyes were more gorgeous with this new style) and a new type of noseband, which was silver colored and had two black rubber strings holding it on place, like a face mask. (So I guess it’s a nose mask then?) Uruha was really manly until the moment I realized that his skort is slit up up to his tigh, and he had a pair of black hot pants under it… Ruki and Kai looked pretty much normal to me.
- What surprised us all: they didn’t play ANY songs from the past 5 years. We (as foreigners) expected a 15th anniversary something like a “best of” selection, representing every era of the band, but they only played their old songs. Which was a bit strange, since in the first half hour everyone was looking around to see if there is someone who knows the furis…
- During the live, sakura (paper) petals were falling from the ceiling, lighted by the lasers, it was a stunning view.
- There was a separate balcony for VIP guests and family members, and one could spot Kai’s mother, wife and his two little daughters there, also Aoi’s wife must have been sitting there, because during Cassis he was staring nonstop to the VIP balcony’s direction, and during the verse part, when Ruki sings “Aishita anata no…”, he hit his chest with his right fist. 
- When they came back for the encore, Uruha took off his costume and had the white hoodie on, and it was so long and big, that it covered his mini hot pants, so he looked like he’s wearing nothing but the hoodie and boots and tights. Aoi was teasing him from behind, pointing at his ‘absolute territory’. (And there were at least two more Aoiha moments, once Aoi even gave a kiss to Uruha! Okay, it was a little kiss, but still. They seemed to be quite relaxed with each other.) 
- Ruki was joking all around his MC, he said he personally wanted a different setlist, but he wanted to listen to the fan’s requests, that’s why they were playing the songs that got the most votes on the online voting. 
- First, Aoi started to cry, and he was so sad that Kai and Reita had to comfort him. Later on, every member got the mic and talked a little, Reita being the last, and he lost his voice in between is speech, burst into crying, now Aoi was comforting him, while Ruki just laughed and said “see, inside we didn’t change a single bit in the past 15 years”. 
- I think the live was more fun than emotional, and everyone was in a great mood. In the end, they were showing a video of the upcoming summer live, and Ruki said the anniversary year will be special, filled with various events and surprises. Kai also said that the 15 years were just the first step, and they will keep going on. 

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To Sonic: You don't seem to be the most affectionate guy so, how do you show to your friends you care about them?

“Epic title sequence poses.”

“Time, laughter, slow fade sequences.”

“Group activities.”

“More group activities.”

“Dance parties.”

“Basically,… eating, partying, being there for them, relaxing, chillaxing- there is a distinct difference- and so forth! I don’t always do the hug thing… but when I do-”

“It means somethin’…”

(It’s difficult, but he can be emotionally there sometimes. And he’s always encouraging his friends. I think he’s a good, supporting friend. He really is kind, like a hero should be :) )

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The bachelors reactions to the farmer introducing them to their pet snake. P.s. You are really awesome >♡<

Alex - “Aw sweet! That’s so cool! Look at those teeth!”

Elliott - “… A snake? I… I didn’t expect you to be a snake person. She’s very cute, though.”

Harvey - “I now understand the name ‘Sir Slithers von NoLegs’.”

Sam - “That’s so sick. How long have you had snakes?”

Sebastian - “That’s awesome. What kind?”

Shane - “… You promise it won’t eat my chicken’s eggs?”


Haley - “Awww, she’s asleep! She looks so warm and cozy in her tank. Do you ever hold her?”

Leah - “Oh Yoba, he looks like a statue I just made.” *laughs*

Maru - “Don’t tell my dad. He’ll want to study the lil guy.”

Penny - “Oh, I’m not really a snake person, but maybe you could bring her over to show Vincent and Jas? They would love her.”

Emily - “Okay, so you know those pictures of snakes wearing top hats…”

What your Love Live! Best Girl Says about You (μ's edition)

Honoka: You are either enthusiastically optimistic or deeply pessimistic, there is no in between, and you either unashamedly love Top 40s mainstream music or it’s a secret. You are good at reading people, and people come to your for relationship advice all the time. You’ll never admit it, but you are terrified that you picked the wrong path in life and wish you could rely on others more. Most likely to stay up all night watching shows and eating vanilla ice cream.

Umi: You tend to take the neutral path in life, and can be a guiding light for friends in troubled times. It takes you a while to understand pop culture references, memes, inside jokes, etc but once you do you are the most sarcastic friend in your group with a biting sense of humour. People can be intimidated by you which can really get you down, but you’re just a big dork inside and very kind. Most likely to run a tumblr aesthetic blog.

Kotori: When you make a friend, they’re a friend for life. You find it hard to stand up for yourself, but when you do people really admire you for it. You have either one or a handful of passions that you’ll undoutedbly pursue for the rest of your life. Sadly, you often feel like you don’t have much to offer in the fields you love, even though you do. Underneath your insecurities, you have a drive to succeed that most people don’t. Most likely to host amazing tea parties.

Rin:  Your friendship circle is very small, as those you consider friends are like family until the end. You try your best to hide it, but you have deep insecurities which have lead you to be a very protective person - over yourself and those you care about. It takes you longer than most to get interested in a hobby, but once you are you’re really great at it. Most likely to go to an animal shelter ‘to look’, and then come home with 12 pets.

Hanayo: You are the most devoted to your passions. They may be few in number, but when you fall in love with something it shapes who you are forever. You are either invisible in the crowd or you have a great public persona, but this usually masks a deep fear of failure - including failing those you love. People tend to take advantage of you, but you try to see the best in them. Most likely to name and personify the silliest inanimate objects.

Maki: You spent most of your life taking care of yourself, and this has made it really difficult for you to reach out to others. You’re great at understanding what people need in a pinch, though, and you’re the first on the scene when someone needs help. It’ll take you a while, but you hope to show your real colours to people some day. Most likely to have the broadest taste in music.

Eli: Although you tend to outcast yourself, your patient personality tends to draw people to you. You have yet to really reach a point of contentment in life, but you work hard towards it everyday. When you consider someone a friend, they will always be open to talk to you, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen one another. Most likely to enjoy foreign art and theatre.

Nozomi: You are undoubtedly the mother hen of your friendship group, always willing to listen to other people’s issues and help them out wherever you can. You tend to believe in impossible things, and you’ve been criticised about it before, but those who stick by you have your loyalty. No matter your gender or sexuality, you really appreciate the human form and love going to historial art galleries to see it depicted. Most likely to study crystals and healing energies.

Nico: You have been responsible for many things growing up, either yourself or other people. This has caused you to put your own needs last, and it’s caused you to neglect your own health or wellbeing at times. You’re a very creative person, and you have an almost limitless imagination. Your biggest dream is to inspire others. Most likely to drink too much coffee.

Hot Chocolate Kisses pt. 5

<– Part 4 | Part 6 –>

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Wordcount: 4640 (SORRY)
Warnings: Lost of fluff, i think i should tag weight issues, family problems.
Notes for update: 25
A/N: It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on this series, but I love it so much. please love it as well!

It was four weeks after your first study date, and now you found yourself in Kris’ car in front of Jongdae’s apartment building. He’d invited you to come there for dinner. You’d doubted about it, really. Never before had you been at a boy’s, or anybody’s house before for dinner. However, your parents and brother weren’t home today. They had something concerning the upcoming Olympic games, and you couldn’t come along. So you’d given Jisoo, your head maid and cook, a day off. She was happy for it.
“This boy your obviously hanging out with, is he your boyfriend?” Kris asked, turning in his seat.
Blush spread over your cheeks. “No.” You mumbled.
“Okay, just…I’m not going to tell your parents or anything, but be careful. Even though he looks like a good kid.”
You nodded. “Thanks Kris.”

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The Only Exception - Part 5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: after a loooong time, I am finally back with another chapter of this series I love so much. I have not been active these weeks because they have been exhausting, but I made some time between duties to write as to not abandon this series. As you may know, or maybe not, I am a big BIG fan of The Strokes and I have watched the shows they have done these past weeks so, there are a few things that are similar to what happened at The Strokes’ shows and the days after them. I hope you enjoy this part and thank you to all of you because you make me really happy!

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13 @vivianbabz @petals-overdaisies @damnbuckyishot @brazien @siobhanrebecca @shamvictoria11 @independentgirl @elwenia @flaipa

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

You reappear on the stage and the public goes crazy with their shouts.

“We were talking backstage guys and we said that we cannot leave you yet.” Again, your words are the reason why the audience shouts. You are lying if you say you are not excited and moved when you see that all these people are here to see you and your band. “Ok, we ready?” you ask to the guys of your band, they nod with their heads and the chords of the guitars and of the bass start, then the drums follow, and so does your voice.

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Unbroken (Part 6)

A/N: Hey guys! I don’t really have much to say. I just wanna encourage you to send in some asks, requests, and even some messages. I really appreciate you guys and I hope you like this part of my series Unbroken.

Summary: Things between you and Cas REALLY heat up and something crazy happens when you finally give in to your emotions.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut (Finally)

Unbroken Parts: One, two, three, four, and five.

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“Okay”. He just accepted everything you said as fact and didn’t question a single word or press anymore. It was as if that was all he wanted to know and he understood. You were grateful the conversation did not have to expand passed that like you were anticipating it would.

Castiel gave you a questioning look. You realized that you actually hadn’t given him the reason as to why you were in his room. “So… I wanted to make Sam and Dean breakfast to thank them for letting me stay here… Do you think you could help me and teach me how to do it?

“Of course!” He exclaimed. He was pleasantly surprised that you asked and would take any opportunity to be around you.

You made your way to the kitchen when he began asking the obvious questions, “So as much as I’d like to help you I am just wondering… Why is it that you want to make breakfast for people who do not trust you, and wouldn’t you just be able to use your powers to create the food?”

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could you please explain me the whole vday video? like the things he said and everything,, if the things he said happened. please.

(if you dont wanna know about the valentines day video dont read this)

im not sure if i should be doing this but i got like ten asks about it. im afraid phil lester will take my blog down. sighs

ok. so the video starts with phil saying ‘awrf hi dan’ its something they used to say when they were trying to be cute. (especially phil) 

here are some tweets and a dailybooth showing that phil actually used to say that, i know its not that important but im trying to mention everything i can.

dan posted this picture on dailybooth:

phil commented on it:

and then phil says: “i know you said we weren’t gonna do anything for valentine’s day, but you had to go to bed, leaving me for five hours with nothing to do”

i know it sounds weird that dan went to bed 5 hours earlier than phil, but thats because dan was in india when phil filmed it. he left for india on february 5th or 6th and came back on the 19th. then went to see phil and stayed at his house until the 24th. dan and phil would often spend their evenings talking to each other on skype, so the ‘leaving me for five hours with nothing to do’ comes from that. but why was it important to point out if the video ‘was just a joke’?

dan in india. (intro and outro)

dan coming back from india.

before leaving for india:

this was the morning after phil posted the video. dan had probably just seen it.

sunday - february 21.

(video of the pancake making) (1:35)

phil tweeted this on valentine’s day:

(keep in mind that the video was posted on february 13th)

‘holding my thoughts in my heart’ is the name of a song from final fantasy VII. it plays at the end of the video. phil has tweeted the song, posted about it on dailybooth and liked it on youtube.


you got me loads of awesome birthday presentes and i wanted to repay you, somehow, because it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me”

phil’s birthday: 2 weeks before valentine’s day.

“the first time we met […] and then, when we were on the big wheel, i was like, “i really hope he likes me too.” and then you kissed me, and my heart did that flippy-over thing, and, it’d never done that before, so… that was nice.” you all know dan and phil were internet best friends and then they met for the first time in october 19th, 2009 at manchester picadilly station. so i dont need to get into detail. they went to starbucks, apple store and manchester skybar.

(i wonder why *cough cough*)

phil’s drawing for the valentine’s day video when he said ‘and then you kissed me’:

dan and phil when they met for the first time: (notice the similar clothing)

(in 2012 phil got really sad because people wanted to take down the manchester wheel ‘dont take my wheel away’)

“and over the next few months we saw each other a lot and I slowly fell in love with you.” and they really did saw each other a lot after the first time they met. october 19 to october 22. october 31. november 6 to 9. november 29 to december 4. december 10 to 14. december 22 to 24. december 30 to january 2. january 15 to 17. january 15 to 17. january 22 to 24.

‘[…] so the first one is on the snowiest day ever, when we were walking through the abandoned hospital. and you had your hat on, and you lay down in the snow, and looked at the stars. and I lay next to you, and kissed you, and wrote “i love dan” in the snow.” phil recalls some of their moments together. dan went to visit phil from december 22 to 24. there was a massive snowstorm that week.

INTERACTIVE CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE  (you can see how much snow there is)

ZOMG RED PANDA!!?  (phil talks about the snowstorm)

(they filmed the christmas adventure on december 24.)

phils drawing for the vday video when he said ‘and you had your hat on, and you lay down in the snow, and looked at the stars. and i lay next to you, and kissed you..’ (notice the similar clothing)

(screenshot from christmas adventure)

‘endless coffee in starbucks, caramel macchiato, and our starbucks sofa…’

dan’s live show he mentions that caramel macchiato is his favorite starbucks drink.

dans live show again mentions that cm is his favorite.

a day in the life of phil and dan when dan gets his caramel macchiato phil calls it ‘the best’ and they both have caramel macchiatos on the sofa. they go to starbucks a lot.

‘the week we spent together in my house was amazing, i think that’s when i properly fell in love with you..’

dans formspring: 

that ‘<’ means that the week he spent with phil was better than anything else he had done that year.

that week was from november 29, 2009 to december 4.

(look how much he spent with dan wtf)

(they got out of bed pretty late….)

their dailybooths were full of love stuff that week. i wonder why..

‘and when we watched wall-e on my sofa, and then cried.’

(and that night the uma thurman thing happened)

‘all the cuddles in bed, and three-hour breakfasts’


‘and lying in my bed, and funny times in my bed (omg so much cherry everywhere)’

lmao. the “cherry" he’s talking about is a flavor of lube. yea.

‘at the halloween gathering when we realized that no other youtubers actually eat, so we went and got some food and then sat on the fountain. at that point, i kind of realized that i didn’t really care about the other youtubers, i just wanted to be spending time with you. and we held hands, and then kissed, and looked at the stars.’

dan and phil at the halloween gathering part 1 

dan and phil at the halloween gathering part 2 (5:07 you can see them sat on the fountain. they show up other times too)

another one 

another one 

‘and when we can’t be together, all the hundreds of hours of skype calls that we’ve had have made me eight million times happier.’

skype calls. 

talked on skype often, but they still posted about missing each other.

dan tweets about phil coming to see him at his parent’s house:

‘we might just want to zzz’ aww

‘and all our manchester days, and watching avatar in 3d, and kissing in 3d glasses..’

‘you are the best person in the world’

and this was posted 2 hours before the tweet:

and thats it. as you can see everything phil mentioned on the video, happened.

if it was a prank why keep it up on phil’s side channel for a year and a half? and why freak out after it had leaked? they went directly to the fans that found it and asked them to keep it quiet, it just made it more obvious. they make everything they can to put down every vday video posted. phil cant act, so how did he manage to pull that love look? why so much work into a simple prank video? why include references that no one would have understood at the time? april fool’s day is on april 1 not on valentine’s day. and you can see the way they make pranks by watching danandphilcrafts.