not really swear but i mostly got it all out


Alright guys so here’s my binge of lifting for the last few days I was out of state lol
Picture one is all hobby lobby. Missing are like 4 more charms that I gave my mom. I was really annoyed about the copics being locked up so I went a little too wild on the charms lmao
Second picture is all target. Those unattended dressing rooms where a gift from God himself I swear
Third picture is mostly target, along with the naked palette I got from the airport. But the Katy perry lipsticks, the flower foundation, hard candy primer, and blending sponges are all Walmart. Missing from the Walmart trip is one of those minecraft creeper figure packs with the creeper that’s like two inches tall and a tnt block, 4 minecraft mystery figure packs all for one brothers birthday. Plus some putty, a five nights at Freddy’s mystery box, and one other thing I got for my other brother that completely blanking on oops. I also just now realized I took the picture with the sponges on the side so you can’t even see but it’s two sponges, one purple and one black bamboo charcoal infused one.
And the last picture is GameStop. You can’t really tell but that Star Wars bracelet has the entire opening floaty words from the newest movie, force awakens
Also as I was typing this I looked over and realized I also forgot to include a water bottle I got. It’s a sip by swell bottle. Super cute, peachy pink with little blue whales all over it
My mom also spent a lot of money buying me random stuff too lol so I’ve had a really awesome time being here
I’m almost really tempted to add up prices just out of curiosity lmao because this was a really big day

I thought of another movie part I didn’t like: Josh’s delivery of the line “They have to have their victor.” Watch just that line and try to tell me the emotion he is feeling because to me it looks like boredom mixed with I don’t even care and a side of “eh, whatevs, shit happens, right?"