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hm okay but what about a band au with marinette and nino. like marinette is the vocalist and nino is the dj and they became like a really big hit after uploading original songs online, especially after their song “Ladybug”. And due to the success of that song, Marinette makes a alter ego for it. They become really popular and Alya makes sure everyone knows about them and is the number one source for news for their band.

MEANWHILE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF PARIS, chloe and a still home-schooled adrien begin singing covers and stuff. they begin picking up traction cause they’re pretty good but really adrien’s fangirls FLOCK once they hear he’s doing stuff on youtube.

both groups end up being pretty big and a lot of their fans end up arguing. the fact that marinette and adrien and chloe have some beef doesn’t help, but it’s mostly between chloe and marinette (adrien had a bad first impression on marinette, something happened behind set on a talk show rumors say).

things start to change when chloe and adrien have a falling out and they break up and thus ends whatevertheirbandnameis. marinette and nino start to branch apart too. meanwhile rumors say that something might be happening between mr. agreste and ms. cheng when marinette is photographed attending and leaving a GABRIEL fashion show when adrien was in attendance but was not on the catwalk. further reports state she was at the after party.

they then confirm that there is something going on but fail to state what it is. later it’s revealed to be a collaboration and they become associated acts. people start to wonder if marinette and nino are longer in a band and are not friends however both state they are still friends but are no longer working together. nino and adrien are shown to spend a lot of time on social media together and both also end up on marinette’s accounts, adrien more so.

afterwards their single drops and it’s a huge hit. fans start labeling them “MIRACULOUS” after a source called their single miraculous. Marinette and Adrien later adopt the name for their band. They also confirm they are dating and everyone goes nuts over it

adrien also has the chat noir alter ego (and chat blanc). “hawk moth” also appears in their first video since the formation of their band, which is also titled “Miraculous”.  It shows the origin stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir as well as other “miraculous holders” like the peacock, turtle, fox, and bee. people are confused on who “papillon” is, as well as “butterfly” but it’s later stated they are Hawk Moth. people are also super obsessed with finding out who played Hawk Moth in the music video with the most popular theory being Gabriel Agreste. No one confirms it or denies it, although the director’s cut alludes that Gabriel plays Hawk Moth. There are endless disputes over it and it actually is Gabriel but everyone finds the argument so funny they don’t say anything. it actually gets revealed like, 2 years later, by gabriel during a twitter convo with adrien.

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Thank you so much for doing a gravity falls quote I love that show (and so does Jack apparently) I think you and your blog are AWSOME. Also what's Marks/parks and rec a reference to?

You bet! I have a couple of Gravity Falls posts, and I generally come back to things, so I’m sure there’ll be more, haha. It’s a really awesome show, for sure!

Thank you for liking the blog, friend. I’m glad you enjoy it!

It’s a reference to the tv series Parks and Rec, which was the original idea for this blog–quotes from that one specific series, with youtubers. After a little while I just decided to branch out into other source material, as well, to keep things interesting. :3

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