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Jeremiah’s return “definitely brings up a lot of questions, that’s for sure,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. “Alex so wholeheartedly wants to believe that he’s absolutely right and that everybody should just jump in and trust him, no questions asked, just from the standpoint of being a daughter and not having seen him in so long.”

Kara, on the other hand, is a little more skeptical of her father’s activities, which “creates some friction and tension, especially between Kara and Alex just trying to navigate the road of figuring out what to do now.”

“It’s really hard,” Chyler Leigh says of her character’s combative moments with Kara. “When we’re done with the scene, I’m like, ‘I’m really sorry that I yelled at you. It’s just strange, but I love her so much.”

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Marrying Jeon Jungkook

This gif is a tribute to Fetus!Jungkook. We miss you very much :)

Marrying Bangtan Series: Park Jimin | Jung Hoseok 

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  • It’s the big day
  • And everything’s under control
  • Okay, who are we kidding, it’s not even close
  • You’re pretty sure your dress was supposed to arrive yesterday, but when you wake up this morning, you’re met by your flustered friend
  • So the lot of you basically run around like hopeless puppies with no future
  • Until Jungkook walks in all sleepy-like and mutters ‘What’s happening?’
  • Like the true idiot he is
  • And you want to chuck something at him, and he’s lucky it was only a pillow
  • “Ow, what was that for?”
  • “What do you think?”
  • It takes a couple of beats, before his eyes just grow really wide like
  • Oh fuck
  • And then he’s nearly tripping over his feet to run to his room
  • “I can’t believe he forgot?” Your friend says and you just look at her, like:
  • “I can.”
  • Eventually the problem of the dress is resolved because of the Godsend that is Kim Seokjin
  • Don’t ask, he apparently has ‘contacts
  • So you’re getting dressed, being all happy like because yay, nothing could go wrong
  • Of course, you never learn
  • False positivity has never helped you
  • Your phone rings, and you pick up, intending to make it quick
  • And then there’s the sound of a panicked puppy on the phone and you holler ‘WHAT?!’ for nearly the entire house to hear
  • According to one Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook has gone ‘mysteriously’ missing
  • And you knew he’d do something like this
  • Which is why you immediately text that idiot
  • Being like ‘WTF ARE U????’
  • There’s no answer, of course
  • Two seconds later, your phone bings with a new message from Jungkook:
  • ‘ive ben mysteriosuly kidnapodd save mE’
  • Of course, your first thought is something that isn’t exactly… meant for little kids
  • But you eventually learn that apparently one Kim Taehyung has deemed it appropriate to hijack Jungkook and give him death threats
  • So maybe your threat of using Tae against Jungkook is apparently useless
  • There’s literally two hours left for the wedding and you don’t have your groom nearby
  • You don’t even know where he is, in fact
  • So, you make a very angry phone call to Taehyung
  • He picks up the phone really nonchalantly, like ‘Lol bro, whazzup?’
  • Except you’re not in the mood, not this time
    • Yes, a B.A.L.H, it actually came to that
  • It’s a small argument, but you win by a landslide, mainly due to your arsenal of creative name-calling
  • So Jungkook is returned in one piece (‘Haha, One Piece, get it Y/N—OW?!’ ‘Shut up Tae.’) but you don’t get to talk to him much
  • Your friend tugs you into your room, cracks her knuckles and smiles evilly
    • Nervous Gulp
  • It’s a torturous hour that follows
  • And you feel incredibly lucky, somehow, to have survived that
  • Anyway, the point here is that you got dressed, got your hair and shit done, and were one happy bride-to-be
  • Your dad comes through the doorway, being like ‘yo kid are you gonna get married today or not?’
  • And you just sigh and make your way downstairs, with him carefully holding your hand
  • But you’re also super excited and nervous at the same time, with the whole ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feel going on
  • And, of course, you find that your backyard is fucking crowded because someone decided to invite half the fucking world
  • But you see the broad grin on Jungkook’s face and decide it’s totally worth it
  • You manage to get to the altar A-OK, and you can’t help the blush that overcomes you when Jungkook takes your hand because it’s so warm and so loving
  • The priest starts speaking, not that you notice, because Jungkook’s rubbing circles into your hand and can something kill you now before the feels do???
  • It’s time to officially wear your wedding rings, and you and Jungkook keep looking at each other because you can’t believe you have an eternity with this boi
  • Except you need to look away eventually because where the fuck are the rings??
  • And it turns out that they’re missing too
  • But it’s all good because Namjoon comes waving them wildly in the air
    • “They were on the washing machine!”
    • Jin also lowkey glares at poor Taehyung, but that’s a story for another time
  • So you slip the rings onto each other’s fingers and you really want to cry right now
  • But you need to say your vows first and, of course, Jungkook goes first:
    • “Y/N-ah, I prepared this really long speech for you, but I decided not to say all of it now, because then it’d never end. But, I want you to know that I loved you when we first met, I love you now, at this very moment, and I always will. I don’t think it’s possible to love you any more than I already do, but I will try, I promise.”
  • He says some other stuff too, but you don’t remember because you sort of sunk into the earth started crying
  • And then it’s your turn, and you blubber on about how you hated his guts when you first met him, but then realized how much of an idiot he truly was about things, and how sweet he could be at times even though he pretended not to.
    • “You’re the only one for me Jeon Jungkook, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that throughout our entire lifetime together.”
  • The two of you kiss when you’re instructed to do so, and it feels as fucking brilliant as it did the first time
  • And you’ve got the celebration after to brave through, though it’s more Jungkook’s funeral than your own
  • Okay that’s a lie
  • While Seokjin completely embarrasses your boyfriend husband, you’ve got your best friend to fuck you up!
  • But that night, when everyone’s gone, you don’t dedicate much thought to that particular incident because you’re a hell of a lot more nervous about the whole wedding night thing
  • But after you’ve prepared yourself (cough), you come back to find Jungkook totally snuggling on the couch
  • And he looks at you with wide eyes, like ‘yo, you wanna cuddle?’
  • And you’re like ‘that’s it boi, ur ded to me’ but he grabs your wrist and pulls you onto the bed, trapping you underneath him
  • And your mouth goes dry when you see how his eyes are dilated, how desperate he is for you
  • And he says ‘Let’s get to work, shall we?’
  • Which is totally a dorky, Jungkook thing to say
  • But you don’t get to say anything because his lips are on yours and fuck it’s so hot…and everything sort of escalates from there
  • But, I assure you, that night was well worth the hiccups ;)
  • The next afternoon, you wake up to see Jungkook looking down at you with this incredibly fond look, and you realize he’s been hugging you ‘round the waist
  • And then he smiles at you like so lovingly and says ‘I can’t believe I’ll get to do this every day.”
  • And you just smile back at him, cheeks burning hot. You have forever to formulate your response, after all.

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Monday! 😍 4:30am wakeups to teach grit, attack and core and then the race was on to get from the gym to uni for an 8am lecture! First day back at uni after taking all of last year off to figure out if uni was for me, if the course was for me, to work and to save money! I am super glad I had last year off as now I definitely know that I want to study nutrition and dietetics, I am already way more engaged than I ever was in my first year straight out of high school and I’m so excited to learn more! I would highly recommend to anyone if you’re not sure about where you are or what you want to do, DON’T rush things! Take your time to think about it and do what you want to do. I went straight from school to doing my PT course and then to uni without thinking about it really, so I feel like I needed last year off to properly think and consider and I’m 100% glad I did! So do what feels right for you and don’t be pushed by anyone else to do what doesn’t suit you ❤️ after uni today I did the new body attack workout which was awesome! So excited to teach all the new stuff! Hope you all have a great start to your week 😘😘


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what do you think would happen with alex if the show was on something like hbo

well, i would like to see a much darker arc of her storyline. she’s not just ‘a badass’ who also happens to be a soft gay. she’s canonically a killer, and has expressed that she has no issue doing so if it has to be done. she has an inferiority complex which caused her to be bitter and resentful towards kara for a long time, something which the show was very light on exploring. she’s vengeful, having expressed that she’ll quite literally go after lillian after she’s found her dad. 

she has a lot of demons that we know won’t be expressed on this show, which is a shame, because it would’ve been if she was on a show like arrow (not that i’d ever want her to be on arrow, because she’d probably be dead by now lmao). it’s not necessarily a network thing, it’s just what and who supergirl is catered towards.

A little help?

So an anon told me about this tumblr user who copied a lot of parts from Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know part 3. I checked and she did use a lot from my story and added some of her ideas in but thing is, she still COPIED and didn’t even bother rewriting them in her own words. I already sent her a message asking her to take it down or at least rewrite it in her own words but I’m not sure if she’ll respond to it.

Seriously, I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to go as far as reporting her?

Sorry for tagging you guys but I just thought y’all needed to know because I’ve seen a lot of writers go through the same thing and it’s really unfair and offensive. We put a lot of work and effort in writing and for someone to just copy it? Ugh, it’s really frustrating and I was hoping you guys could help me figure out how I should deal with her.

Here’s the link to the story:

@negans-network @ladylorelitany @may85 @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @my-achilles–heel @kijilinn @thesummerthatibecomeanerd @ali-pennell @lovekiziyahlove @haleyea @starshinesupergirl @saam-lntn @k-dami @prettyboywonder @ohlookitsabi @future-mrspeters @trinswhimsys
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“I f–king love Moonlight. I’m so excited for Moonlight. It was an amazing thing to hear La La Land. We all would have loved to won Best Picture,” she said backstage after the flub in which Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway erroneously deemed La La Land the winner.

“I also was holding my Best Actress in a Leading Role card the whole time. I’m not sure what happened, but I really wanted to talk to you guys first,” Stone explained, adding, “I think everyone’s in a state of confusion still. Excitement but confusion. I think everyone is just so excited for Moonlight. It’s such an incredible film.“

Last year’s Best Actor winner Leonardo DiCaprio presented Stone with her Best Actress award, and a rep for The Revenant star tells PEOPLE that he also gave her the card that declared her the winner: “He gave the card directly to Emma and said ‘You are going to want to keep this.’”

—  Emma Stone on the confusion with the Bet Picture Award at the 2017 Oscars

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Hii! I love your blog sooo much! I just wanted to ask, what are your top 3 CAS pose packs of all time! I'm in need of some new ones :) thank youuu ^^

I’m not sure if I have all time favs because I keep changing them all the time I swear I go to the sssvitlans cas pose tag like every week but here’s some I really like:

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Do you have any advice to those people who want to start writting but they dont know how? I mean, i really want to start a day book but im not really sure of how to do that jaja, and not just write about my days, i want to write something else but i really dont know what jaja, so i really need help for that... Sorry if my English sucks but im mexican so I dont have so much practice😅 besos

You can really write anything!!! From what happened that day and how you felt about it to what you’re eating at that exact time 🤗

Just think of things that you might find fun to read later on. I usually write down the most useless stuff but they’re definitely gonna make my day someday 🐵🐵🐵

I recommend stuff like;

-current favorite music

-movie list

-your own movie evaluation!!! (with #/5 rating )

-current nail color / length

-food you’re obsessed with atm

-profile of your favorite artist

-book quotes

-if you have a pet or a plant, write how you take care of them from bathing/watering to feeding haha

-explain your favorite weather and why

-how you pose when you take a selfie 🤳

-what you think about the products you’re using

-favorite tv show & character

-when you sleep and wake up (the time I mean cause it definitely changes overtime)

-just pick up a leaf or a flower on your way home from somewhere and try to make a page of your own plant dictionary with it

-your drawing of something you like

-what you think about your phone (kinda counts as a product but oh well lol)

-current hairstyle and how you do it

-your crush/gfriend/bfriend/wife/husband (what you like about the person!!!)

-how the sky was that day (from color to clouds explain it as well as you can!!!)

-your favorite restaurant and how to get there + your favorite menu

-what you wore that day from head to toe +accessories

-if you had a skin trouble that day, what you did to treat it (if you did not do anything, just write so loool)

-books/movies you want to read/watch

-your favorite ride at an amusement park 🎢

-languages you wanna learn and short sentences in that language

-write a bucket list!!!

-places you wanna travel

-things you hate haha (see if your opinion has changed like 20~30 years later)

-your favorite accent or favorite letter lol

There are so many things to write I just can’t tell you everything!!!
Hope you have fun writing in your journal / reading it when you get more older 🎠🎠🎠

These are probably the stupidest things to write but I bet they’ll gonna worth so much later on :)

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L really cares for Watari on a deeply emotional level and I think that Watari stays with L simply due to the fact that he cares about him as well. Regardless, L still pays Watari a tremendous amount of money for his services because he fears that W will one day get sick of him and if their emotional bond won't be enough to make him stay, the money surely will (Deep down he knows that if W really wanted to go, he would, no matter what. Nothing scares him more than this type of lacking control)

not to mention: every year they both get older, and L tries to ignore the voice in the back of his head saying ‘he won’t be around forever’, but it just–it can’t happen; as long as L can remember, Watari has been the only constant thing in his turbulent life, and he can’t imagine him not being there despite knowing that someday it will happen, he’ll be gone

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So do you think if Sapphire fused with just a bunch of rubbies, would it become a massive garnet? Not our garnet, certainly, but just a GIANT garnet proportionally to scale with ours?

Possibly? At this point we’re not really sure what happens when you mix fusion types- heterogeneous and homogeneous fusion, like what you suggested here, or, say, if Steven fused with Amethyst and Connie at the same time.

If I had to guess- I think one would result in, yeah, a kind of mega-Garnet but I feel like piling in a bunch of Rubies and not a similar bunch of Sapphires would tilt the ensuing mega-Garnet to be more Ruby-like in appearance, capabilities, and personality.

The other, I feel like the biggest mystery is what would happen taxonomically, would we have like. A “Smoky Stevonnie”, roughly? 

What I noticed I liked much better about morrowind (compared to other tes games I played) was how you could simply ask around for a topic and learn about the lore, and also what it did to directions, how asking randos about a place could help you for your quest. I think skyrim really lacks it because without the little bits of interaction with the world it adds questing around feels like you’re alone exploring nature and nothing else..

I’m not a pro at coding but I’m sure it doesn’t cost much to give a quest giver the option to give you verbal/written indications of where the quest is. If you don’t wanna pay the voice actor, then make the npc hand you a paper with shit written on it, it’s not difficult. I don’t like the fact that skyrim gives 0 options for that it’s not even realistic to just say “go to this place” (insert some easily remembered name ((irony))) and to have your character zoom in right there

Just the npc saying “I marked it on your map” is so much better for me, just that simple sentence, but well we know what skyrims map is like

If there’s a record for crying, my mom’s coming to take it
Because my dad wants love, and what he has with my mother ain’t it
This is the man I looked up to, and now I wish we weren’t related
Because he turned this house into a war zone, and for that, I really hate him
My Mom is screaming, pleading, “Lord I don’t want a divorce”
But deep down I’m thinking, mom, this love has ran through its course
No use in fighting no more, just know I got you for sure
The fall of an empire; countdown until he walks out the door
—  You’re no longer too young to understand // kdr
SVTFOE s2 finale

OMG WTF WHAT THE EVER LOVING…. OMGOMGOMG!!! That was a hell of a season finale!

Guys… I am freaking out so hard!!!

But why does Toffee need his finger though? Surely it can’t be just for the sake of having it, right? (or it might and I’m just reading too much into this because I can’t get over what I just saw!!!) And what happened to Glossaryc (I don’t know how you spell his name.) what did Toffee do to him?? And the Chandler and Heckapoo and Time out guy (I literally forgot his name. It’s Ram-something.) their life forces… Toffee stole it, but why? What’s he planning??

Star and Moon aren’t safe just living in the castle now that Toffee is partially free and has half of the crystal embedded in his hand, so where are they going? The mewmans are furious after hearing Star’s song, Toffee is going to raise hell again, Heinous and Gemini are also plotting something big, Eclipsa may become a threat in the near future, Glossaryc and the Book of Spells are MIA, Star has to leave Earth and Marco is left wondering what’s going on!

Also Ludo’s family.. Ludo’s family omg! His mother is pretty. And Dennis is so kind. Everyone turned their back on Ludo except for him. I hope we see him again because I really like him. Perhaps he can also be a key factor in rescuing Ludo from Toffee’s grasp? But dang… poor Ludo! No wonder he kicked his family out; it’s their fault anyway… But Dennis though… he really cares for his big brother and Ludo knows it. I hope those two reunite soon because Ludo deserves to have someone in his life that loves him very much.

S2 was a wild journey! I wonder what S3 will hold in store for us! AAAHHH THAT FINALE!!!

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How would the RFA + V take care of their S/O when they're on their period?

Didn’t really know what to write ahhh

Yoosung :

  • he has a sister so he knows, sometimes she made him go and buy pads - and even though he was mortified and embarrassed af - he would still do it and it’d be no different with his s/o, except he might feel like he’s a hero saving his s/o or whatever he tells himself to make himself feel cool
  • would do / buy / cook anything his s/o asks of him & makes sure his s/o eats healthily
  • if his s/o is in really excruciating pain to a point where they’re crying, he might cry with them

Zen :

  • also one who’d buy anything his s/o needs - except he wouldn’t be embarrassed, in fact, he might make a whole thing about it like ‘yeah I’m buying tampons, for my partner, yeah I know I’m a cool boyfriend’ - and would bring them flowers and chocolate everyday until their period’s over
  • might ask on his twitter - or reddit or something - his fans what they think he should do to cheer their s/o up if they’re going through a particularly painful time
  • he supplies a bunch of his comfy shirts and sweatshirts for his s/o to wear & would try to get his s/o to be a little active since he read it helped with periods - he’d suggest taking a walk, stretching with him or maybe some more 'intimate’ activities if his s/o is up for it

Jaehee :

  • oh, she knows. She just. She knows. There’s always an entire box of pads and one of tampons - always. There’s also a big tub of her favorite ice cream that she’s willing to share when her s/o is on their period.
  • If they had their periods at the same time - and Jaehee didn’t have too much work - they’d lie on the bed, leaning against each other while sharing their ice cream and clutching heating pads on their stomach
  • they use this opportunity to pamper the one going through 'their time of the month’, putting hair and face masks, making the best and most comforting cup of coffee…

Jumin :

  • he knows what periods are but he can’t really understand how much it would hurt or how it would feel so; he asks his female employees what to do (and they think it’s really fucking weird jfc Mr Han) and then seeks professional advice from doctors (who also think it’s weird)
  • if the pain is too bad, he’s willing to take all his work home and work there so he can still be with his s/o - he gets very protective of them during these times
  • would be more affectionate when they’re on their periods, hoping to make them feel a little better by holding them close, taking naps with them in the middle of the day, giving them massages..

707 :

  • Doctor 707 is in and prescribes his s/o the most ridiculous 'treatments’ he finds on the internet + the ones he makes up - surprisingly, some of them actually work 
  • would provide an endless supply of Dr Pepper or any other sodas to help his s/o + if they need a heat pad, he doesn’t have one but he’ll plop himself on their stomach and lie on them (might not be that helpful but you know)
  • he doesn’t go out much but he’ll make an exception for his s/o and leave the house at any time, even during the night, to buy whatever his s/o wants - he might also draw his face on the pads’ wrappers (why)

V :

  • he’s already a sweetheart by default and yet, he manages to up the sweetness by a thousand when his s/o is on their period - he’ll buy them flowers, their favorite cake from the best bakery around, would take them on a walk outside and take pictures together, smooch his s/o all over and tell them how beautiful they are
  • he knows natural home remedies for everything - including period pains - and has the most expansive collection of herbal teas and infusions you’ve ever seen, he’s got his s/o covered
  • he’d encourage his s/o to get some sleep while he takes care of whatever chores or even some work they have so they don’t fall behind when they get better

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um im not sure if you are the best person for this but i dont know who else to ask this to, what happened to skeleklart? i try to go on their blog but the "we dont know what you were searching for-" page for unexistant blogs appears. did they delete or change their url? i really liked their blog :(

they changed their url!!!

theyre now @yakisoda