not really sure if he said this

You’d like Freedom, Truth, and Justice, wouldn’t you, Comrade Sergeant?’ said Reg encouragingly.
‘I’d like a hard-boiled egg,’ said Vimes, shaking the match out.
There was some nervous laughter, but Reg looked offended.
'In the circumstances, Sergeant, I think we should set our sights a little higher–’
'Well, yes, we could,’ said Vimes, coming down the steps. He glanced at the sheets of papers in front of Reg. The man cared. He really did. And he was serious. He really was. 'But…well, Reg, tomorrow the sun will come up again, and I’m pretty sure that whatever happens we won’t have found Freedom, and there won’t be a whole lot of Justice, and I’m damn sure we won’t have found Truth. But it’s just possible that I might get a hard-boiled egg.
—  Terry Pratchett - Night Watch

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Are both Rob and Rich lactose intolerant or just one of them? They've both mentioned it during panels but I'm not sure if they were joking.

this is….such an obscure tidbit of information for a person to have

i’m really not sure?? BUT!! if i had to guess, rich is the lactose intolerant one. the reason i think that? is because of this tweet that is very important to me:

Anonymous said:

I love your comics!! Have you ever done one of like Gabe meeting Rich?

thanks!! and kind of

Anonymous said:

Do you have any comics of Michael?

i’m probably missing some, but those were the ones i could find right away. you can look through my art tags (main, scrap) to find more! i’d check the scrap tag first. those’re where i keep the mini comics, which is where more’ll be ♥

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Faiza! I'm so upset about Yousef the guy who plays Mikael. Not only has he joked about suicide and AIDS, he cut up a bird on video without explaining? He was just laughing? And he's also said the r word multiple times, which I'm sure everyone gets how disgusting and hurtful that is to people, especially those who look after and love those who get called that slur. It just really ruins Mikael for me. I don't get why Julie hired him. sorry for the rant I'm just bleugh

dude???????? he just cleared up the bird situation right now.

as for the r word, we can’t say that. i’m holding that against him. but in uni, in our studies, we use the word “mental retardation” to describe dysfunction of the brain and its cognitive processes. we use those words in uni, in that context. but i’m gonna hold that against him.

but yousef isn’t ableist??? he’s learnt sign language. he knows sign language. so????

as for the suicide thing? buddy, my sister’s a neurotypical and she says shit like “faiza i’m gonna die” all the time bc its normal speak for when she’s dreading something that badly. i’m mentally ill, i say it all the time. its just part of our daily speak. we have an exam? “mate i’m gonna die.” we’re anxious about something? “dude i wanna die i cant do this.” we say it all the time? is it okay? maybe not. but i’m not gonna hold that against him when i’ve grown up in an environment myself that normalises those words. that’s not his fault, that’s society’s fault. as a society, we all need to change that.

him joking about AIDS? thats not okay. thats not okay at all. i haven’t seen it myself first hand, but if he has? thats not okay.

but he’s 16/17, god …. at that age? i said the most horrendous of things. i fucked up so so so badly at that age time and time again. its not until much later, that i learnt. and i hope he learns. he seems like an educated guy who loves to read and learn, so, i’m hopeful he’ll learn.

mikael is not yousef. yousef is not mikael. learn to dissociate between the 2 of them. mikael hasn’t even SAID anything yet??? he’s literally …… just stood in the back???? the only thing he has said is that he’s tired of girls smiling in bunads, which implies that he might not even be straight. thats the ONLY thing he’s said that holds some weight lmaooo???????

come on, man. get some context before coming to conclusions.

My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x23 "Lian Yu"

Last thoughts of the season, dearies. Can’t believe it, but here we are. I liked this season finale. At lot. It’s not better than season 2 finale, like someone said, but pretty good. Even with that cliffhanger, for me it didn’t take points of it, not really. Much better than season 3 and 4 finales, that’s for sure.

Now my thoughts of it in detail. Let’s do this…

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jesus christ.

the hubby just read ch 1 of passing ships and his first words were, ‘where is chapter 2? I want to find out where the… *looks at his phone and quotes* ‘electricity of their gazes’ leads to.”

i can’t really remember what he said after that, i was laughing too hard

Personally, I am grateful Mark Sheppard made it clear after Jim’s tweet, which really was misleading and giving us false hope since Jim should know very well they didn’t ask Mark to return (yet). 

He’s never said, “I don’t want to return. I don’t want to keep playing Crowley.” He said there are no plans to have him return, which says enough, I think. Jim’s tweet actually made a lot of us think they might’ve approached Mark to talk about a non-regular appearance etc. 

The fans matter to Mark more than to most actors, I love him for that. I love him for always making sure to make the fans feel less like crazy people who love something more than they should, I love him for telling me and others in an M&G that he admires fans for their passion and that he, too, has felt like that and loves us whole-heartedly. He’s the only actor who spent the last 5 (or more) minutes of his last panel at each con I’ve been to just thanking the fans for coming, for watching, for being there followed by a blown kiss and a bow. 

I’m grateful he didn’t just silently accept that tweet and its meaning and I’m grateful he didn’t let them mock us.

(That said I don’t support hate of any kind, no matter against who. I do support telling CW & the writers what you think in a calm and respectful way. Not everybody sticks to that, but the majority does.)

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I'm so glad I found this blog of a straight family guy over 50. It shows promise for music being taken as more than an age or a gender thing.

Thank you anon!  

One of my friends is a guy who’s lead singer for a cover band.  (They make enough to cover their expenses doing gigs on weekends.  Not their full time jobs.)  He’s close to my age and his band covers a wide variety of classic rock.

Our families got together last night and I showed him the YouTube of Harry doing Two Ghosts on Corden.  He was really impressed with Harry’s voice, performance and the song.  I played him parts of some other songs from Harry’s album - pretty sure he’s going to buy it.

Then I told him I had been following 1D for a while and a lot of their stuff is great.  (He’s like me in that he can’t stand over-produced, heavy auto-tune sounds.)  To my surprise, he said he likes a lot of 1D stuff.  We agree that there are two 1D’s - one you hear on the radio and another one that wrote really good songs and performed them to an exceptional standard.  

I see Don Henley praising Niall today.  I truly believe “our lads” are going to break through and develop a much more diverse audience.  That said, young teens are the biggest, most passionate audience for music - they are the “cash cow.”  A more mature audience will give 1D and the lads long, successful careers, but it will never be quite the same as 1D’s heyday.  And I don’t think the lads really expect it to be the same anyway.

I know I generally say every kidlet in the world should read Small Gods, but to be honest, Night Watch comes an awful close second.

“You’d like Freedom, Truth, and Justice, wouldn’t you, Comrade Sergeant?’ said Reg encouragingly.
‘I’d like a hard-boiled egg,’ said Vimes, shaking the match out.
There was some nervous laughter, but Reg looked offended.
'In the circumstances, Sergeant, I think we should set our sights a little higher–’
'Well, yes, we could,’ said Vimes, coming down the steps. He glanced at the sheets of papers in front of Reg. The man cared. He really did. And he was serious. He really was. 'But…well, Reg, tomorrow the sun will come up again, and I’m pretty sure that whatever happens we won’t have found Freedom, and there won’t be a whole lot of Justice, and I’m damn sure we won’t have found Truth. But it’s just possible that I might get a hard-boiled egg.”  
 ― Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

I still mourn Pratchett’s loss; the world’s a lesser place for his passing.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on the S3 finale of the Flash.

I wanted to wait until I was at a computer so I wasn’t trying to formulate and type my thoughts on my phone, so I appreciate your patience.

So, here’s the thing. It wasn’t perfect. Like season 3 as a whole, it had some flaws. There are definitely some things that I think they need to improve next year. That said…I enjoyed it. I thought season 3 as a whole was loads better than season 2, and that goes for the finale as well.

In a sense, it is the least “dramatic” cliffhanger we’ve had, but particularly when you consider it alongside the first two season cliffhangers, I think it’s really good. Of course, Barry isn’t going anywhere. He COULD to be sure - the show could go on with Wally as Flash. But he won’t. For one thing, we know Grant isn’t going anywhere. We haven’t heard he’s leaving the show. Remember Once Upon a Time announced right before the finale aired that JM was leaving the show. If Grant was leaving for good, there’d be no reason to hold off on revealing it.

He’s not even gonna be gone past maybe the first five minutes of the first episode. Sure, they could bring him back at the halfway mark or so, but he is the star of the show - and Flash has demonstrated over the past three years that they take that Very Seriously. Of course, being the star of the show, much will naturally be about Barry, but they take it to mean EVERYTHING is about him in one way or another, really, and nobody should expect that is going to change too drastically in the next season. He’ll come back and it’ll be pretty early on in the premiere.

Now, there are things that left me with a certain level of dissatisfaction. Yes, I would have loved Iris to get more POV throughout the season and for the arc about her death to be more about HER. However, that wasn’t going to be retroactively changed in the finale - nor could it be. So some of my issues with Season 3 remain, but there really is no way they could have been fixed in the final episode, so they are what they are and we can only hope they are improved upon next season. I also am annoyed that they never gave Killer Frost’s motivations for her actions beyond “well, I TOTALLY have some, guys. Believe me. And they’re SUPER good reasons, too.” Well, that tells me that - once again - they wanted Caitlin in a certain role and didn’t bother bringing themselves to the point of actually considering why SHE would put herself in it. (Tip: You can’t just say that a character has justified motivation behind her actions; you should actually bother to think about what that might be and maybe, I dunno, let the audience in on the secret at some point. Otherwise it’s clear you’re just SAYING they have reasons for their actions but you haven’t bothered to think of any.)

It also is irritating as hell that they could never quite resolve themselves on what they wanted Killer Frost to BE. Either it’s a force outside of Caitlin’s control or it isn’t. Either she’s evil and wholly distinct from Caitlin like a parasite feeding on a host or she’s still Caitlin, and everything she did is something Caitlin really wanted to say and do deep down. Either she was an invasion or a choice. The waffling they did on that to come down in a vague sort of nebulous “nowhere” is an irritating copout. Pick your narrative. Then have the balls to stick to it, WHATEVER that narrative is.

I don’t really care about HRs death. Maybe if he hadn’t died or left every single year of the show so far, it would have more impact? As it is…I saw someone say that the show went from the most impactful death to the least, and I would probably agree. There were times I liked HR; there were moments he made me laugh. And I never really realized (as others did) how much Harry’s whispervoice grated until it came out in full force and in comparison. But TC’s characters have died/left every. single. year and he keeps coming back, so am I going to be sobbing in my beer over it? Not really.

The grief at the top of the show ripped out my heart - JLM’s collapse, Barry rocking Iris’s body, Iris’s tears…I was glad that she tried to stop HR, and I do think that they set up an interesting contrast (unintentionally maybe) between Iris and Caitlin. That could lead to something interesting next season if they choose to take advantage of it. I’m not holding my breath that they’ll give that much consideration to Caitlin’s story to do so.

And I loved Iris getting through to Savitar. I liked Barry realizing that anger and grief and vengeance aren’t always the answer. In a sense, he’s always acted emotionally in the past two finales. The first, he was driven by grief and rage to go back and try to save his mom, only to change his mind and come back to the present and oops there’s a black hole now. The second, he was driven by grief and rage to create Flashpoint. It was nice that this season, he made a conscious decision: The rage and grief are in him, so he could choose to act on it. Or he could choose to be a hero and try to find another way.

The other way may not have gone according to plan, but I do like that he was brave enough to try it. And, really, it won’t always work…but heroes have to choose what kind of people they are going to be. One of the themes of the season was Barry not losing himself, and in the end he didn’t.

I also really loved the cliffhanger. Again, we know - more than perhaps the last two seasons - how the premiere is going to go. HOWEVER. I like the parallel. The first two finales utilized the speedforce as well, but, again, both times, Barry was acting in grief and rage. This time, he entered it with resolve and maturity and as a demonstration of his willingness to learn from his mistakes and accept the consequences of them. And hasn’t that been something people have been YELLING for him to do for two years now? So it’s not a HAPPY ending, but as a demonstration of how far Barry came this year? It’s a pretty damn good one.

Also? Candice killed it. 

I am looking forward to next year. I hope when Barry gets out, they’ll allow him to have that lightness back to his spirit. There are things that they need to improve…but I’ll be honest. People refer to Season 1 as the halcyon days of yore sometimes, but…come on. It was hardly perfect. Even as regards Iris as a character or how they treated Westallen. We spent a good chunk of it yelling for everyone to stop patronizing Iris and treat her like an adult who could be let in on the secret and make her own decisions. Her journalism story was perhaps better than it was this season as a whole, but it was still treated like an afterthought more than it should have been.

There are problems that the show needs to fix, but they are problems that the show has ALWAYS had. I do not expect them to be 100% fixed, but I live in eternal hope that they will be better than they have been in the next year.

And, really, in a lot of ways…Season 3 is still a MASSIVE improvement on Season 2. Even when it comes to Iris. Because while it is true we SHOULD have gotten her POV more and we SHOULD have gotten a journalism arc and the story of her death SHOULD have been about her more than it was…it’s also true that the story about Francine SHOULD have been more about her than it was (it was about her for like two and a half minutes before it became immediately hijacked to be about Joe finding out he had a son) and we SHOULD have seen more of how that story impacted her and we SHOULD have gotten her POV for more of what happened in season 2 throughout and…really…even if she’d had more of a POV in season 2 (and that’s arguable at BEST)…does it really matter if you’re never on screen to express it? I mean, Iris can be sitting in a corner saying to the wall, “I feel really conflicted about my mom’s return,” but if the show is only going to show Barry and Joe talking about it for five nanoseconds does it really matter? (“How’s Iris doing?” “She’s okay but she’s conflicted. Hey, is that a cheese danish? I love these. I used to go to this little bakery…”)

Ultimately…it wasn’t perfect. There are things that the show has to fix. There are things they’ve needed to fix from the beginning. Some of those things…they’ve gotten better at in some ways but still haven’t fixed the main issue. Some of those things (like Barry being the undisputed center of everyone else’s stories)…well, to be honest, I’ve accepted that are just not part of the fabric of how they view or approach the show, so I don’t really expect to ever change.

But I liked the season 3 finale. I think it leaves Iris and Barry and Joe and Wally all at REALLY good and interesting places for season 4. I think we’ll get to see Iris and Wally working together at the beginning as heroes and hopefully we will get that promised focus on journalism. I think there are interesting places they could go with Cisco and Frostlin. And, ultimately, I think that IF THEY EMBRACE IT, they’ve set themselves up for a more optimistic and CERTAINLY less angsty and dark season 4. At the moment, there is no reason for Barry to come out of that speed force like a self-hating sad sack. So hopefully the tone of S4 will be happier, too.

So I’m happy with it! I’m looking forward to S4 and the payoff of both the wedding and the twins and/or Bart.

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I loved your answer! You said you're always pessimistic but GIRL, your words got me tears. For real. But I thank you for that. Can you please elaborate this hostage theory? I truly believe Bellamy and crew could be there as hostages and oh my god, reunion in the first episode? Clarke saving him? Bellamy's face when he sees his girl? God, they own my ass.

ahaha thanks! it was all my blarke feelings bubbling out of me (but seriously these are just facts?? it’s so fucking obvious in the ep)

i don’t really have a developed theory as yet but i think the prisoner ship found them when they returned to the ark and i’m like…. 50% sure that they might have been intercepting transmission from the ground (a la mountain men style) and somehow taking them hostage

(like i said it’s not a developed theory i’m barely awake atm and we have like no info on the ship so.)

i really really want some kind of prison break/ escape thing like maybe clarke is sneaking around trying to scope them out and she spots one of her friends being held captive or something and decides to try and break them out idk.

also if bellamy doesn’t start crying when he sees her i’mma canoe to wherever the cw studios is with my two dogs and hold a one woman protest.

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okay but we aren't sure if they didn't hear her? i think there's a possibility they maybe heard her but couldn't contact her back and Bellamy didn't blame himself for 6 fucking years

We aren’t sure they can’t hear her, but I would think The 100 writers would want to create as dramatic a reunion as possible. So I don’t think it’s super likely that Bellamy can hear her, I think he’s going to spend six years believing she’s dead.

With that said, I really do like the idea of Bellamy being able to hear her, but not being able to respond. I like the idea of him listening to her telling him how she’s surviving, how she’s coping with being alone. I think he’d be so relieved when he heard she found Madi.

And then I think about the idea that Bellamy can hear her, and every day at the same times he comes to the radio. And one day he listens to her, and suddenly she says, “Never mind, I see you.” But he’s still in space on the Ark. The panic that would set in would be something to watch, let me tell you.


I’d really love to know what Johnson’s actual full quote was.  Because “no one to one equivalent of Han-and-Leia” certainly doesn’t mean “NO ROMANCE AT ALL”.   All of these “Facts” are sensationalized.  JB and KMT have both alluded to a romance between their characters multiple times.  I am POSITIVE this is a sensationalized reading.  It sounds like the question was “Will there be a Han and Leia esque romance” and his answer was “No, not like theirs, that’s not the focus of this story”.    The author added a LOT of reading to ALL of their quotes when Johnson’s quote said nothing of the sort.   Just something not as IN YOUR FACE as Han and Leia, that’s the most I got from that.  (Also, calling Han and Leia’s romance unrequited was weird? Because… it really isn’t. But asides the point)

But to further drive that point home.
No major creature character?  Chewbacca? I’m pretty sure he’s still gonna be important.  So will Maz.  Maybe not anyone NEW, but still.  We also know about the wildlife on Ahch-to, and it seems like the Porgs will be pretty prominent in terms of environment. 

Instead of “The entire score is done by John Williams” he said No New music from Lin-Manuel Miranda.   This reads clickbait to me.  Taking a mundane quote and making it as BOLD and ATTENTION GRABBING as possible. 

No Explicit Political Allegory.  (I can speak with certainty this is not true, this is probably just prepping for PR reasons)

No revelation about Finn’s potential Force sensitivity.   
Boyega literally just said nothing as blatant, he, in short, said “I don’t know, anything’s possible,” after saying something that seemed like he’s not.  I don’t think Finn is force sensitive, but this guy really likes to put the nail in the coffin on really open statements. 

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MY LOVE can I get more Reaper then? <3<3 How about a new recruit accidentally saying out loud "Shit his thighs are godly" and his reation kinda deal pls?? <3 thank u so much

tHANK YOU. (Also, this is kind of an AU (?) where Blackwatch still exists or returned and Reaper is a commander again)

Sure, you may have joined a bit late but at least they still accepted you. But when you met him, you were so glad you joined - until you decided to embarrass yourself.

You sat in the chair as his back was turned to you. He intimidated you, really. Maybe the mask, or the dark robe, or just the whole eating souls thing.

But man, his thighs were just…

He kept saying things about Blackwatch and what it meant to be a recruit. But you couldn’t stop staring at those thighs.

‘Shit, his thighs are godly’ you thought.

You thought you said that in your mind, but when he turned around and (probably) glared at you, you knew you didn’t.

“Dismissed” he suddenly said and you practically ran out of there.

What a great way to start!

Playing DARKSIDE CHRONICLES (Memory of a lost city) and Leon just said: “Hey! I am a Rookie,don’t ask me! I just got here!” Made me go like:

Yeah, just a rookie…

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Am I the only one who feels refreshed by a detective on this show who is actually getting down to business? Some people don't like Fury, but I feel like all the past detectives have done nothing but act sketchy and never actually figure anything out. 4 high school girls were better at finding breakthroughs in homicide cases than the actual cops haha. I kind of hope Fury is truly good and wants to solve this because the corrupt cop storyline has been overdone on this show, in my opinion:)

As a cop, I think he’s great! I never really found his romance with Spencer to be interesting. When they went to play pingpong, I nearly fell asleep. But when they use Marco’s character to actually progress the plot (in regards to Archer’s murder), then I love him. That being said, I do kind of want Holbrook and Tanner to come back soon. I’m not sure if we do see them again before the end, I can’t remember if they’ve been listed in the cast for any of the final 5. Anyway back on topic, yeah I feel like he’s definitely playing on team “good cop”. I’ll be veryyyyyy shocked if he’s corrupt like the others! He seems very certain about getting to the truth. I mean, he waited for Spencer for precisely 58 minutes. A) the fact he recorded the exact time shows he means business and B) he FOLLOWED Spencer there without telling her. He’s willing to go against this girl he likes (loves?) to get to the truth. I respect that.

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Hi, im new in this whole damn camren think. Im just being a camren shipper and harmonizers since dec last year. But can i know, why you guys hate on austin and call him dorito boy 😂 ?

I don’t have a problem with him, personally so I’m not entirely sure why the fandom doesn’t like him….unless its because he said he felt like Camila didn’t really feel like his first gf and that he considered Becky G his first gf….idk…and they call him dorito boy because he’s cheesey and corny (I think 😕)

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Have you seen the last skam update? What do you think about it? Elias said "us", does that mean that Yousef is also there?

Yuppp just saw it like a few minutes ago

I really like that Elias is apologizing even if we don’t know what for. Like, sure it must be fight related but I think he might be apologizing for putting Sana in that position and getting out of control. 

Also I think that by “us” Elias meant him and Sana, but honestly I have no idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing a clip with yousef and Elias at the bakkoush’s but isn’t yousef supposed to know how to cook? Like he wouldn’t need Sana’s help

Hmmm who knows? 

Right now all I want is a Sana + Elias scene♥

Dinner was served

about two hours later than I’d intended, but it was nevertheless served. I made my own croutons but burned about half of them, and the ones I didn’t burn were fine but really just tasted like garlic bread. But not burnt garlic bread. :)

Saffron garlic rice was really really good, but not as good as the first time I made it. I could’ve used a little more white pepper, I think, and a little more something else too? Not sure what.

I think also it was ready too soon, the chickpea dish took longer than I thought but it was fab. He said there’s a Nigerian dish that he likes that is very similar. The texture of the sauce was pretty perfect, base was fire-roasted tomatoes (canned, I’m not that fancy) and roasted red peppers (I did roast those, I’m a little fancy), puréed, and some ground almonds were thrown in as well. And other stuff. And I have a ton left. 👍👍

Eb and I are opposites in the kitchen, and I giggled at this much of the night. And teased him, and maybe rolled my eyes a little. He measures everything perfectly and exactly and it takes for fucking ever. I’m a tornado of splatters and towels thrown, and spoons resting where they will only be knocked over. In his kitchen, he has a white towel for clean things and a black towel for dirty (Oh Jesus and you should see his bathroom. Everything is laid out perfectly in the same place, equidistant and at ninety degree angles). I argued for intuitive cooking, he argued that that only works if you have been doing it properly for so long. I saw his point, but said I like to take my chances.

He is a “clean as you go,” person, though, which was handy and helpful, and though I try at this, it often distracts me to the point of burning or omitting something, so I was happy to let him take the lead on that.

He did the thing that ex did in the kitchen that would always drive me crazy, and he caught my side eye and asked and we giggled about that too.

Here is the thing: I had a task and he had a task, I turn away from task to do something like wet a sponge to continue task, and I turn around and he’s tasking my task. This drives me crazy because: 1. Let me finish please and 2. Now his task is left undone.

He was zero percent defensive when I explained, and we had a cute little moment after.

The wine he brought over was perfect, and I’m glad I gave him that task, since he doesn’t drink or know much about wine. I don’t either, but those both mean different things to either of us.

When I say I don’t know much about wine, it means I have no vocabulary for it, but if it’s wet and unless it’s hideously funky, I will drink the hell out of it.

His means something more like that he doesn’t drink it often and has read less than three books on the subject, but can still find a delicious and inexpensive bottle that works very well with what I’m cooking, even I refuse to tell him what that is. I told him I was cooking monkey brains.

We did talk a little about Get Out, but not much. Most of what he had to say about it was that it wasn’t really a horror film, and that he wasn’t scared, and actually I thought that was a decent criticism and appreciated it because he made some good points about it and there was room for debate. He then went on to say that horror films don’t really scare him much, and that, I believe, is total bullshit. So we’re going to watch The Descent together sometime, and I’m gonna watch that boy jump to his feet on the couch and hide behind my back.

Last night was the first time he’s spent considerable time at my place, and there’s something familiar about having him in my space and me being in his space too. I don’t mean that it’s so super-cozy and “oooh just right” feeling or anything like that. It’s more the level of being at my bestie’s place and vice versa. Like we know how to operate in each other’s spaces and can easily but respectfully poke around a bit with no threat. Something about shared interests, I think. And like there’s no pretense? I like that.

I also like when he does something messy and leaves a thing undone from time to time, like leave a wet towel on the bed. Maybe we just have different styles of perfectionism. He’s an outie and I’m an innie. Or vice versa.

He did another thing that I’m curious about, but I exhaust myself looking into guys’ motives sometimes, and realize it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

He left the condoms at my house, in my room, on purpose. He packed up all of his other things after he showered but purposefully left remaining condoms on my bedside table.

I’m gonna analyze anyway. :) He knows I’m not sleeping with anyone else, so I don’t think it would be for the benefit of anyone else seeing. Another guy, I mean. And he’s not weird about me being over at his place, sex isn’t only happening at my place and he’s the one with the penis so why not take them along?

To let me know that he wouldn’t be using them with anyone else? Nah.

I think he wants me to see them and think about sleeping with him.

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Hey Shaya! Have you read the Cursed Child? If so, what's your opinion on it? By the way, I have a free day tomorrow and I'm totally going to read the new DoT updates <3

I haven’t read the whole thing, but I know what happens. I’m … eh. I have a LOT of issues about it, and I’m sure if people were to ask me specific “Did you like ____?” I could go on and on, but I really don’t want to LOL. My biggest issue is that I loathe what they did to Harry’s character. LOATHE.

That being said, Scorpius Malfoy is the most precious thing to ever exist, and I love that he’s just this awkward pile of goof. 

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Do you think Kat meant malec breaking up when she was like "anything you think is certain don't be sure of" like we expect malec to stay together does she mean not to expect that... Because I'm so anxious

Babes dont be anxious!!! You heard Matt, our Malec lord and savior. He said Malec has some bumps, but their relationship is continuously going up. Really you shouldnt worry about them splitting!!