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Wanted to try playing with light and shadow a bit more, so here’s a sketchy sad Scotty… maybe something just happened to one of his brothers? Is he worrying about his Father? Remembering Mom? What do you guys reckon would upset our Thunderbird One most?

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Look at the cute cover of this book :> yes I bought it just for the cover but also because it has some illustrations by Frederic Dorr Steele and hear this out, in the inside is a description of why the cover is like that:

On the covers of this volume, therefore, you will find a section reproduced of the wall over the mantel in Mrs. Hudson’s chamber at 221B Baker Street: that section which shows two examples of Sherlock Holmes’ prowess in emblazoning the initials of Victoria Regina “in bullet-pocks” and also the cameo-portrait of his fellow-lodger which Dr. Watson must have commissioned the Wedgwood people to make.

love it.


just some silly little serra portrait drawing things that nobody asked for nor did need i’ll crawl back in my basement now

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Sera@Remi: Hello there, dear! It's nice to meet you. I was wondering, though, about your relationship with your trainer. What sorts of limits do they set with you, dear? Have you ever made a decision or relationship that they didn't agree with? If you have, how did you feel knowing that your trainer disapproved of it? Did you pursue it anyway? What did your trainer do in response?

“My relationship with my trainer is built on trust and understanding! We’ve been together for almost a decade, so we’ve generally got a good feel for how the other works. The same can be said for the rest of the team, so we get a lot of freedom in and outside of battle. Hence why we’re free-roaming instead of stuck in our pokeballs while she’s researching!”

“The relationship between pokemon and trainers is… kinda hard to describe. It’s part mentor-apprentice, part her being maternal over us, part us being maternal over her, part friendship, and then something unique?”

“But, yeah, like any relationship we don’t always see eye to eye? I mean. I know she didn’t like my ex-boyfriend. We…. didn’t have a super clean break, so none of my teammates are exactly fond of him, but even while we were dating she and Envy didn’t care for him. It was hard, knowing the two most important people in my life didn’t approve, but I also knew that it was MY decision and they’d have to deal with it. And they did, but remind me to show you the zangoose-themed punching bag Envy got me- he thought it was hilarious. When the relationship actually ended, though, my trainer didn’t rub it in or anything. In the end we both just want to see each other happy.”

okay so here’s what i’m thinking: last semester even and sana run into each other one day at school and have an awkward but fond oh it’s you!- how are you?- great!- talk later! moment and then say brief hellos or simple nods when they see each other around, then the day comes when vilde and sana are starting kosegruppa and asking people to join and sana sees even setting by himself and tells vilde to go ask him, vilde’s like isn’t that the new third year? i doubt he’ll want to join and sana goes there’s no harm in asking and so they go up to him and vilde does her whole speech and even’s a little confused but attentive and sana’s like we’d love for you to join and even shifts his focus (from you know…) back to her and is like i’ll definitely think about it all bright eyes and big smile and the girls go to talk to the boy squad and even sees this, of course he does, later that week he comes up to sana and asks so when’s the kosegruppa meeting again? and oh so casually asks about that blond boy with the snapbacks and sana’s like isak? we aren’t really friends- is he coming to the meeting?- he doesn’t really have a choice does he- oh?- long story


I’m gonna start using some character tags that aren’t just names! Not because I see any use for them, personally, but because… I thought of some, haha…. AND THEY’RE DUMB AND/OR CUTE? 

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When you’re on a time crunch and look up steps for every problem in your Physics homework and shits right but you’re not really TOO SURE as to how or why

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hey!! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to improve on figure drawing (besides practicing)? i saw your recent sketches and they look bomb. thanks!!

ahhsuuhhhhu uhhh idk these are more personal things and not really hard rules..

 make sure to keep it loose? I like to exaggerate the curves, but only to a certain extent. Have a line of action and a clear center of gravity. Figure out a method you find most comfortable (skeleton first, geometric shapes, line of action first, contour lines, etc) and look up other artist’s methods for inspiration