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Quick lil sketch for @psukho ~

Sooooo…. what to say ? First sorry P for posting this cause you still didn’t make it official but well…. you shouldn’t show me awesome design like that ! And I had some time at the airport anyway..
And second : thank you <3
It was wonderful to meet you, to hang out with you, to speak english with ya even if we’re both french, to talk all the night until the parents were coming to complain about us, to joke about… your know, to create An and develop him, to draw together, to laugh and laugh so much that I was coughting ! To spoil you about my stories, to be spoiled about your stories, to see you scream by reading the rp with PT, to be able to hug you despite my fears, to totally trust you, to smile and just enjoy being two friends together <3

That’s not over… I know ! I’m moving, but I’ll come back to France next summer… but geez it will be long until then :’>

So until then, stay determined, sweetheart. You can do it ! You can become a great doctor like you want to be ! And smell like this creepy human that is-… Anyway !

Thank you for everything, hun, I’ll feel lonely in Reunion Island without you :’3
Stay as awesome as you are, you’re a wonderful friend ! *hugs*

… I’m not a crybaby, just sensitive ;;;
Don’t you dare cry by reading this !! And enjoy the replies to the rp !! HAHA !!

… :’>

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Hi, I have a character who has been kidnapped at a young age and was raised by the kidnappers (they killed his family). They made him learn how to shoot a gun and commit crimes. My character is released into the real world when he is in his early twenties. May I know what effect will the kidnappings have on him?

 Well- it really depends on how young he was when he was snatched and how well he gets on with his adoptive family.

If he’s snatched when he’s too young to remember his birth parents then he could well have grown up not knowing about them and (if he’s well looked after) with no traumatising effects from the kidnap.

There have been several cases historically of very young children being taken from their parents for political reasons and raised by the birth parents enemies. There were a handful of cases in Nazi Germany and a lot of cases in Argentina.

In Argentina the way it usually happened is that the birth parents were arrested and ‘disappeared’, secretly killed by the government forces. Children, usually new-borns or up to the age of about 2, were then handed over to ‘respectable’ families. Most of these children were brought up believing their adoptive parents were there birth parents.

You can read a bit more about this here. And read an account from one of the children here.

Children who were raised believing their adoptive parents were their biological parents generally report feelings of betrayal on finding out the truth in adulthood. It often caused rifts in families and left the children feeling isolated and depressed.

Something similar, taking young children from political dissidents, happened in the Soviet Union for a while. These children were usually raised in orphanages and were aware of their parentage. They were essentially raised knowing who their parents were and taught that their parents were wrong, bad and dangerous.

In those cases children seem to have had an easier time adjusting. They didn’t feel isolated and formed strong bonds with each other. They absorbed the ideals of the state and the idea that they’d been rescued from ‘bad’ biological parents. They don’t tend to report the same feelings of betrayal.

All of this is assuming the adoptive parents don’t abuse this character.

You say they teach him to commit crimes, depending on his age when he’s kidnapped he could well grow up thinking this is normal and correct. What counts as moral behaviour changes between cultures and subcultures, children don’t come with an inbuilt sense that ‘crime’ is bad. My point is that raising a child to be an immoral adult doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is abusive.

If he’s taken young, given love and affection, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t love his adoptive parents and have a relative ‘normal’ relationship with them.

If he was told growing up that he was ‘adopted’ and his birth parents were terrible people then that relationship probably won’t change a great deal. It would take a concerted effort to make him question that relationship.

If he grew up thinking his adoptive parents were his birth parents then finding out otherwise would make him question his relationship with them even if it was a good relationship.

If the character was old enough to remember his birth parents then that changes things considerably. An older child is probably going to be traumatised by the kidnapping, especially if he’s old enough to realised that his ‘real’ parents were killed.

Beyond that we start getting outside my area of expertise. I know next to nothing about childhood development. I know very little about child abuse.

I hope I’ve talked about some cases that are helpful and relevant to your story but I think that you’re likely to find more information on child abuse specifically by consulting @scriptshrink and @scripttraumasurvivors’s blogs. I know they both have a lot of useful information on the subject.

Sorry I couldn’t provide a more definite answer, and good luck with your story. :)


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tfw u accidentally drop ur phone in the toilet but ur so instinctively protective of it that you literally take 0.1 seconds to pull that fucker right back out before any damage could be done

suffice it to say, today is the day i saved my phone from destruction

I SAW THE GINTAMA MOVIE YESTERDAY WHEEEEEW I was originally planning to see it next week (even if it meant ditching uni welp) but I got to watch it sooner \o/

Quite a few people have said their thoughts on it which aren’t too far off from mine but I’ll try to share my take anyways. I wrote a lot more but the read-more cut isn’t working for me atm D:

- not movie-related but the English subtitles (at least what we got) were so shoddy lmao (although I chuckled at how Ketsuno Ana became R. Sole LOL)

- acting quality varied but I think everyone at least tried to capture their characters’ personalities. My biggest complaint was Nanao as Matako who just screamed “model and nothing else”

- Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura imo was okay despite some flat idol-actor moments. I really enjoyed her comedic scenes hahaha. I was pretty happy with Shun Oguri and Masaki Suda as Gintoki/Shinpachi. My favourite was Ryo Yoshizawa as Sougo though!

- the comedy was well done and everyone in the cinema had a good laugh!! The film didn’t hold back with the typical Gintama humour and tried hard to keep the same comedic feel. action is ok, nothing special; questionable cgi/editing didn’t help much lol but what can you do

- I enjoyed the the abridged beetle hunting story and most new scenes/changes. Movie content overall is fine but not really a good introduction to Gintama – definitely something fans would appreciate more than newcomers

- Shinsengumi don’t feel as shoe-horned in here unlike the anime movie version which was nice; we could had done without Gengai tbh however thanks to him we got awesome parodies, including an epically blatant Nausicaa scene LMAO so I’ll be forgiving

- the one change/addition I disliked the most was the Takasugi/Gintoki fight which replaced the good ol’ GinZura/Amanto fight. It felt really unnecessary and wasn’t exciting to watch, pretty forced :(

- we still got our Ginzura parachute scene at least!!! also the Lupin reference is funnier now thanks to Oguri having played him in the recent movie haha

- important scenes in the original are kept eg. Shinpachi cutting Nizou’s arm off, umbrella scene, so don’t fret!!

overall a very enjoyable movie, if you take your anime bias goggles off and come in just for a fun movie you won’t be disappointed, I really do recommend this!

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Anthony Scaramucci removed as White House communications director
His removal was done at the request of the new chief of staff John Kelly.

That was fucking quick.