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I saw the post, and i will not sit with my mouth shut even if it has little to no attention.

Im a minor, and as i minor i know what im getting into in tumblr. What i want to see and i don’t want to see, and how to draw a line between both.

You are not gross, and neither is your ship or your likes.

You have the right to like, search and imagine whatever you want of whatever you want because is your fucking life and no one can tells you how to live it.

Have a good night.

ask-mr-strider  asked:

Name some people you wouldnt mind playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with.

TT: What’s cooking, good looking?

okay guys obviously this needs to be brought up

blackrom is not abuse

i repeat

blackrom is not and has never been indicative of any kind of abuse

like it is literally described as a consensual and engaging rivalry much like two opponents in a game

the whole point is that they enjoy being annoyed by eachother and respect eachother as equals

there is no power imbalance

there is no fear

there is no abuse

and right now, whats going on in the fucking gamrezi and ereri and many other tags is far closer to abuse and bullying. please just stop, you’re not helping anyone. calling people “literal shit” is not helpful. it’s unnecessarily cruel to people. i’m embarrassed for you.


Dave/Bro fluff

This is really short and I’m sorry that’s it’s a little later than it was supposed to be! But I wrote some really fluffy Stridercest that is kinda sad. Woops.

Dave clawed at the sheet as he gasped for air. He rose to open his lungs managing to pull oxygen in before sobbing it out again. There was cold sweat running down his back his chest still heaving in uneven discomfort. He moved his legs so he could press his feet to the floor to give himself a reminder that this was real. The room he was in was real, the apartment was real, his brother snoring in the other room was real. What wasn’t real were the things of his dreams. The monsters and mayhem and his brother dying; that all had to be in his dreams.

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