not really statues


25 years in the future Dip’s kid stumbles upon this really weird statue in the forest… 

Nanu / Kuchinashi from the recent Pokemon Sun Moon game \ o / 

like srsly u guys can swoon over that shirtless professor, or that emo-looking boy with the Jojo pose for all I care, I’ll just cling on this ossan & never let go fight me >8D 

jkim024  asked:

47.4%Hey could u write a fic where other random oc Downworlders react to Magnus loving Alec (a shadowhunter) and having doubts about their relationship initially because Alec is a Lightwood and light woods are known to hate downworlders but then realizing that they are perfect for each other Another one with someone who really likes Magnus and gets jealous of Alec and doesn't think he is good enough for Magnus until Magnus sets the guy straight

It had been forever since he’d been to Pandemonium. Thankfully, the business was developed enough that it could survive without Magnus’ constant supervision. He had clients to attend to, and since Alexander’s arrival into his life, he’d had a range of other priorities to deal with. But Valentine was in jail, Alec was working, and it had been too long. It was a good idea to check in. The place was due to open in an hour, so it gave him the perfect chance to catch up with the staff, and how things had been.

Or so he’d thought at the time.

He’d used to have respect around here. It was his club after all. But tonight, when he walked in, he could hear the murmurs. It was as if they thought he was stupid, that he wouldn’t notice, wouldn’t hear. He hadn’t entirely been sure what the fuss was about until he’d caught two of the girls in the back room, along with the words ‘Shadowhunter’ and ‘Lightwood’.

Enough was enough.

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Momo: Didn’t you shoot me too, Ai-senpai?

Aiichirous: You don’t get a hommieood status because you didn’t submit an application.


A week after Sousuke meets Aiichirou.