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Okay, so bearing in mind I haven’t actually bought the RHATO annual yet, because I’m super behind and also haven’t been by my local comic book shop—if Lobdell wanted to add old canon details into the background of Jason and Dick’s relationship, I fail to see why he didn’t just use bits from Jason and Dick’s old canon relationship?

Because, okay, I’ve seen a lot of posts about how deleting a major part of the backstory to Dick and Tim’s relationship and then shoving it into Dick and Jason’s instead is detracting from the former and that this is some way of ~elevating~ the latter. I’ve seen people argue this on both sides and—

No. Hard no. Because, you know what? This move is doing a major disservice to ALL three people involved and BOTH relationships. Sure, I’m irritated too about part of Tim’s backstory being reassigned, but the thing that’s bugging me more is this idea that the Dick/Tim brotherly dynamic is inherently superior and that recreating some elements of it within the Dick/Jason dynamic makes it better.

And like—no? Jason and Dick already have a fascinating relationship, even if it is one that hasn’t been given any time to shine or much space to develop, especially outside Bruce’s shadow.

If the annual wanted to build on Rebirth’s version of Dick and Jason’s dynamic by bringing in old elements, it could have brought up how Dick genuinely KILLED the Joker when he dared bring up Jason’s murder. This act, the desire for which Jason’s return was almost exclusively centred around, that he was convinced would prove that he was actually loved, was committed by the Batfam member with whom he had the most distant, uncertain relationship. Not Bruce, not Babs—it was the guy who the family didn’t even inform of Jason’s death in time for him to get to the funeral. The guy Jason still doesn’t know broke down in tears in front of his team after figuring out what happened to him. Jason finding out about that could fill an entire ARC—it could EASILY be enough for one measly annual.

Or it could have brought up that photo Dick kept, the one of him and Jason on a skiing trip, or their team-up from Nightwing Year One: how, despite their mutual resentment and how little time they would have together before Jason’s death, goddamn, they actually did TRY to develop a relationship, even if it was cut off by tragedy and murder. How Robin brought them together and yet drove them apart at the same time: one usurped; the other overshadowed. How even after he was long gone, it was Jason’s Robin—not any number of the other heroes he had closer, longer relationships with, not even his own version of Robin—that Dick’s mind conjured as a hallucination when he needed to be convinced to not lay down and die.

It could have actually acknowledged Tim, even Damian, and the DIFFERENCE in the way Dick treats them—one brother lost too soon; trying to making up for it threefold with the others. How Jason isn’t the only one he’s lost anymore; how Jason himself almost caused his other brothers’ deaths during Battle for the Cowl. Or, it could have explored how the reconciliation of the Batfamily has affected them personally—how they figure out where they actually stand with each other now, after everything that’s happened between them, after Jason let go from a bridge out of spite because Dick stretched out his hand towards him.

Hell, it could have gone the full Pre-Crisis: add in the Flying Todds as Jason’s distant relatives and rivals to the Flying Graysons; make Willis Todd’s death at the hands of one of Gotham’s rogues something Dick tried and failed to avert (though maybe leave out the attempted adoption afterwards, real time’s effect on their age difference means it would maybe be a little weird.)

Just—the idea that taking part of Dick and Tim’s relationship and putting it, almost unedited, into Jason and Dick’s would be an improvement is nonsense. (Just let the Batfam have DISTINCT and interesting dynamics with each other. Having them all be the same is dull!)

(And hey, if they needed new Jason pre-Robin backstory, then there’s even more freedom! Have Dick, as Robin, clash with a pickpocket Jason but then eventually have them work together to take down a threat to the civilians of Crime Alley. Have this be the first time Jason’s genuinely considered the possibility of breaking the cycle, being a saviour and not a crook like his old man. Have Dick be unaware of the kid’s identity to this day, this being during Jason’s stint at infiltrating the Red Hood gang. Or literally anything else!)

I am so ridiculously in love with STAR WARS fic, I am so happy it exists, I am so happy that there are others writing out of such love for the stories they tackle, that there’s such warmth and care in fandom, that there’s so many talented people who bring such good things to fandom and this list has a bunch of things that just made me all fizzy and warm and happy.  There is such love in this fandom sometimes and I really, really want to share that with everyone, so here have some fics that will make you fall in love with everyone and everything all over again, even if sometimes they break your heart while doing it! THERE ARE SOME STELLAR FICS HERE, PLEASE ENJOY.

Coda by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin & padme/sabe & cast, modern au, 55.1k wip
   Anakin is an up-and-coming first soloist for the New York City Ballet Company, a brash, confident dancer with a smoldering sensuality to his technique and an electric smile that makes fangirl toes curl and quite possibly his choreographer’s.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & hondo & sifo-dyas & satine & qui-gon & mace & cast, time travel, 106.3k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Precipice by shadowsong26, obi-wan & anakin & padme & palpatine & bail & rex & cast, 87.6k wip
   An AU in which Anakin Skywalker does not follow Mace Windu and the others to Palpatine’s office after they leave to arrest the Chancellor. As a result, he doesn’t get that final push over the edge, and doesn’t Fall.
Cataclasm by dendral, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & waxer & cast, 20.8k wip
   For reasons unknown to all but himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the Jedi Order in the midst of the Clone Wars, taking with him a single clone. Anakin Skywalker has been unofficially tasked by the Order to find Obi-Wan and bring him home.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & depa, 2.1k
   “Barefoot, Master Kenobi?” The amused voice cuts through Obi-Wan’s meditation, and he surfaces quickly. He opens his eyes and finds himself face-to-face with Depa Billaba, a faint smile on her face.
Return by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, amnesia, 1.2k
   Anonymous asked: I wish you would write a fic where… Ok this has been on my mind for a while, perhaps it gives inspiration: Anakin or Obi-Wan goes MIA, returns with a memory loss (not permanent, that’s too angsty for me haha). I adore all your writing so anything goes tbh!
Infinite chapter 18 - Hollow by Ripki, obi-wan/anakin, warnings, 1.1k for this chapter
   The aftermath of a mission gone disastrously wrong.
Distaff by shadowsong26, obi-wan & anakin/padme & palpatine & cast, fem!anakin, 17.6k wip
   In which Anakin Skywalker is a cis lady and the twins’ gestating parent.
The Exchange by MissLearn, obi-wan & anakin & some anakin/padme & ahsoka & qui-gon & rex & cast, time travel, 57.8k wip
   ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin are swapped with their younger, TPM, selves. It changes things, in both parallels.
The Force Ghosts Get Kicked Out ficlet by fireflyfish, obi-wan & anakin & kylo & cast, 1.3k
   “Uuugh! Grandfather does he have to live with you? Uncle Ben is so… good and nice and… charming.”
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & cast, 1.1k
   “Club? What club?” Obi-Wan asked, confused. “Anakin? Has someone angered you?” “Yes!” Anakin said, pounding his left fist on the table, since he had broken another dining table with his right hand the last time he threw a fit in the dining hall. “How dare you have a special Obi-Wan club and not tell me!”
Vision Void by aradian_nights, luke & ahsoka & ezra & kanan & cast, 23.9k
   After a rather intense vision, Luke Organa sets out to save his former mentor, Ahsoka Tano.
Fate Defied by aradian_nights, obi-wan & leia & ezra & cast, 16k
   Leia Skywalker’s determined to become a Jedi like her father, but before that she must face the reality of letting go.
Lessons to learn by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 2.3k
   Obi-Wan teaches Anakin a lesson and finds out some important information too.
Against The Wall by Icse, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, d/s elements, somewhat darker themes, ~1k
   ‘Anakin grunted as he was forced against the wall, the hand in his hair pressing his face into the rough stone.’

full details + recs under the cut!

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Ritsu Headcanons

had to rewrite these like 3 times cuz tumblr decided to have a mental breakdown

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • *softly, but with a lot of feeling* “what the fuck
    • swears far too much for a 13 year old kid and he knows it
      • he never swears around his parents and rarely swears around Mob though
    • reigen will get this Look on his face whenever Ritsu swears around him so Ritsu stares him down, challenging him to say anything
  • has a Bad tendency to bottle up how he feels, kind of sort of like Mob
    • but, unlike Mob, he at least know what’s feeling? he just… basically values other people’s Mob’s emotions over his own
      • side effect of tiptoeing around Mob and fearing what would happen if he got too stressed out
    • so he usually just comes off as really bitter instead of how he’s actually feeling
  • holds grudges like you wouldn’t believe
    • oh what’s that? you don’t remember that one, super insignificant thing you did to him in 1st grade? well ritsu does and he doesnt forgive you
  • secretly spends hours in the morning styling his hair
  • is pretty caring, actually, but doesn’t express it in an in your face, obvious way
  • shows he cares through small gestures
    • like running to the store to buy milk for mob, or making sure he finishes his homework/offering to help him, or letting you rant about whatever is on your mind
    • only does this for Shou and Mob, though. You have to earn his trust first
      • even then he has trouble admitting that he cares for someone Shou basically
  • a list of people ritsu would take a bullet for: Mob and Shou
    • Teru might be close to being on that list but ritsu is skeptical of that guy
  • tells it how it is. Blunt as fuck. doesn’t hold back
    • “Hanazawa, your taste in music is nearly as bad as your fashion sense.”
    • “Please get a haircut, Shou. You honestly look like Bart Simpson and it’s unnerving.” toe to tip, thats a bart
    • “Reigen–” “Not today, Ritsu.”
  • doesn’t actually stay up all night like Shou thinks. Goes to sleep at  consistent time (unless he’s waiting for Mob to come home)
    • what he does is, before he goes to bed every night, he turns Shou’s ringtone loud enough so that, when Shou gets bored/lonely and texts him at 2 in the morning, it’ll wake him up
  • very considerate of Shou’s feelings, even though he rolls his eyes at him a lot and always pretends to be annoyed with him sometimes he’s not pretending though
  • probably cries when watching movies where the dog dies
  • always has at least one spoon on his person for some reason?
    • please don’t ask why he has no explanation
    • also dont tease him about it he gets enough of that from Teru
  • the most intense resting bitch face this world has ever seen
    • looks like he’s plotting murder when he’s deep in thought
      • “Ritsu, what are you thinking about? You look really angry.” “oh I’m just trying to decide on what we should have for lunch, bro.”
  • he’s really not used to physical affection
    • hugs and hand holding and. well, anything
    • that’s why Shou is a huge shock because that kid seems incapable of keeping his hands to himself
    • everyone thought that ritsu would lash out at Shou but he actually just kind of. Lets Shou hang off of him
      • he rests his head on his shoulder, puts his legs on his lap, sits so close to him Shou is practically sitting on Ritsu, has an arm wrapped around his shoulders whenever they walk together
    • Ritsu doesnt really encourage it, but he doesnt push him away either
      • but in reality ritsu fucking loves it. He loves hugs and affection but doesnt know how to take it
        • this kid needs hugs someone hold him

atratum replied to your post “flint: *tells silver about thomas* silver: before today, I knew of…”

i will be super interested to read your silver/flint thoughts! i really dislike it and it’s hard to put my finger on why.

I don’t dislike it, exactly–I can see the pull of it–but it’s one of the rare pieces of friction that I’m feeling between fandom and canon impulses in the show so far? 

Like, the relationships in Black Sails are fandom-style relationships, almost universally. Like, they’re the kind of relationships you see all the time in fic, but almost never in canon–or at least almost never textually in canon. I’m a multishipper with a weak spot for dysfunctional romantic threesomes, and most of my favorite dysfunctional threesome ships are born out of canon relationships clearly textually intended to be read as boring heterosexual love triangles. Black Sails has two textual dysfunctional romantic threesomes–and the way both relationships develop is something I’m more familiar with from fandom than from published media. Because fandom is often taking up a presumed-heterosexual world and peeling back a layer to reveal the underlying queerness, a lot of fanfic ot3 plots start out with a heterosexual couple and then adds in a third. (A lot of the threesomes I’ve seen in published media, by comparison, either signal their queerness early on, or homophobically treat the threesome as primarily sexual and not romantic.) 

Fandom is also used to reading in bisexual subtext to characters who are clearly romantically and sexually involved with opposite-sex partners but who have deep emotional relationships with same-sex characters (see: Steve Rogers), but Black Sails made that canon, too: there are two canon bisexual protagonists in Flint and Eleanor, both romantically as well as sexually involved with same-sex partners.

Even in a lot of the “straight” relationships, though, there’s something fandom-y about the development, I am pretty sure? I’ve read the Vane/Eleanor fic before (albeit with a different ending.) Jack and Anne’s mututal pining for each other, even absent a third person in their relationship, feels fanficcy to me. 

Basically this is all to say that I think Black Sails is unusual in that most of its canon relationships operate via rules and dynamics I’m most familiar with from fandom (Anne isn’t jealous of Max, she wants Max. Jack has only ever wanted Anne to be happy, and is jealous of her emotional closeness with Max, not their sexual relationship. Miranda isn’t just seducing James for herself, and their terrible sex isn’t just about guilt, the way we’re led to think it is, but about loss. Eleanor isn’t just using Charles, she really does love him, and vice versa, etc.) 

Pretty much the only outlier, as far as I can see, is John Silver. 

John Silver screams fandom favorite. He comes dressed in like fifty prepackaged fandom tropes, and unlike literally everybody else, these are the old tropes, the subtext-dependent tropes. He’s the amoral rogue with a secret heart of gold (but can you really trust him??? who can tell!), he’s pretty heavily weighted with the mythos/characterization of Stevenson’s Long John Silver, probably the most famous pirate in the show, despite being one of the only ones to be entirely fictional. So he’s laden with our associations with that John Silver, as well as our associations with Jack Sparrow, because Jack Sparrow is probably Long John Silver’s most famous direct descendent, and that’s a LOT of associations to lace around a character’s neck. His relationship with Flint is pretty damn shippy–using the same dynamics that made me say “oh, yeah, Will Turner/Jack Sparrow is pretty shippy” back in 2003, when I was thirteen years old. Stevenson’s Long John Silver’s main narrative thing is convincing us that he really does have feelings, and he really is emotionally attached to Jim Hawkins, despite also being ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to win. His whole deal is being beloved while also fucking everybody over, or maybe at the last minute NOT fucking everybody over because of the aforementioned Heart Of Gold, and fandom has historically eaten that deal up with a spoon. 

Flint and Silver: 
-start out as enemies, but Silver says almost immediately that maybe in the future they’ll be friends
-become friends, but Silver says almost immediately after they’ve acknowledged their friendship that maybe in the future they’ll be enemies
-have a lot of that ‘unlikely allies bantering’ thing 
-silver spends a LOT of time interrogating flint’s emotions, flint’s emotions about him, and his own emotions about flint, all for plausibly Scheme-y Reasons
-silver directly compares himself to flint’s past lovers, again for plausibly schemey reasons 
-flint tells silver things like “I need you” for plot reasons
-grudging trust and mutual respect grows between them, etc 

these are the pieces of subtext I’m used to reading in straight texts–most usually attached to a Long John Silver archetype character, who draws this kind of subtext to himself because again, his whole thing is wondering how much of his feelings are genuine, and suspecting some of his feelings of Transgressing, and emotional language and Scheming language being the same thing. Flint/Silver is a classic slash ship born out of a straight text. 


Black Sails is queer as fuck. Where are the straight relationships in this show? The ones where nobody is a confirmed bi???? I’m coming up with three, and that’s Silver/Madi, Mr. Scott/The Queen, and That One Red Bearded Pirate Turned Cravat Wearing Guy/Adele. Every major romantic relationship in the show is queer. 

the fact that Silver is a classic Subtext Queer is scraping up against the unavoidable truth that Flint is a Post-Subtext Queer, and he’s involved in a totally different queer romance. Flint/Silver is a slash ship straight out of 2007. Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) is a queer tragic slowburn romance that could only exist in canon in 2017. 

Now, I’m a multishipper, and I have a lot of real love for the John Silver archetype and a lot of nostalgic love for this particular kind of subtextual reading against the grain slash ship. I see the appeal of Flint/Silver, and I can dig it and Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) at the same time. But it also feels WEIRD to feel that while immersed in the show, because going against the grain of Black Sails isn’t like going against the grain of Pirates of the Caribbean–with this show it feels like the friction is scraping away stuff I value about the show, juicy stuff, intriguing character stuff, stuff I love. That, I think, is where the weirdness lies for me. 

*goes to start season four, where all of this will undoubtedly be jossed* 

Back in my early fandom days I was inundated with Love.  Everyone happily shipped whatever the hell they wanted, and even if you didn’t ship the Holy Married Couple, or the Subtext Lesbian Couple (which should have been an actual couple, how dare you fuck with our feels like that, homophobic tv execs!!) and kinda preferred one of them with another character….. you weren’t berated for it.

But around 1998-1999 Things Began to Change.  There was a shift where suddenly the non-shippers and anti-shippers (except towards True Canon pairings) began to grow in increasing numbers online….. at the time I was in multiple email groups for Xena Warrior Princess, Disney’s Gargoyles, Special Victims Unit and Third Watch.  But, the Shippers Had To Go.  And so we did, we made our own little communities and it was pretty great.

But, like Tumblr, you had people “Cross tag”.  They’d join shippy egroups or forums to lecture us on how you had to ship the Holy Canon Pairing or you were Going Against Canon.  Yeah, the same arguments that go around today.  And if you didn’t like one pairing over another you were painted as racist/bigoted/homophobic even though - as with today - neither of those reasons for why you shipped what you did had anything to do with it.  We just liked the chemistry of the actors, the banter of the characters, the relationships they shared…. the same as everyone else who didn’t ship them.  So really, this shit?  It’s not new.  It’s been around for yonks, and may even have existed well before this time too (but my family took a few years off the internet prior to 1998 - so I’m not able to say what it was like before this time period).

Around 1998-1999 I noticed that these Soul Crushing new Shipping Rules came into effect, courtesy of the anti-shippers and non-shippers, or those who were dedicated to the True Canon pairings existing only.  They decided that this is how ships were presented………

“Hi, we’re character a and character b, our storyline doesn’t affect your feels-o-meter.  If you don’t like us as a pairing, despite how Obviously Perfect we are to your emotionally stunted self, then you’re a racist/bigoted/homophobic bitch as applicable.”

“Hi, we’re character c and character d, our storyline affects your feels-o-meter so intensely that you’re gonna be called a racist/bigoted/homophobic bitch as applicable on account of the fact the writers dared write us in a way that made you a puddle of mush in the palms of their fat, sweaty, wealthy fucking hands.”

Conclusion we can take from all of this?

“Shipping” as we The Shippers know it is not exactly as we have long believed.  We do not get to ship the pairing that most affects our feels, we do not get to cry and giggle whenever we see our One True Pairing (canon or non-canon!) together.

We have to ship the Obviously Perfect ship, otherwise known as the True Canon ship.

It is True Canon or NOTHING.

Now, don’t you all feel - just as I feel - that we need to cleanse our Shippy Hearts and do things Right?

And by that I mean….. ship however the fuck you want, because no one but NO ONE gets to tell my shippy heart what it will bloody well ship.  Believe me, I’ve got SEVERAL of those ships where people say ‘oh, really hon? that one?  I dunno, he’s kind of evil, and she’s kind of too good for him.  maybe choose another to crush your heart and soul into ash?’ …….. but human beings do not get to control what I do.  Neither should you let them do so either.

If a TV, book or movie pairing makes you feel happy….. and you are not physically or mentally hurting anyone with deliberate actions by enjoying said pairing….?  Then ship away.

Shipping is good.  Shipping fills your heart with love.  Shipping connects many of us to feelings we can’t find with people in real life.  And that’s okay.  No one gets to say you can’t ship.  That you can’t feel happy.

Be happy.  Be filled with love.

And make sure y’all create as much smutty stuff as possible; every smutty fic or smutty art piece gives a casual fan his/her/their shippy wings!  Believe me, it is A Fandom Fact.

I’ve been sick this past few days (it feels like weeks now) and so I have wanted little more than to cry about STAR WARS feelings by reading emotionally satisfying and/or heartbreaking fic and then maybe some porn to go along with it. Leaking faces and wanting to vomit are a lot more tolerable when they come with feelings and porn. \o/

To Argue is to Love by Zinga763, obi-wan & anakin, 1k
   Anakin is sick, Obi-Wan is confused.
In Want by updiddlyupup, obi-wan & anakin, 7k
   Desperate to avoid all the ways he isn’t settling in, Anakin goes on a quest.
Negotation by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, NSFW, modern au, serial killer au, 64.8k wip
   Over a year ago, Coruscant Police Detective Anakin Skywalker vanished without a trace while hunting the prolific serial killer known within the media as “The Negotiator”.
destination: nowhere by kasuchans, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, some (force) bondage, 4.6k
   The Outlander Club is known for two things: strong drinks and gambling. It’s really difficult to get home after indulging in either one of the two.
the kids aren’t all right by QueenWithABeeThrone, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast, 33.1k
   “He dragged me up a hill so I wouldn’t burn to death,” says Anakin. “Obi-wan’s still in there, I know it. I’m going to save him.”
Broken by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, amnesia, dark content, 3.6k
   The Twins are unstoppable enforcers of the Emperor’s will, the sun and moon that hang in the black void of his rule. It is said they are not the same age and that under their hoods they do not look alike, but they fight as one entity, silent and terrible as an eclipse in a spring sky.
untitled by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, sith!obi-wan, 1.1k
   Like the steel blade he wields, Obi-Wan Kenobi has come far from his simple beginnings. Anakin Skywalker is one of the brightest suns in the Order of the Dawn.
late night under the stars + angsty fight by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, ~1k
   Did the first two in little vignettes as my writing warm-up for tonight…
In Color by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme, soulmark au, modern au, 15.4k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is six years old the first time he marks on his skin with intent.
Five Times Anakin Was Uncivilized and One Time Obi-Wan Didn’t Mind by Nisa, obi-wan/anakin, 2k
   It’s all in the title. :)
untitled by Glare, obi-wan/anakin/padme, human au, 1.3k
   The thing is, Obi-Wan doesn’t hate his roommates.
untitled by themikeymonster + ialreadyreadthatfanfic + likealeafonthewind + phosphorescent-naidheachd, obi-wan/anakin/padme, 2.5k
   TPM AU where Padme has a (completely obvious) teenage crush on Padawan Obi-Wan. Little Anakin is slightly upset before promptly deciding he’ll just have to marry them both once he’s old enough.
The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars by A_Delicate_Fury, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & luke & leia & han & cast, time travel, 9.4k wip
   “I don’t know how this happened. I don’t yet know why. But this is definitely Anakin’s fault.”
untitled by stonefreeak, cody & yoda & cast, supreme chancellor!obi-wan au, ~1k
   Anonymous asked: I’d love to see the trooper’s views in all this. Exasperation at Kenobi not taken enough consideration of his safety. Worries that he’s not sleeping, forgetting to eat? What did they see that made them go to Yoda for help?

full details + recs under the cut!

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i’m doing rarepair drabbles and @luciemiddleford asked for Chloé/Juleka so here’s that!!

She didn’t know who did it, and it was probably best that way because if she did, they likely wouldn’t be around much longer. But Chloé just heard quiet crying in the bathroom.

At first, it was just one of those annoying and barely imperceptible background noises that slowly grated on her nerves. She figured one of the toilets was broken, maybe, and the pipes were leaking. It didn’t really register until she heard a large sniffle, then a quiet curse. Then the stall door creaked open and Juleka walked out, her head low and bangs hanging over her face. It was clear she didn’t want Chloé to notice her, but of course, she didn’t care.

“Oh my god, is that you making that racket?” Chloé snapped. Juleka didn’t reply, only sniffled softly and began to wash her hands. “Will you shut up? It’s driving me insane.”

“Sorry,” Juleka muttered, moving down a few sinks. Chloé rolled her eyes and continued to apply her makeup, but froze when Juleka swept her hair back from her face to reveal a smeared mess of eyeliner and mascara. Juleka tried not to notice and focused on dabbing at her face with a wet paper towel, which succeeded very little in removing the makeup and mostly just helped smear it around.

Chloé’s lipstick collided with her teeth, bringing her back to her senses. She set the tube down and rifled in her bag, coming up with a clean makeup wipe. She crossed over to Juleka, who shifted self-consciously as she approached.

“Here,” Chloé said, more softly. “What happened? That looked… really expensive.”

“It’s nothing,” Juleka said. She ignored Chloé’s offering, but apparently that wasn’t the right thing to do, because Chloé began wiping her face herself, standing on her tiptoes to do it.

“Let me guess,” she said, “someone made fun of you for trying too hard. Your makeup always looks nice, so why do you even listen to those douchebags?”

“I–” Juleka faltered. “You think so?”

“Uh,” Chloé replied. “You know, maybe a little too much black for my taste, but yeah, it looks really good.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

They stood in uncomfortable silence while Chloé finished cleaning Juleka’s face; then, Chloé asked, “Did you bring anything to school with you?”

Juleka shook her head, so she grabbed her makeup bag. “Well, then, grab that chair and sit down, because we’ve got twenty minutes until class starts and you’re not leaving until I’m finished.”

anonymous asked:

El Master's reaction when their s/o suddenly becomes the next El Lady? Angst is one of my guilty needs o(;△;)o


Denif: “Ah…. It’s difficult, but it’s the will of the El.  Don’t look at me with those horrified eyes.  I’ve been around long enough to know it’s pointless to struggle.”

Ventus: “Really?  Ugh, isn’t there any way to get her out of this?  It’d really suck losing my cutie pie…”

Ebalon:  “This is exactly why El Masters aren’t supposed to date.  Oh, well.  I suppose I can try to help her resist.”

anonymous asked:

helooo, could you hint me to good Sam/Jack fic? i finished reading "the dreams we left behind" which i saw you shared a couple of days ago on here and i kinda figured you're the right person to ask for more? thxxxx

I bet you thought you were asking me a simple question with a simple answer, right Anon? Ha! I am generally incapable of brief answers. If a normal person would write three paragraphs, I will probably write three pages. That’s why this ask took me so long to answer. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks!

So…I might be able to point you in the direction of a few good Sam/Jack fics. ;-) Check my Stargate fic rec tag, for starters…

And now, FINALLY, here is a superlong list of my favorite Sam/Jack authors and stories, in no particular order. Note that for every one of these authors, I recommend pretty much anything they’ve written; the stories I mention here are my favorites.

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OnePunch-Man Week // Day 3: Bonds
Favorite Relationship: Teacher and Disciple

Aaaargh Stunsails is finished. \o/

(We’re now cracking on into the sequel)

I also just wrote a Dickon Tarly/Sansa Stark shortie because why the fuck not. Canon can’t stop me now. Never could, really.

(I seriously can’t understand why there’s so many people in the tag going ‘Oh well, that was fun while it lasted’ like canon gets to dictate what happens in your shippy heart. Fuck no, it’s mine now, and I shall do with it whatever the hell I want. Which is usually to make them sickeningly adorably happy)

If you strike down my ship, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

akm221  asked:

Hi! I wanted to say that I think that your art is very cute! I also want to know what are your favourite TV animated shows and videogames, just out of curiosity

Hey there!
First, I really appreciate that you like my stuff! This is mostly a trash blog to dump my trashy shippy fanart in.
Favorite animated shows? Oh, definitely Avatar: The Last Airbender and Gravity Falls, for all time. Current favorites are Star vs the Forces of Evil (ofc), the new Ducktales and some Steven Universe! I also watch a teensy bit of Rick and Morty if I had the time.
Video games? I’m not the most well-versed in this (I’m not much a of a gamer), but right now I’m playing Overwatch (I’m a support/D.Va main with some Winston and Pharah!) and I’ve been playing since November! It’s a great game to introduce yourselves to the FPS genre. 

woke-up-on-derse  asked:

Since you are officially a JadeKat expert, what are some fics you really like with the two of them? Any tropes you like or ones that you find tired within that tag? Sorry if that's a lot to cover in one ask

Oh MAN, have I got answers for this ask. Have I got answers.

The fics I’m drawn towards are not very shippy since they’re mostly elaborate AUs which tend not to lend themselves well to romance (speaking of which, your fic looks pretty baller, I’m going to read that once I’m done), so I’ll be ordering this rec list from Most Jadekat to Least Jadekat, the last of which is pretty much straight up gen.

Five First Kisses, Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - If you haven’t read this fic, you haven’t lived.

There’s a She-Wolf in her Closet, HSO Team Jadekat 2012 - This isn’t a fic, it’s a visual novel from back in the day that I programmed. However, I didn’t write/draw anything on this one (that credit would go to my 9 other teammates)! You are free to enjoy without being like, ‘ha, that oxfordroulette, reccing her own writing, what a narcissist.’ Anyway, two in a half years later and I still laugh at every joke. (Applebees)

Call of Shakira: Gears of Jadekat, HSO Team Jadekat 2012 - Again, this one’s a game I programmed, and I did not do the writing or art for it (minus the troll country buffet background, my magnum opus which shall never be dethroned). It’s funny, in character, and the backgrounds are beautiful. My one regret is the stupid Jade-sprite freezing for like a second after any dialogue which fucks up the walk cycle. I still think about my programming failure there and weep a little.

Midnight Flush, friendlybatteringram - This fic rec list is slowly turning into a mixed media hodgepodge, but when is anyone going to ask me the question ‘top five elaborate jadekat comics?’ Never. The answer is never. Anyway, this comic is great fun, has excellent dialogue, has a good serving of Jadekat, and this author’s handwriting is killer. Seriously, I could stare at those capital letters all day. Damn.

Midnight City Madness, FH14 - Oh, hey, an actual fic. This AU is similar to the previous comic, with lots of Spades Slick, bad romance advice, weird mafia plot shit, and good worldbuilding! It’s also got the funniest Karkat dream sequence I’ve ever read.

The Thief of Prospit, mitspeiler - I gotta say this fanfiction isn’t for everyone- it’s a love letter to the old romance movies in the golden age of Hollywood. It’s one hundred percent an adventure fanfic, and you need to just let yourself be tugged along by the long, gorgeous descriptions and winding, imaginative plotlines. Also it’s got a lot of Vriska/Karkat interaction, which is my silver bullet.

C’est Magnifique, mais ce n’est Pas la Guerre: c’est de la Folie, composer - I’m bolding this one because it’s damn good. I could shout this fanfic’s praises from a mountaintop and send my sound echoing across valleys and it still wouldn’t be loud enough. Jadekat is only a small piece of this, but if you are going to read one fic on this list it should be this one. I originally clicked on this fic thinking it would be an absolute trainwreck (a WWII AU in France? Am I in the ‘terrible Hetalia ideas’ section again? I have to witness this.) but it turned out to be gorgeous. And heartbreaking. And brilliant. And most importantly, dead fucking accurate on the historical side. Read this.

Child Gods: Emotions, Consequences, and Clauses of Sanity Through the History of Art, 8The_Great_Perhaps8 - Not much to say about this one, it’s written like an art history paper and is a good, creepy look at what the world would be like if the beta kids were gods. I live for this faux academia shit. FYI, jadekat is barely in this one.

And to answer your second question, here’s the worst jadekat fanfic I could ever think up:

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tsukkiwglasses replied to your post “That scene in the shack after they rescue Shiro, when Shiro asks Keith…”

Im trying to write a Keith based fic right now and this was so inspiring and I think I might take this into account now. Especially the fact that Shiro doesnt even consider how important all of this searching is to Keith

Shiro has no time for that haha

I think it’s significance tho really depends on why Keith was feeling lost, and why he got kicked out of the Garrison. Because if it was in any way because of Shiro, then you could easily tell how finding Shiro at the seeming end of his search means a whole lot to Keith. 

But we dunno what happened yet. (But ofcourse we all assume that it was because of Shiro cuz he’s Keith’s impulse control and every time he’s not around Keith does something stupid and gets in trouble haha)

And like, you feel there’s alot of feeling in what Keith says, but you can’t really explain why, and when you watch it the first time you won’t pick up on these things because you dunno yet what kind of influence Shiro has on Keith and how he changes him, you see it later in further episodes when we get to know Keith a bit more. 

And then when you watch it the second time, you might assume Keith is just trying to figure out what Shiro has to do with what the cave drawings were telling him, because you already know that he can sense the lions then.

But if you kinda step back a bit and think about it a bit more, and take into consideration what we’ve seen in season one and how important Shiro seems to be to Keith. It kinda maybe gets a different meaning.

Because we see Keith is opening up there a bit, we haven’t seen him really talk about himself or his feelings in this way other than in that scene. And Keith is a caring person and is very expressive of his emotions, but it’s never like this.. He just seems so open and sincere and his expression and voice are so soft and so different from how he usually is.

So to me at least it doesn’t seem like he’s just trying to explain Shiro what happened and how he knew to come for him, but that there’s a bit of a hidden layer to that, that Shiro just doesn’t pick up on. (or well, purposely ignores I dunno haha)

And there’s The Pause.

Keith talks about feeling lost and then he says “ It’s like something, some energy was telling me to search”. 

But he doesn’t continue explaining.

He just stop and looks at Shiro for a moment, like Shiro is somehow supposed to understand what Keith is talking about just from that. And only when Shiro is like “For what?” he continues.

It’s kinda funny to me. Specially Shiro’s face at that moment. 

And ok, we all know that Keith was sensing the blue lion. But at this point Keith doesn’t know it, and is probably just confused about why this wall led him to Shiro out of all things.

So I dunno, maybe MAYBE Keith is questioning what exactly that “something” he was feeling was or maybe he wants to know how he and Shiro might be connected, (for just a bit tho, because he learns it was the blue lion right after this and Shiro falling from the sky on the day he was so anticipating for was just a coincidence apparently..) 

and Shiro’s reaction to all this is so funny cause it just:

(yeah I was holding my head there too, Hunk)

I wonder if in those few moments before Hunk speaks and it all falls into place for him, Keith was a liiiittle bit upset haha.

Cuz why is Shiro thanking those guys??? They didn’t do shit! it was Keith who was preparing for this for months! Who got the explosives from somewhere! Who beat up the doctors! They just showed up and really didn’t do anything besides being in the way and putting Keith and Shiro in more danger than necessary. And now Shiro is thanking them without even really acknowledging Keith’s efforts and “feelings” there in any way whatsoever…

Like he doesn't even say thank you to Keith! And it was Keith who rescued him!!

(like ok, I don’t think Keith minds, he’s just happy to have him back.. besides It’s kinda something that is said without words between people who know eachother well.. But, no Shiro, its not YOU ALL! It’s Keith! Keith got you out! They had the intention but they didn't do shit! And I cant believe those assholes standing there like “Yeah we got you out, Shiro. Keith could have never carried your heavy ass out on his own and ride the bike with you, that’s why we needed Pidge to hold you! What non essential weight? ahahaha”)

And I get why Shiro might react like this, like his mind is still scrambled, he’s all "I’ve been abducted by aliens, my arm is missing, I can’t remember anyhting, aliens are on their way here, I really dun have time to try and figure out all this Keith bullshit right now and why he’s looking at me like this

since I got here.”

And another thing I find funny, is that we know Lance makes fun of Keith for all that “sensing the blue lion” thing at some point. And like why would he actually make fun of him for sensing it? Unless you kno, for awhile he just thought Keith was insane and that wall doesn’t mean anything.

So maybe Lance was making fun of him in the same way we kinda do. Like “ooohh a mysterious feeeling was telling me to search for you for a whole year Shiro, look at all these clues! what can this possibly mean??”  (just think how it all looked to them from the side at first)

(and now I’m just imagining Lance complaining the entire way to the cave like why do they need to be out here in the desert heat looking for caves because of Keith’s stupid wall of nonsense that means absolutely nothing besides “Shiro, I literally go crazy without you” and just being upset at Hunk for encouraging this madness. But then they find the blue lion and hes like “oh.”)

I also think it fits very well with the rest of the season and what we’ve seen with Keith and Shiro so far, cuz I think you can describe Keith’s feelings for Shiro in season one with something similar to “I’m lost without you” (not necessary in a shippy way. I dun really mean any of this in a shippy way actually, since it doesn’t have to be.)

Shiro is what directs Keith in the right path, and I think Keith is aware of this and is a bit scared of where he might end up (or already ended up) when Shiro is not around. (like that seems to be Keith’s issue, because he is a very independent person and doesn’t always listens to Shiro, so seems like he just needs him to calm him down and not really because he needs him to tell him what to do all the time because he thinks that Shiro knows better. Which I think is very interesting.. What is it about Shiro that calms Keith down like that? hmm)

And Shiro seems to be all “ You can do this Keith! You’re great on your own and you dun need me, because you’re great, buddy!” 

Maybe he doesn’t really get how much he means to Keith or doesn’t get why exactly Keith is so dependent on him. And because it’s something that’s kinda hard to miss, he’s either really really REALLY dense, or he knows, and just doesn’t think it’s something worth encouraging, so he ignores it.

I really wanna see what’s gonna happen with this in season 2.

icantimallergic  asked:

Hi. I voted for savingjasongrace, and I was wondering if I could get one about Nico encountering homophobia in modern times for the first time, maybe when he's out with a group of (potentially protective) demigods? With or without a ship, it doesn't really matter to me…?

This is like a month late oh my god I’m so sorry I’ve gotten super busy all of the sudden and have had no time to get to my computer.

I’m going to assume by your url that valdangelo is cool? Because the world needs more valdangelo and I couldn’t pull this off well without a ship so here we go! This got super shippy and I’m not even sorry. It got to be pretty long, so hopefully that makes up for the wait!!

**Important note: I do not experience homophobia myself, so if this is completely wrong or something I apologize. I’m doing my best to keep the homophobic comments and things made in this fic to a minimum.

Leo couldn’t have been more excited for the coming weekend. Camp Jupiter was visiting, and Chiron had promised to take them all out into the city to show their Californian friends around. It was smack-dab in the middle of summer, so everyone, even Percy and Annabeth, were off from school (those two were in college now. He couldn’t believe it. And he was heading there next year? Time had flown by) and Jason was taking some time off from his Pontifex duties to spend time with everyone. The whole gang was getting back together for an entire weekend.

There was also, of course, the added benefit of finally, finally, being able to take Nico out on a proper date. The two of them had officially been together for almost three months now, but Leo was still a bit in shock at it all. In the time they had been dating, they’d had yet to do anything romantic together outside of camp. Both of them were staying on Half-Blood Hill year round, and only ever had reason to leave when they’d visit Camp Jupiter. Camp was beautiful and everything, and cuddles on the beach at sunset were nice, but Nico deserved to at least be taken on a cliché movie date.

Because of this, Leo was absolutely pumped to be able to go into the city. He knew the group was supposed to stay together, but they were both experienced enough that he knew Chiron wouldn’t be too angry if they disappeared off on their own for a bit. He’d told the centaur about it beforehand, so there would be no worries when they left, and just like that his plans were set.

When the weekend came and the whole team had reunited, he and Nico were both ecstatic. Well, okay, he was ecstatic, Nico was more just smiley. He’d gotten better at that over the years, and now that beautiful di Angelo smile wasn’t as rare a sight as it used to be. When they weren’t hugging the others, Nico’s hand was held warmly against his, another thing he had only become comfortable with recently. He wasn’t very big on PDA, but there was something comforting about hand holding that they both enjoyed.

After the group lunch at some restaurant Chiron had booked (seriously, he reserved like the whole restaurant for the camp), the Argo group had broken off to go to the movies, where Nico and Leo then broke off from them.

“Ooh, where are you two headed?” Hazel teased, which caused Leo to feel a blush rise in his cheeks.

“Yeah, where are we headed?” Nico asked after he realized that he and Leo had gotten tickets to a different movie than the others.

Leo turned to his boyfriend, “You and I are going to have a little bit of alone time so I can treat you to the proper date you deserve.”

This caused Nico to blush now, before spluttering out “Y-you don’t have to do that. We’ve had plenty of dates…”

“Walks in the woods and sitting together at the campfire don’t count. I mean, they do, but like, we never get to do anything normal, being at camp all the time, so I thought maybe—”

He cut himself off when Nico grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the concession stand. “Well okay, if this is a date, I want popcorn and candy.”

Leo grinned, “Of course! Anything for you babe.” He shot Nico a flirty wink. He heard giggles from the group behind them, but chose to ignore their kindhearted teasing.

“How many times do I have to tell you to not call me babe?” He rolled his eyes, but his smile was fond.

“Okay okay, whatever you say, Hot Stuff.”

“Oh my gods that’s worse.”

“C’mon, work with me here, Nico! What cute nicknames can I call you?”

“I swear to Zeus, if you keep trying to give me nicknames, I’m going to—”

“Ugh, will you two just stop it, please?” A fratboy-looking guy standing ahead of them in line turned around, his nose wrinkled.

“Excuse me?” Nico snapped, an eyebrow lifted angrily.

“Just shut up, alright? Nobody else wants to hear you being all disgusting.” He muttered something obscene under his breath, which instantly sent Leo’s skin prickling. The guy was at least a half-foot taller than them, and built like a brick wall. That didn’t stop Leo’s hands from heating up a bit, before he remembered they were in public and this mortal bully wasn’t worth their time.

Nico had gone stiff beside him, and Leo feared he was going to retreat back into that place where he was ashamed and scared of how he felt toward Leo and other boys. He’d come too far and gotten too strong for Leo to let him fall back on it again.

So Leo grabbed his hand and dragged him off to the cashier on the far side of the concession area, where luckily the line had just cleared. He quickly ordered their snacks, rubbing his thumb along Nico’s hand to comfort him. He seemed to relax after that.

“That guy was just an asshole, okay?” He leaned towards Nico after they’d found their seats in the theater. “We didn’t do anything wrong. We were just talking. He wasn’t worth the energy.”

Nico took a slow, deep breath before responding. “Yeah. Yeah you’re right. Just an asshole.” He slipped his hand back into Leo’s before reaching over for a handful of popcorn. Leo could still sense he was uncomfortable, but didn’t want to push it. Hopefully over the course of the movie he would relax more.

As the credits began to roll, the pair gathered up their trash and exited the theater, hands still intertwined tightly. They were still talking animatedly about the twist ending, laughing about how it was so obvious yet they still didn’t see it coming.

After their laughter had died down, Nico stepped in front of Leo to face him fully. “This was really nice,” he said, eyes bright. “Thanks for the date and all.”

Leo was positively beaming. Seeing the look on Nico’s face, he didn’t think he could be any happier. Then Nico was leaning in, and oh my gods- Nico placed a chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth. It was far from the first time they’d kissed, but Leo’s emotions were running on a high and right then that was one of the best things he’d ever experienced.

Of course, because this is him, something had to go horribly wrong.

“Holy shit, really? Can you not do that disgusting crap in public?” The fratboy guy from earlier was coming up the hallway. Leo was about to retort that it was barely a kiss could you stop being such an asshole please and leave us alone when he noticed that fratboy had brought his friends with him.

There were three of them now, all considerably bigger than Leo’s and Nico’s short selves. Leo had faced monsters, wrathful gods, and death itself, yet his heart was pounding as the three fratboys loomed over them. Nico had gone completely rigid beside him. Neither of them knew what they were going to do. Realistically, they could take them in a fight, but Nico was retreating back into his shell fast, and if he got hurt Leo knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself and he’d lash out.

It was then that a sharp “Hey!” was barked from across the theater. He immediately recognized Hazel’s voice, and suddenly the air became sharp and charged, something stirring like anger. All 5’2 of Hazel Levesque marched straight up to the head fratboy and fixed him with a glare only a child of the Underworld could muster. “What did you just say to my brother?

He held her gaze, but took a step backwards. Frank and Reyna had come up behind him and Nico, shoulders squared in all their Roman Praetor power and glory. Jason and Percy stayed back, but Leo knew that the change in pressure was coming from them. He heard the pipes creaking in the water fountain up the hall, which was when he realized just how furious they both were. Piper and Annabeth shared a look before marching up beside Hazel.

A wicked grin flashed on Piper’s face. Her body language shifted, and Leo knew what she was about to do. “You’re going to apologize to my friends here,” she began, her voice dripping with charmspeak. “Then you’re going to leave, go home, lock yourself in your room, and think about what you’ve said. You’re going to figure out why there’s so much hatred in your heart, and you’re going to change your attitude. Do you understand me?”

“I- Yes,” the fratboy said. “I’m going to go home now.” He turned and left, just like that, his two buddies trailing behind him.

Hazel immediately turned and grabbed them both by the shoulders, pulling Nico out of his stupor. “Are you guys okay?”

“I’m fine,” Leo said, “I can’t thank you guys enough for showing up when you did.” He let out a sigh of relief as he pulled Jason and Frank into a hug.

“I can’t believe you guys stood up for me – for us – like that.” Nico said, somewhat in awe as Reyna wrapped her arm around his shoulders.

“Uh, why wouldn’t we?” Percy asked.

“No, it’s just that… I didn’t know people were like that anymore. Like him.” He leaned closer to Leo, pressing their arms together for comfort. “I thought things were different now, but when he showed up and said those things, I panicked. I thought it was like before and… I’m just glad it’s not.” He looked around at his friends, a smile forming on his face. “I’m glad you guys were here.”

Rukia and Renji fight over Ichigo

As requested by anon. :)

[Need some more arguments in your life?]

Rukia and Renji will now argue about which one of them deserves to end up as Ichigo’s SO!

Rukia: Renji…are you serious with this?

Rukia: It’s obvious that Ichigo is more into me than you!

Rukia: Did Ichigo ever say that YOU made his rain stop?

Rukia: I don’t think so!

Renji: You made his rain stop, all right.


Renji: Didn’t that soul rain come back so much that his whole soul world was flooded, or somethin’?


Renji: Uh-huh. Well that rain comment was a while ago anyway!

Renji: You know what Ichigo has done more recently? Grown sideburns that look like mine!

Renji: Basically a mating call. 

Rukia: Um…why do you think Ichigo growing sideburns has ANYTHING to do with you?

Renji: ‘Cause they look like mine! Why else would Ichigo grow them?

Rukia: Because he’s a seventeen year old guy maybe?

Renji: Whatever!

Renji: You never fought Ichigo! Everybody knows how attached Ichigo gets to the people he fights!

Rukia: You’re right, Renji!

Rukia: He has that bond with basically everyone!

Rukia: Whereas the bond he has with me is unique.

Rukia: I gave him powers by stabbing him. Twice!

Renji: Yeah, ‘cause that’s a basis for a relationship. How often you stab him.

Rukia: It is Ichigo.

Renji: Well okay I’ll give you that one.

Renji: But I bet you never fell on your knees and begged Ichigo for something! I did, and it was pretty shippy!

Rukia: No, I’m usually the one helping Ichigo. Not the one begging him for help.

Renji: He rescued you. I’d call that helping.

Rukia: I didn’t beg him, though! In fact, I ordered him not to come, but he came anyway!

Rukia: Because of how much he cares for me.

Renji: Well, I’m sorry that I’ve never been arrested or kidnapped! I bet if I did, Ichigo would totally come and rescue me!

Renji: ‘Cause we’re tight. Really tight.

Renji: He rode my bankai once, you know.

Renji: My giant snake of a bankai.

Renji: Which Ichigo rode.


Renji: So?

Rukia: Oh, believe me. You do NOT want to get into a filler war with me!

Rukia: There was a whole movie made about Ichigo’s and my bond!

Renji: Yeah but he never tackled you in the hallway and demanded that you “take it off.”

Rukia: An entire movie about a bond tops that, Renji.

Renji: Or so YOU say!

Renji: Anyway, let’s not forget the elephant in the room.

Renji: You killed Ichigo’s cousin, my friend! You think Ichigo will be okay with that?

Rukia: Yeah, probably.

Renji: …

Renji: Okay, so yeah. He will be.

Rukia: …

Renji: …

Rukia: You know, Renji, to be honest I always thought you had a thing for ME.

Renji: Well, I do! That doesn’t mean I don’t also have a thing for Ichigo!

Rukia: So you like Ichigo and me?

Renji: Yeah!

Rukia: And I’ve always thought that the only thing better than having one devoted beefcake was having two devoted beefcakes…

Renji: Wait a second…are you saying that we could solve everything with an OT3?

Rukia: We could totally solve everything with an OT3!

Renji: Let’s never fight again!

Rukia: Except maybe over what to buy Ichigo, whom we’re both dating!

Renji: Totally! Man, this worked out great!

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: DON’T I GET A SAY IN THIS?!?!?