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Narkik Weekend - Day #2  Narkik // Inukag 

From @narqueen amazing analysis: “One of the major themes of the series is the conflict of fragmented identity; this is embodied the best between inuyasha versus naraku - inuyasha, who struggles internally with the desire to be a half demon and his humanity & love for kagome, compared to naraku, who struggles physically (by constantly shape-shifting his body) to shed himself of his humanity & his love for kikyou. this literary archetype is called the shadow - a formidable opponent who mirrors the darker psyche of the hero; a character to both compare & contrast with the hero.

in fact, inukag and narkik are one another’s “shadows” - the relationships themselves are nearly-perfect contrasting mirrors of one another.”

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top 5 kiho moments? (:

okay this will be a lot more difficult in comparison to favourite pictures because i have a lot of fave moments, but lets get it.

#1 - that time when wonho goes to kihyun right as he’s singing “oh i loved you more than anyone else” and poked his nose and then kihyun’s smile afterwards :( // full gifset here

#2 - when someone said smth funny and wonho gave kihyun a back hug whilst laughing like i’ve always wondered why exactly wonho needed to give kihyun a back hug to laugh like, he literally did not have to in that moment?? //  full gifset here

#3 - so kihyun was asked to dance to all in choreo alone whilst wearing a gudetama onsie and like he was shy to do it alone?? so he goes to wonho immediately?? to ask him to dance with him?? and even though wonho doesn’t?? he gives him the confidence to go dance on his own?? like my heart??? also the way he grabbed wonho’s hand too?? //  full video here

#4 - okay this just makes me :(( like wonho touching his cheek with such tenderness and kihyun not even flinching like is this something that happens often?? probably // full gifset here

#5 - i loved this fansign bc wonho was just determined to be as annoying as possible and it was just a lot of touching and teasing and melting my frozen heart // full gifset here

i patiently wait for the day a darker shade of magic will become a tv show so that i can blissfully watch all the talented people drawing more fanart, making gifset from the show with powerful quotes, writing more fanfics

and only then i will be truly satisfied and i can proudly say I WAS THERE I WAS THERE TO WITNESS THE RISE


“.. If you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.”

Tsukishima Kei ,for my birthday girl Nad ♡


Swan Queen Week, Day 1: Confessions

In Camelot when Emma is the Dark One, Regina is curious why she saved her in the first place. That question leads to a surprising confession… The one she’d secretly hoped for, but Emma is not happy about confessing under the influence of the dagger.


get to know me - [1/8] favorite people → hilary duff
↳ I think I’m happy with who I am. I don’t know if I learned that from other girls or just people in general. It’s hard to stay true to yourself and what you want in life when there are so many distractions and so much craziness going on around you […] But I feel like I can be alone with myself at the end of the day and that makes me really satisfied.


Interviewer: “How much it was important that ace at the end of the fourth set?”

Simone: “It was important like the digs done by Tine and Max on the first points. I think we have all done our points, we also have all done our mistakes but we have reacted as a team. When they put us in difficulty, we stayed lucid and patient, but also very aggressive, withouth having fear to put out there everything we did during the training. I’m really satisfied of my team and of how we played today.” [x]

@daddarios replied to your post “Tbh I feel like the fandom is not really fond of graphics? Gifs make…”

honestly i’ve basically stopped making gif-graphics largely because of this - like it takes way less effort to make a standard gifset and it gets way more notes lol (but there’s nothing as satisfying as making a nice graphic tbh)

exactly!  👆 honestly the time and love all those people, me too, put into their graphics is so insanely huge, but it seems like no one notices like??? am i living in a fucking paralell universe? it’s crazy. a graphic takes so much effort, most of the times even more than it takes to make a simple gifset, yes! and people seem to not give two shits about those edits. it’s making me so sad tbh? because right in this moment i’m working on another url graphic and it’s so relaxing and i feel a lot more challenged on a creative level (if that makes sense? lol) than i feel when i’m making a gifset.


Once Upon a Time (Rumpelstiltskin): Best Laid Plans (S4E17)

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I love your Garnet eye edits!! How long do they take you? And how do you do them?

First of all; thank you!!

As for how I make them; I use Photoshop CS6/CS5 for the whole thing; from capturing the video to editing and exporting the gifs. My initial approach is examining frame by frame and determining what expression would suit it best, and then it’s a matter of sketching it out. I actually posted a gif yesterday with an initial rough sketch of the eyes:

after that I clean up the lines

and lastly, I paint over her visors and color the eyes

as for how long each takes; it really depends on the complexity of the expression. the shortest time I’ve worked on a gifset was over the course of two days; the longest was about five to six days (it was actually this one; the second to last gif was the most complex I’ve done so far, and I’m still not completely satisfied with it >3> ). like, I think the hardest part is getting the style down, and keeping track of all the layers (photoshop animations can be a real bitch, and i have the terrible habit of not naming layers welp)