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Faking it


A/N: I kinda like how this one turned out. Lemme know what you think pleaaaseeee! From a simple <3 to a ‘that’s a nice shit you’ve done’. I’m happy with both. :)

Request: The reader and Bucky are friends and they pretend to have sex cause the avengers won’t shut up about ‘sexual tension’. … later in the night, Bucky confesses that he was really turned on by the readers moaning and they have sex.

Warnings: Well, smut. You already know.

“Gotcha” You pant, your legs straddling his waist while his hands are pinned above his head.

Bucky looks at the satisfied grin in your face and still doesn’t know why you trust him so much to do this. He just can’t comprehend why would you like to spend your free time with him. Him.

Of all the people in the place, you decided it had to be him and no one else.  But honestly, he loves it.

His legs wrap around your torso, bringing you extremely close to him and he almosts shivers at the gasp you make. With a smirk, he rolls over, his body now on top of you, his hands holding your wrists to keep you still.

“No. I got you”

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Ayyyyyyy! Look at this silly thing I made! haha

In all seriousness, though, I really appreciate the comments everyone left on my comic. I’m glad it’s been so well received and it’s nice to know that I’m taking my art in the right direction. Whether or not @therealjacksepticeye had seen it, I’m still really satisfied with how it turned out, but it’s nice to have those feelings validated every once in a while.

I’ve always heard about how nice Jack’s community is, but this is the first time experiencing it myself. Thanks for being awesome you guys. =)

PS Bit of a volume warning. I’m not too savvy with Premiere Pro yet, and my laptop is not very accurate with volume. =P

saralee-crossing  asked:

Ask the mayor 1, 6, 15 and 20!!

1.  your town name?: Eclisya ✨🍂
6. least favourite personality?: I think a peppy
15. Are your satisfied with your town?: I play ACNL since nearly 4 years and I never was satisfied with my town because it never turned out how I wanted. I could have used hacks, but I didn’t want to cause:
1) I don’t know how to hack
2) I prefer the natural look
So I’m trying to put flowers, trees and pwp, that fit well with mayor Vale’s style.
Recently I changed everything in town and I have to say I’m really satisfied about how it’s turning out :3  (as soon as it is done, I’ll release my town’s dream adress <3)
20. What does your town flag looks like?: It’s a sample flag with the town’s name and some colourful flowers


So, I while I was taking a break from homework I quickly drew up some crap sketches of the last team avatar kids whose designs I was iffy about before. I really liked how Jinhai turned out, but because his name sounds so much like Kainora’s other ship name,Jinkai, I might change it when I get to his character sheet. Pearl may also go through some changes as well, because I’m not 100% satisfied with her design.

anonymous asked:

How would react GoM if their s/o tells them that the're their first time before they'll do it?

AKASHI: He paused. “Well, that’s alright. Do you have anything particular that you want to try then?” He smiled, kissing you softly on the lips. “I’m always open to suggestions and I only want to make sure that you’ll be satisfied in the end.”

AOMINE: “Damn,” he let out a low whistle. “Not a problem, babe. Actually, it turns me on more than it should. I don’t really care, you know.” He shrugged, “I just want you to come in the end. I want to make sure you orgasm your first time.”

KISE: Blinking curiously at you, he grew confused for a second. “Okay. Then I promise to be more careful.” “Are you bothered by it?” “Of course not!” He quickly replied. “I don’t really mind. It’s actually good. I like that I’m your first.”

KUROKO: “I see.” He nodded calmly. “I’ll be more careful then. This is honestly my first time too so we’ll work through it together, yeah?” He smiled calmly at you, reassuring you that it was okay. “Just tell me if you like or don’t like something.”

MIDORIMA: A blush spread across his face and you thought he had been offended. “N-No. I mean, it’s my first time too. So I guess we’ll both be a little bit awkward but then we’re together so it should be okay. Right?”

MURASAKIBARA: “That’s okay,” he shrugged. “No big deal, ___-chin. I’m here for you. I’m inexperienced too so we can just try new things together. Though, I think I’ll like you on top because I want to see all of you.”


Hi~  Requested Jimin angst-smut by anon. (1 520 words)



/!\ Smut part until the end /!\

 You were sitting on the couch, watching your favorite series with your boyfriend. Jimin was gently rubbing your knee with your hand above his when a steamy sex scene showed up.

“Wow, they’re going really wild.” He half laughed without being able to stick out his eyes off of the screen.

“I wonder how it feels.” You smirked, looking at him.

He somehow knew you were staring at him so he turned his face to look at you.

"What do you mean? Aren’t you satisfied with me?”

“No… Well yes I am; but you’re always so gentle during sex.” You smiled at yourself while blushing, thinking of how good it always feels.

“Me? Are you sure? Do you really think I’m too gentle?”

“Kind of. I don’t have anything about kindness though. It’s just… I’d like to experience a wild sex once in a lifetime.”

“If it’s what you want!” He leant on you and started to kiss your neck, sometimes skimming your skin with his teeth. It automatically made your heart pound while shivers were sent all over your body.

 You let yourself fall on the couch so Jimin could be on top of you, biting your ear before shifting his thick lips on yours.

“Is this what you’re calling wild?” You pulled away after a long but passionate kiss, asking him to give you more.

 You could tell by his face he was first confused, but after a sparkle lighted up his eyes, he stood up with a determinate attitude.
 You didn’t have a clue of what he was planning to do but you could tell you were already enjoying it.
He carried you in his brawny arms, your forearms wrapped around his neck.

“Don’t treat me that well this time, understood?” You whispered before licking his earlobe.

 You felt him shivering and you smiled as he pushed the bedroom’s door. He stepped to the bed and literally dropped you on the bed.
 You grinned at him as he showed you an emotionless face, must be because of the character he was trying to be.

“Take off your clothes.” He dully said.

 You obeyed and took of your tee shirt and your jeans, keeping on your underwears so Jimin could have the pleasure to take them off.
 He took a condom off the drawer of his nightstand before casting it on the bed.

“Why are you still in underwears? Take them off too.” He said, looking at you like you were an object.

 You thought it would have been more fun or at least more exciting, but it turned out to be pretty awkward. You kind of started to unlike it.

“Won’t you also take off your clothes?”

“Shh.” He said as he took off his white tee shirt before joining you on the bed.

 You wrapped your arms around his neck to press his bare chest on your nacked body, desire taking over your disappointment.                                    He grabbed your hands and harshly took them away, so you couldn’t reach what you were dying to do. He pinned your hands with his palms on each sides of your head instead.

“Don’t move your hands from this place.” He whispered in your ear before travelling his mouth all over your flesh; starting with your neck and finishing by licking his ‘reserved place’.

 You felt his warm tongue working in and out your entry. You struggled not to lift your hips up so he firmly held your thighs for you to stay still so he could achieve his work properly.
 As he started to softly tease your clitoris with his teeth, you couldn’t help but brought your hands to the back of his head; he stopped immediately and raised his head up. His lips were wet and seeing him in this angle made you die from sexual desire.

“You didn’t obey.” He coldly said as he stood up and you could see the elastic of his boxers just over his jeans.

“I’m sorry but it was too good Jimin… I couldn’t stay still.” You apologized.

“I have to punish you now.” He smirked as he unbuckled his belt.

 You bit your lower lip to contain your giggle-from-excitement.

 He lowered his ripped jeans before teasing you by lowering his boxers very slowly. Too slowly.

“Come on Jimin, I need you right now.” You grizzled.

“I’m the one in control right now so don’t tell anything and be quiet.” He finally lowered his boxers and caught the condom he cast on the bed earlier.
He tore the packaging with his teeth while looking at you with his exciting smiling eyes full of lust.

 He put it on by himself as you were dying from impatience on the bed but he was still teasing you with his slow attitude.
 He finally came back on the bed, on top of you, but still not in you. He teased you even more by putting wet kisses all over your naked body that was shivering every single time he skimmed you.

“Please…” You moaned.

 He came back up so his teasing eyes were just above your greedy ones. He rudely pinned your hands on each side of your head, just like before. The only difference was he was firmly holding your wrists.
 He brutally slammed into you as your head went back with the move and tears welled up in your used-to-be-greedy eyes.
 He continued to put wet kisses on your neck while slamming in and out of you. Tears fell down from your eyes as your excitement that took over was replaced by pain.

“Jimin… it hurts.” You sniveled.

“You will be used to it and take pleasure in a few seconds.” He panted, continuing even more roughly.

 Maybe it was true, so you waited a bit, not enjoying the frictions in you at all. You weren’t enjoying the sweaty flesh of your boyfriend and his caring kiss either.

“Jimin, it still hurts…” You complained as his lips were skimming yours with the same rough pace that was playing down there.

“You begged for it, here I am. I won’t let you go till we hit our climax.” He grunted.

 You tried to deliver your wrists from his grip but it was in vain; he was way too strong for you to compete.

“Jimin I’m not joking I’m not enjoying it anymore.” You cried but he pretended not to hear you.

“Jimin please stop!” You begged but he didn’t answer once again.

 You twisted yourself on the mattress, trying to deliver your arms. Once one of them was free you slapped Jimin’s cheek and he immediately changed his face’s expression and stopped every movement. He stared at you so confused that when he tried to spoke up, not a sound came out.
 You pushed him so he fell beside you. You ran out of the bedroom and locked yourself up in the bathroom. Unfortunately, a few seconds later Jimin was banging on the door.

“(Y/N) open the door right now, we aren’t done together.”

“I don’t want to finish. I wish I never said you were too gentle.” You sobbed.

“I do want to finish!” He yelled from the corridor.

“Who are you? You aren’t Jimin.” Your little voice realized after a sniffling.

“I’m scared.” You sobbed as the banging on the door stopped.

“You hurt me, it was painful and your tight grip on my wrist didn’t help with your cold attitude to make the pain bearable. I’m sorry but I can’t finish.”

“Please unlock the door” A weak voice begged.

“Will you still be hurting me if I do?”

“No…” His voice was shaking.

You unlocked the door after drying your cheeks. As soon as you unlocked the door he ran to you and hugged you tight, tears streaming down your face.

“I’m so sorry. I’m such a monster. Please hit me as many times as you want; I deserve every strokes you’ll give me and more. I hurt you; I did what I wanted no one to do. I always said the one who’ll hurt you; I’ll have to kill him. Should I kill myself then? He held the back of your head.

“No… Well that’s true but don’t. Just be kind to me from now on. I don’t want to fight with you, this may not be the right thing to do but I just want to rest in your arms. I mean in the arms of the gentle Jimin.”

“Please hit me.” He knelt on the floor.

You followed his move and slapped him giving a kiss on the same cheek right after. He confusedly turned his face to look at you with popped out eyes.

“Why are you so kind? I don’t deserve to be your boyfriend.” He cried and you wiped his tears as soon as they fell from his, usually, smiling eyes.

“Just don’t do it again and we’ll be fine.” You smiled at him before standing up and handing him your hand.

He didn’t take it and stood up by himself before grabbing your hand as he asked you to go to bed to cuddle, as you wanted.


Here it is, I hope the waiting wasn’t too long. I’m sorry. I still hope it was what you had in mind! Please tell me by send me a message!


Oh well, still not finished with WGT posts. This was my costume of the third day at WGT. I thought about dressing up as a moth for a long time (as you can guess… I love moths) and even if I didn’t had the time or money to craft great wings I was really satisfied with how the costume turned out. Sadly you cannot see it that well in front of the white wall but I’m still waiting for the professional photos. It also turned out quite different than the sktech I made… time and money was my main enemy (-‿◦).