not really robert pattinson

*When your mom finds your Tumblr*

Mom: I know what you are…

Me: Say it. Say it out loud.

Mom: *whispers* A smut writer.


Did you really think this was going to change my mind about you?

 I just wondered if it would change your mind about yourself and who you wanna see when you look in the mirror a year from now.

[…]And hopefully a year from now I’m gonna look in the mirror and see someone like you. Someone capable of courage, sacrifice and love.


Robert Pattinson on Brady Crobet:

  • “I am really proud of him”
  • “I really trusted Brady. He is so singular in his vision- I’ve never met someone in the film industry so pure in his intentions.”
  • “I think he´s going to be one of the most important people in film”

- source: Vanity Fair Aug 2016

Brady Crobet on Robert Pattinson:

“At a certain point, the only way to get the film made was to have Rob involved.”

Total Film 


Dear Tumblr,

I am a Brony. 

I know. Shocking as fuck.

Yes, I am a brony. I have an MLP;FiM pillow on my bed, a Rainbow Dash plushie and a Dashie blanket for my couch. 

You guys, though, you seem to have a problem with us. 

A serious problem. 

It’s pretty fucking bullshit, if we’re being honest. 

You guys are the assholes on this one, and here’s why:

1) The Lies

One of the biggest lies you guys tell is that we’re all perverts and predators. I mean, really? I’m not. Neither is Seth Green, Robert Pattinson, Stephen Colbert, John Cena, Lady GaGa, Quvenzhane Wallis, Sofia Coppola, Molly Ringwald, Or Rupert Grint. 

Another common lie is that if you google MLP you’re immediately assaulted with pony pr0n. Lets test it!

So I typed in what anyone looking for MLP would type: My little pony

well, nothing risque here

nothing on page 2, either…

page 3 is clean…

I must be doing this wrong because I’m 4 pages in and there aint shit here

Well damn, 5 pages deep, out of pics, and not a single pornographic or in any way sexual picture. 

Myth busted. 

2) The Really Sexist, Borderline Homophobic Attitudes

Are you guys kidding me with this shit though? A common thing I hear is that this show is a girl show and men shouldn’t watch it because ‘it will ruin it for the kids’ and 'confuse them’ or 'scare them’. 

Applebloom ain’t impressed by your bullshit. 

You guys claim that 'masculinity is toxic’ and that gendered products are stupid…so why in the fuck would you, upon meeting people actively disregarding gender norms and masculine things in favor of something traditionally girly because they find it pleasing, would you suddenly insist that they don’t belong there? Also, you claim to be LGBT friendly but a bunch of you call bronies faggots. Wtf, guys?

Which brings me to my next point…

3) The Staggering Hypocrisy 

Wow you guys are fucking hypocrites though. Adventure Time is huge on this site, like fuckmassive huge. 

You guys love it, even though it hits literally every point you hate about bronies. 

The fanbase is the wrong age (teens to mid 20’s), the wrong gender (female) and they are obsessive. They make pornographic fan art of characters. They write fanfictions that ranges from grimdark to pornographic to crossovers into other fandoms. 

In short, you guys are kind of assholes to Bronies for no reason other than to be assholes. 

Celestia is SO damn dissapoint. 

Sincerely, Lea.