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So my really close friend [Terry] has an amazing DBZ oc named Batata (pictured on the left) who’s an elite saiyan, and after seeing some art of her, I couldn’t help but bring back a really old DBZ OC I had in the form of a Majin named Lux. Really it was just for the sole purpose of teaming them up together as a dysfunctional duo that’s ripe for all sorts of shenanigans that I will probably never draw. But at the same time it was fun to do an update to a super old fandom OC I had from years and years ago.

They’re both world-destroying level entities but one is short, angry, and weak to food, and the other is tall, goofy, and gives off distinct “your friend’s one hot aunt” vibes.

While they kinda already posted it on their blog, I guess I’ll just put it up here too on mine ahahaha. GO GIVE THEM A FOLLOW IF YOU DON’T ALREADY.


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I Love this ship, it’s too cute


speculation compilation #48

You guys sent in a bunch of great theories this week. Here are the speculations and thoughtful musings as of page 38!

Astute observation! If you really want to see Chara with cool magic knives, some check out these rad pieces of fanart: Knaifu Waifu and Don’t Touch the Child!

A fair theory, but it has been shown that Frisk does not want to die.

Aren’t you thinking of Blue magic?

I think this is the first time Gaster has been mentioned in a spec post.