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okay but that dream with Muriel implies that u guys have known one another for a while and all I’m sayin- what if it was a WHILE. 

Just wanted to draw Kid!Asra and things got out of hand…

favorite d&d story ever

context: my character is a dwarven mage named Su’zon (pronounced like Susan) who had a day job as a T.A at an elementary school.  Su’zon is a bit of an outcast, mainly because her father was a rogue mage who nearly destroyed the town by summoning monsters and opening rifts, before he was forcefully banished to another dimension.  Su’zon felt the blame for her father’s actions her whole life–she was never invited to the town barbecue.  It hurt.

One day, Su’zon accidentally summoned a giant worm monster (who was the other player in the party).  The worm ended up crashing the town bbq and Su’zon found out that the bbq was actually a celebration of the day her father was banished.  Su’zon and the worm were forced to leave the town.

story: A few days into their travels, Su’zon and her worm (named Sun) were stopped by this shady guy carrying a box.  Shady guy said he would pay a great sum of money to have the box delivered to Nelson, his old friend from wizard college.  But we were not allowed to open the box under any circumstances.  We agreed and set out to deliver the box.

After some shenanigans with some bandits, we delivered the box to Nelson.  However, opening the box summoned a demon that skewered Nelson through the heart (but didn’t kill him).  We soon found out that the shady guy (named Todd) was mercilessly bullied by Nelson back in wizard college.  We tried to talk the demon out of killing Nelson, and while he liked our suggestions for alternative career paths, he is contractually obligated to fulfill the task he was assigned to do–specifically killing Nelson.  However, we tried to find a loophole (after healing Nelson of course).

Su’zon found Todd lurking around outside and she forced them to talk with something she kept from her elementary school days: a stuffed turtle known as the Talking Turtle.  Only the one holding the Talking Turtle can speak.  Very little progress was being made with Todd and Nelson, so Su’zon took the turtle and went into a heartfelt speech about her past and the pain of living in the shadow of her father’s wrongdoings.  She forced Nelson to see the error of his ways and made him understand how hurtful his behavior was.

Quote: “words can hurt as much as a demon claw through the heart.”

Even the demon was crying from her speech.  Todd and Nelson held the turtle together as they apologized.  Nelson finally apologized to Todd for his behavior back in wizard college.  Todd apologized for summoning a demon.  And the demon’s contract was fulfilled because while Nelson didn’t literally die, his old self died instead.  The demon was like “eh, that’s good enough.” and left to become an actor.

Also since the story centers around a giant worm, each of our “episode” titles involves worms.

Ep 1: Way With Worms

Ep 2: Worm Sweet Worm

Ep 3: Another Box of Worms

Future episode title concepts include:

It’s a Small Worm After All


Worm Never Changes 

Not that you guys care a whole bunch, but the newest OCs in my Cabbage Patch are:

  • Dolly, time-traveler almost akin to Doctor Who who was Cryogenically Frozen in the 60s. Really fun? Kind of wacky? Had some sad points to her story, but she’s mostly just wearing mod dresses and going on adventures through time and space. Probably solves crimes sometimes. Big ass lesbian. A Scorpio, tbh.
  • Eddie, Just a Dude, but he knows when the end of the world is and can’t really do much about it. Conspiracy theorist … Elliot from Mr. Robot kind of? But also kind of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Is one of those Shy Virgin Dudes that probably faint when women look at him, it’s … he’s too much.
  • Farrah, silent film star and sex symbol. Her hair is insured for millions of dollars. She’s really into blackmail and extortion. Likes money, men (when they got money) and fame. Most likely to be seen with a large group of lovers trailing after her in tears.
  • Talia, fucking swords … fucking snakes … But she is a princess that is cursed to become a dragon/has unstable powers so she’s confined to a tower. 
  • Ursula, sort of? based in the late 60s/70s. Was abducted by aliens and never really got over it, knows the government is hiding information about them, lives Off the Grid. Probably has a bunker built Just in Case. Peggy Olsen but if Peggy Olsen spent her entire life in an apartment ranting to cutlery and awkwardly flirting with coffee girls …

so i went on a gosh fricking archaeological dig to find the first(ish) pictures of these guys

and then redrew them, of course (in the same outfits though they’re not really what the characters would wear now)

the older ones are from early 2016 actually,, i’ve had the basic story idea since 8th grade but these characters didn’t show up until a little later


did a winter pic for my banner (and of course cryo has to be there) its the merc holiday party !! this took crazy long to finish. 

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GHOST NERDS: we’re nerds for ghosts. 👻👻👻 a brand new fake series where a pair of 13-year-olds put themselves in mortal danger on the regular for the sake of their super amateur video channel. plot twist: the ghosts are very real and one of them is their mascot.

anyway, team name still up in the air. meatball investigation team is also good, though possibly misleading.


Fountaine, I’d love to chat. Tea, cake, the whole shabang

A post that’s WAY WAY overdue. But I love @ninjahaku21art work, and I also love Treasure Planet. (ESPECIALLY the captain) I have no idea if this is anywhere near canon as to how they’d actually act but honestly it was too much of a perfect opportunity ❤️