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CROW SIBLINGS! Peyote and Saguaro 

Raphael is the prankster of the main group, but he doesn’t even come close to the unstoppable force of trickery that is the CROW SIBLINGS no one is safe….but especially not Raphael (they both like him, so he’s their favorite target for tricks)

i dont really post alot of personal stuff bc its an Edsword blog BUT I DIDNT FAIL ANY CLASSES THIS SEMESTER…..i passed n i was so happy i almost cried….

football tag

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5 favorite footballers based on their character:

1. Marcelo Vieira

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2. Gareth Bale

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3. James Rodriguez

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4. Cristiano Ronaldo

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5. Antoine Griezmann

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5 favorite footballers purely based on Looks:

1. Marcelo Vieira

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2. Fernando Torres

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3. Sergio Ramos

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4. Andre Silva

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5. cristiano Ronaldo

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5 favorite goalkeepers:

1. San Iker

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2. Gigi Buffon

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3. Roman bürki

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4. Jan Oblak

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3 favorite bromances/friendships:

1. James Rodriguez/Cristiano Ronaldo

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2. Marcelo/ Cristiano Ronaldo

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3. Sergio Ramos/ Fernando Torres

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3 favorite national teams:

1. Wales NT

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2. Spain NT

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3. Colombia NT

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3 favorite clubs:

1. Real Madrid!

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2. Arsenal

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3. Atletico Madrid

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I don't know if it's been said but I really appreciate the fact that you keep your language clean and don't write NSFW. I don't see that very often so it's really refreshing to see writing kept clean by someone as talented as you. PS: I hope that dentist convention thing went well

Thank you for saying that doll, it means a lot to me ♥ and the dental convention went great!

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i finally clicked on ur blog and im in love w the fact that a) u like heith/hance more than k/lnce b) ur Great opinions and c) like no mentions of matt (i love pidge and want her to be w her brother but hes had like 3 lines and 2 appearanced @ vld fandom chill with only focusing on the skinny yaoimaterial boys) so Keep it Up

one time i went two days without eating any food because i didn’t want to get out of bed and when my mom gave me a hamburger i cried over it