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BillFord Fic Rec List

So I was encouraged by @flo-nelja to make a fic rec about our cute nerd and problematic fave! (btw she has an awesome list here if you want to check it out which you should!) Well I haven’t been in this fandom (or ship) for so long but I did manage to read a handful of really great ones in ao3! So hope you’ll like my list of fave fics atm!

Also need to mention almost all of this is triangle!Bill because I am in love with his canon form. Plus it’s billford so you know the warnings right? Anyway this will probably be long that’s why I’ll put it under the cut!

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Can you do something with Edward pushing himself too hard and collapsing while in the middle of getting chewed out by Roy after reporting back after a failed assignment. Mustang immediately feels guilty for being so hard on the kid and tries to help him but Eds fever is really high and he's really out of it (plz no Roy x Ed tho *shudders*)

Thank you for sending me a request! And no worries, this is a Roy x Ed-free blog! That ship really squicks me out. Anyway, this is set pre-series. Enjoy!

“So, you’re saying that the mission was a complete disaster?” Roy asks sharply, fixing the teenager standing in front of him with an irritated look.

“That’s what I said,” Ed replies shortly, his tone devoid of any emotion.

“And you let the runaway alchemist slip away without even a fight?” Ed nods mechanically. “I suppose that I shouldn’t even bother asking about the other thing, then?”

A despondent shake of the head. “There was no sign of the stone,” Ed mutters, staring at the floor in front of his boots.

“That’s ‘There was no sign of the stone,’ sir,” Roy emphasizes. “And Fullmetal, would it kill you to look me in the eyes when we talk, rather than having a staring contest with the floor?”

“Sorry, sir.” Ed jerkily raises his head so that his golden eyes meet the Colonel’s. His eyes seem oddly unfocused, and his unusual obedience is suspicious. But Roy is too angry to care right now.

“So, to sum it up, you wasted a great deal of government time and resources on this flagrant failure of a mission, and you ended up being lead on a wild goose chase that was ultimately fruitless. And you found no new information about the stone. Is that correct, Fullmetal?” He pauses his lecture to wait for Ed’s response. When he gets no answer, he tries again. “Are you even listening to me right now? It’s like you don’t take this seriously at all.”

He pauses when he notices Ed swaying on his feet. The teenager has his jaw clenched tightly, and his pale face is in stark contrast to his blonde hair. “Edward?” he asks, finally starting to be concerned.

At Roy’s words, Ed’s glassy eyes roll back in their sockets and he crumples to the floor. Startled, Roy barely manages to catch him before he hits the floor.

As soon as he grabs Ed’s shoulders to prevent him from smashing his face into the ground, the problem suddenly becomes obvious. “You’re burning up!” he exclaims, the heat radiating off of Ed nearly enough to seat his hands. Cursing, he props the passed-out teenager up and ends up moving him to a chair. “What the hell were you thinking? Hawkeye!” he shouts.

She’s at his side in an instant. “Sir?”

“Call the infirmary. Something’s really wrong with Fullmetal,” he explains. “And maybe fetch a wet cloth or something?” He’s not really sure what to do, but it’s obvious that they need to get Ed’s fever down, and fast.

Hawkeye leaves the room, and Ed starts to stir a bit, eyes cracking open to reveal slivers of gold. There are enormous dark circles under them, and Roy wishes that he’d noticed sooner. “Are you with me, Fullmetal?”

Ed makes a noncommittal sound in his throat. “Where’m I?” he slurs thickly.

“You’re still in my office. Do you remember what happened?”

“Fell?” Ed suggests, sounding genuinely puzzled.

“You passed out because you’re running an extremely high fever. Hawkeye called the infirmary for help.”

As if on cue, Hawkeye enters the room, a soaked towel in hand. She gently presses it to Ed’s forehead, ignoring the way he protests at the sudden chill. “Is there anything else that you need?” she asks expectantly. Roy could kiss her.

“Send someone to fetch his brother before he starts freaking out and comes to see what happened.” A panicked Edward Elric is a disaster waiting to happen, but a panicked Alphonse Elric is even more destructive.

“Al?” Ed barely rolls his head to the side. The effort seems to exhaust him. “Where’s my brother?”

“Al is fine, he’ll be here shortly. Don’t get yourself all worked up, just stay still for now.” Ed huffs in protest, but there’s not exactly much he can do right now.

“Why didn’t you say something, Edward?” Roy probes, trying to keep the teenager somewhat conscious while they wait for the paramedics.

“I didn’t,” Ed pauses to cough and clear his throat. “I didn’t think that it was that bad.”

Roy gives a short laugh. “Well, clearly you were wrong. Try not to strain yourself any more before help gets here, okay?”

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Do you know why so many former ereri shippers have jumped ship? I was out of the fandom for a while but I came back to see a lot of people being like, "I used to ship it but now I know better," and I was wondering why.

I have to say I haven’t noticed this, but as a shy and retiring sort of gent I never really had much to do with the wider ereri fandom anyway. My friends still ship it, as far as I know, but with the fandom lying fallow while we wait for season two a few of them, like me, have grown more interested in newer, livelier fandoms in the meantime.

So I haven’t see any of what you speak of, but at a guess I’d say given a pairing with a two year age gap now gets hate, the widening maw of what’s now considered ~*problematique*~ has swallowed great swaths of fandom, and if someone shouts something at you often enough for long enough a) you start to believe it or b) you go along with it for the quiet life and disavow a pairing you’ve drifted away from.

But who knows, really. Season two will bring new fans and some older ones will come back, I’m sure.

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ship that is canon but you don't ship: 💤 & ship that is unpopular but you still like: 💘

💤  Stiles/Lydia. I will never understand it. I usually like ships where one character pines for the other from afar, but there are things in Stiles/Lydia I do not like and can’t reconcile and nope, can’t do it, sorry friends who love them.  I also think Tony/Ziva in NCIS eventually kind of got together and they were my first NOTP.

💘  This ship is not really unpopular except in my friends circles, but I’m going to bite the bullet and put Stiles/Derek here anyway. *jazz hands* Once I ship a ship, I pretty much will forever ship it, and when I can reconcile it in my mind in a way I like, that’s it. There will always be part of me who is angry that we didn’t see the friendship I always wanted to see develop between Stiles and Derek as they tried to help Scott in any way they could and find common ground.

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What are your favourite ships in the Potterverse? Have you ever written HP-related fanfic?

Yeah, I’m not even gonna lie about this one. It’s Bellatrix & Sirius, and yes, I’ve written a fic about them, but that was almost 10 years ago and I don’t really feel comfortable showing that around now because my English wasn’t as good then as it is today. Besides, I never finished it anyway. But here, have a manip:


I wanted to do a few doodles of my ocs (sorry I didn’t get a pic for Adonis)

Anyways Skot’s name comes from the Greek word σκοταδι,which means darkness.Don’t worry they aren’t an edgy killer they are just a messenger that travels through shadows

Buck is a mercenary and a spy very gay for @paragonkelltrash ’s Marko (whom I really wanna draw he is a CUTIE❤❤).This ship isn’t canon but I just FRICKING adore this crack ship

Lon is a ninja and a multi-verse oc,which means he is one of my ocs that have access to Naomi’s portals and originate from other universes.Lon used to be my old greninja oc soooo ya 😅

And finally Mimi and Ado,you know these douches

And Adam,practically my FUCKNG SON.No srsly he is my sweet son,whom I must protect

Soo that’s it for today y'all


What are girlfriends for ? ♥

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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Of finding, and losing. And finding again.


“You make me a believer”

I listened to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons while doodling and well I ended up drawing this, because the lyrics kinda reminded me of Keith and his relationship with Shiro (even if you don’t ship them, they’re still closer than the rest and Shiro is a big part of Keith’s life). And it really hurts me that Keith loses Shiro time and again, only to get him back more broken than before.

I’m really excited to see if Keith will find him in the next season, too. If there’s something left of the old Shiro to be found anyway. I guess my all-time worst case scenario would be the Paladins finding Shiro, but he got brainwashed and is now the enemy, fighting the team for a few seasons, while Keith stubbornly believes that there’s still something of his good old Shiro left in there. All he has to do is get him back and he’ll remember. He’ll remember that he’s one of the good guys and most important: he’ll remember that he belongs to Keith. Not the Galra. So a heartbreaking chase across the universe starts in order to get a hold of their black Paladin.

This would be the worst they can do to me. Seriously. I don’t want to see how that’d affect Keith - and the rest of the team. I’d simply die.

But I like to believe that their fates (again, even if you don’t ship them) are somehow woven together and they’d find eachother no matter what. I still believe in a happy end!! :3

At a party on Balmera
  • Lance, to Shay: I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever seen Hunk so happy before.
  • Shay: Aww, I'm gla--
  • Lance: If you hurt him, I will kill you and make it look like an accident.
  • Shay:
  • Lance:
  • Shay:
  • Lance: Pfff...Hahaha! I'm just messing with you! Don't look so freaked out!
  • Shay: ...Oh, a joke.*relieved* Ha...
  • Lance: *calls and waves* Hey, Pidge!
  • Pidge: Hey, Shay! *finger guns* We're gonna kill you!

MAIA WEEK — Day two: favorite (relation) ship

maia x happiness

Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.


Dating, Start!

There wasn’t enough content of my ot3, so I made some

I imagine after they reach the surface, both sans’s relationship with toriel and grillby develop at the same time, until he realizes he’s sorta kinda dating both of them now whoops???  But grillby and toriel get along really well anyways, so they’re happy to hang out all the time and go on dates together and take up all the room on the bed so sans is trapped in an inescapable but very comfortable fire/skeleton/goat sandwich.  It’s all very good and sometimes in small moments like this sans can hardly believe these two amazing people even want to be part of his life.

Bonus sort of process pic at the bottom?  I tried shading in monochrome then overlaying color on top of it, rather than taking the time to individually select all my colors.  I wouldn’t say it saved me time but it did make my colors look more unified.

*Inhale* OKAY, it took me like… an eternity to get that picture done but AH ! I did it ! It’s completed and I’m so proud about how it turned out ! So uhm… you guys requested for a UnderDecay print a while ago. I couldn’t exactly stream it because my internet is really slow lately and I’m kinda sick. BUT I managed to work on it little by little, one character at time and I can say that I actually ENJOYED to draw this… like… there’s so little details and the dynamic and composition were absolutely… gosh I cant even describe it.

I had FUN, especially since UD is my baby and I’ve been working hard on this AU for almost a year now. ANYWAY, I really hope that you enjoy it !

Okay… SO… I’m still without any form of income, so if you guys are interested to get that print shipped at your place you can order one over HERE. Any reblog would actually help me a lot… and gosh… thank you so much for every nice comment and the support that you guys give me. I deeply appreciate it.

Art and UnderDecay© @little-noko

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