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Lost And Then Found — Ted E. Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure

Late one afternoon, Security Officers Sylvia and Kevin found a lost teddy bear belonging to a visiting school. After locating the owners, they took him on a tour of the Aquarium to pass the time before he could be returned. Here is the tale of Ted E Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure.

Don’t worry, don’t panic. This has happened before.

Yep—I’m just here by myself, alone on the floor.
I guess things aren’t fine, since no adieu was truly bid…
Oh my goodness, my gracious, just where is my kid?!

Maybe the teacher brought everyone back to the kelp?
Nope, nobody. OK, uh—yeah, I may need a little help.

Excuse me coral, apologies, I don’t mean to vent
But perhaps you know where exactly my kid went?

I guess I’ll just finish the visit on my own, that’s not so bad.
When you’re happy as a clam there’s no reason to be sad.

*Sniff* No, this really isn’t fun to be alone with the fish!
I want to find my kid! Please, I just have this simple wish!

- Hey little buddy! Aw—are you lost my dear?
- Yes! I can’t find my kid! I’m alone forever I fear!
- What’s your name? We’re Kevin and Sylvia and we care.
- Thank you so much for your help. My name’s Ted E. Bear.

- Not to worry, helping you get unlost is part of our job!
- Really? Oh wow, oh thank you—you’re most—oh *SOB!*

There there Mr. Bear we’ll find your kid, post haste!
Now let’s make sure your visit doesn’t go to waste!

- Check it out, I helped raise this little purple-striped jelly!
- Wow, it’s really beautiful—awesome job there Tommy!
- Want to give it a shot? I’ll bet you’re great at animal care.
- Wow, I don’t think I could—I’m just a little plush bear!

- Nonsense, you got this. Here’s a scraper—it’s all in the wrist!
- How’s that?
- Perfect! Look at you—you’re a budding jelly Aquarist!

- Whoa, what’s this class—I get to feed the fishes?!
- Yep! But to pass, you’ll need to wash the dishes!

- The control room is cool!
- You’re eating it up like a glutton!
- What’s this switch here?

- Want to help us greet our guests—Jasmine needs an intern!
- Oh wow, a job at the Aquarium—it will be so much fun to learn!

Learn… Where do I remember hearing that word… SCHOOL!
My kid! I have to get back! But… working here would be so cool!

Oh me, oh my—I really want to help conserve the great blue sea!
And… being there for my kid is the way for me to fulfill my destiny!

- OK, let’s find my school—what assistance can I show?
- Oh, we already found them.
- Really, when?!
- About 8 hours ago.

- Well, then let’s get this show on the road!
Box me up, make sure I’m safe and stowed!
- Can do Ted E! We wish you the best on your journey!
Thanks for stopping by, say hello to your school family!

Dear Sylvia and Kevin, 
I made it back to class safe and sound.
The teachers were so happy to tell the kids I had been found.
Thanks for teaching me to find my dreams and in my heart carry ‘em.
Much love from your Beary-best friend, Ted- E, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Thanks so much to Ms. Bizon’s class and the Sea Breeze School in Foster City for letting us host Ted E for the day—albeit accidentally! We hope to sea him again soon!


Sebastian Stan by Matt Doyle for Backstage Magazine, May 2016

Expectations really f–k you up. It’s OK to have dreams, it’s OK to have goals, in my opinion. But I really think it’s much more about the climb and the work you do on the way up. The climb is really hard and really rough, but it’s also the best part because there are still places to climb up to.

so we all know that chenle entered sm just a few months before debuting (march?? and the chewing gum mv was filmed in june???) which is rly amazing…..but what we didn’t know (for sure) was that renjun was in practically the same situation. in the kbs arabic interview renjun said that he entered sm at “almost the same time” as chenle, which seems to confirm the fan theory that renjun got in through the audition in jan. ‘16

that means renjun was, at most, training for a month or two before chenle got there, so both of these babies debuted after only mere months of training (compared to years with the other mini rookies). and even though there was (and still is) a big learning curve for chenle, at least mini-celebrity chenle had prior experience in showbusiness and training related to that.

renjun had NO formal experience in the entertainment industry and a fraction of the training that the others had, so it seriously blows me away that his singing and dancing is practically on par with the korean members??? like really, renjun is killing his lines and the choreo and he does his best in front of the cameras and just…..not only does it show how incredibly talented he is, but it also shows how much hard work he’s put in.

i just really love my son huang renjun aka hwang injun and i cannot believe how wonderful and talented and amazing he is ok

my oc : Amara the bear 

( my English is not ok )

- age 16

- she work hard in her family restaurant

- get angry so fast but she have a big kind hart 

- not really good at fighting 

- get annoyed when someone leave a mess when they eat * cough * * cough * (Sonic) “ they have the best chili dog “ she look at sonic as her ideal but she dont want to say it to him because she know he’s going to annoy her for ever about it

- love sweet so mush 

- love reading books about  Adventure , bad at drawing

- cream love to hang out with her 

Idea: BBT but it’s not the protagonists it’s the rivals that have to defeat Paradox

- Jack gets his Dragon stolen. Jack spends the next half an hour shouting at Yusei like it’s his fault

- Manjoume honestly couldn’t care less if Johan’s card got stolen ok maybe he cares a little but this guy didn’t even consider him like a threat or someone who could have a useful card and now Manjoume will find him and show him not to underestimate Manjoume-Thunder. It’s a matter of honor and of what little self esteem he has

- Manjoume and Jack having to somehow both travel on Jack’s D-Wheel. Jack would be pissed off about it is already as it is but that thing doesn’t have the space for two people. It just doesn’t

- Kaiba unfortunately doesn’t have a grandfather that can temporarily die under the debris, but I guess any kind of beloved family member works here :D

- Ok but really imagine his reaction to that


- *forty minutes of duel where they constantly fuck up each other’s strategies*

- Paradox (baffled) “you guys aren’t really good at teamwork, aren’t you?” Kaiba (disgusted and twice as murderous as before), Manjoume (enraged and haunted by high school memories), Jack (offended that this person just implied that he isn’t the best at everything): “tEaMwORK?!?!!??

- How does Jack get his Dragon back? Who knows, surely not Kaiba and Manjoume, the first is too focused on tearing Paradox to little pieces, the second on proving he’s better than the others

- Every time Jack says the word “King” a vein on Kaiba’s forehead starts to throb

- They win because they somehow manage to each summon their ace monsters despite how they keep somehow sabotaging each other

- Jack and Manjoume have to share a D-Wheel again

- Kaiba finds Pegasus at the end of the event and goes, “you have no idea what I just had to go through but know it was your fault and now I need to get drunk and you are paying for the booze”

- Drunk!Kaiba hugging Mokuba and crying

- Manjoume goes home and screams

- Jack goes home and screams. At Yusei. Because he made the mistake of asking if everything was alright


  • Yuuri is a journalist major who wants to be a fashion journalist more than anything in the world
  • He looks up to Victor Nikiforov, editor of History Maker Magazine, a very very famous and prestigious company with millions of subscribers
  • Unexpectedly, he gets a job as Victor’s secretary, he’s super excited but he discovers that Victor ROASTS people when he doesn’t like their ideas
  • (and by roast i don’t mean he yells at them, i mean he smiles and tells them politely that it’s terrible and everyone is like??? is he nice??? is he evil??? omg i am horrified of him)
  • (He has a soft spot for his poodle, though, so after destroying several people’s hopes and dreams and telling them to come up with something else he’s like ‘MAKKACHIN!’ and happily jumps away to pet his dog)
  • Yurio is Victor’s little brother who he has a soft spot for and who loiters around the building and gives Yuuri a hard time by throwing spitballs at him
  • Anyway, Victor sees Yuuri as his new secretary and thinks he’s super cute but he has no idea how to express it so he tries to give him really hard jobs and Yuuri is like oh my god what the heck I am overwhelmed
  • He also gives him a lot of opportunities, though, and Yuuri does his best with them and keeps succeeding and Victor is internally super proud but externally like ‘hmm keep going. here’s another assignment.’
  • (But Victor keeps selecting him to go on different trips w/ him and Yuuri is like ???????? ok why am i getting all this special attention this is hype)
  • Somehow Victor works out how to express his feelings and tells Yuuri and they fall in love happily ever after
Okay? - Archie x Reader requested


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Anonymous said: Hello! Your writing is wonderful:) I was wondering if I could possibly get an established Archiexreader where maybe you get hurt or something and he’s worried about you? Just angst and fluff idk it’s ok if you can’t. Love your writing ❤

I hope this works for your request. Most of my stuff doesn’t really have a happy undertone so I tried my best with this. Also I want to say thank you for all the really nice message I received over the last few days. I appreciate it very much guys. Warnings: talk of an eating disorder

Instead of your alarm waking you up, you were welcomed by a vibration from your phone.

Archie: Good morning gorgeous

You gave a smile to the text.

Y/N: Why do you have to be such a morning person? I had 15 more minutes until my alarm…

Archie: Good. That means your up. You should come over for breakfast, Juggie is making waffles. Then we can walk to school.

You groaned a little at the thought of food. Although you had been dating Archie for about two months now, you were pretty sure he hadn’t noticed your eating habits - or lack there of.

Every once in a while he would say you ate like a bird. You just justified him he eating so many calories for football and working out so much.

You weren’t one that was comfortable with their body. And while your older sister was now away at college - your mother still made comments about your weight and how you should be more like your sister.

You sighed at the message. Thinking of how to get out of it even though you wanted to see Archie as much as possible.

Y/N: Or…I could go back to sleep for a bit in my warm comforter that is calling me.

Archie: …but waffles!

Y/N: How about I meet you for walking to school while I sleep and have cereal?

You sighed at the lie you texted back. You knew you weren’t going to eat breakfast.

Archie: Alright, see you then babe.

You smiled at his text but gave a groan into your pillow. You set your alarm for another 10 minutes.

You knocked on door in front of you. You were aware your eyes were a little tired - but thanks to some concealer, you were able to cover it. Your hand shook a little while it returned back to your side.

The door flung open pretty quick.

“Hey”, Archie greeted you with a smile and kissed your cheek while Jughead followed out behind him. He grasped your hand, fingers entwined. “Enjoy your cereal?”

You gave a smile that acted as a mask, “I enjoyed my sleep and then my cereal”.

“How was your weekend Jughead?”, your face looked to the boy who started to walk ahead of you a little.

He turned around while walking backwards on the sidewalk. “Oh you know the usual. Writers block creeping up around midnight and soothing my woes with coffee”.

“And Betty…”, Archie gave some eyes as if he was teasing him.

“Yeah well…she helps my writers block!”, he gave a slight hit to Archie’s chest while laughing. Jughead turned to keep walking.

“I have practice later but do you want to do Pop’s tonight with the gang?” Archie’s focus was now on you.

Thoughts of food again. But a milkshake could be worse…. “Yeah, okay”, you gave a smile and Archie seemed pretty content with your answer. You blushed while he squeezed your hand a little as he acted genuinely happy. 

You thought about it for a moment. It was the second time he had brought up food already and school hadn’t even started. Was he noticing? Your thoughts kept you from Archie’s words as you seemed to lose focus. You felt anxious, guilty even. Why was this amazing guy with someone like you? 

You saw the school ahead of you but then your ears started to hear a ringing. Your palms felt sweaty and you stopped in your tracks. Archie still had your hand and started saying something. You couldn’t hear it. You were confused. Then flashes of black were coming to you, it got hazy and your body felt light. 

You thought you were asleep until your eyes shot open. Something was on your mouth. You tried to pull at it but someone stopped you. Your head was throbbing and your sight was coming back. 

You looked to your right and saw Archie. He looked sad, tears in his eyes until his focus found you staring. He seemed a little happier by you being awake and started saying something again. You slightly shook your head as your hearing was coming back, “what?”. Your voice grasped as your mouth felt dry. 

“Are you okay?”, his hand was rubbing yours as you could hear a siren. You looked around and realized you were in an ambulance. 

Your eyes freaked out a little. “Wh…what…happened?”, your voice was still small and weak. 

“You passed out. You hit your head a bit. Juggie called your parents for you while I called the ambulance. Are you okay?”. 

You nodded. “I think so”, you moved up slightly until a paramedic on your left slightly pushed you back down. 

“Hey there. Glad you’re back. Now, can you follow the light with your eyes?“ 

An IV was started for you as you were still in a bit of a daze as well as a panic. You heard the words “dehydrated” and “low blood pressure” and that a nutritionist would be in soon. Archie was finally allowed back in after the doctor left. 

You felt embarrassed, guilty and a bit sick in your own body. Your thoughts only focused on that until Archie grasped your hand again. “Hey”, worry was in his eyes. Something you hadn’t seen directed to you from him before. 

“Hey…”, your face looked to the IV next to you. 

A pause followed for a bit, lingering in the air until Archie broke it. “Y/N?”, his eyes were welled up with water again. It was as if he was looking through you. You gave a slight squeeze to his hand in response. “Have you been eating?”.

Your eyes parted from him out of guilt. Your breath felt heavy again. As if something was caught in your throat. A pause came back until you shook your head no. Archie got up from the chair and dived his body into yours giving you a large hug. He kissed your forehead. “You scared the hell out of me”, his voice wasn’t angry, just sad still. He backed his body away a little while his hand grasped the side of your face. “You are so amazing just the way you are, don’t you see that?" 

Your eyes started to well up now, and while he said the words, you still didn’t feel them to be true. "No”, was the only answer you could muster. 

“Well you are. We’re going to get through this okay?”, his fingered wiped the small tears coming down your face. 

You were taken back by his words. “You still want to? Even with…”, your eyes went to the IV as if that finished the sentence for you. 

He gave a smile, “of course I do. You really are amazing, even if you don’t see it yet”. He brought your lips to his in a quick but sincere kiss. “Okay?”, he sat back down while rubbing your hand. 

You thought for a moment. “Okay”.

Begin Again (Prologue)

So this au has been cooking in my brain for a while now, but I finally finished the prologue and i’m finally posting this thing. So let’s see how this goes!
(Quick shoutout to my two best friends @mibasiamille and @marlosbooknook for letting me bounce ideas off of them and helping me edit. Also just being overall great people, ily guys <3)

When We Collide

Oxford, England
22nd September 1976

It’s the little things that we rarely notice: those smaller, seemingly irrelevant memories that always lead to more memorable ones. We seem to forget that these events, when put in succession, can eventually change our lives forever. The aftermath can often times leave us in a state that we can never truly recover from, and can even change us into completely different people; people that we wouldn’t even recognize.

These events are usually ones we often see in films and literature; we never expect that they can happen to us. But the fact of the matter is that these things do happen, and they can happen to anyone.

One tiny fraction of a second is all it takes to change everything. Your whole world turns upside down: you can’t tell which way is up or which way is down. But these moments– they’re only the beginning.

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  • Me: ... hmm, I should study tonight and then maybe watch an episode of one of the gazillion shows on my to-watch list
  • Brain: rewatch Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Me: why?
  • Brain: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Me: ... because the accurate and sensitive portrayal of anxiety, holding oneself to unreasonable standards, and severe burnout will make me feel better about my own exam stress?
  • Me: ... because it reminds me it's OK not to be the very best, the important thing is to keep working hard to improve?
  • Me: ... because Toshiyuki Toyonaga's voice, the soundtrack, and the beautifully animated skating scenes will calm me down ready for a good night's sleep so I can be productive in the morning?
  • Me: ... because the super-supportive relationships and friendly rivalries will remind me I'm not facing exams alone?
  • Brain: Wow
  • Brain: I was just going to say 'you gotta' but those are all really good points.

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between a pendulum board and a ouija board? Which one would be better for communicating with my spirit companion?

A pendulum board is something some people use with a pendulum. Its not needed to work with a pendulum, but can help narrow answers down as you can put letters or numbers or astrological symbols on them if you like for the pendulum to point to. As an example, this is my pendulum board.

Of course they don’t have to be made of wood or this fancy, but that is just the one I use. Like I said above too, you also don’t need a pendulum board to use a pendulum. I just recently got this board, but have been using pendulum for many years without it just fine. 

Originally posted by sautrah

That is an artsy pendulum, for reference! haha.

An ouija board is sort of similar to a pendulum board, but uses a planchette instead of a pendulum. They are also typically rectangular, although they can be any shape. Example ouija board:

And example planchettes:

The technique for using them is a different. You can use pendulum boards and ouija boards interchangeably given that the planchette fits on your pendulum board or you are patient enough with your pendulum on the ouija board. You can also make your own of either!

As for which is best for spirit communication with your companion is really up to you and your companion! Whichever works best for you both is the best way of communication, because each spirit is going to be different, as well as each person is going to be different! Pendulum is easier for me because I have limited space in my apartment, and I don’t have to clear off my messy kitchen table to use an ouija board. Also ouija boards really freak my boyfriend out (despite me telling them its just cardboard, thanks mass media), and hes much more ok with pendulums & other divination then ouija.

Anyway, hope that helps, and good luck! <3

dating taeil
  • moon taeil is a sweetheart
  • anyone would be lucky aF to date this precious
  • him. you. skinships.
  • a lot of hand holding
  • cheek kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • random hugs out of nowhere
  • cheeks squishing
  • hair being ruffled
  • head being patted
  • him forcing you to say strony
  • “let’s take a selfie, taeil”
  • “ok. say stRONY”
  • and you just kinda want to punch him
  • but he’s so cute you would not dare
  • “food’s ready, taeil. come down.”
  • “ok. let’s say strony before we eat”
  • on your monthly hell days,
  • he’d be like 
  • bc he knows how moody u are
  • and he’d give you random hugs
  • and cuddles
  • and be there w you when you cry for no reason at all
  • “babe can u buy some tampons/pads for me”
  • “emmmmMMEMMMDM”
  • he’d think its embarrassing but would do it anyway
  • he’d depend on how big the bug is
  • ofc he’d be startled
  • but would kill it anyway for you ;))))
  • when u hv a stressful day,
  • he just kinda comes to you
  • and gives u a tight hug
  • “it’ll be alright,
  • you have me, Y/N”
  • and it just makes your day 34234 times better
  • saying “i love you” isn’t really often
  • but he’d show you that he truly loves you
  • like
  • “taeil why is there breakfast did u make them”
  • “taeil u did my work too?”
  • “babe did u iron those clothes for me?”
  • and he denies it
  • and blushes
  • tbh you guys would not fight
  • bc taeil would be like
  • “ok im sorry”
  • when u guys are having a “discussion” aggressively
  • “dont shout at me bb ily” he’d say
  • and u’d shut tf up
  • bc he said so
  • and bc he’s your bf
  • and bc you love him
  • and bc he’s too cute to be mad at
  • conclusion, dating taeil would be the best thing in the world
  • love my baby
Stranger Things pt.2

Fandom: Marvel
Paring: Peter Parker/Spiderman x Reader
Summary: What starts as help with classwork gets complicated when Peter Parker’s night job and you last name start to conflict. Not everything is what it seems, and strange things are getting stranger. No request. I’ve just recently developed an obsession with Peter Parker, and was dying to write something with him :) Part 1 here

Originally posted by stupidteletubbie

You drummed your fingers on the worn table top, staring out the Starbucks window. You’d only met with Peter three times before today, but had started joining him and Ned for lunch. Which left you calling them your friends and made you feel justified in feeling annoyed at Peter’s lateness. This wasn’t like him, and he gave no indication at school that he was going to cancel. And yet here you were, sitting alone at your usual table with just your physics homework keeping you company. 
Brushing it off you picked up your phone and tried to type a text that didn’t sound too needy or whiny. You ok? you typed. Then shaking your head you erased it and typed a more flippant message We still studying today? 
You sent it and waited. “20 more minutes.” you said to yourself. 
But then 20 minutes passed. No reply. No sign of Peter. You got up and stuffed your books into your backpack. You had been stood up. It hurt your pride, and your feelings, more than you wanted to admit. Stop being such a girl. You chided yourself. 

After an hour in traffic, doing nothing but dwelling on your thoughts and insistently checking your phone, you finally got home. “Hello Jarivs,” you said as you entered Stark tower’s elevator. “Hello Miss Stark.” he replied.
“Any drop-ins from my dad?” 
“No, he is still in Belgium.” 
You knew your dad, Tony Stark, was not only enjoying his annual business trip but was surely getting use out of his new Iron Man suit. You figured he would have used the faster model and stopped by the tower at least one time during his trip. But maybe he was actually focused on his work for once. Plus he wouldn’t drop in without seeing you.
Ever since your dad returned from the Middle East, with an arc-reactor in his chest and a hero complex, he had been a better father. Better than you could have imagined. You two were close, and spent as much time together as possible. You even got to spend time with the Avengers, who hung out so frequently in the tower it became normal to see Captain America having a moral debate with Thor in the living room, or to walk in on Nat flirting with Bruce in the downstairs lab.
“Cool, thanks. I’m going to take a shower now.” you said heading up the glass staircase to your bedroom.
“Are you alright Miss Stark? Your tone indicates you are upset. Should I call Mr. Stark?” 
“No! I’m ok. I’m just tired. Promise.” You said plastering on a smile even though you knew Jarvis couldn’t technically see you. You didn’t want to bother your dad with boy trouble, or admit that you had boy trouble. Lord knows you didn’t need Iron Man showing up at Peter’s door demanding to know why he wasn’t at Starbucks.
“If that is what you want Miss Stark.”
“Thanks Jarvis.”

You had just stepped out of the shower when you heard a banging noise coming from the living room. Your heart stopped. You knew it wasn’t one of the Avengers, as they had access to all the doors. Your first thought was that it was some evil villain or angry demi-god. But then again, it’s not likely they would knock. In your experience they tended to blow things up first, ask questions later. Slipping into black leggings and an oversized white knit sweater you stumbled to the stairs, peaking for the upper level. There, curled up on the balcony was Spiderman. You rushed downstairs, almost slipping with your bare feet, and yanked open the glass door. Spiderman stumbled inside, breathing heavily. “Are you ok?” you asked hands fluttering around him to check for any gashes you couldn’t see. 
“Mr. Stark,” he gasped.
“He’s out of town. But I can call him. What do you need? Are you hurt?”
“No-” Spiderman said, holding up a hand to distance and stop you, “I just need. I was on a chase. No injures. Just exhausted.” He leaned against the couch for support.
“You sure?” 
When you asked this his face shot up and his breathing fell again. Startled by his sudden change in demeanor you stared, confused, into the white eyes of the mask. 
“What-what are you doing here?”
You raised your eyebrows at that. Clearly Spiderman was a newbie. “I live here.”
“You what?!”
“Y/N Stark.” you said giving a brief wave. “Tony’s my dad.”
With that Spiderman shrunk to the ground, and you could’ve sworn you heard him mumble something along the lines of ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’
“Are you sure you’re okay? I know first aid, or I can get Dr. Banner, or Jarvis can call someone-” you said still concerned. 
“No. Thank you.” He said, still speaking through his mask. “I’m ok. Really. I just need a moment. I don’t have it in me to get home yet.”
“Listen, you can stay here and rest until you’re feeling up to it. You’re welcome to anything in the fridge,” you said indicating to the kitchen behind you, “And if you need to just get out of that ridiculously tight costume you can use my room. That way you can breathe and rest and not worry about your secret identity being in jeopardy. I’ll chill down here.”
“Your dad made this costume,” Spiderman said with a scoff.
“Yeah, well he’s a bit of a show off.” you said giggling and gesturing to the blue and red outfit, “and that reflects in his work.”
“Hey, I think I look cool!”
“No, totally.” you said, nodding and giving your best sarcastic expression. It was good to know Spiderman was well enough to still take a joke.
“Go on, use my room. Rest. Do what you need to do. Then just give a shout before you go.” 
“Really?” he asked very nervous about something. 
“Really. It’s the second door on the left.”
“Ok.” timidly he got up and went upstairs. Leaving you looking after him. You didn’t expect Spiderman to be so…so weird. From what you heard he was innocent, in a genuine but insistent kind of way. But to you he just seemed confused and skittish.

Originally posted by hot-as-f

“What. What is going on?” Peter muttered to himself. He reached Stark tower hoping to just crash for a bit to get strength to get home and he ran into Y/N. Y/N Stark. Ripping off his mask he closed the door behind him and whipped out his cellphone. He typed out a rushed message to Ned asking how he failed to mention that Y/N was a Stark. He was watching the three dots appear and disappear when he pressed the spider on the front of his suit to let it fall.
But as the suit started to slip off the door creaked open, “do you need some water-” you stopped short, standing in your doorway your mouth falling open. Peter Parker stood in the middle of your room. In his boxers. With Spiderman’s outfit around his ankles. He was shaking his head, his eyes wide and wild. “You- you didn’t knock!” he said loudly.
“I didn’t know you were getting undressed so quickly!” you said, suddenly realizing what had just happened, dropping the glass of water you had brought him and throwing your hands in front of your eyes.
Peter reached out and caught the glass before even a drop was spilled.
“You’re Spiderman?!” You exclaimed bringing your hands down.
“You’re a Stark?!” he shot back.
“Fair play.”

“I’m going to let you put some clothes on.” You said suddenly very aware of how close Peter was and how little he had on. Peter’s face turned as red as his suit. “O-Oh God. Yeah.” 
You turned and left the room, not sure where you were going but trying to find some space to process what just happened. Peter, Peter Parker is Spiderman. You shook your head unable to believe it. And he knows you’re a Stark. The second thought crawled in, bringing with it the realization that everything was really about to change. It always did once people found out your last name. Suddenly all they saw was the glowing letters on the tower, or the red and gold of your dad’s infamous suit. People either became really friendly or really distant. 
“Y/N,” Peter entered the room timidly, pulling down the edges of his latest corny science shirt. “I think we need to talk.”
“Listen Peter, I’m sorry for messing up your secret identity thing. I didn’t mean to-honest. But I promise your secret is safe with me.” You gestured to the tower as evidence of your secret keeping ability. Peter sighed, releasing the tension that had coiled in his chest. “Actually, it’s kind of good you found out.”
You looked up in surprise, “Is this where you tell me you’ve got the bodies of your enemies stuffed into your closet? Because while I’m cool with crazy, there is a line.”
Peter smirked, appreciating your effort to make things feel normal again. “No, I mean it’s a relief to have someone to talk to. Other than Ned, everyone’s in the dark and even he- he doesn’t understand it really.”
“But I do.” you said, your eyes locking with his. He was genuine. Not because of your name but because he needed a friend. Heck, you both needed one. 
You stretched out your hand, “Nice to meet you Spiderman, I’m Y/N Stark.”
“Nice to finally meet you,” Peter said, taking your hand and smiling wide.

Witch tips on a budget #2

I can’t believe how many reblogs my last one got!

Witch hack: The Altar

Ok so altars are not always easy to make on a budget and I know this from experience. I work part time for minimum wage so I don’t have money for a really fancy altar so here are some tips and ideas.

The Altar Itself: ok so the altar itself is not that difficult, a desk or small table is best but if you don’t have much space for a desk you can clear space on a shelf or dresser. If you need a portable altar, consider a firm shoe box or even an altoid tin (possibilities are endless)

Decor: ok so before you set up the altar you should consider an altar cloth. These are pricy but can easily be made with an old bedsheets or tablecloth or even a curtain. If you can sew, you can even created a pretty personalized one.

With fabric paints or permanent marker, you can decorate the cloth with whatever you see fit (mandalas, the triple goddess symbol, a pentacle, a oujia board, a pendulum board, etc)

Place the following objects on your altar: a candle or two (back corners), incense/sage (right side), an athame (optional, next to incense), a dish or jar of moon water and a dish or jar of earth (left side), a plate for offerings (center), and a chalice (if not available you can bless a wine glass and use that, somewhere near offering plate)

If your altar seems empty, you can fill up space with dried flowers, crystals, a scrying mirror, shells, more candles, anything you feel belongs.

Have fun and stay safe xx

when he looks away

huge, huge thank you to by beta best friend for reading this, encouraging me to write more and actually post some of it; and of course @roxanncweasley and @jiilys, my writing idols, for unconciously inspiring me with their own fantastic work;

He’s all you notice at this point.

In class, when your not long ago ‘best friend’ shots a parky comment at him. He wants to talk back, you can see it. He wants to, he needs to defend himself, his friends, those like you. He can’t stand him, it’s clear as day. That vein on his neck is pulsing like crazy. His hands are fists now. He picks his head up and you gasp at the rage in his stare. You sees his eyes shot fast in your direction and in a second they’re soft again and it’s like he suddenly acknowledges he’s in a classroom with twenty other students, all watching him, all expecting the fight. He slowly unscrews his hands and flats them on the desk; they’re trembling. You sigh. His head is lowered again, Remus wispering something rapidly in his ear. He nods in approval, the corners of his mouth twitch. Mr Binns goes on. A few minutes later you catch his eye and, he smiles.

In the library, on a table in the opposite corner of the room, where they’re sitting, trying to dull their laughs as Madam Pince walks by, all staring at a piece of pegament. You can’t really tell from here but it seem like whatever’s on it is moving. Remus is extending a hand and shaking his with a tempered smile that reaches his eyes. Pettigrew is clapping him on the back, grin splattered all over his features. Black grabs his face and mockingly tries to kiss him. He laughs and pushes him away, a sly smile on his lips and she can almost hear him say ‘not here pads, there are people watching! I know I’m so charmingly handsome, but please contain your urges!’. His smile is bigger than his face as he shrugs and explains something to the rest, hands gesticulating as he speaks. There’s so much pride in his eyes he looks like he might just explode. He gases at you and stops talking what looks like midsentence. The others turn around to look at you; Remus waves, Black winks playfully and Pettigrew just shakes his head. His smile doesn’t leave his face as he takes one of Remus’s chocolate bars and throws it at you. You catch it the last second, look at him and smile back. As he returns his attention to the pergament you can swear you see reddness creeping its way towards his face.

On the pitch on a sunny Friday afternoon right after classes while he’s loosening his tie as the eight of you sit on the freshly cut grass, Marlene in Black’s, Sirius’s, he demands, lap. Dorcas pulls out two bottles of vodka her sister mailed her and takes a bold sip from one, trowing the other at Peter. Screw dinner, you think. Screw the rules. Soon everyone is laying in a big mess of tangled legs and arms and hair, laughing at everything and nothing at all, forgetting for a moment. The late april wind blows in his hair, making it even messier than it is, making it look like he’d just shagged, making you want to shag him but really you’re just drunk, you tell yourself. His glasses are crooked and dirty but his eyes are sparkling and his smile is lopsided and he looks like he’s drunk on pure liquid joy, no diluent. You look at his long delicate fingers, knuckles bloody from Tuesday when the Blacks’ family owl delivered Sirius a letter and his fist almost made a hole in the commor room wall. You look at his sneakers, covered in mud as if he’s been running in the Forbidden Forest for two nights straight. You look at his muscles under the rolled sleeves of his shirt, his tan skin, the purple and blue veins underneath. You look at his eyes. They’re looking too. Shit, you think, but his eyes don’t tear from yours and you can’t make yourself look away. He’s all you can see and you both don’t notice that Marlene and Sirius are long gone, probably in the now empty boy dorm doing Merlin knows what or that Mary and Dorcas are kissing and giggling unnoticed a few meters away or that Remus and Peter are now walking around the pitch trying to clear their heads and be at least a little bit responsible. No, all you notice is each other and the stars in his eyes and the flowers in you hair and your love. And sure, it is a little reckless and a little dangerous, and there really isn’t anything, but it’s okay cause you won’t remember it tomorrow morning, right? All of a sudden something bubles inside of you and your smile turns into laughter because how could i be so oblivious and there’s clearly something, there’s everything and you realise why your stomach is always in knots when he’s around and why your troat tightens when he gives you one of his shit eating grins and of course. Of course I’m in love! He’s starts laughing next to you on the hard ground too and your eyes fill themselves with tears as the sunset sky opens and swallows you both.

In the common room, in the little hours, when even the wind is silent, the fireplace is long cold and you’re sitting alone in the armchair next to the window, trembling, thinking how fucked up the world truly is. You hear his tiptoes on the old stone stairs of his dormitory carrying the history of so many other lives before yours. He yawns and stretches his lean arms over his head, but you don’t turn around. You hope he won’t notice you there, that he’ll simply get his forgotten charms essay from the table near the fireplace and go back to bed. ‘Lily!’ you hear him inhale shortly and then… he’s gone. You want him to be but you can’t help feel a little dissapointed after all. You’ve told yourself so many times not to think abot him that way, to accept it’s pointless, that he doesn’t love you anymore, and even if he did what’s the point, it would never work out, not now. But it’s still hard and you know it will always be. You feel a blanket around your shoulders and you abruptly turn around to face him. He’s looking down at you with worry in his eyes and a line between furrowed brows. You open your mouth to say something, anything. ‘Don’t.’ He’s wispering. ‘You don’t have to explain. I know.’ He sighs and sits on the armrest, looking out of the window. You turn back towards it and lean your head on his arm. ‘When did everything become so complicated.’ It’s not a question. More of a statement, an unheard plead for things to go back the way they were, to normal. He signs again, harder this time, louder. He seeks your green, green eyes, stares deep into them, almost like he’s at loss of words. Almost like he’s lost himself in them.

You’re breathless.

anonymous asked:

got any good hurt/comfort fic recs???


So, ignoring my inability of closing tabs, I gathered some of the ones I really loved. OK, IT’S A LOT I KNOW BUT I COULDN’T DECIDE.

Please read the author’s description first because there may be some touchy/triggering subjects.

A Sleep Like Death - Pre-release. A view on Noctis’ childhood accident and on “can you see the light?” from the versus time.
Warmness And Affection - Polyamory. SNOWSTORM AND CUTE. More comfort than hurt.
Enough Is Enough - Spoilers for chapter 1. It’s short but it’s goOD BC  FRIENDSHIP *sparkle*.
Elixir - One-shot series. Pre-release. Looong. The last chapter was supposed to have a follow-up but idk what happened osrjgunojerg. I read these so many times.
Too Much Is Never Enough - One-shot. It’s really painful.I MEAN IT. Spoilers for the whole game. Polyamory.
Old Lullaby - It’s really sweet though. Polyamory.
Opantes Mortem - Kinda spoilery for chapter 1, I guess. I also suggest you check all the other works of this series. All pre-release.
Trial By Fire - AaaaaAAaAaA it’s short but aaaaaa.
Guardian - I want more.
The Guilty - Spoilers for chapter 10. Canon divergence and aoerngoudnvfcxkjnve.
Pride - I… LOVE IT.
Good Enough - Pre-release. Brotherhood spoilers. Kinda promptis??
Coping - This really hurts.
Play On Words - THIS REALLY HURTS TOO. Spoilers for chapter 13.
Father - It’s part of a really good AU series. Did I mention it’s really good? Spoilers.
It’s My Job - One-shot. It’s cute in the end and aaaaaaaa.
In The Tidemother’s Wake - One-shot. Spoilers. It’s really sad.
Etro’s Eyes - Pre-release. Because of the “eyes that see the light of expiring souls” theme from versus.
We Need you At Your Best - PROMPTOOO.
Hold on, I’m On My Way Highness - Pre-release. it’s CUTE. Ignoct.

I know I’m sharing complete works, but I just wanted to mention these two that are still going and are amazing:

Not Quite Home In The Darkness - AU. Huuge Spoilers.

get to know me?

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requested by anon

A Jimin scenario where you two hate one another but also really like each other. You guys argue and its ends up with you pushed against the wall only for both you and Jimin to reveal the sexual frustration hidden inside, if you know what i mean 😉 xx

genre: suggested smut

a/n: sorry, i didn’t real want to write a full blown smut but you get what is implied at the end ig??? please enjoy this anyway(?), this is hella delayed ik I’m very sorry

“Jimin, you fuckin bastard! Where the hell are those papers?”, I shouted as I intruded his cubicle. “Woah, woah, woah, personal space, ___.” “Where are they? The boss wants them and you were supposed to have them done by now.” “They’re right here.”, he replied with a smug look on his face, the look of ‘I bet you thought I’d let you down but I didn’t so I win’. “Ugh, I hate working with you.”, I whined as I walked away from him and towards Mr. Bang’s office. “Same with you honey.”, Jimin called.

“Aren’t you gonna do something about Jimin?”, Jungkook asked me as I stopped by the water fountain. “Not much I can do when Namjoon assigned him as my partner.” “Oh yeah, Namjoon is like your manager, I forget that.” “Why? Cuz you’re also a manager? Why couldn’t you have been my manager?”, I whined. “Soz, it’s up to the boss.”, he chuckled as he left for his cubicle. “___!”, Jimin called, “Can’t I even rest for one second?”

“What do you want dweeb?”, I asked him. “Where’s the form you filled out? It’s nowhere on your desk.” “I already gave it in to Namjoon.”, I told him as I sat down. “There’s me tryna be a good partner and you’ve already done it?” “Jimin, all you’re doing is handing in a form.” “Jeez, can I not be nice for once?”, he grumbled as he made his way to Namjoon. “When will he sort himself out, he’s actually be attractive if he was nice.”

“What’s the I just heard?”, Hoseok joked as he snuck up on me. “You didn’t hear anything, ok? Do not tell anyone especially the devil himself.” “When have I ever snaked you out?” “That time in high school when I liked Junseo, Joohyuk and Jumin to name a few.” “Ok, but I really won’t this time, I swear on my life.” “You better.”

“Why can’t you be nice to me for once? Why do you always have to fuck shit up? In front of the boss as well! Some of us actually want to do well.”, I screamed at Jimin as I left the building after work. “Well why can’t you be nicer, huh? Do you think I try to fuck shit up? I didn’t want to do badly in front of the boss either, it’s not entirely my fault!”, Jimin shouted back at me as he followed me. “What’s the point of being nice to you when you’ve been a dick since I’ve known you, regardless of how good you look, you’re an ass!”, I told him as I searched for my car.

“Hey! You can talk! You’re not exactly ugly, so don’t use looks against me! You just don’t like me because of things you’ve heard through rumours! You never took the time to actually get to know me like Hoseok or Jungkook, you just listened to gossip and formed an opinion based on that!”, Jimin shouted as he pushed me up against a car that was most likely his, he sounded kind of heartbroken. “Is that what this is? You were upset that I never took the time to understand you? To get to know you?” “Of course I am! I actually wanted to be friends with you if not more but you pushed me away time after time because you’ve heard dodgy rumours.” “Well I’m sorry for that, how about I umm… get to know you now? My place? I’m sure I can quickly cook up a meal…” “___, I don’t know where the hell you live.”, Jimin chuckled as he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. “I’ll text you my address but just in case just follow my car.” “___, you don’t have my number either…” “Who says I don’t?”

“Nice place you got, good area as well.”, Jimin commented. “Are you gonna comment on everything Park Jimin?” “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t but that’s up to me, isn’t it?” “Just take a seat and watch something while I cook some ramen.” “How luxurious.” “Shut up there’s nothing else that I can quickly make.” After five minutes I brought out the ramen and placed it on the coffee table in front of Jimin. “How’s this for getting to know each other?”, I asked him. “It’s good but let’s ask each other questions to really get to know each other.”

“Alright, I’ll start. Who’s your best friend at work?”, I asked him as I took some ramen out of the pot. “That would be Taehyung, we went to the same high school. What about you?” “Hoseok, isn’t that obvious?”, I laughed. “Well yeah but I just wanted to ask you that back…”, he chuckled. “Alright, alright, what do you think of the boss?”, I questioned him as I gave him some ramen. “The boss? He’s alright, quite nice compared to my last one. Ok, my turn to ask, this is personal but have you ever had sex?” “Jimin!” “What? I did ask to get to know you better.” “Fine, yes, but never anything really good, everyone I’ve hooked up with has been shit.” “I bet I’d be better.” “What? You?” “Come on, don’t deny that you find me hot!” “I’m gonna kill Hoseok.” “What why?” “Didn’t he tell you I said that?” “What? No, you said that in the car park! Wait, you’ve spoken about me being hot before? See, you have a thing for me!”

“Fine, fine, but you’ve gotta prove yourself.” “Alright, let’s do this right here, right now. Come sit on my lap.” I climbed onto his lap and started to grind on him to create some friction. “Fuck, keep going.”, Jimin muttered as he placed his hands on my waist and his lips on my neck. “Don’t leave obvious marks. We have work tomorrow.” “I’m not making any promises.”, he replied as he started creating lovebites along your neck. As he created marks that were bound to stay you started to unbutton his dress shirt and remove it from his body; this then revealed his toned abdomen. “Like what you see?”, Jimin smirked as rid you off your own top.

“I’ll take that stare as a yes.”, he chuckled as stood you up to remove your skirt. “Hey, no fair, you need to take your trousers off too.”, you laughed once you had snapped back to reality. “I will, calm your tits.”, he said as he lifted his hips to discard his the trousers. “They are calmed.”, you joked as you sat back on top of him and connected your lips with his for the first of many tonight.