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I just saw a post about how queer people are not all “just confused”, and that’s very important to acknowledge but also: Shoutout to people who ID as bi/pan/ace/queer and actually ARE confused. This shit can be confusing, and that’s okay! And if you figure out later on that the straight label fits you better, that doesn’t mean you were “intruding” or w/e, it means that identities are clear-cut for some people and messy for others, and you’re one of the people who needs to explore a little. Go forth and figure yourself out…or don’t! It’s also just fine to say, “no fucken clue, I’ll deal with my relationships on a case-by-case basis.”

- a 23-year-old who is super confused but doesn’t really mind it

In case you havent noticed I get 90% of my stucky content from @iamnotsebastianstan because Brianna is an actual real life saint who blesses my feed every day and I’m lowkey in love with her??? Go follow her she’s fab


Lantis just released those on their Youtube Channel

“Teku Teku Aqours 3rd years preview”

“BD6 Thrilling One Way Preview”

And both will be available on 24th Feb 2017! Remember to place your preorders! And do watch Arisha (together with Ainya and Suwawa) in teku teku aqours!


All I’ll say is that if Freddie had an elaborate fancy birthday party, y’all would be yelling about how Briana is “wasting her child support money” and being “so extra” and going so over the top for a one-year-old because they’re all clearly are trying to Prove A Point. 

….so anyways I’m sure Freddie will have a lovely birthday surrounded by people who love him and care for him, which is all that matters. 

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hi everyone !! i’m v sad to tell u all that i will be deleting this blog soon :/ i feel like i’m losing over a thousand best friends !! i’m going to be starting fresh with a new blog, hey4ngels, so if u want 2 keep up with me i would rly appreciate it if u followed !! i’ve had so much fun with this blog and i made so many cool friends and u were all so nice to me i’m going to miss it so much :( if we’re mutuals pls like this post if u want me to follow u back from my new blog. thas it, love u all sooo much


I just lost my pen ?? Like the one I use to draw on the tablet

My cat just threw it out of the window ?? juste like that ?? And I can’t have it back ?

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I'm with you on the whole glasses thing! Of course there's a difference! Two totally different things.

thank u like honestly i didn’t care at first but like it became like hundreds of ppl coming to my inbox quoting hermione as if they solved the biggest conundrum and whenever i see these ppl get all smug like i just have to lay it down and remind them there’s a difference between hermione pointing out harry’s bad vision and someone asking to wear ur glasses to see how blind u are or like doin the stupid ‘how many fingers am i holding up’ thing like i can’t fam i just can’t

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I haven't played LD before but I have seen some videos and your amazing art. I also lowkey ship Toya and Sho and your school AU is just so adorable! Do you think you could draw some more if you have time? :)

Awwww a 4th person who likes the ship!! Thank you I’m so happy you don’t mind it even if you never played the game!! :’DDDDDDDDDD 

I LOVE TO draw more ToyaSho esp in school AU HAHAHa here’s another thought about Sho’s premonition powers being misunderstood by his fellow students


*sees another scout thats ok with doubles* ok…

*sees another scout that Isnt ok with doubles* AhhHH UMMM

*sees another scout that literally calls doubles Fakes*  🔪 🔪 🔪

Tanaka Ryuunosuke Headcanons that no one asked for
  • Actually has a pretty good sense of style and can put together outfits for not only himself, but for others as well if they’d let him 
  • Dies whenever he sees his s/o doing something cute
  • Loves to see his fem s/o wear lolita-style dresses. They’re his guilty pleasure and will be absolutely d e c e a s e d whenever he sees her in one
  • Isn’t too picky when it comes to the partners he dates, but definitely has a thing for the cute, innocent types
  • Looks like he can kick your ass, and he will kick your ass but also the most precious cinnamon roll ever. Give him lots of love pls
  • Loves being praised
  • He loves to shower his s/o in smooches and cuddles
  • Has no problem with PDA
  • With that said, he also tends to forget he’s in public sometimes and kind of goes past the point of what’s appropriate and starts being a little bit more explicit with his actions. At least until someone tells him to knock it off or he notices his s/o’s uncomfortable. He’ll stop immediately in that case
  • Will defend his s/o’s honor and fight whoever so dares to think anything bad about them. “t HEY ARE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY HOW DARE U”
  • In regards to the Boobs v. Butt debate, he’s both it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll fondle it all  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Consent is #1 priority with him in whatever he does with his partner, especially during intimate moments
  • “Is it alright if I hold ur hand?”
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “Am I allowed to stick it in your butt?”


Hi. Hello. Hi. So I know I’ve been like super spotty, patchy with my activity. Our impending doom has been affecting my mental health (along with my being off my sleep meds for appx a week, which for not actually helping me fall asleep or sleep all that long *do* help the quality of my sleep) so it’s been a chore actually getting anything done at all, let alone concentrate on anything for more then 5 minutes (this is seriously cramping my reading challenge output, yo). ANYWHO - I should be around more especially since my therapist told me that she got the go ahead to fund the sign up fees for the muay thai GYM which means 7 day a week, 14 hour a day access to all the kickboxing & BJJ classes I want (this is much better then the last place I was at) and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY PUNCHING AND KICKING THINGS MAKES ME. 

Oh I also got my sleep meds back and am slowly reverting back from all day zmobie state to “actually being able to make lists and cross most things off them in a day” state. Which is probably more important then the gym thing, but really I’m just a lot happier when I am doing muay thai and it’s been almost a year, which makes me sad.