not really jazz hands

‘But why are the necks in BEY so long???’

*bangs pots and pans*

I understand that it’s a bit jarring to watch at first but please consider:

Lines are everything

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Lines are everything

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Lines are everything

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If your neck doesn’t look like a giraffe’s your port de bras sags and if your port de bras sags the rest of the frame and your life goes to heck in a hand basket quickly.


  • Shieth shippers: hA Our OTP had so many moments-
  • Klance shippers, smug as hell: Yea, as brothers
  • Me: Man but did you SEE Shiro and Lance together??? Oh my goD now that Keith said Shiro is like a brother to him this means my ship has a chance! And besides, Shiro already carried Lance last season, and Lance wanted to be on a mission with Shiro this season, and was super mad someone else was chosen-!
  • The Entire fandom: ...What
  • The Producers: What
  • Zarcon, as he's dying: What

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Draw my boy Raz being rad

You asked for Rad, but somehow my brain jumped to bring your son to work day two nerds in lab coats. I’m…so sorry;;; I hope you can still get some enjoyment out of it lol


“Light and Dark, Love and Hate,

“They’re two sides of the same coin.”

Wow angst. Why do I draw this crap?? Alright alright, so, my friend who sits next to me in math really wanted to see me draw some sad stuff in my sketchbook and I was like; “Aw sure, why not” MISTAKE very bad mistake. I cried drawing this and people thought that I was crazy because I kept on crying and laughing. I don’t even know why I was laughing ok. I used a mechanical pencil and copic markers/copic multiliner to draw/color/ink this garbage. I only inked the colored ones btw. AND, the little scribble with the date next to it is the signature that I use in my sketchbooks

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Why do you think Albus and Scorpius are so hesitant when they first meet on the train?

There’s so many reasons why. It’s such a precious little scene and those boys are juggling a mixture of emotions. There’s nerves, excitement, insecurities… It’s such an overwhelming situation and a big moment in their lives and they are both aware of it.

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Ummmm I dunno why but I was thinking about @x-i-l-verify ‘s MHA daemon AU and well….

Here’s Aizawa and his Barred Owl.
Ocean Eyes and Lunar Skies - Chapter 1 - Shima2112 - Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Here it is!! The first chapter of Ocean Eyes and Lunar Skies! (That one won the vote, lol)

A basic summary:

When it comes to firsts, Moon and Hau definitely make a lot for him—

Lillie regards him with shock, yet there is a glimmer of understanding in her eyes.

“You like Moon…and Hau?”

—having a crush on both them at once, though, is probably the biggest first.

Hope you all enjoy! Idk when I’ll update next since I have finals this week but I’ll do my beeeest

Ha Sungwoon Harry Potter AU
  • ha sungwoon is like lowkey the modern day harry potter
  • like he’s the gryffindor seeker and pretty popular
  • he and his best friend noh taehyun have like 875938423 fangirls
  • unfortunately for you, as the gryffindor keeper, that means you have to listen to the screaming fangirls all during quidditch practice
  • like you’re just tryna practice these new saves that professor wood taught you and he’s out here blowing kisses at the girls??? boi??????
  • the two of you are pretty good friends through quidditch, even though he’s a year older than you
  • (you’re the baby of the team)
  • you’re late to practice a lot because you’re studying for your owls
  • sungwoon offers to help you study since he knows how important you are to the team
  • (and he thinks ur cutehahahahahaha)
  • the two of you meet in the common room and were GONNA study there but taehyun and his other friends kept bothering you two so you headed off to the library instead
  • but as you were walking down the seventh floor corridor when this room appears?
  • and you’re super freaked out and like how did that just appear but sungwoon is like oh shit it’s the room of requirement we can just study there
  • so you enter
  • and it’s like this super cute study space with lights and textbooks and stuff
  • and you’re poking around looking at what textbooks there are when sungwoon makes this DISGUSTING noise/shriek behind you
  • and you turn around in confusion and he’s standing there with a huge blush on his face
  • you didn’t realize it at the time but sungwoon found this huge bouquet of roses and used the vanishing spell to make it disappear
  • (and since the room of requirement knows what people wish for… 🌚 🌚 🌚)
  • lmao anyways
  • sungwoon helps you study after practice like every day so that you can focus on the things that really matter
  • like beating slytherin for the house cup
  • and a really important match against ravenclaw comes up
  • gryffindor has to get exactly 500 points in order to quality for the quidditch championship
  • you and your teammates always sit together on match days
  • you’re like super nervous and can barely eat anything during breakfast
  • sungwoon comes into the great hall (and a million girls start screaming)
  • he plops himself down next to you and starts shoving food into his face
  • you and your teammates just kind of stare at him in disgust
  • “(y/n), aren’t you going to eat anything?”
  • “no, i’m too nervous and my stomach’s kind of queasy”
  • he like IMMEDIATELY stops eating and grabs your shoulders in concern
  • “where does it hurt? are you gonna throw up? do you want me to carry you to madam pomfrey really quick? guys, (y/n) is sick DO SOMETHING”
  • you shove him away
  • “dude chill, i’m just nervous”
  • you just chalk his behavior up to the importance of the match and having you play
  • your teammates all trade knowing looks
  • “you really should eat something”
  • sungwoon dumps a bunch of toast onto your plate after carefully buttering it
  • then it’s time for the match!!!
  • the butterflies in your stomach turn into a hurricane, but as soon as professor wood blows the whistle and releases the snitch, all your worries fly away
  • ur in ur like QUIDDITCH ZONE(jazz hands)
  • you have to pay really close attention to what the score is
  • ong seongwoo is the announcer and he tends to get a bit sidetracked when he’s announcing lol
  • sungwoon hovers a couple feet above you, keeping an eye out for the snitch
  • you’ve managed to block all of the ravenclaw chasers’ shots so far, but then a beater pops up out of nowhere and socks you in the head with a bludger
  • “LEAVE (Y/N) ALONE, YOU RATS!”…”prof. mcgonagall would like to inform you all that ravenclaw has scored”
  • you’re fine but sungwoon (and the rest of the team tbh) is pissed
  • gryffindor is still in the lead by 50 points
  • slowly your lead grows
  • but ravenclaw totally shifted their tactics from the last time you played them
  • now their beaters are concentrating on you and trying to get you out of the game
  • so your beaters have to stay close to you and protect you, which prevents you from being able to fly around the hoops and protect them like you normally would
  • sungwoon is also livid because it’s really dirty of ravenclaw to gang up on you like that just to get more points
  • finally you guys are at 350
  • and you motion to sungwoon that it’s time
  • he spots the snitch and he’s off like a bullet zooming after that
  • but the ravenclaw chasers are getting close to you and theres bludgers shooting at you left and right and you keep almost colliding into the gryffindor beaters
  • you can tell that sungwoon is about to get the snitch so you decide to trust sungwoon
  • knowing that theres literally no way you could defend the hoops with so much going on, you speed up and straight on collide with the ravenclaw chaser who has the quaffle
  • and theres no way he’s scoring now
  • sungwoon catches the snitch but you shot towards the chaser with such a high velocity that you lose your balance and almost fall of your broom
  • sungwoon speeds over to where you are and helps you regain your balance, holding your hand tightly as he waves the snitch around happily.
  • when you guys land the team rushes together screaming happily that you guys made it to the championship
  • you and sungwoon are still holding hands but you don’t really realize it
  • professor woods goes onto the loudspeaker 
  • “gryffindor wins 500-250!”
  • and out of nowhere sungwoon yanks you towards him and just fucking plants one on you
  • god damn his lips are soft?
  • the team is cheering again but for an entirely different reason
  • he pulls away breathlessly, eyes darting over your face in worry
  • you laugh, totally ecstatic from everything that’s just happened and kiss his lips again
  • (you don’t even need to tiptoe lmao)
  • (sorry i’m like the same height as sungwoon i promise i won’t make fun of him)
  • after the adrenaline of the match + kissing fucking ha sungwoon wears off u realize ur in a ton of pain
  • because of the stupid bludgers
  • and your wrist is probably sprained? 
  • also you should probably get that head injury checked out
  • sungwoon helps you to the hospital wing (he tries to carry you but he’s exhausted as well and you’re not tryna get dropped by your boyfriend before you’ve even dated for a day)
  • you two are like the gryffindor power couple
  • amazing

lmao i just really like quidditch

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how is a hat in time?? It looks amazing and I want to play but my poor mac would explode

it’s pretty good, it’s actually the first kickstarter game I’ve 100%’d instead of dropping after like 20 minutes

it’s a little short but apparently there’s 2 new worlds coming as free DLC at some point, and there seems to be plenty of fanmade levels in the steam workshop

also there are mods that let you dab and dress up as link

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how do you think peter would tell his s.o. that he was spider-man/do you think it would be an accident?

  • i definitely think it would be an accident
  • i can see it happening where he’d be at the point where he knows he needs to tell you
  • he can tell you’ve been extra worried about him lately and super suspicious of where he disappears to every night 
  • peter would be in front of his mirror, rehearsing how the conversation would go 
    • “alright, so you know i love you right…? wait no, that sounds like a break-up” 
    • “all these problems lately, it’s not you, it’s me- wait that’s even worse” 
    • “what has two thumbs and shoots webs? this guy…i’m so lame” 
    • “the name’s man..spider-man…that doesn’t even sound right, daMN IT..” 
    • “i. am. spider-man.” 
  • he didn’t even see you approaching behind him in the mirror, until you let out a stifled laugh
  • he’d turn around in record speed, eyes wide and mouth dropped as he saw you there practically doubled over in laughter 
    • “peter, what the hell, are you rehearsing our break up or trying to tell me that you’re spider-man?” 
    • “uH-UH, only one of those” 
  • automatically thinking now that he’s going to break up with you, so your hand comes up to cover your mouth and your laughter stops
    • “oh my god, you’re breaking up with me aren’t you? i should’ve known, i’m sorry, i’ll just go-” 
  • on your way out the door, he’d web it shut 
  • as you watched the webs latch onto the door, your eyes would be wider than his when he saw you
    • “y-you’re actually…wHAT” 
  • nervous laughter from him 
  • he’d do this really weird attempt at jazz hands
    • “surprise…?!” 
  • having to take a seat on his bed to process all of the new information 
  • peter would take a seat next to you, nervously anticipating a reaction
    • “so…can i meet captain america?”

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