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I know we’re all pretty down rn so here, have some cute pics of svalbard reindeer

it’s the smallest subspecies of reindeer on the planet and it loves you

the svalbard reindeer is also the northernmost herbivore in the world, and during winter they survive an average of −16°C (3°F) weather

look at those small fluffy ears and kind eyes, the reindeer is cheering you all on to stay strong in these trying times 

just like the arctic winter, this too shall pass

the svaldbard reindeer proves that even under the most extreme of circumstances, life finds a way. so please, please keep on fighting

Certain YOI Fans: I ship Yurio with Victor/Yuuri

YOI Fandom: You can’t do that they’re 23/27 it’s gross.

Fans: You’re right *stops shipping them and starts to ship Yurio and Minami because of the age difference and how cute they’ll look together*

Certain members of the YOI Fandom: You can’t ship that. They haven’t even met.

Fans: But…..

Certain members of the YOI fandom:No

Fans: Fine. *starts to ship Yuri with JJ*

Certain Members: You can’t do that either, JJ is 19 and Yurio is 15.

Fans: But they have a 4 year difference like Victor and Yuri.

Certain Members: That’s different Victor and Yuri are adults.

Fans: *points toward the Phichit and Guang Huang ship* Ji is 17 and Phichit is 20 but people still ship that.

Fans: *points to the fanfictions where Yuri and Victor are younger*

Fans: So who should I ship him with?

Certain members:

Fans: I thought so.

jeong joon hyung is quickly joining my little list of favorite male leads because: (spoilers ahead!)

  • he is so open about how much he admires, likes and adores bok joo
  • he never lets his ex-girlfriend have her way
  • he tries to solve his issues by talking (or buying thousands of unhealthy food when it comes to bok joo)
  • he calls his uncle and auntie mom and dad
  • he pretends he doesn’t know that his uncle and auntie are the ones giving him presents and letters
  • he confronted his hyung and exposed his true feelings on how he feels about him
  • his relationship with his family in general
  • he helped bok joo when she had a crush on his hyung
  • he cheered on bok joo before the competition
  • he realized how bad bok joo felt when his hyung saw her on the competition and as soon as possible he was there lecturing his hyung
  • he helped her overcome her crush
  • he didn’t ask why she wanted to take a break from weightlifting but asked if it was difficult for her
  • he instantly tried to comfort her and reminded her that she’s awesome
  • as soon as he realized his feelings for her he told his hyung he was going to help her go throught this difficult moment and only then he would confess, at the right time
  • he was smart enough that when he saw her with another boy he imediately confessed to her

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

I’ve been feeling really frustrated with the lack of pansexual categories in queer book lists, so I’m going to make my own list of books with pansexual characters to share with y'all, because I know I’m not the only frustrated one. I have a few so far, but if y'all know any, please let me know! any genre is fine!

I’m looking for books with

  • characters who are canonically pansexual, either stated in the book or by the author elsewhere. an example of this is basically when the word pansexual is actually used.
  • characters who are strongly hinted at being or implied to be pansexual. an example of this is when a character says that they just like people or gender doesn’t matter (in regard to their attraction), something along those lines.

I know there are books with pansexual characters, they’re out there, they exist. we just have to do a bit of digging to find them. and apparently no one else is willing to help out pansexual people looking for book rep, so I’m taking it upon myself to do the job (with, hopefully, a little bit of help from y'all).

okay, I’m gonna end this here before I start ranting about how shitty it is for someone to compile a list of “queer books” that only has lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender books, because there are so many other identities that are included in “queer”, and they were just not even mentioned a single time in the entire post, so, why specifically entitle a post as “queer”, when "lgbt" more accurately describes the post?

Can I just say that I love my mutuals?

Literally everyone I follow who is commenting on this whole Jinmin thing is defending Jin. And damnit, I appreciate that.

Oh and for the record, if you think Jin is in the wrong for this, you’re wrong. It was a bit cringy, I agree, but I hope you all realize that Jin has been on the receiving end of that (and countless other) rude jokes since the beginning of time.

I agree with the belief that Jimin is Not a delicate flower that can’t handle shit, and how Rude of anyone to even imply that. He’s a strong and grownass MAN that has come so freaking far in his self confidence and for anyone to say that one of his best friends making a joke about this (DURING A GAME OF INSULTS AND PURPOSEFUL NEEDLING) would crush his soul or something is just beyond ridiculous.

Jin apologized, Jimin was Very clearly not upset, and their best friendship is intact.

(And if you’re really still pissed at Jin, go count all the times Jin has been called a pig, or fat, or ugly (bonus points for never getting any sort of apology), and then come back to me and we can talk.)

When some fanfic writers put curses (like f*ck) in (literally) each of kanda’s sentences, and show him only being angry and pissed to everything and everyone around him, and purposely starts fighting or being mean to others..

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@therapists: could u pls just aknowledge that mental illness actually exists and that I’m not being difficult just to annoy you and that it’s not a personal attack if my years long suffering isn’t cured after one session with you

like… I’m trying man and I know my behaviour isn’t always logical and that my patterns are unhealthy but I can’t just snap out of it because that’S NOT HOW BRAINS WORK

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Both Coco and The Book of Life are based on Mexican holiday Día de Muertos. The difference between the two is the director. Coco is directed by Lee Unkrich creator of Toy Story and The Book of Life is directed by Jorge Gutierrez who known for ¡Mucha Lucha!, and El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

interesting, no wonder there are parallels!

Baek Stans only want the best for Baekhyun, and hope he will achieve his goals. I don’t know why people take it in a negative way. Most people always come at us just because we want him to have a solo, and want him to have more opportunity to show what he is capable of, but people always tell us that “He’s already popular”, “He already did a lot let another member ……”, “let other members shine” or “He already have Dream, Rain and The Day let the other member…….” There are members with more solo activities who gets to act more and sing in OSTs than Baekhyun but they talk like Baekhyun have the most in EXO. Some of you even say that he shouldn’t get one cuz he already sings a lot in EXO songs. Chen and D.O sings a lot too, but they are allowed to get one but not Baekhyun? How can you be so unfair when it comes to Baekhyun? Some of you trying so hard to preach at people telling us why Baekhyun shouldn’t get one or other member should get it first. All we want is Baekhyun to do what he want, to gain more recognition and hoping for a solo he deserves, we never said another member can’t get one and we didn’t say who should get it first? Even if we did say we want Baekhyun to get a solo album first, why does this bother you so much? 

You always use his popularity to tell us why he can’t do this or that, It’s like you are telling us that because Baekhyun is popular so we can’t ask for anything for Baekhyun, we can’t wish for a solo album, and we can’t wish him to shine more, it’s like you want to push him back to prevent him from getting the recognition. I don’t know why yall always talking about being supportive and support all members but you don’t support Baekhyun, you don’t want him to do anything, you don’t want him to shine and you keep trying to push him back whenever he comes to the front. Some of you want him to flop, some of you went mad just because a lot of people are hyping up on him. You won’t even let his own STANS cheer for him and to congratulate him or even be happy for his achievement, some of you even got offended just because people are praising him, how can you call yourself “ot9stan” and tell others to support everyone but you don’t support Baekhyun? You do know Baekhyun is part of EXO right? When you said “Support Every Member” Baekhyun IS included right? But some of you seems to have forgotten that he is also a member of EXO and keep trying to take him out and push him away from EXO and trying so hard to prevent him from shining. 


Nothing could have prepared me to see Takasugi’s other expressions fully animated like this. It’s all new again, all beautiful to see. I could talk your ears off over how beautiful Takasugi is (as I tend to in my tags now and then), but I won’t - just know that I’m extremely, incredibly, indescribably happy over these scenes.

do you ever go back and watch episodes 1-4 of season one so you can witness alec, izzy and jace laughing, smiling and teasing each other before everything went to shit and the suffering started and just..

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trans morty makes me so excited tho like 

rick caving in and taking his younger granddaughter on adventures except like halfway thru one morty just pulls a fucking reverse eowyn like I AM NO LADY and rick’s just 

well shit son 

he doesn’t give a shit obvs but morty - you prefer morty now, right? - morty could’ve mentioned something earlier ‘cause now grandpa’s gotta postpone getting totally fucking wrecked to cook up some hormone blockers so you don’t pop out a pair of boobs when your puberty finally kicks in, thanks a loeuuught, morty, you, you needy piece of shit - 

@staff could you please stop showing me the SAME posts over and over again just because they have a tag I track. And it would be super-awesome if you could figure out that I POSTED THEM IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE so I don’t need to see them again, and again, and again, and again! 

I’ve had to delete many of my tracked tags because all I was seeing was THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER on my dash from those tags. Not helpful!