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Ok so I am in love with jughead!! Can you do a smut where the reader and jughead get stuck in the closet.... 😂😊

Okay so I thought I’d treat myself and do this prompt as just a little celebration that I’m no longer stuck in the library, I wrote this directly into the reply box and I haven’t edited it or proof read it because this was more just a relaxation thing rather than a real fic, however if you do read it then I hope you enjoy it!

It’s not like really smutty, more just a bit of PG-13 in my opinion and also like I mentioned this is really rough so I’m not gonna tag anyone in this cause I’m not like majorly proud of it!  

‘Holy shit, Jug!’ You exclaimed in a whisper. Your back was slammed against the inside of a dimly lit janitors closet, heavily you breathed.

‘I’m sor- I’m sorry!’ He stuttered, his breathing as laboured as yours.

‘When I agreed to help you with the Blossom case, getting chased by the ‘could be’ killer was not something I expected!’ You hissed at him.

His eyes were wide with fear, you expected that your expression probably mirrored his. Moments prior to locking yourself in a closet with one of your closest friend you were being chased through the parking lot of your school by a hooded figured. You had been digging a little too deep lately, you knew that, and it seemed like the killer believed you were getting a little too close for comfort.

Quickly the pair of you had made your way into school, you had bolted the big double doors behind you but you were certain that killer could and would find another way into the school, so you ran

Jughead pulled your hand along the deserted hallways, he seemed to know where he was going and to this exact closet is where he led you. For some curious reason there was a bolt on the inside of the door, you made good use of it. 

‘What now?’ You sighed, your legs felt like jelly under the weight of your body as they trembled with fear.

‘We wait it out till morning, whoever it is their going to have to leave by the time school starts.’ Jughead explained rationally before making the move to the corner of the closet.

Slowly you began to take in your surroundings, in the corner of the room was make-shift mattress made from piled up gym mats, and hanging on the hooks of the closet were a series of familiar clothes: a denim jacket, a blue flannel, a pair of braces. 

‘Jug-’ you began slowly, ‘what- what is all this stuff? Is this your stuff?’

Jughead sighed and flopped down onto the pile of mats, he closed his eyes before popping one open to look at you. 

‘Are you living in here, Jughead?’ You felt guilty just asking the question.

‘It’s not a big deal, Y/N.’

‘Bullshit it’s not a big deal!’ You raised your voice, Jug’s eyes popped open in alarm reminding you of your situation. ‘-sorry.’ You cringed.

You moved to sit on the edge of the mats, you pushed his legs closer to the wall to make some room for yourself. Jughead stared at you, his face void of any emotion.

‘Jug, why haven’t you told anyone? Why haven’t you told me?’ You felt more than a little betrayed, you thought the two of you were close, the closest.

‘I didn’t want you to worry.’ He muttered. ‘I’m dealing with it, I’m okay.’

‘Really?’ You whispered.

‘Yeah.’ His voice was strained.

Slowly you moved closer towards him, positioning yourself so that you were lying by his side. He lay on his back, staring at the dusty ceiling above him, and you lay on your side staring at his portrait. 

‘I don’t believe you.’ You whispered, your breath blew across his neck.

You watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat, a light blush crept across his cheeks cause by the mere proximity of the both of you. His breath caught in his throat before he spoke.

‘I said I’m fine Y/N, I promise.’ His chest heaved lightly with the deep breaths he took.

You drew your face closer to his ear.

‘And I said,’ you punctuated your words, ‘I - don’t - believe - you.’

Jughead spun his head to look at you, your noses brushed as he did so, you inhaled deeply but that only made it worse. His scent surrounded you, his hooded eyes bore into yours, slowly he shifted his body so that it mirrored yours. Your hand met his chest, his hand met your waist and your lips met each other. 

On those strange days when your imagination would lead you astray and you’d consider one day acting on your infatuation with your best friend Jughead Jones, you had never once imagined that he would be such a rough kisser. You had imagined him as hesitant, gentle, almost naïve. 

As you lay on the pile of discarded gym mats, Jughead Jones hovering above you, your bottom lip held lightly between his teeth and his wandering hand slowly makings its way up your abdomen, you realised just how wrong you were. 

Maybe it was the exhilaration of your earlier chase, maybe it was the revelation of one of his deepest secrets, or maybe it was just the years of pent up sexual tension you had both displayed and tried to diffuse with a series of witty and playful remarks. Whatever it was, it was passionate and every touch set your body on fire.

You pulled at his thin t-shirt, begging him to pull it off. Your hands roamed underneath his t-shirt and over the expanse of his back, fingers feeling the tense muscles in his shoulders as he used his strength to hold himself above you. He delivered wet kisses to the crook of your neck, he’d suck and nibble every so often, you knew he was leaving his mark. 

You exchanged no words, just breathy moans and groans, you were still attempting to be quiet just in case the killer hadn’t given up hope on finding you just yet. 

You managed to push Jughead gently on his back. He looked back at you with concerned eyes, afraid that whatever this was he had taken it too far. You smiled sweetly, nervously even before you moved to straddle his hips.

‘Y/N-’ he groaned.

Immediately you felt the hardness pressing through his jeans, you sighed with your pleasure and brought your lips back down to meet Jugs. You peppered his neck with the same purple marks that he had decorated you with. Eagerly you reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it upwards, finally understanding Jughead pulled the shirt from over his head, revealing the milky skin that lay underneath. His hands quickly reached for your shirt, desperate to see just as much of you as you did of him.

Fumbling you pulled the shirt over your head, once off however self-consciousness gripped at you as Jughead’s eyes roamed over your body. His hands grazed your hips and carefully began to caress them. Your frenzied actions suddenly slowed and you lay your own hands on Jug’s stomach, feeling the light rise and fall of his now stabilising breath.

You looked down at Jug’s face from your elevated position above him, you admired the stark red and purple marks against his pale skin that you had created, they mixed beautifully with the red hot flush that spread from his chest and up towards his cheeks. His lips were plump and swollen, his bottom lip was held between his own teeth as he watched you curiously, and his eyes were bright, brighter than you had seen them for the past few months. 

‘I love you.’ The words fell from his mouth, slow, steady and sure.   

i hate guns and the culture surrounding them like…… thats just a fucking murder tool yall theres no other goddamn use for it, guns were developed as a Tool For Murdering Things With As Little Personal Impact As Possible like fuck off with that shit , killing anything should hurt you, the level of disconnect that is allowed through the use of firearms is foul. im replacing all guns with swords and anyone who wants to kill anything is gonna have to get fuckin good at swordplay none of this twitch you trigger finger and then its done bs . cowards

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Just wondering if you're ever going to change your blog name? Because this is more of a ace questions blog, not really a humor ace blog

I´d have to talk about this with Victra beforehand but it is a good point, the blog is becoming more of an advice blog 

We´ll try to post more fun ace stuff soon, we´re just both a little stressed with school and finals coming and me being a clumsy little shit and breaking my ankle causing extra stress :´)

- Paula

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Hey,, Sorry - I know requests are closed atm but someone really close to me just passed away and I've been needing something to lift my spirits.. Anything fluffy as all shit is fine I just need to take my mind off things

14 and 27 from the last post? Please you can write it with modern!kylo? Thank you a lot, and I am sorry for my English

It’s alright hun, my requests for drabbles are still good so I’m gonna do this little piece for you. I’m sorry for your loss and may they rest in paradise. Keep your chin up and feel better (in due time of course). I hope you like this :)

(also to the other anon, don’t apologize your English is perfectly fine :)  )

Modern AU Triplet Kylo Ren +  “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.” +  “Is that my sweater?”

Suddenly you felt yourself being roused from your sleepy state by a deep whisper.


Your brows furrowed as your eyes just barely started to peel open. Even in your blurry line of vision, you could distinctly make out Kylo’s face before you. You were used to waking up randomly when living with the Solo-Organa triplets, but never had they dared rouse you from deep slumber this late in the evening. 

You groaned, “What?”

“Wake up.”


“Come on.”

Seeing you still not budge even the slightest Kylo groaned as walked around to the other side of the bed. To your surprise the mattress dipped as he scooted closer to you, feeling his broad frame brush against your back side your eyes instantly shot open. Practically falling off the side of the bed you moved away as you glared over your shoulder at him.

“Whoa! What the hell?”

“I’m trying to wake you up.”

Your brows furrowed, “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.”

Kylo sighed, “I’m aware. That’s not why I’m waking you up.”

Your brow arched as you waited for him to continue, obviously wondering as to where this was going. 

“I have something I want to show you.”

You sighed, “Can’t it wait until the morning?”

“It won’t be here in the morning.”

You paused for a moment, considering the patient expression on his face. For the time you had lived with the triplets, Kylo had continually been the most closed off, the most abrasive. This was not a side you were used to seeing. Maybe, just maybe, it would be worth entertaining his change in mood.

You groaned, “Fine.”

He gave you the faintest hint of a smile you had ever seen grace his features before climbing back out of the bed. Slowly you sat yourself up, stretching as far as your limbs would allow with a little pop in the joints. Humming in content you lifted yourself from the warmth of your bed.

“Bring a coat or something.”

You rubbed your eyes, “What?”

“It’s outside, get a jacket.”

You sighed as you gave Kylo a nod, “Alright.”

Turning to your dresser you quickly pulled out one of the drawers as you fished a sweater out from the collection. Content with how heavy it felt you slipped it over your head and carefully shimmied yourself inside. Looking you over Kylo suddenly paused with furrowed brows.

“Is that my sweater?”

You shrugged, Kylo seemed to be hesitant. Almost offended that you were in possession of one of his sweaters. You yawned, “Where’s the thing?”

Kylo nudged his head towards the balcony, the very small perk of your apartment. Despite your lack of enthusiasm for the complex as a whole, it was certainly a perk you did not expect to have. Luckily for you, it was spacious enough to fit all three hulking triplets and yourself. Sliding open the door Kylo moved aside as he allowed you to pass him to the outside. Yawning once again you wrapped your arms around yourself. 

To your surprise it appeared as though Kylo had already been out here, a telescope was sitting on the edge of the balcony and a whole array of cushions placed before it. It looked surprisingly nice and in a way, peaceful. Closing the screen door behind you Kylo moved closer.

“Come sit.”

Not bothering to wait for you, he sat himself on the cushions, adjusting himself comfortably. With a sigh you brought yourself beside him, gently seating yourself beside him. The second you found yourself on the cushions, you suddenly felt the warmth of a thick blanket engulf your legs. Kylo had splayed it out across himself as well as yourself, protecting you from the frigid night air. 

“Why are we out here?”

Kylo looked to his phone for a moment before he nudged his head towards the sky.

“Just look.”

You sighed, already fed up with his vague answers. Obliging to his request you looked up to sky, wondering what on earth he could have possibly woken you up for. The instant your eyes went to scan the sky however, you found yourself instantly slipping into awe. Not only were the stars shining particularly brighter, but a blaze was flying through the sky above you. The Haley’s comet itself, gracing you with it’s presence. 

Taking note of your suddenly jubilant expression Kylo smiled, “That’s why.”

Though he wouldn’t tell you, Kylo had taken special notice of just how down you had been feeling as of late. As the quietest of the triplets he was naturally more of an observer, and considering how much he already watched you, it was only a matter of time before he caught on. To him, this was a hopeful gesture to lift your spirits. 

“It’s beautiful”, you smiled as the haze of sleep disipated.

Kylo smiled faintly as he pointed to the telescope, urging you to take a closer look. Practically scooting into his lap you leaned in towards the telescope, dying to get a closer look at this spectacle. 

Seeing your strain to get a good angle Kylo suddenly placed his hands at your hips, moving you into his lap effortlessly. Despite your cheeks turning ablaze from the contact, you comfortably settled into his lap. Looking up into the telescope you smiled, staring at the comet in awe. 

Though Kylo enjoyed the view of the comet flying across the sky, he couldn’t help but smile in content at the sight of you finally smiling. It felt like it had been weeks since he had seen your genuine smile, and now it was beaming across your face. Pulling away from the telescope you sighed, turning to look at Kylo over your shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Kylo gave you a faint smile and nod before he turned his attention back to the sky with you. For the first time in a while, you were content and so happily in awe. All thanks to the least likely candidate under your roof, Kylo. 

Poor potato, that’s a pretty appropriate reaction considering he probably doesn’t know Pearl isn’t actually dead.

If she really isn’t actually dead…



Well it was pretty obvious by this point but i want to feel proud of myself.

So i assume the gems, except Amethyst, haven’t done that before, and Amethyst getting killed would have been sometime when Steven wasn’t around.

So it takes fairly long for gems to regenerate their physical bodies, does it value between gems, or is it a fixed amount of time?

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👀 giiiiiiirl I could see them being like this! Just ain't shit on a Sunday! Honestly it's Rick being a heathen. 😂🤣 but for real how it was set up, the rainy Sunday morning and everyone just chillin. And here comes Rick being his freaky self. I was cheesing & laughing the entire time. I loved that little quip at the end from Rick talking about repopulating the earth because I truly believe he's going to try and do that all by himself since Andy couldn't contain himself. So sexy&fun! Loved it!

Thank you, babe! I really did make Rick a whole entire heathen, didn’t I? 😂But it feels like he’s usually the “Just a little more” one in their relationship. Michonne tries to be a responsible adult and in just crumbles in the face of his charm. I, too, like to think he’s gonna try and convince her that they can repopulate civilization. And what a wonderful world it would be with just a bunch of little Rick and Michonnes running around. ☺

At the Grave of a Fine Cat

May your whiskers be ruffled by only pleasant breezes,
May your bowls be filled with tuna and sweet cream,
May your dreams be blessed with legions of mice,
And most of all,
May you forever purr in peace.

– Barbara Younger

This week we’re going to have to say goodbye to this sweet little girl. She’s only been in our lives for less than a month, but the time doesn’t make things easier.

Her little body is completely shutting down, and there really isn’t anything we can do. Only know that in the short time we’ve known this little soul, we gave her as much love as we could.

And I’m trying really hard to hold my shit together, but I’m having a really difficult time doing so.

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do u think i could loose 40 lbs by may 25. (can i have some meanspo)

You better lose the weight u little shit!!!! I’m gonna send u a dead squirrel in the mail if u don’t!!! You’re sick of being fat??? Well we’re sick of u looking fat! Go for a run! If u don’t..well I don’t recommend looking in your closet cuz someone’s watching rn. Happy birthday, you’re still not skinny. Get on it rn! RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok yeah idk just work hard girl (or boy goddamn it why do I do this) if u really try for like a month you will see results

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BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW NERVOUS HARRY MUST BE i know he comes across like he doesn't really deal with self doubt, he always seems so sure of himself, but all of this... his solo debut, his first solo performance, solo songs.. it's HUGE for him. all eyes are on him rather than divided between 4 people if that makes sense. of course he's had like over a year to warm up to everything, but that boy has got to be at least a little bit scared/nervous. i'd be shitting my pants lol

Oh yeah of course. He’s got a very good image going and he’s obviously doing really well with his publicity at the moment but I’m SURE he’s had those moments where it’s like “Oh god are they going to like me? Are they gonna like my music?” And it’s a lot of pressure I’m sure. He sees how hype we all are but it’s also probably like…. “oh god I hope I live up to those expectations”

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Dave are you god

welll man, i dont really think thats possible. i dont like wars or fighting and God pretty much had a bunch of them in the ancient times (even tho now he outlawed them and shit); if you look into the Christian standpoint. i dont know much about that dude Buddha, was raised on texas baptist preachers screaming on late night tv you know, but i wouldnt wanna be a prince and do stuff like enlightenment. just not my deal you know? im not gonna write my own book and pass it on as God’s word (yall know who im talking about). im not all about being some guy who turns people into trees just because i dont like them being in a relationship (look at you lava chick) nor am i into having my kid burst outta my forehead.
being a god, just aint my thing. im just a cool kid playing some sick beats and little rhymes

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I don't know anything about Lindsey, I never have. She seems like a really cool person and seeing her and Gerard together makes me happy bc they're cute but I imagine it's really annoying for her when people only like her because of Gerard and don't acknowledge her stuff too. She's cool. Really cute. Love her so much based on the little things I've seen about her and maybe she'll end up being my new favorite person soon.

i hope so! shes one of my favorite people and shes so sweet and kind. and theres a special place in hell for people who talk shit about her :))))) 

Ok patch 7.2 comes out today but today is also my little brother’s birthday so I won’t be online for the most part

That being said, PLEASE TAG ME IN ANYTHING ANDUIN RELATED. IF ANYTHING NEW FOR ANDUIN CAME OUT (I know he’s got a questline, maybe he might get a cinematic??) PLEASE PLEASE @ ME IN IT I’D REALLY APPRECIATE IT

TBH I have super nice coworkers like the other night I was having a really bad night and someone bought me an Oreo chocolate bar and today I’m rly sick and one of my nice little older lady cashiers bought me a bottle of medicine and I was like “you don’t have to do this??” And she said that I was one of her children lmao and she made me take some…….. and then a guy who works in maintenance was chillin with us at lunch and had a glass bottle of cream soda (the good shit) and I was talking about how good that stuff was and he brought me one before I went to work and another cashier bought me a bag of these spicy gummies because I said I like them and just???? Nice people 😭

My dog’s been eating table scraps for years bc my mom spoiled her REALLY bad.

So now, finally, I’ve decided to switch her /back/ to actual dog food.

She’s a stubborn little SHIT and refused to eat it at first [abt two/three days ago] and has only been eating like…. small bites of it.

But, since that’s the only thing we’ve been giving her, I think she’s realizing now that that’s all she’s gonna get.

She’s finally eatin it a good bit now.