not really i just wanted to make this post

yay it’s almost may :’) i really, really want to follow more blogs so let’s do this hmm it’s the usual, reblog this post if you blog about:

  • seasonal anime
  • voltron
  • literature
  • shows (skam, tgd, got, b99…)
  • ghibli
  • cartoons 
  • sports anime (hq!!, yoi…)
  • all for the game
  • manga colorings
  • anime in general (hxh, fma, jojo…)


  • you are following me already
  • you make your own graphics/gifs/art
  • you tag your stuff
  • you are drama free
  • you just think you’re a cool person and I should be following you :)

I would appreciate it if mutuals would reblog this to spread the word. thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day!

your fave is problematic: supermega edition

-has a hot mom
-hasnt even hit puberty
-sticc boi
-seriously do you eat?
-come in dear and let granny fix you a pie

-too good, too pure
-hair too floofy
-has a new line of flip-flops and hawaiian shirts coming out exclusively at target
-sometimes a sad boi
-sometimes I’m worried about him
-i just want to hug him and make sure he’s doing okay
-also instagram is too damn good jfc dude

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Hey friends, I recently hit 1k followers, which is amazing and awesome and I just want to say thanks. When I started interacting with people and making this an actual blog at the beginning of the year I didn’t really expect to find so many amazing people and good friends and there have been ups and downs but mostly ups. And I’m just really grateful for everyone who has been willing to talk with me about whatever, either in messaging or responding to posts or asks. That’s pretty much what makes all of this worth it, to me. I don’t care as much about follower count as I do people interacting with me because that was happening even when I had 100 followers, but this is still pretty freaking cool.

I was thinking about doing something, a giveaway or maybe something, I have no idea, but if you think of something let me know.

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anonymous asked:

How do you make aesthetic posts like the one you just posted? Do you use any templates, or psds or anything? Is there a tutorial I could use?? I really want to make some but I don't know where to begin

I don’t use templates, unless it’s an instagram au edit. but I do use psds! you can find a ton here and here! and some on my personal resources blog.  

I highly recommend using a psd, because that makes all the pictures go well together. if you don’t have photoshop, I’ve heard the app VSCO works really well becasue you can reapply the same editing settings to another photo, which is exactly what a psd does. 

as for tutorials, check this out. I’ve also made two tutorials; character posters, and animated gif (the pics in my tutorials show up squished on my theme sorryyy don’t know how to fix that) 

honestly, it takes practice. start with a moodboard or character poster. it takes time to find good pictures that match, but they are quite easy to make in terms of editing. and keep making stuff. don’t let the notes discourage you. make stuff for characters and ships you like so when you’re making the edit, it’s genuinely fun. try to challenge yourself. once you’ve done a few of the same edits (like moodboards), try a picspam. or a typography edit. just to try new things and see what you prefer doing! hope this helps!! xx

anonymous asked:

Do you think Moffat meant DI Hopkins when he said that Molly went to pub and hooked up with smb after tfp?

Look, I don’t want to be rude but…

Why would I think that? Why Moffat would think that?
Why would you think I think that??

Ok, let’s just rephrase that question so it makes more sense to me?

“What do you think Moffat meant when he said that Molly went to a pub and hooked
up with smn; after tfp?“

Well anon, I really think Moffat meant absolutely nothing with that. I think he just said
it… I don’t even think he actually gave it a real thought when he let those words out
of his mouth. I don’t think he had a real plot behind that sentence.

Did I like what he said? Not really, I don’t think Molly would do that. And I’m pleased
to know that Loo doesn’t think that either.

As a HC or theory, or crack or etc… Well, I’m certainly with those that like to think
that the someone Molly found was Sherlock, OF COURSE!

Anon, if you ship Molly with DI Hopkins, please, don’t let me stop you but I ship Molly with one person and one detective only.

Thank you for your interest!

just a general ~announcement~ because i’ve been pretty inactive/not as vocal on here lately and i just wanted to explain!! 

i recently got a full time Real Job which is big and important and also unexpectedly exhausting. on top of that, i was travelling last week for a trip and on that trip, i got sick, so i have been dying for a week now and it’s just been a really busy period in my life as of late. i’m trying to be on here more and not just reblog stuff then disappear and i kno my tags have been half-hearted and i haven’t made posts or replied to asks or messages or been on discord and i’m sorry!!! i’m just. so tired aksjlwkerw. nothing has changed! i still love voltron and will die for keith in one (1) second and love all my friends that ive made on here, i’m just kind of hitting a wall! i hope it’ll get better as i settle into my life and all the changes in the next few weeks but. ya.

learninqs  asked:

Hi, Taylor. Your post 'strategies for studying effectively' is copy-pasted from GoConqr. I understand you were trying to contribute to the studyblr community by making a masterpost, but passing someone else's content off as your own is plagiarism. I hope you understand and consider deleting the post.

Hey okay so I wanted to put this out someday, so thank you for reminding me, I really appreciate it.

So when I started this blog, I was just 13 take or give a few days - and truthfully i didn’t even knew about blogging norms and even ‘plagiarism’. I thought I was actually helping others and giving something to this community, yes, by copy pasting. so i copied like 3 articles (I’ll pull them down now though) because I though it would help others, help them find useful resources like I had, even though they weren’t rightfully mine.

Then my blog started gaining followers, more and more people started following me. This motivated me to post my own advice and tips - and see if they helped the studyblr community. And then my first article, surprisingly was more popular than my copied ones! So I thought why not actually put in an effort and start posting stuff? - I still didn’t knew what plagiarism was, but since then I stopped coping anything, even searching up points for inspiration. Everything came out of my own head, and tbh this gave me sense of completeness - made me feel good that I could help people with something I had created myself.

So when did I find out about plagiarism? Well you see, Cwote published this around 1.5 months ago - and that’s when I realized I had done something wrong. But why didn’t I delete my older posts then? Well I thought, no one would bother to check my older posts and they would be forgotten.

But now that i do see that people read the previous articles, I’ll pull them down. Hope this justifies the great wrong that I have done by just a little bit - im terribly sorry friend. i am ashamed of what i did before, but i hope you understand that i haven’t ever copied anything ever since that day - when i published my own first masterpost. once again, im sorry.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I want to thank you because you've been such an inspiration for me lately and reading your posts had really help me. Recently I accept the fact that I'm bi, I've been trying to denied it for so long but I can't do it anymore, and I'm freaking lost, I'm really scared of how people is going to react but seeing you being so open and proud of who you are make me realise that at the end everything will turn out just fine. Soooo thank you so much! 💕 PS: Sorry for my bad english

I am so glad to have helped you! Self acceptance isn’t an easy path, heaven knows it took me long enough myself, and I still struggle with accepting other parts of me.

Not everyone will react well, or the way you want them to. The hardest part about being open, honestly, is that every time you meet someone new you go through the same decision process, do I tell them or don’t I? When, If I’m going to? And then there are the people who have known you forever and don’t know. Will they feel lied to, because you didn’t tell them?

But hopefully for you it will be like it is for me. A whole lot of “oh, okay, so do you want to go out for Chinese food or do you think maybe Greek?”

I don’t know you, but I love you the way you are. I imagine most of the people in your life will feel the same. Just take your time and do it when it feels right.


(PS your English is awesome, better than my second language)

aprilwitching replied to your post: my problem is that one of my favorite things to…

honestly, while it’s excruciating if it’s badly written, OOC (in fanfic), or if i don’t like or care about the characters, GOOD slice of life character-focused shit is some of my very favorite shit hands down?? maybe ESPECIALLY in fanfic– i usually dont read fanfics that are very long, very plot-dense, or concentrating 90% on just making the characters fuck each other. im mostly in it for character/relationship study and interaction if im reading fic at all shrug emoji

my favorite thing to WRITE is like, sex that doesn’t solve things, or sex that’s not the Point of a fic, or sex as character development. but honestly my favorite fic genre to READ is 250k+ word slightly au rewrites of the harry potter series so like

whom am i to worry that other people don’t care about fictional character’s opinions on pappardelle

Joker x Reader Deadly Voice Part 29

Hi Everyone - I want to post this chapter, though I’m not sure how happy I am with it. i keep reading it over and over and editing bits and pieces of it and I’m still not 100% happy with it but I’m also not sure how to truly make it better so I’m just going to bite the bullet and post it.

I apologise if I made Frost too soft - I struggle with his character quite a bit! Also I feel like bits of it are a bit choppy and it doesn’t really flow great, so sorry for that too!

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I appreciate all your support and I love any feedback!

(I honestly can’t believe how many followers I’ve got so thank you sooooo much!)


Frost didn’t come back that day. When I had finally closed the door on him I had just broken down, finally letting the tears flow freely. It took me a while to calm down, I had trusted him, but why had I? There was nothing about him that should have made him trustworthy – look what he did for a living! Why had I even fallen for it?

After spending most of my day debating back and forth I finally went to my shift at the pub that evening. I was worried Frost would be waiting for me there - having somehow tracked down my job rota – and wanted to corner me somewhere public so that I couldn’t run without causing a scene. But I knew that I couldn’t live in fear of him forever – I had a job and I needed the money, my funds from my previous job having run low from my travelling and rent – so I had sucked it up and gone.

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anonymous asked:

You are such an exhaustingly pretentious person.

Perhaps I am and am pretentious and just oblivious to that fact, but that’s not an opinion I myself or those who know me in real life seem to hold of me. You’re free to think what you want, Anon. If you’d like to elaborate, I’d be willing to hear what about me you find so distasteful.

I don’t know which post of mine you’re responding to, but regardless of which, I would always think of myself as more selfish than pretentious. I write posts that voice my personal opinion on things, that would have been helpful to past-me, that make use of a specific style and set of skills that I cultivated in my life. It is all very self-serving, really, ahaha.

Of course, you could really just be talking about my natural writing style, which is flouncy as heck, and I know it. I was that kid that wrote paragraphs on Windows Messenger. I use the word scintillating in real life. It’s not that I’m trying to be intelligent, it’s more that I read more books and wrote more essays than having a social life as a kid, so I’m still playing catch-up on sorting my vocabulary into ‘scholarly words’ and ‘words you use in real life’. If anything, I view that as a weakness of mine.

But if that’s what you think, perhaps we’re just incompatible as people, and you are free to unfollow and or block me as you see fit.


A lot of people are asking about my recent post of “Bighit says they don’t want to come to Europe….”, it was people on Twitter who were saying that Bang PDnim stated that but there weren’t any proof. And I posted that impulsively because my meme self wanted to make fun of that because I thought and still think that it’s smth not to take seriously because I’m pretty sure BTS will come one day, I mean come on they can’t ignore Europe forever, can they???
I didn’t mean to cause any harm or whatever but I’m sorry.

anonymous asked:


okay, listen, we don’t usually respond to hate mail because we don’t want this blog to stir up any discourse. we’re all just here to have fun! that being said, i really do understand where you’re coming from, and i do apologize profusely. if it wasn’t for the people who told us what is and isn’t okay for us to post, we’d be lost. so thank you for your feedback, and we sincerely do apologize and appreciate your criticism. hopefully this won’t happen again and everything will go back to normal. again, sorry for anything we stirred up, we’re all just part of the fandom! that being said, we decided to make a special confession for you, anon, because we want to show you that we care. thanks again! - mod poppins

So- I was having a talk with a friend, and was reminded of how much I actually appreciate any person who sends me a message. That includes anons- and I’m not sure if there’s really a huge point to this post, but I just wanted to let you all know- that a message, even one on anonymous- can mean a lot to a person. 

Especially me.

I bring this up- because I was reminded of a time when I first changed my Levy blog to the ‘skraxseidr’ url. Originally, it had been ‘mcgardenslibrary.’ Not sure how many of you know that or care, but at the time- I was going through some things at home that made me awfully stressed and depressed. It not only affected how I was offline, but it affected my mood on tumblr too. So much so, that there came a point where I just stopped coming to tumblr.

I ignored it completely. And honestly- it was my every, full intention, to probably not come back. Without even a good bye to anyone. Why was this-? I honestly felt no one would care. That I’d be easily replaced by someone better and everyone would get on with their lives. 

Do you know what made me come back? A few, simple anons- that I just randomly saw when I, out of the blue, decided to check back on tumblr and see how everyone was doing. It wasn’t many and they didn’t say much- but I still remember how they made me feel. They asked me if I as okay, said they missed me and hoped they could see me again soon. That I’d feel better soon if there was anything wrong. 

Someone had noticed I was gone- .. and they noticed enough to spare me such simple little words. They meant the world to me. They still do. 

So- I’d just like to say, randomly, thank you. To those anons- and to all anons I or anyone else may get in the future who are as uplifting as those. They may have been simple inquiries, but they meant everything. And I’m sure simple words like that could mean the world to others too. 

Anon isn’t just a source of hate-  it can be a backbone, that gives you the strength to realize that no matter what- or where you go. There will always be at least one person out there, who wants to see you. 

So- Thank you. You’re a blessing, each and every one of you.